BREAKING NEWS: Nina Fox Injured at All Torn Up

Last night at FFP All Torn Up, Nina Fox engaged in a hard fought match with Giovanni Gotch for the FFP Women’s Championship. But when Nina went for the Superkick and Giovanni hit a vicious chop block to the front of the challenger’s knee, it was obvious that something was very wrong.

Nina had suffered a hyper extension of her knee. However, she finished the match. And in true Nina fashion, she put as much effort as she could into trying to fight through the pain and attempt to pull out the victory.

Gotch won the match with her Hellacious Powerbomb, but even though the damage was primarily done on the chop block, Gotch attacked the knee after the match. Nina screamed out, obviously in tremendous pain. Britain Jade made her shocking return coming out to save Nina, but the damage had been done.

Today we learned that Nina suffered the hyper extension of her knee. Doctors said Nina would have to undergo surgery for the injury, and could be out of action for 4-6 months. attempted to get a word with Nina, but the FFP Hall of Famer declined to comment.

We wish Nina the best in her road to recovery.

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