Veronica Clyne’s All Torn Up Announcement

Earlier this morning Veronica Clyne teased a big announcement regarding FFP’s April pay-per-view All Torn Up. The event is a little over one week away, and already the card is pretty stacked. Daniel Matthews will defend his World Title against Odell Porter, Giovanni Gotch will defend the Women’s Title against Nina Fox, Caleb Newstead will attempt to win the FF Television Title from Hiroki Ito and Austin Briggs and Mikhail Vakhrov will go at it in an Anything Goes Match.

But Veronica’s announcement adds even more intrigue and action to this event. All Torn Up got it’s name from the weather. Historically, April is a month to see a lot of severe weather. From that, this new match has been created. Introducing, the FFP Tornado Match!

Similar to WWE’s Royal Rumble Match, the FFP Tornado Match will feature 25 of the best wrestlers from FFP (or the OWF…or maybe HONOR…), all vying for a chance at the FFP World Championship.

Two wrestlers will start the match, and in timed intervals a new superstar will enter the match. The only way to be eliminated is to be thrown, hit or knocked over the top rope and to the arena floor. The last wrestler standing will face off with whomever the FFP World Champion is at the time, at our June pay-per-view FFP Uprising.

We look forward to this new match Full Force Pro will be debuting next Sunday. We also hope to see a few surprise entrants. This match could definitely be the opportunity that some youngsters in FFP have been waiting for to take a huge step up to the next level.

Good luck to all competitors!

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