New Matches Added to FFP All Torn Up

Earlier today, Veronica Clyne made the decision to add a few more matches to Full Force Pro’s April pay-per-view All Torn Up on April 30th.

First of all, we will see the new FFP Women’s Television Champion Fiona Burke defending the title against the former champion Kenzie Anderson. Kenzie was only the second champion in the title’s history, with Fiona being number three. Will Kenzie put a halt to Fiona’s young title reign?

Hiroki Ito and Caleb Newstead had an awesome match for the FFP Television Title at FFP’s episode of SSN that was dubbed the beginning of the “New Era”. But after Hiroki got the victory, he went in for a handshake, but got a slap across the face. Veronica has decided that these two need to lock horns once again. Will this match be as good as the first?

Also on the last episode of SSN, Giovanni Gotch defeated Nina Fox for the FFP Women’s Championship. In FFP the former champion always receives a rematch with the new champion. At All Torn Up, Nina will cash in her rematch and hope to regain the Women’s Title.

Currently we have a pretty stacked card for All Torn Up in just a few short weeks, but who knows if the new owner and president of Full Force Pro will beef the card up even more. Don’t miss SSN tomorrow night where more matches could be added to this event. Also don’t forget to tune in to All Torn Up on April 30th!


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