Around the Ring with Emily: The “New Era”

So on Tuesday, we received the news that Matt Kraven sold Full Force Pro. Not exactly sure the reasoning, all we know now is he has went to London, to train wrestlers and watch wrestling. Weird to go from owning a majorly successful company to watching wrestling around the world. But we’ll do an article about that later.

So we are promised a new Era of FFP on Saturday’s episode of SSN. Also on SSN, we learned the identity of the new Owner, and President. Veronica Clyne. Shocked huh? No.

Veronica fires Mary Faith Brooks and her daughter Hope, but promises to keep the FFP Brass Knuckles Title that Mary Faith had promised. Oh boy.

Then, Veronica announced the return of quite a few FFP superstars. So before we list these wrestlers? I must remind you, we were promised a NEW ERA of FFP. Get ready for some eyerolls.

Christopher Morgan, Caleb Newstead and Deranged return! What’s “new era” about that?! The answer: NOTHING!

There were three “new era” moments in this entire show.

1. After EJ Carter successfully defended his Cruiserweight Title against Deranged, Malakai made his FFP debut stepping out and basically challenging EJ for a Cruiserweight Title match.

2. Fiona Burke defeated Kenzie Anderson to become the new FFP Women’s Television Champion.

3. Giovanni Gotch and Nina Fox completely tore the house down in what was definitely the match of the night, where Giovanni beat Nina and became the new FFP Women’s Champion.

I have much respect for Veronica Clyne. I really do. She’s accomplished so much here. She had broken down doors for all the other women. Hell, she’s the first ever FFP Hall of Famer. But the FFP fans expected a new era. Excited and hoping to see a bunch of new faces, a bunch of OWF call ups. And all we got were FFP originals hogging up the spotlight, again.

This company was built on the likes of Daniel Matthews, Christopher Morgan, Caleb Newstead and Veronica Clyne, but to still have them main eventing and getting the majority of the camera time is just passé, and honestly a little ridiculous.

If the show was advertised as a new era show, why not give us new era stuff? Or instead of advertising it new era, advertise it as the past shall rise again.

If you disagree, that’s fine. But I’m right, you’re not.

– Em