05/06/2017 FFP SSN

May 6, 2017
Miami, Florida

The show opened up with the brand new FFP World Champion, Odell Porter. The Miami crowd loved seeing the man who finally defeated Daniel Matthews at All Torn Up to win the FFP World Championship for the first time.

Porter got in the ring and thanked the crowd for cheering him on for the past five months. He said he wouldn’t let them down as a World Champion.

Christopher Morgan came out next. Morgan won the first ever FFP Tornado Match at All Torn Up, guaranteeing himself a shot at the World Title at FFP Uprising in June.

Christopher said that he and Odell had met before, and Odell beat him to end his 470 day Adrenaline Title reign. Morgan also noted that the 371 day World Title reign of Daniel Matthews that Odell just snapped was the second longest title reign in FFP history. Morgan said Odell was a great wrestler, and apparently was a streak breaker, but that at June he was bringing his A game, and was planning on leaving Uprising the new FFP World Champion. The two men then shook hands.

Derek Grady vs Deranged
The opening match of SSN was a brawl. The new FFP signee Derek Grady and Deranged traded hard punches before Grady hit the masked superstar with a hard clothesline. Deranged enjoyed moments of being on the offensive, but Grady hit him with a big spinebuster, and planted him with a cradle piledriver for the win.

Aiden Conrad vs Blaine Edwards
A very athletic match. Aiden, who was tied for the most FFP Television Title reigns in history, hadn’t accomplished as much as he would like lately in FFP. Which brings desperation. Conrad hit a low blow when the referee was out of position, and planted Blaine with a DDT. Conrad followed that up with he Beauty Maker for the three count.

After the match Aiden continued the assault, beating Blaine down more. The referee called for the bell several times until finally he reversed the decision and awarded the match to Blaine by disqualification. This only made Aiden more angry. Conrad went to the outside and got a chair, but before he could use it Hayden Flowers stormed to the ring. Aiden slid back out and left ringside as Hayden checked on his friend.


The scene cut to ringside where the HONOR Women’s Champion, and first ever FFP Brass Knuckles Champion Lizzy Kraven. She came out to a lot of cheer from the Miami crowd. With a belt in each shoulder Lizzy walked down and grabbed a microphone. She said that earlier today she had spoke to HONOR Wrestling officials and they told her to choose a superstar she felt deserved a shot at the HONOR Women’s Title at FFP’s all-woman pay-per-view Guilty Pleasures.

Lizzy said that she had given it a lot of thought and had one person in mind. She said that this person had accomplished a lot here in FFP and hasn’t got the recognition that she deserves.

As Lizzy was about to announce who she would like to defend against at Guilty Pleasures, she was interrupted by former FFP Women’s Champion Lacey Abernathy. Lacey came out and thanked Lizzy, saying she knew she was about to announce her name. Lizzy stopped Lacey, saying that she wasn’t going to pick her. Which immediately brought out March Tillman. Tillman also assumed she would get the shot, and noted that finally someone was giving her some recognition.

Lizzy stopped Marcy too. And broke the news that neither one of these women was the woman she was going to name. But before Lizzy could say a name, Lacey and Marcy pummeled her. They talked the FFP Hall of Famer down and hit her with kicks and stomps. That is until Aubrey Moresi rushed to the ring. The crowd cheered as Aubrey slid into the ring and began connecting with rights and lefts on both ladies. Lizzy got back to her feet and the two of them sent Lacey and Marcy out of the ring.

FFP owner and president Veronica Clyne came out next, and announced that tonight Lizzy Kraven would team with Aubrey Moresi to take on Lacey Abernathy and Marcy Tillman!

The scene cut backstage where Tyrece Beckman was standing by with Ariana Chaos. She spoke of her Last Woman Standing Match at Guilty Pleasures against Masina. Ariana said that Masina was a brute of an opponent, but she would come out the winner.

Amy Kraven vs Kenzie Anderson
These two women did not seem to like each other. Not sure if it was from the backstage altercation at All Torn Up or some other reason. They tore into each other. Kenzie was more the brawler in this match while Amy was the technician. The crowd was solidly behind Amy Kraven, chanting her name as she hit a superplex and a missile dropkick. Amy went for a frog splash, but Kenzie got her knees up. She then planted Amy with a brainbuster and hit the Busaiku Knee for the three count.

After the match Kenzie stood over Amy, placing her foot on Amy’s chest and raising her arms in the air. Complete disrespect from Kenzie Anderson.

Levi Fuller vs Nathan Caine w/ Michael Graham
Another feud that began at All Torn Up when Nathan Caine attacked Levi Fuller after Levi eliminated him in the Tornado Match. Both men were very capable of putting on a classic technical wrestling match, but the decided to try to knock each other’s teeth out. Trading punches, chops, elbows and headbutts, these two beat the hell out of each other.

After 12 minutes of brawling, Michael Graham set Nathan’s FFP Tag Team Title on the ring apron and distracted the referee. Nathan grabbed the title, but before he could use it as a weapon, Levi hit a Superkick. He then took possession of the championship, and slammed it into the face of Michael Graham. Graham tumbled to the arena floor.

Levi turned around to see an oncoming Nathan. Fuller side stepped Caine and proceeded to hit him with his finisher, the Flex Slam. Levi then pinned the FFP Tag Team Champion for the three count. Levi was your winner, although it seemed this feud was far from over.

May 28 Full Force Pro will present Guilty Pleasures. For the past few years, Guilty Pleasures has been the exclusive all-women pay-per-view of Full Force Pro. FFP will continue this tradition in 2017, featuring the best woman wrestlers on this planet. Whether you see it live in San Diego, or watch it on the FFP Network, you won’t want to miss it!

Lizzy Kraven & Aubrey Moresi vs Lacey Abernathy & Marcy Tillman
A very good tag team match with a lot of back and forth and plenty of tags. Lacey Abernathy rolled Lizzy Kraven and pulled her trunks for added leverage, but Lizzy was still able to kick out. Eventually Aubrey got the tag and cleaned house. Marcy Tillman illegally came into the ring and hit Aubrey from behind with a running knee to the lower back. Lacey and Marcy then continued working on Aubrey’s back. Lacey and Marcy seemed to wrestle quite well as a tag team.

Lizzy got tagged back in and really gave it to both Lacey and Marcy, getting the best of both and hitting Lacey with the Tornado Bomb. Marcy tried to get in to break up the count, but caught an Aubrey spear in her attempt. The referee slid into position. 1…2…3.

After the match Lacey and Marcy left the ring. Meanwhile Lizzy took the microphone. Kraven said that she never got to finish her statement earlier in the night. Lizzy announced that at Guilty Pleasures she would defend the HONOR Women’s Championship against…Aubrey Moresi!

FFP Television Title
(c) Hiroki Ito vs Kyle Donovan

A back and forth match with Kyle Donovan gaining the upperhand for a short part of the match. He hit Hiroki with two dragon screws and a shin breaker. Attempting to take away Hiroki’s kicks was a smart move by the rookie. But Ito had just enough left to crack Kyle with a hard kick. Then, he scooped him up and hit the Go to Sleep for the three count.

HONOR World Title
(c) Matt Kraven vs Joey DeMarco

DeMarco came out his regular old cocky self. Matt Kraven came out with his war paint on. Most people were expecting a big brawl between the twin rivals, but the match was pretty technical. DeMarco worked on Kraven’s lower back, hitting backbreakers, suplexes and a fallaway slam from the middle rope. Matt Kraven fought back, catching Joey in the middle of the ring with a fisherman brainbuster and a flying headbutt. Kraven then locked in the LeBelle Lock.

Joey was trapped in the center of the ring. Screaming and reaching for the ropes. He even tried breaking Kraven’s grip with his free hand. It looked as if it was over for the challenger, but he reached up and raked Kraven’s eyes. DeMarco next went for a clothesline on Matt, who was still blinded from the eye rake. Kraven ducked just in time, and Joey hit the referee. DeMarco turned back around only to get hit with a Matt Kraven Superkick. But the referee was out.

Then, a large beast of a man walked out from the entrance area. He stepped over the top rope and slammed Matt hard with the biggest spinebuster you’ve ever seen. He pulled Joey DeMarco up and the two keyed in on Kraven. Obviously this was one of Joey’s friends.

As they looked to go in for the kill on the HONOR World Champion, Daniel Matthews charged down the entrance ramp with a steel chair in hand. He hit the big man several times with the chair, eventually knocking him out of the ring. Matthews turned around as Joey was charging at him. Daniel put the breaks on DeMarco by leveling him with a chairshot to the head. Joey stumbled back and was hit with Kraven’s Superkick again. Matthews saw Joey’s friend getting back to his feet, so he hit a dive over the top on the big man.

Matt made the cover as the groggy official made the count. 1…..2…..3!

Matt Kraven had successfully defended the title, with Daniel Matthews taking out Joey’s help. Matthews slid into the ring. The last time we saw Daniel, he had just lost the FFP World Title to Odell Porter at All Torn Up.

Daniel wrapped Matt in a hug. Then he turned and raised Matt’s arm into the air. The show came to an end as Matt and Daniel celebrated together in the middle of the ring.


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