04/30/2017 FFP All Torn Up (PPV)

FFP All Torn Up
April 30, 2017
Orlando, Florida

The show opened up with the owner and president of Full Force Pro, Veronica Clyne. She welcomed everyone to All Torn Up, and invited the HONOR World Champion Matt Kraven to the ring. Matt came out with a smile on his face, holding the HONOR World Title on his shoulder.

Veronica thanked Matt for coming and asked him how it felt to be back in an FFP ring. Matt said it was nice to be back. But he was interrupted by the music of former FFP and HONOR World Champion Joey DeMarco. DeMarco said that him and Kraven had some wars back in the day, but that Joey wanted one more shot to win back the HONOR World Title.

Matt said that he was a fighting champion and would wrestle Joey at any place and any time for the title.

Veronica was quick to intervene, saying that next week at SSN in Miami, Florida, she still needed a main event. Both men agreed to wrestle next week.

FFP Adrenaline Title
(c) ATM w/ Beatrice Keenan vs Adam Hyatt w/ Madison Hyatt
What a match to open up the 2017 edition of FFP All Torn Up. Adam Hyatt’s first major title was the FFP Adrenaline Championship, and on this night he looked to regain it. The match started out with some trash talk, followed with both men trading slaps across the face. Then the brawl broke out. Eventually Hyatt took ATM down, putting his back on the ring apron and delivering an elbow drop which send Adam to the arena floor and ATM rolling around holding his chest. Eventually Adam pulled ATM to the outside and attempted a piledriver, but the Champion escaped and floored Adam with a clothesline. He slid back into the ring encouraging the referee to quickly make the 20 count so he could win the match.

Hyatt got back into the ring but was immediately pounced on by an awaiting Alexander Morrison. ATM pulled Hyatt up and hit a belly to belly. Then a leg drop off the middle rope. He went for one of his finishers, the Code Breaker, but Hyatt shoved ATM off and floored him an STO. Adam then sized the Champion up for his Superkick, but ATM dodged and hit s back suplex. Next, he caught the challenger with the Code Breaker. He went for the pin. 1…2… and Adam kicked out.

ATM stayed on top of Adam, hitting him with punches and knees, but Hyatt grabbed ATM and hit a Northern lifts suplex, bridging it for the pin, but only getting a two count. Beatrice Keenan then climbed onto the apron. Either trying to distract the referee or Adam Hyatt himself. But she gained the attention of Madison. Madison pulled Beatrice off the apron and the two began brawling. They grabbed each other’s hair and began trading slaps and punches. Adam noticed, but quickly turned hit attention back to ATM. However, the distraction got the best of Hyatt in the end just like in their last match. When he turned back around he was hit with another ATM Code Breaker. ATM made the cover. 1…2…3. Alexander T Morrison had defeated Adam Hyatt.

When Madison realized what had happened she turned her attention from Beatrice to her husband. But Keenan grabbed Madison by her red hair and slammed her into the ring apron. Beatrice then joined ATM in the ring.

Kyle Donovan vs Alexander Modest
A highly athletic match between two men who seemed to have bright futures here in Full Force Pro. Alexander hit a swinging neckbreaker, followed by a springboard dropkick and a gutwrench powerbomb for a two count. Kyle Donovan fought back, hitting a running European uppercut and a running knee. Donovan went up top and attempted a flying headbutt, but Alexander moved out of the way, and followed up with a German suplex. Modest then went for his finisher, The End of Your Run, but Kyle dodged and hit a Tiger Suplex for the three count.

FFP Brass Knuckles Title | Tournament Final
Hades w/ SUCCUMB vs Lizzy Kraven

This was a wild one. Both superstars came out swinging. Punches, elbows, forearms, kicks, knees, chairshots and thumbtacks. Yes, you read that right. Hades was first to introduce a weapon into the match, a steel chair – but Lizzy was the first one to use it, dropkicking it into Hades’ face. She then took the chair and began to repeatedly slam it across Hades’ body. Next, she dropped the chair flat on the mat and planted him with a DDT on it.

Lizzy went for the cover but only got a two count. She brought Hades up and looked like she was going for her Tornado Bomb, but immediately was leveled by Hades female stablemate Jophiel. Lizzy hit the mat hard. Hades grabbed her legs and went for a catapult, but on her way up, Lizzy was blasted by a Jophiel leg drop. If Lizzy was going to win this match she was going to apparently have to take on the whole group of SUCCUMB.

Jophiel left the ring and Hades continued the attack, eventually grabbing a trash can from underneath the ring and clobbered Lizzy with it – nearly wrapping it around her skull. He tossed it to the side and hit Lizzy with a spinning clothesline. Then a flying headbutt. He went to the outside for another weapon and grabbed a Singapore cane. He began striking Lizzy with it across the back. But she fought her way to her feet. He continued the assault, even slamming it over the top of her head. She just gained eye contact with him, and let out a menacing scream. He drew back to hit her again, but she destroyed him with a Kraven Lariat. She went for the pin, but Caligula reached in and grabbed her feet, pulling her to the outside of the ring. Lizzy retaliated quick with another Kraven Lariat sending Caligula to the arena floor. But when she stood back up Jophiel spit a green mist in her face. Lizzy was blinded. Jophiel then bent Lizzy over and planted her with a Pedigree on the arena floor. She whipped Lizzy back into the ring for Hades.

Hades pointed to Jophiel and instructed her to do something. What was it? She grabbed a felt bag and handed it to Hades. Wrestling fans had seen it a million times. The bag had thumbtacks in them. He scattered then around the center of the ring. Then he pulled Lizzy up and powerbombed her onto the tacks. But that wasn’t it. He snap suplexed her into them as well. Then, a German suplex. Lizzy was bleeding from the thumbtacks in her back, she had some in the back of her head and arms. She also had blood coming from her forehead. She was a mess. Hades pulled her up and set her up for the Burning Hammer, but somehow she pushed herself off of his shoulders and hit him with a Kraven Lariat to the back of the head. Hades fell face and chest first into the tacks! Lizzy pulled him up and hit a Tornado Bomb on the tacks.

Jophiel crawled into the ring again, but was immediately turned inside out with a Kraven Lariat. Lizzy then hoisted Jophiel up and hit a Tornado Bomb on her, across Hades’ body! Lizzy laid atop of both members of SUCCUMB as the referee made the count. 1…2…3! Lizzy Kraven was the first ever FFP Brass Knuckles Champion!

The referee presented Lizzy with the championship. Not only did Lizzy currently hold the Australian Bombshells and HONOR Women’s Titles, but also now the FFP Brass Knuckles Title!

FFP Women’s Television Title
(c) Fiona Burke vs Kenzie Anderson
A match featuring two women who legitimately saw themselves as the best. And it showed. They didn’t slouch in this match. It was hard hitting and fast paced from bell to belly. Kenzie tried to pull a couple fast ones, one pulling the tights for a two count, and two pinning Fiona and putting her feet on the ropes for extra leverage. Both times the referee caught her in the act. Fiona let loose, hitting some hard short armed clotheslines, then a spinning elbow that echoed through the arena.

Fiona planted Kenzie with the FAB Drop and it looked like it was all over, but the fat lady wasn’t ready to sing just yet. Kenzie kicked out just before the three count. Fiona pulled her up and went for another FAB Drop, but Kenzie reversed into a bridging Northern lights suplex. At the two count Fiona hit Kenzie’s foot out from under her, breaking up the pin. Both ladies hurried back to their feet and got laid out from simultaneous clotheslines. Kenzie was the first to move, reaching over and draping an arm over Fiona. At the two count, Fiona grabbed Kenzie’s arm and slapped Fiona into the LeBell Lock. Kenzie was hurting. Reaching and screaming for the ropes. But she couldn’t break out. She had to tap out. Fiona Burke was the winner, retaining her Women’s Television Title yet again.


FFP Cruiserweight Title
(c) EJ “Money” Carter w/ Bianca Hunt vs Malakai
Another fast paced, non-stop match. EJ Carter had put quite a string of successful title defenses together since winning the Cruiserweight Title in October. And of course Malakai was hoping to end the over 180-day title reign. But Malakai was a rookie, only getting the call up to the main roster from the OWF a couple weeks ago.

EJ hit Malakai hard, and fast, trying to get the advantage early. And not only working on Malakai’s legs, trying to take his high flying away, but also working on the challenger’s lower back. After a big tilt-a-whirl backbreaker things already looked grim for the challenger. But after a missed five from the top by EJ Carter, Malakai hit a couple kicks to the head, and a neckbreaker. He followed that up with a missile dropkick off the top. Then he went up top again, and hit a moonsault. After the impact he hooked the leg. 1…2… and Carter kicked out. Bianca looked nervous, and cheered when her Champion kicked out.

Malakai continued on the offensive, hitting an exploded suplex, a Brainbuster and a springboard kick to the side of the head that gained him a near two count. However Malakai went up top once more, and Carter caught him with an impressive high dropkick to the leg. Malakai tumbled off the top turnbuckle, hit the top rope and landed dangerously in the mat below. EJ, like a shark smelling water went in for the kill. He pulled Malakai up and to the middle of the ring, and hit the Bankruptcy. Carter made the cover. 1…2…3! EJ “Money” Carter was still the FFP Cruiserweight Champion.

EJ took the title and held it proudly in the air as Bianca joined him in the ring.

The scene cut backstage where Fiona Burke was walking toward the locker room with the Women’s Television Title on her shoulder. Amy Kraven came into view and congratulated Fiona, wrapping her in a hug. The two talked for a minute before Fiona entered the locker room. Kenzie Anderson then appeared, saying that Amy was a fan girl of Fiona, and that she couldn’t win a singles title of her own so she had to live vicariously through Fiona. Kenzie and Amy went face to face, but security quickly arrived before a brawl broke out.

Anything Goes Match
Mikhail Vakhrov w/ Bianca Hunt vs Austin Briggs
A wild match from the very beginning. Austin Briggs made his way out to the ring first, but was attacked by Mikhail while walking up the ring steps. Mikhail rammed Austin into the ring, into the steps, into the guardrail and into the commentator’s table. Briggs fought back with a hard clothesline that sent Mikhail tumbling over the steel guardrail and into the crowd. Austin backed up, charged and dove over the guardrail, crashing into Vakhrov. Both men fell to the arena floor.

They traded punches throughout he crowd, taking turns ramming the other into anything they could find. Mikhail picked up a fan’s chair and rammed it into Austin’s ribs. He eventually tossed Briggs back over the guardrail and to ringside. He then slammed Austin into the ring post before retrieving the ring bell.

He threw the bell at Austin, but Briggs moved. The bell hit the ring post, the sound going throughout the arena. Mikhail charged at Briggs, but Austin side stepped, shoving Mikhail into the ring steps. Briggs then shoved Mikhail into the ring. Austin went up top, waiting for Mikhail to get back to his feet. Once he did, Briggs attempted a flying double axehandle, but Mikhail caught him and applied a bear hug.

Bianca Hunt cheered her Russian superstar on as he continued squeezing Briggs, putting pressure on his ribs. Briggs eventually fought out with repeated elbows to the head. He broke free and hit the ropes, but he was stopped in his tracks by a huge clothesline. Mikhail then went to the outside and grabbed a table. He set it up and hoisted Austin up, going for a Powerbomb. Briggs fought out after punching Mikhail repeatedly. Briggs then hit the ropes and delivered a running knee to the head. Mikhail was rocked. So Briggs hoisted him up and suplexed him through the table. He hooked Mikhail’s leg, but only got a two count.

Austin rolled out of the ring and took hold of another steel chair. He slid into the ring and waited for Mikhail to get up. He cracked him twice with chairshots to the head, then hit him in the skull seven more times! Mikhail was hurt, and cut open. Bianca got onto the apron, yelling and screaming at Austin. Briggs brought the chair back once more, looking at Bianca. She was flinching and screaming thinking he was going to hit her. But Briggs turned and hit Mikhail with one last chairshot to the head. The big Russian crashed to the mat. Austin threw the chair down and pinned Mikhail. 1…2…3! Austin Briggs was your winner.

The scene cut backstage where Fiona Burke was standing by with Raquel St Claire and FFP Owner and President Veronica Clyne. Veronica congratulated Fiona, and said that she was looking forward to seeing Fiona defend her title at FFP’s next pay-per-view, FFP Guilty Pleasures, which was an all woman event. Veronica then announced that at that show we would see Fiona defend the Women’s Television Title against former Women’s Champion, Katsumi Akiyama.

Fiona said that she knew Katsumi would be a tough opponent, but said she was very much looking forward to the challenge.

At Ringside
Tyrece Beckman came out to the ring and thanked everyone for coming out to FFP All Torn Up. He hyped up the rest of tonight’s big matches before pointing out that in the front row was former professional wrestler and current NHB Factory co-owner Cheyenne Reede and her former tag team partner Sydney Belrose. Tyrece asked them who they thought would win tonight’s Tornado Match. Cheyenne said Levi Fuller while Sydney predicted Anarchy.

But the interview was cut short when the FFP Women’s Tag Team Champions Seduction Inc came out. Brandi Moore and Taylor Clawson walked down to the ring, with microphones in hand. They talked about how no one here cared what Cheyenne and Sydney had to say. Brandi said that they weren’t even had beens, they were never-was’s. Brandi and Taylor continue insulting the duo, and wound up getting right in their faces. Cheyenne and Sydney didn’t back down, but stood nose to nose with the champions. Eventually things turned physical when Chey shoved Brandi, and Taylor cheap shotted Sydney. FFP security was very quick to get inbetween the teams. Brandi and Taylor continue insulting and screaming at Cheyenne and Sydney as they were taken backstage.

FFP Television Title
(c) Hiroki Ito vs Caleb Newstead
A very technical matchup. Both men are extremely capable in the squared circle. Caleb Newstead targeted Hiroki’s legs, trying to take his lethal kicks out of his gameplan. However Newstead didn’t take his legs out soon enough, because Ito cracked him in the skull with a couple, then dumped him on the back of his head with a back suplex. Hiroki went for an early Go to Sleep, but Caleb escaped and hit a jumping kick to the head, then a bulldog. Newstead went to the middle rope, but Hiroki stopped him with a couple shots to the midsection. Hiroki grabbed Newstead onto his shoulders again, attempting another Go to Sleep, but Caleb grabbed the top rope and escaped again. Newstead went behind Hiroki and rolled him up, but Hiroki kicked out at two.

The two got back up and began trading blows. Chops, punches and forearms. Caleb hit the ropes and delivered a diving shoulder block. Then a standing moonsault. Hiroki fought back up but Newstead hit a knee strike to Ito’s chest, and followed up with a piledriver. Ito was in trouble. Caleb made the pin. 1…2… and Hiroki kicked out.

Newstead pull the Champion back up, this time setting him up for the Fisherman Brainbuster. If Newstead hit this, surely it would be over. But Ito was able to drive his knee right into the eye of Caleb. Newstead dropped the Champion and dropped to his knee, obviously rocked. Hiroki proceeded to hit Newstead with a devastating shining wizard. Ito pulled the challenger up and hit the Go to Sleep. Then he hooked the leg for the pin. 1…2…3! Hiroki Ito successfully defended his title.

May 28 Full Force Pro will present Guilty Pleasures. For the past few years, Guilty Pleasures has been the exclusive all-women pay-per-view of Full Force Pro. FFP will continue this tradition in 2017, featuring the best woman wrestlers on this planet. Whether you see it live in San Diego, or watch it on the FFP Network, you won’t want to miss it!

Two matches have already been announced for the event. Masina taking on Ariana Chaos in a Last Woman Standing Match. And Fiona Burke defending the FFP Women’s Television Title against Katsumi Akiyama!

FFP Women’s Title
(c) Giovanni Gotch vs Nina Fox
Nina Fox came out first to all the cheers. The crowd was solidly behind her, wanting to see her take the Women’s Title away from the extremely cocky Giovanni Gotch. Giovanni came out wearing a beautiful robe, with the FFP Women’s Title strapped around it. She came to the ring ignoring the crowd. In her head, everyone came to see her.

The match started out with both ladies being extremely cautious. Nina grabbed Giovanni in a headlock first. Gotch shoved her off into the ropes. The women met in the center of the ring. Neither budged. So Nina hit the ropes. They collided. No one budged. Giovanni went off the ropes again but Nina dropped down. Gotch went over the top, but was sent crashing to the mat with a hip toss. Then an arm drag. Then a dropkick! Gotch rolled out of the ring giving the “timeout” signal.

No timeouts in wrestling! Nina went right after her. Fox grabbed Gotch by her blonde hair and rammed her into the steel guardrail. She backed up and charged toward Gotch, but the Champion performed a drop toe hold, causing Nina to crash face first into the guardrail. Gotch then rocked her with several forearms and slammed her into the ring post. The referee’s count was at 14 when Giovanni rolled Nina back in. Gotch’s game plan was obviously to go after Nina’s head. She hit a couple knee drops and a leg drop. Then she pulled Nina up and planted her with a DDT.

Gotch got up on her knees with a cocky smile on her face. She seemed to already have the FFP Hall of Famer on the brink of a loss. She stood and waited for Nina to stand. She hit a running clothesline. She stood and waited again. When Fox got up Gotch hit another. She backed up once more. Trash talking with a Nina Fox fan in the front row. When Nina got up this time, Gotch charged again. But Nina turned the tables with a Superkick. It wasn’t at 100%, but she hit the move. Both girls hit the mat. Nina was slow to react. She crawled over and made the cover. 1…2… and Gotch kicked out. The fans groaned, hoping Gotch’s reign as champion was over.

Nina got up, obviously still a little groggy. She waited as Gotch began pushing herself up. Fox approached, attempting another Superkick. But Gotch ducked it. She hit the ropes and flattened Nina with a running big boot. Nina hit the mat hard. Gotch looked like she was going to go for the pin, but resisted. Instead she pulled Nina up, and set her up for her finisher, the Hellacious Powerbomb. She hoisted Nina up, but Fox slipped out of Gotch’s grip. When the Champion turned around Nina hit her with a STO. Giovanni hit the mat hard. She very well could have slammed the back of her head hard on the mat. Nina didn’t go for the cover though. She pulled Giovanni up by her long blonde hair, and hit another STO.

Fox draped herself over Giovanni. Could FFP have a new Women’s Champion? The ref slid into position. 1…2… and Giovanni got a shoulder up. Nina couldn’t believe it. Disappointed was obvious on her face. She stood back up, and yelled for Gotch to get back up. Obviously Nina was going for another Superkick. When Gotch got up, Nina went for the move. No way would Giovanni be able to kick out after. But Gotch saw it coming, and proceeded to hit Nina with a gruesome chop block to the front of the knee. Nina collapsed to the mat. She screamed out in pain, holding her knee. Gotch knew she had done damage. So she pulled Nina up and hit a devastating dragon leg screw. She then pulled Nina up one last time, holding her long black hair and looking her in the eyes. Gotch said that it was her time now. Then she hoisted Nina up and hit the Hellacious Powerbomb. Gotch then made the cover. 1…2…3. Giovanni Gotch had retained her Women’s Championship.

After the match Gotch was presented her belt. She held it in the air as the crowd booed. But she turned her attention back to Nina. As Fox was fighting to get back to her feet, Giovanni positioned herself behind her. Then, she hit a chop block to the back of Nina’s knee. Fox collapsed to the mat again. Her knee was hurt. Giovanni didn’t care. Standing up and placing her foot on Nina’s injured knee. Nina cried out in pain. But it only made Giovanni want to do more. Next she grabbed Nina’s leg and turned her over into a single leg crab.

Nina screamed out. The referee tried to talk some sense in Gotch, but she shoved him away. Obviously she was attempting to severely injure Nina’s knee.

But out from the back came a returning superstar. A former OWF and FFP Women’s Tag Team Champion. It was Britain Jade! Britain rushed to the ring and climbed on. Gotch saw, and gave a verbal warning, but she didn’t release Nina’s leg. Britain went face to face with the Women’s Champion. A few more words were traded before Britain finally grabbed Gotch by her hair and pulled her off of Nina. She whipped Gotch down to the mat. The Champion looked up at Britain, who was ready to throw down. Giovanni seemed to think about it, but retreated instead. She grabbed her Women’s Title and exited the ring, leaving Britain to check on Nina Fox.

FFP Tornado Match
(featuring 25 of FFP’s best)

The very first entrance of the first ever FFP Tornado Match was former FFP World Champion Anarchy! And the person to draw number two, was the first ever FFP Brass Knuckles Champion, Lizzy Kraven! Lizzy was still sporting a bandage on her forehead from her war earlier with Hades, as well as the rest of SUCCUMB. Anarchy and Lizzy went toe-to-toe, stuff shot followed by stiff shot.

Number three was Mikhail Vakhrov, accompanied by Bianca Hunt. Another wrestler showing injuries from earlier wars, Mikhail had lost his match with Austin Briggs, and limped to the ring. But before he could even lay a finger on anyone, Lizzy Kraven knocked Anarchy over the top and to the arena floor with a Kraven Lariat. Mikhail went after Lizzy after the elimination.

Mikhail began teeing off on Lizzy, but the fourth entrant, Levi Fuller came out to make the save. Commentator Morgan Alexander questioned why Levi wouldn’t help eliminate Lizzy so it would be one less person to eliminate. Mikhail and Levi battled until number five, Blaine Edwards came out. Blaine and Levi went head on with Mikhail Vakhrov, knocking him to the ring apron.

Number six was a former member of Hunt Enteprises, Aiden Conrad. He came out and helped Blaine and Levi, eliminating Mikhail with a Superkick. Vakhrov crashed off the ring apron and to the arena floor. Mikhail was quickly joined by Aiden when Lizzy hit the Kraven Lariat knocking Conrad over the top and to the arena floor.

Nathan Caine was the next out. Brawling with Levi and Blaine, and taking turns teeing off on them with solid clotheslines. He leveled Lizzy with one as well. And as soon as he seemed to be about to dump Lizzy over the top Nathan caught a running knee from Blaine. Nathan turned the tables on Blaine and tossed him over the top. Levi then dropkicked Nathan over the top as well.

The man who drew number eight was Dexter Murdoch. But as he made his way down to the ring, Nathan Caine slipped back in and destroyed Levi Fuller with a devastating clothesline. He picked him up and slammed him violently to the mat with a snap Powerbomb. Caine then left the ring.

When Dexter got into the ring, he hoisted Levi into the air and with ease tossed him to the arena floor. He turned his attention to Lizzy, who was wore out from the night she had. He hit her with a couple chops and backed her into the corner. He backed away to go for a big splash in the corner, but as he sprinted toward her, she jumped out of the way. After impact, Dexter stumbled out of the corner and was yet another victim of the Kraven Lariat over the top. Lizzy Kraven was on fire!

Caleb Newstead made his way out next. He slid into the ring sure of himself. Sure he would be able to pick off Lizzy Kraven. She was obviously exhausted. Newstead charged at Lizzy, but she ducked, back body dropping Newstead over the top. But Caleb landed on the ring apron. When Lizzy saw, she immediately blasted him with a roaring elbow, sending him falling to the arena floor.

The new Brass Knuckles Champion stumbled forward and fell to her knees. Who would be next? The question was soon answered. Entrant number 10 was the man Lizzy had went to war with earlier in the night, Hades. As he walked down the isle, his stablemate Jophiel came out of the crowd and violently attacked Lizzy from behind. Hades quickly joined her in the ring. The two pummeled Lizzy down before Hades hoisted her up and delivered the Burning Hammer. Hades then picked Lizzy up and dumped her over the top rope. Lizzy Kraven was eliminated. Hades kissed Jophiel on the forehead and she left the ring, leaving Hades all by himself.

Number 11 was the first big surprise entrant of the night. It was the OWF Network Champion, JJ Perry. JJ and Hades went at it until number 12, Adam Hyatt joined the match. Number 13 was Daniel Matthews’ protege Kyle Donovan, and number 14 was HONOR Wrestling superstar Katashi Goya. The ring was filling up fast!

Number 15 was Caligula, another member of SUCCUMB. Hades and Caligula teamed up to eliminate Katashi and Kyle before Caligula was knocked out of the ring by Adam Hyatt. Hades went after Hyatt, but also wound up over the top courtesy of the former FFP World Champion.

OWF Champion Deshaun Reed was the next out to the ring. He immediately went after JJ Perry while Adam Hyatt backed himself into the corner. Number 17 came out next. It was Christopher Morgan. Morgan went head-to-head with Adam Hyatt while the two OWF Champions faced off.

Number 18 was yet another shocked. Another female. Masina! Masina came into the ring and clotheslines JJ Perry over the top after he had been rocked by a Deshaun Reed European uppercut. But Masina was quickly dumped over by Deshaun Reed.

Number 19 was Austin Briggs, and the luck of the draw was now starting to possibly become a big factor. Briggs took turns beating on anyone he could. Still sore from his Anything Goes Match with Mikhail, Austin was going to make the best of this opportunity.

Briggs went right after Adam Hyatt, the guy who had been in the longest. Deshaun Reed thought he’d jump in and help with tossing Hyatt out, to no avail.

Number 20 was another surprise entrant. The WWS Champion, Miles Lynch. Lynch came in and hit anything that would move. Lynch and Briggs went at it hard. Then the crowd was shocked by another surprise.

The man who drew number 21 was Derek Grady! Grady came out and just like Lynch, went after anyone. Meanwhile, Miles Lynch dumped Deshaun Reed over the top rope.

Number 22 was the big man from the OWF, Damien Bishop. Bishop came out and began breaking with Miles Lynch and Derek Grady. Adam Hyatt and Austin Briggs began going at it again.

Number 23 was yet another surprise, former FFP superstar Jason Copeland. Copeland came down and was targeted by Derek Grady. The two went at it as Damien Bishop clotheslines Austin Briggs over the top.

As Miles Lynch and Christopher Morgan battled back and fourth, Alexander T Morrison came out with Beatrice Keenan behind him. Number 24 came down to the ring with a tremendous advantage. Him and Adam Hyatt went at it, just like earlier in the night. And just like earlier in the night, ATM got the best of Adam, sending him over the top and crashing to the arena floor.

Finally number 25 made his way out to the ring. The man who drew lucky 25 was Hayden Flowers. Flowers came in but was blasted by Damien Bishop. Meanwhile, Jason Copeland was clotheslined over the top rope by Christopher Morgan. Derek Grady then went after Christopher Morgan, but wound up being belly to belly suplexed over the top.

Eventually Hayden Flowers and Christopher Morgan teamed up to eliminate Damien Bishop. ATM tried sneaking up behind Hayden and Christopher to eliminate them, but it didn’t work.

We were down to the final four. Christopher Morgan, Miles Lynch, ATM and Hayden Flowers. Christopher Morgan and ATM began trading blows while Miles Lynch and Hayden Flowers went at it. Unfortunately for Hayden, Miles got the best of him and tossed him over the top rope. Next, ATM got behind Miles and knocked him out of the ring. It was down to two. Christopher Morgan and the FFP Adrenaline Champion Alexander T Morrison. They battled back and forth, trying to dump the other over the top. Sometimes teetering on the top rope.

ATM had Morgan reeling on the ropes. ATM had an advantage being number 24 while Morgan was 17. ATM charged at Christopher, but the FFP Hall of Famer hit ATM with a jumping knee strike to the head. He then proceeded to toss ATM over the top rope, winning FFP’s first ever Tornado Match, and earning himself a World Title shot at FFP Uprising!

Christopher’s girlfriend Lux joined him in the ring, hugging him as the crowd cheered. Morgan kissed her on the forehead and raised his arms in the air.

The scene cut backstage to the office of Veronica Clyne. Veronica said that she had two major announcements for FFP Guilty Pleasures next month. First, that the FFP Women’s Tag Team Champions Seduction Inc would be taking on the team or Cheyenne Reede and Sydney Belrose in a special non-title match. And also, Giovanni Gotch would be defending the FFP Women’s Title against the returning Britain Jade!

FFP World Title | Cage Match
(c) Daniel Matthews vs Odell Porter
Odell was obviously the fan favorite, by far. Daniel came out with Kyle Donovan and Tabitha Mullins behind him, to a huge chorus of boos. Kyle and Tabitha obviously wouldn’t be able to interfere due to the cage, but they came to the ring with the World Champion anyway. Maybe moral support.

This match started out hard hitting from the opening bell. This wasn’t going to be your technical wrestling masterpiece. This was these two men slugging it out until it was over. Matthews got the upperhand first, rocking Odell with right hands before sending him into the ropes and hitting a diving clothesline. He pulled Porter up and slammed him into the cage. Then again. Then again.

His next attempt, Odell blocked it by putting his foot up and stopping himself. Then he hit Matthews with a back elbow and rammed him face first into the cage. Odell continued delivering punches before hitting the ropes and splashing Daniel up against the cage. Daniel stumbled away from the cage and fell to the mat in the center of the ring. Odell climbed up onto the middle rope and delivered able elbow to the skull. He then went for the pin. But Daniel kicked out at two.

Odell looked out to Tabitha and Kyle on the outside of the ring. What a relief to not have to worry about them. Odell grabbed Daniel and began reigning fists down on his skull. He pulled Daniel up and hit a snap suplex. Then a fisherman suplex. Matthews tried to fight out of Porter’s grasp, but Odell hit a couple kicks to the midsection and took the Champion down with a snapmare. When Daniel sat back up, Odell bounced off the ropes and hit a soccer style kick. He sized Daniel up, waiting for Matthews to push himself back to the feet. Was he going to go for the Regal Plex?! Porter hooked Daniel and looked to be going for the finishing move, but Daniel escaped by hitting Odell with a hard right hand to the face. He hit a couple European uppercuts and rammed Odell’s face into the steel cage.

Daniel now looked down at his stable and instructed them to do something. It wasn’t clearly known until Kyle Donovan grabbed the FFP World Title and slid it in to Matthews inbetween the cage and the ring post. Daniel turned his attention back to Odell, with his World Title in his hand. Odell came toward Daniel and tried grabbing the title out of his grasp, but Daniel pulled it away, and cracked Odell in the head with it. Porter hit the mat hard. Daniel tossed the belt to the side and hooked Odell’s leg. 1…2… and Odell kicked out.

Daniel was surprised, but kept his calm. He grabbed the title again, and waited for Odell to get up again. Porter was slow to get up, but Daniel was patient. When Odell reached his feet Daniel went for another shot with the title. Odell ducked this one, and when Matthews turned around Odell caught him with an ace cutter. The belt went flying as both superstars crashed down to the mat. Odell turned and noticed the title. He took hold of it, but slid it across the ring. Daniel was just trying to push himself back up. Odell assisted him with getting to his feet, went around him and hit a German suplex. But he rolled backward, keeping a hold of Daniel and delivering another, this time into the turnbuckles. Daniel was in trouble.

Odell pulled Matthews up again and this time successfully hit the Regal Plex. It looked as if Odell Porter would become our new World Champion. Porter hooked the leg. 1…2… and somehow, Daniel kicked out with barely enough time. Odell couldn’t believe it. Neither could Kyle, Tabitha, the commentators and the Orlando crowd. Porter turned to the ref to make sure it was indeed a two count. Then he called for another Regal Plex. Matthews was barely moving. Odell pulled him up and set the move up. But Daniel raised his leg behind him, catching Odell with a low blow. Odell fell to his knees and Daniel fell back down to the mat.

Suddenly Kyle Donovan began digging through his trunks. He pulled out wire cutters. He began to snip at the steel cage, making just enough of a hole for himself and Tabitha to slid into the ring. They pulled the protective mat up from outside of the ring and set it on the cut wire not to puncture themselves. Kyle was the first one in. He pulled Odell up, but before he could do anything, Odell broke free and hit a pele kick to Donovan’s head. Kyle fell back to the mat. Tabitha by now grabbed the World Championship. The referee tried to stop her, but she shoved him away.

Daniel had reached his feet by now. And while Odell was distracted by Tabitha, she tossed the World Title to Daniel. Odell turned around in time to see and dodge Daniel’s attempted attack. Daniel wound up striking Tabitha with the title. She fell into the corner, out cold. Daniel turned around as Kyle Donovan was back to his feet. Kyle attempted to clothesline Odell from behind, but again Porter dodged, and Kyle struck the World Champion. The World Title went flying into the air and Odell caught it. When Kyle Donovan turned back around, Odell blasted him with the title. Donovan hit the mat hard.

Finally, it was back to one-on-one. Daniel was groggy. Pulling himself up with the ring ropes. Odell grabbed him from behind and hit a devastating Regal Plex. But Porter wasn’t done there. He pulled Matthews back up once more, and planted him with another Regal Plex. Odell bridged the suplex into a pin. The referee made the count. 1…2…3! Odell Porter had just won the FFP World Championship for the very first time!

The referee took the World Championship that was used moments earlier to take Kyle Donovan out of the match, and presented it to it’s new owner. Odell looked at the championship. He had feuded with Daniel over this title since the New Year’s Eve Show. And nearly five months later, Porter had won the big one.

With tears in his eyes Odell raised the FFP World Title proudly in the air. His music played on the speakers as the Orlando crowd cheered him on. Chants of “Odell, Odell, Odell!” echoed throughout the arena. Confetti fell as the new champion held the title up for the crowd to see on each side of the ring.

Welcome to the Odell Porter era!


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