04/22/2017 FFP SSN

April 22, 2017
Birmingham, Alabama

The show opened up with the Owner and President of FFP, Veronica Clyne who came out and hyped tonight’s show up. She then introduced the crowd to the newest signee to Full Force Pro’s women’s division, from the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling promotion that gained a huge following in the late 1980’s, Hollywood!

Hollywood came out to the ring and thanked the crowd for all the support. She also said that very soon she would be shocking the FFP fans and making a name for herself here in FFP.

Aubrey Moresi vs Ariana Chaos
A fast paced match that was both women fighting hard for a victory. Aubrey really turned the tables hitting a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Ariana. Next was a running dropkick in the corner. Chaos fought back however, hitting a swinging neckbreaker and a missile dropkick. Chaos went up top again for a moonsault, but Moresi rolled out of the way of impact. Next, she hit Chaos with a shining wizard for the three count.

After the match Aubrey celebrated up the isle. But Masina passed her by and climbed into the ring. As Ariana got herself back to her feet, Masina flattened her with a running clothesline. Then two big leg drops and a splash.

Veronica Clyne came out, putting a stop to the attack. She announced that the two would have a chance to settle their differences at FFP’s all-woman pay-per-view Guilty Pleasures.

On April 30, 2017 Full Force Pro presents All Torn Up, live from Orlando, Florida. Daniel Matthews will defend the FFP World Title in a Cage Match against Odell Porter, and much more! Don’t miss any of the action from FFP’s annual April pay-per-view next month!

In the Ring
The scene cut inside the ring where Michael Graham was standing proudly with the FFP Tag Team Champions, and his clients, the American Bulldogs. Michael said that Nathan Caine and Matt Evanston were growing bored here in FFP and needed new competition after wiping the floor with Assault & Battery. He promised that one of them would win the Tornado Match at All Torn Up, but that they needed new tag teams to step up and bring some competition.

This brought out Hayden Flowers and Blaine Edwards, who stepped onto the entrance stage, and told Michael that if they wanted competition, that they would bring them competition. Michael laughed at them, saying they couldn’t even beat Population Control in the OWF. Graham then said that in two weeks at SSN that the Bulldogs would gladly make an example of Hayden and Blaine, and prove that the need for competition was real. Hayden said that if Hayden and Blaine beat them, that they would then get a shot at their titles. Graham laughed, and accepted the challenge.

The scene cut to Veronica Clyne in her office. She reminded everyone about the Tornado Match at FFP All Torn Up, which would feature 25 of FFP’s top superstars facing off in a modified battle royal to name a number one contender. The winner, who go on to face the FFP World Champion for the title at FFP Uprising.

Brass Knuckles Title Tournament Semifinals
Hades vs Prince Tau

This match, Hades wasn’t accompanied by his SUCCUMB stable. Graphics had been shown to tease the reformation for the stable, but this far, nothing had been verified. Prince Tau seemed to have the audience behind him. And with the size and strength advantage, most people had Tau winning, big.

He threw Hades around the ring. And when he brought a steel chair into the fold, no one gave Hades a chance. But, then Hades’ stablemates finally appeared. One from the audience behind the commentator’s table. A woman with creepy paint on. The other, former FFP Cruiserweight Champion Caligula, who came out from the crowd on the opposite end of the ring.

The two slid into the ring and attacked Tau. He held them off for a moment, but when Hades joined he fight he didn’t stand a chance. The woman, pulled out a felt bag and opened its contents all over the ring mat. Thousands of thumbtacks. Then, the trio hoisted Tau up and spike powerbombed him into the tacks. Hades made the cover and got the three count.

Hades would advance to All Torn Up to wrestle for the FFP Brass Knuckles Championship. And it seemed certain he would not be coming alone.

The scene cut backstage to Tyrece Beckman speaking with the challenger for the FFP Television Title at All Torn Up, Caleb Newstead. Newstead said that whether Hiroki beats Attila tonight to retain his title, or loses it to Attile, that either way Newstead will leave All Torn Up as the new FFP Television Champion. Caleb said that he was the first one to hold the title, and he would hold it once more in a little more than a week.


FFP Television Title
(c) Hiroki Ito vs Attila

The next match was another hard hitting one, for the FFP Television Title. Hiroki and Attila were stablemates in a very short lived stable, but they threw that out the window as they took turns blasting one another. Attila hit a superbomb that got him a very close two count. But it was the TV Champion hitting the Go to Sleep on Attila for the 1, 2, 3.

The scene now cut backstage to Bianca Hunt who was standing by with Mikhail Vakhrov. Bianca guaranteed that Mikhail would take care of business at All Torn Up, and destroy Austin Briggs. She said that Briggs had overstepped and that his fate was already sealed. He would be torn apart next Sunday.

Brass Knuckles Title Tournament Semifinals
Lizzy Kraven vs Hayden Flowers

This match started off slow for the simple fact that Hayden Flowers didn’t want to strike with Lizzy. Some would criticize his gentlemen like behavior, but most admired it. Lizzy had to push him into really going at it, even slapping him twice across the face. He eventually came back, hitting a back suplex that knocked the wind out of Lizzy. He followed that up with a snap suplex, then a dropkick from the middle turnbuckle.

Lizzy gained the advantage back with a back body drop, then clotheslining Hayden over the top rope. Lizzy grabbed a table and slid it into the ring. As she set it up, leaning it on the top turnbuckle, Hayden charged and speared her through it. It looked like Hayden would advance to All Torn Up. He pulled Lizzy up and set her up for the Tiger Bomb. But Lizzy broke free and blasted Hayden with a Kraven Lariat. She hooked his leg. 1…2… and Hayden kicked out. Lizzy sat up surprised. She pulled Hayden up and went for another Kraven Lariat, but Hayden ducked it and this time successfully hit the Tiger Bomb. He pinned the FFP Hall of Famer. 1…2… and Lizzy kicked out!

The Birmingham crowd loved it. Both superstars fought to get to their feet. Hey traded blows. Chops, forearms and even a spinning elbow from Lizzy that busted Hayden open over his right eye. She rocked him with that blow. Then hit him with the Tornado Bomb! Lizzy made the cover. 1…2…3! What a match!

Lizzy helped Hayden up and the two embraced. He said something to her before raising her arm in the air. The commentators said they thought he wished her luck at All Torn Up.

The scene quickly cut backstage where we saw the FFP Women’s Tag Team Champions Seduction Inc speaking with FFP’s newest signee, Hollywood. When they noticed the camera shooting them, they quickly closed themselves into a room.

May 28 Full Force Pro will present Guilty Pleasures. For the past few years, Guilty Pleasures has been the exclusive all-women pay-per-view of Full Force Pro. FFP will continue this tradition in 2017, featuring the best woman wrestlers on this planet. Whether you see it live in San Diego, or watch it on the FFP Network, you won’t want to miss it!

The scene cut backstage where Raquel St Claire was speaking with Beatrice Keenan and the FFP Adrenaline Champion Alexander T Morrison. ATM said that he was surprised to see Adam Hyatt return and take such a keen interest in his title. He said that Adam just got married and should enjoy that instead of get his hopes high that he may be able to actually defeat ATM for the Adrenaline Title. ATM said that he was taking this title to heights it had never seen before, and Adam Hyatt had no chance at All Torn Up.

Daniel Matthews & Kyle Donovan vs Odell Porter & ???
Daniel Matthews and Kyle Donovan came out first, with Dani Rawlings and Tabitha Mullins behind them. Odell Porter came out by himself, and the question remained, who did he choose for his partner.

Daniel got on the microphone making fun of Odell, saying that he couldn’t find anyone to join his team because they knew that they’d be fighting a losing battle. But, Daniel was interrupted. Interrupted by the music of one of his longest rivals, a fellow Hall of Famer and former FFP World Champion, Christopher Morgan!

Morgan came down to the ring with his girlfriend Lux by his side. He climbed into the ring and shook Odell’s hand. We had a tag team match on our hands!

Odell tried to start out with Daniel, but Matthews made sure Kyle started the match. Matthews’ plan was to obviously avoid Odell at all costs, which is something he did constantly the entire match. Not only avoiding Odell, but avoiding Christopher Morgan as well.

Odell showed off some of his great athleticism, hitting a sprinboard moonsault, a flying elbow drop and a hurricanrana. Daniel wound up getting tagged in and went head-to-head with Christopher Morgan. The two traded blows with Matthews gaining the upperhand with a thumb to the eye. Morgan tried fight back, but Daniel hoisted him up for his Death Valley Driver. However, before he could perform the move Odell climbed into the ring. Daniel threw Christopher off of his shoulders and into Odell. Christopher and Odell crashed to the mat while Daniel retreated. Eventually Christopher got back to his feet as Odell rolled out of the ring. Daniel quickly got behind Morgan, rolled him up and pulled hard on his tights. The referee didn’t see and counted the three count. Daniel Matthews and Kyle Donovan stole the victory, and quickly left the ring with the rest of their group.

Odell got on the microphone, saying that Daniel’s days as World Champion were numbered. He said that next Sunday at All Torn Up, when the two face off in a steel cage match with a top on it, Daniel will have nowhere to run, and he won’t be able to have anyone else help him. And by the end of the night, Odell will be the new FFP World Champion!


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