05/28/2017 FFP Guilty Pleasures (PPV)


FFP Guilty Pleasures
May 28, 2017
San Diego, California

The show opened up with pyro going off in the arena. The San Diego crowd was pumped for FFP’s annual all-woman pay-per-view. A lot of signs showing support for Britain Jade, Giovanni Gotch and Aubrey Moresi.

Men from the FFP and OWF rosters were shown throughout the arena, sitting to watch the ladies of Full Force Pro.

FFP Women’s Television Title
(c) Fiona Burke vs Katsumi Akiyama

One Fall | 30-Minute Time Limit | 20-Second Count Out
This match started out a little slow paced, neither woman wanting to make an early mistake. Fiona wanted to avoid Katsumi’s stiff kicks. With Katsumi being a former FFP and HONOR Women’s Champion Fiona knew how dangerous she could be in the ring. Fiona hit a lung blower late in the match, and continued working on Katsumi’s lower back. That is until Akiyama rocked Fiona with a hard kick to the head, immediately followed by a snap German suplex. Katsumi then pulled Fiona up and set her up for the Tiger Suplex. However Fiona surprised Katsumi, rolling forward and hooking the challenger into a modified victory roll for the three count.

After the match Fiona was presented her title. She held it in the air proudly. But her celebration was cut short when Lacey Abernathy charged the ring and knocked Fiona down with a running knee to the back. Lacey then took hold of the Women’s Television Title and hit Fiona with it, knocking the champion out of the ring. Lacey stood in the center of the ring holding the title up in the air.

Amber Moxley vs Kimber Stiles
One Fall | 20-Minute Time Limit | 20-Second Count Out
These two women held the record for the longest OWF Women’s Tag Team Champions in history, but the way they lost the titles was rather shocking. Kimber Stiles was wrestling in Japan, and neglected to show up for their title defense, leaving Amber to fend for herself. That is how this feud began. The two women entered the ring ready to go to war. And boy did they. They traded stiff punches, elbows, forearms and chops. Amber gained the advantage, hitting a Fisherman Suplex, a running dropkick to Kimber while in the tree of woe, and a Kurt Angle style Olympic slam. Kimber fought back, using knee strikes to wear Amber down. But Moxley continued to fight, eventually lifting Kimber onto her shoulders and hitting an electric chair driver for a two count.

Amber hoisted Kimber up for the Burning Hammer, but Kimber dug her fingernails into Amber’s eyes. Stiles escaped the move and rolled Amber up, placing her feet on the ropes for added leverage. The referee missed Kimber cheating, and she got the three count.

Kimber quickly rolled out of the ring. Amber was understandable upset with not only the feet on the ropes, but also the illegal eye rake. Kimber taunted Amber as she walked up the isle.


Last Woman Standing Match
Masina vs Ariana Chaos

One Fall | 30-Minute Time Limit | No Count Out
From one hard hitting feud to another. Masina and Ariana Chaos had been going at it for quite sometime, and this time they faced off in a Last Woman Standing Match. This match was brutal. Masina introduced the San Diego crowd to a table early on. But not just any table. A table with light tubes taped all along the surface. Masina went for a Powerbomb to the light bulb covered table, but Ariana fought free, rocking Masina with two Superkicks and a running big boot to the head. A running cross body block then sent both women tumbling to the arena floor.

Chaos got up first and went to the top rope, hitting a dive to a standing Masina on the arena floor. Ariana continued laying in shots to Masina before arming herself with a steel chair, and nearly wrapping it around Masina’s skull with several hard chairshots. Ariana then whipped Masina into the steel steps. She charged at her opponent, Masina successfully back body dropped Ariana across the steps. It was brutal. Ariana rolled around in pain, her back hurting for sure. The referee began his count. But Ariana answered at five.

Masina grabbed Ariana by her hair and violently whipped her into the steel guardrail, three times. She pulled Ariana up and next delivered a Powerbomb across the ring apron. Masina was targeting the back of Ariana. Chaos again, laid on the arena floor in pain. The referee counted again. But Ariana answered at the count of seven.

Masina next pulled Ariana up, picked her up off her feet, and rammed her back first across the ring post, dropping her back down to the arena floor. The referee counted again, but Ariana just barely answered before the count of 10. Masina smiled. She had weaked Ariana tremendously. She rolled Chaos into the ring, and this time pulled her to the corner. Masina hoisted Ariana up into the top turnbuckle, and climbed up with her. It looked as if she was going to attempt a superplex through the light bulb covered table. But Ariana still had fought left in her. She hit Masina with repeated punches. Then she slid underneath Masina, and showing great power proceeded to pull Masina off the ropes and Powerbomb her through the light bulb covered table! The bulbs exploded, making loud pop sounds that echoed through the arena. Ariana fell to the mat as well. The referee began the count. At five, both women were moving. At seven, Ariana had pulled herself to her feet, and at nine, Masina had gotten to her knees.

Ariana hit the ropes, and blasted Masina with a knee to the chin. Masina fell right back to the mat. But answered the referee’s count at nine. What did Ariana have to do to keep Masina down?! She rolled to the outside and grabbed another steel chair. She rammed the end of it into Masina’s ribs, then cracked her twice over the back. But Masina didn’t leave her feet. So Ariana hooked Masina’s arms and drove her face first into the steel chair with her finisher, the Impaler. The referee began his count once more. Ariana got back to her feet, but in obvious pain. If this didn’t work, who knows what else Ariana would have to do to Masina to keep her down.

The referee counted, and the fans counted along. Finally, he reached the count of 10. Ariana Chaos had finally defeated Masina!

2 Out of 3 Falls Match
Erika Storm vs Rebelle Graye

2 Out of 3 Falls | 60-Minute Time Limit | 20-Second Count Out
These two women were fan favorites, and seemed to have the potential to step up and challenge for the OWF Women’s Championship soon. It seemed as if the two were facing themselves. Counter after counter. Strike after strike. Erika hit a dropkick off the middle rope. Followed it up with a running clothesline, and then a swinging neckbreaker. Storm set Rebelle up for the Stormy KO, but Rebelle dodged and rolled Erika up, only getting a two count.

Rebelle now has the upperhand, hitting a few strikes before sending Erika into the ropes, and hitting a rolling clothesline. As Erika got back up, Rebelle scooped her up and hit a Kryptonite Krunch across the knee. As Storm fought to get back to her feet, Rebelle springboarded off the middle rope and cracked Erika with a hard kick to the head. Rebelle then made the cover and got the three count. She had won the first fall.

The next fall started with Rebelle continuing to work Erika down. Graye wound up on the apron, and went for a springboard clothesline. But Erika reversed it with a big spear, slamming Rebelle to the mat. Erika then made the cover and got the three count. Just like that, the match was tied up.

Both women began the third fall very cautious. Erika gained the upperhand, being very technical and trying to work Rebelle down. Rebelle fought back, hitting a running back elbow and a spinning clothesline. Rebelle scooped Erika up onto her shoulders, but Storm escaped her grasp and planted her with a STO. Erika covered Rebelle but only got a two count. Erika went to the corner, waiting for Rebelle to get back to her feet. She charged for a spear but Rebelle reversed with a knee to the chest. Erika stumbled, and Rebelle threw her to the mat with a German suplex. Rebelle then attempted her finisher, the Curb Stomp. But Erika dodged, and flattened Rebelle with a spear. She hooked Rebelle’s leg. 1…2…3! Erika Storm had won the match two falls to one.

After the match Erika helped a Rebelle up and wrapped her in a hug. Rebelle grabbed Erika’s arm and lifted it into the air. The San Diego crowd loved the sportsmanship of the two women.

Fierce Wrestling Title | Tournament Final
Noel Zelig vs Firefly

One Fall | 30-Minute Time Limit | 20-Second Count Out
Talk about home field advantage. No, neither woman was from San Diego, but Firefly had spent years in Full Force Pro. Noel came out with hard hitting shots to Firefly. Noel was always known for being a solid striker, as well as a technician and brawler. Firefly on the other hand, could wrestle with the best of them, but also fly through the air. But on this night, she lit Noel up with some knife edge chops that left some fans in the front row grimmacing from the sound. Firefly got the upperhand, and went for a cross body block. But Zelig showed her strength, catching Firefly and slamming her with a back breaker. Then she hit a senton. She went for a cover and got two.

She pulled Firefly up and went for a piledriver. Firefly back body dropped Noel instead. Then, as Noel got to her feet Firefly hit one of the most forceful dropkicks, knocking Noel to the mat and rolling out of the ring. As she tried to gather her senses, Firefly hit the ropes and delivered a suicide dive, slamming Noel into the guardrail. Firefly sent Noel back into the ring, but as she climbed in herself Zelig hit a knee to the gut, and spiked Firefly with a DDT. She made the cover, only getting two.

Firefly fought to get back up. The two women began trading shots. The fans loved it. Firefly with a punch, Noel with a punch. Firefly forearm. Noel elbow. Firefly right hand. Noel missed a clothesline. Then Firefly hit a neckbreaker. The masked woman pulled Noel up, and proceeded to hit the Crucifix Powerbomb! A move she had been using for her finisher for a long time. Then she hooked Noel’s leg. 1…2… and Noel kicked out! Firefly couldn’t believe. A little girl in the crowd with a Firefly mask couldn’t believe.

Firefly got up. She kept her poise, waiting as Zelig pulled herself back to her feet. She set her up for another Crucifix Powerbomb. But Noel went up and over Firefly’s head, landing on her feet behind her. She hit the ropes, and as Firefly turned around Noel blasted her with a running knee to the jaw. Firefly stumbled back, falling to the mat. But Noel quickly pulled her up and hit the Fisherman Suplex with a beautiful bridge. The referee made the count. 1…2…3! Noel Zelig was the inaugural Fierce Wrestling Champion!

Amy Kraven vs Kenzie Anderson
One Fall | 20-Minute Time Limit | 20-Second Count Out
Amy Kraven came out first, but her entrance was interrupted by Kenzie Anderson who ran down the ramp to attack her as the crowd booed. Kenzie threw Amy into the turnbuckle post shoulder first. FFP Paramedics came down to make sure she was ok and security made sure Kenzie wouldn’t attack her more. Amy said she could compete.

The match started with Kenzie Anderson hitting a Busaiku Knee to the injured shoulder of Amy Kraven. Kenzie started taunting to the crowd. She turned around and pinned Amy. Amy kicked out at two. Kenzie started throwing a tantrum as Amy started to get back up on her feet. Kenzie shoved her into the turnbuckle and slapped her across the chest as the crowd chanted, “Woo!” She went for another chop but Amy ducked and went for a clothesline. Kenzie ducked and bent under the top rope to stop Amy. The ref of course had to stop Amy. Kenzie got fully back in the ring and Amy started throwing punch after punch. When Amy stopped, Kenzie rolled out of the ring and walked up the ramp as if to say she gave up.

Amy ran down the ramp and dragged Kenzie back to the ring. Amy hit a vertical suplex, then a German suplex, then a belly-to-belly suplex. Kenzie slowly got to her knees and Amy hit a dropkick causing her to fall onto her back. Amy picked her up and hit a superkick. Kenzie stumbled back into the corner and Amy set her up for a Kraven Klash. She successfully hit the move and turned over to pin Kenzie. Kenzie put her finger on the rope at two and a half causing the ref to stop the count. The crowd thought the match was over. After they realized it wasn’t, Amy hyped them up as she climbed to the top rope getting ready for a moonsault. She attempted the moonsault but Kenzie desperately moved out of the way.

Kenzie threw her arm on top of Amy for a pin but Amy kicked out at two. Kenzie pulled herself up with the help of the ropes. With all her energy, she hit her finisher again, the Busaiku Knee but couldn’t crawl over fast enough to cover her. She pulled herself up to the top rope and hit a corkscrew moonsault but Amy kicked out at two! Kenzie started targeting Amy’s shoulder again with knees and elbows. She went to the middle rope and hit a knee on to Amy’s shoulder. Amy was clearly in pain. Kenzie put Amy in an armbar injuring the shoulder more. She picked Amy up and put her against the turnbuckles. Kenzie went to the other side of the ring, ran, and hit a third Busaiku Knee. She pinned Amy and got the three count. The crowd couldn’t believe it.

FFP medics again checked on Amy, her shoulder was hurt. But as they spoke with Kraven, Kenzie rushed over and kicked Amy as hard as she could in the shoulder. Finally officials got Kenzie to leave the ring as Amy was tended to.

OWF Women’s Title
(c) Juno Frost w/ DARE vs Caitlin Cruz

One Fall | 30-Minute Time Limit | 20-Second Count Out
Caitlin Cruz was a hard hitting up and coming wrestler. But Juno had the experience advantage, but quiet a bit. Throw in the addition of Dahlia Ashford and Rosie Erickson at ringside, and Caitlin had a steep hill to climb. Juno was able to work Caitlin over. Although Cruz did fight back, not only hitting a Northern lights suplex but also a tornado DDT that gave Caitlin a two count on the Champion.

After a slight distraction by Juno’s tag team, Frost was able to hit Caitlin with a running knee from behind. Juno then hit the Codebreaker out of the corner for the three count.

After the match Juno and DARE pummeled Caitlin. Apparently they wanted to teach the challenger a lesson. But as they beat her down on the mat, Erika Storm rushed the ring. Although Storm competed in a hard fought match earlier, she slid into the ring and flattened the OWF Women’s Champion with a spear. Dahlia and Rosie went after Erika, but they didn’t fair well either. Dahlia found herself clotheslined over the top and Rosie was struck with the Stormy KO.

In the Ring
The President of Full Force Pro, Veronica Clyne was now in the ring. Veronica, the first inductee into the FFP Hall of Fame, was here to announce the first inductee into the Class of 2017. Veronica said that this person was instrumental in building FFP’s Women’s Division up in the very start of FFP. She held titles such as the FFP Diamond Title as well as the FFP Diamond Tag Team Titles. And today, she’s just as instrumental building up the next generation of FFP and OWF wrestlers. The first inductee into the FFP Hall of Fame Class of 2017 would be OWF Women’s Head Trainer, Christi Carter!

HONOR Women’s Title
(c) Lizzy Kraven vs Aubrey Moresi

One Fall | 60-Minute Time Limit | 20-Second Count Out
This match had a big fight feel to it. The challenger came out first, to cheers from the San Diego crowd. Next, Lizzy Kraven came out. The reigning HONOR Women’s Champion, FFP Brass Knuckles Champion and Australian Bombshells Champion. But she only came out with the title that was on the line, strapped around her waist.

The match started with a handshake, and Lizzy and Aubrey going face to face, trading words. Didn’t seem like there was any animosity. Then they fist bumped, and it was time to go! Lock up, side headlock by Lizzy. Aubrey sent her into the ropes. They collided. Aubrey hit the mat. She looked up at Lizzy, looking down at her for a minute. Lizzy then hit the ropes. Aubrey quickly got to her feet, leap frogged Lizzy. Off the rebound, dropkick. Lizzy hit the mat. Now the wrestlers gained eye contact again. Aubrey on her feet, Lizzy on the mat. And the crowd loved it.

The match continued. A human chess match. Headlocks, headlock takeovers, arm drags and one hell of a European uppercut from the champion. The move rocked the challenger. Lizzy then stormed at Aubrey, attempting the Kraven Lariat. But Aubrey ducked it and hit a pele kick that would have made AJ Styles jealous. The kick sent Lizzy stumbling and falling out into the apron inbetween the top and middle rope. As Lizzy got to her feet, Aubrey connected with a springboard dropkick, sending Lizzy to the arena floor. But Aubrey wasn’t done. She let out a battle cry, then ascended to the top rope. As Lizzy got back to her feet next to the commentator’s table, Aubrey dive off the top, knocking Lizzy back down. The official quickly got to the outside to check on both women, both down from the impact.

Aubrey was first to move. She pulled Lizzy up and rolled her back into the ring. She contemplated making a cover, but it had been too long. She waited as Lizzy began pushing herself up to her feet. Aubrey attempted a hurricanrana, but Lizzy simply reversed into a Powerbomb that got a huge reaction from the crowd. Lizzy covered Aubrey. 1…2… and Aubrey kicked out. But Lizzy wasn’t done. She slapped her bicep. It was time for a Kraven Lariat. Aubrey got to her feet, and Lizzy went for the move. The move they had won her so many matches in the past. But Aubrey jumped up, catching Lizzy’s arm and taking her to her back in a Rhonda Rousey style armbar. Moresi had the move hooked on, tight. Lizzy was hurting. Reaching and stretching for the ropes. Kraven was clinching her teeth, trying hard to pull Aubrey’s body toward the ropes with her arm.

Morgan Alexander spoke about how great of a gameplay it was. Take Lizzy’s arm away, and you take away the Kraven Lariat. Finally Lizzy escaped with a series of hard kicks to Aubrey’s face, chin, head and wherever else she could land them. They both got to their feet. Aubrey desperately rushed Lizzy, but Kraven caught her in a fireman’s carry. Then, she dumped her over with a Death Valley Driver. Lizzy hooked Aubrey’s leg. 1…2… and Aubrey kicked out. Lizzy pulled Aubrey back up and hit a grueling series of snap suplexes, a Northern lights and a German. She signaled for the end, the Tornado Bomb. But as she turned back around Aubrey popped up and rolled her up in a small package pin. 1…2… and Lizzy escaped. Both women shot up to their feet, but Lizzy BLASTED Aubrey with a Kraven Lariat. Aubrey flipped through the air, and slammed to the mat. But Lizzy fell down in pain. She used the same arm that Aubrey had locked in the armbar. Kraven couldn’t capitalize and make the cover.

Aubrey began using the ropes to pull herself up. Lizzy was on her knees, trying to shake the pain off. She got up and charged Aubrey again. She was going for another Kraven Lariat, but Aubrey ducked it and Lizzy ran herself into the ropes. She stumbled off of them, and into the waiting arms of Aubrey Moresi. Moresi dumped Lizzy on her head with a German suplex. But she wasn’t done. She pulled Lizzy up again, and wrapped her arm around her head, hitting an impressive inverted suplex, slamming Lizzy down on her chest. But Moresi kept a hold of Lizzy’s head, rolling backward and locking her in a Dragon Sleeper. Kraven had already had the wind knocked out of her, and Aubrey had so much torque on Lizzy’s neck and chest area that surely she wasn’t able to take one single breath. Lizzy reached out, not being able to see the ropes but hoping to grab them.

Aubrey screamed out, wrenching back further and further on the champion. Sweet covered the challenger’s face. She had the move locked in deep. Lizzy was fading. Her arms reaching out for the ropes, but slowly falling to the mat. Then Lizzy’s right hand faintly tapped the mat. Aubrey Moresi was the new HONOR Women’s Champion.

Moresi released the hold. She collapsed away from Lizzy’s body, laying on her side. The referee retrieved the HONOR Women’s Title, and brought it into the ring for Aubrey. She pushed herself up to her knees and the referee handed her the title. She looked at it, placing it on her lap and staring. The moment was hers. Tears rolled down her face as she looked down at one of the most prestigious Women’s Wrestling titles in the world.

Lizzy was lying on the mat, motionless. She finally picked her head up and looked over at the new champion. Aubrey turned her attention to Lizzy as well. Lizzy got to her knees, facing Aubrey. The two shared a word before wrapping each other in a tight hug.

Lizzy rolled out of the ring, giving the new champion her moment. Kraven back tracked up the entrance ramp, clapping as the official strapped the title around Aubrey’s waist. Then a graphic flashed across the screen.

The NEW HONOR Women’s Champion
Aubrey Moresi

On June 18, 2017 FFP presents FFP Uprising, it’s annual pay-per-view that comes to you live from London, England! Already set for this huge event is Matt Kraven defending the HONOR Title against his best friend Daniel Matthews. Also, Odell Porter puts the FFP World Title on the line against the winner of FFP’s first ever Tornado Match, Christopher Morgan!

The scene quickly cut backstage where Lizzy Kraven, still covered in sweat and exhausted was walking toward the lockerroom. Hades and Jophiel stepped in front of Lizzy. She didn’t even have a chance to react before she was pummeled to the cold concrete floor. Hades then knelt down beside Lizzy and began to laugh. The last time these two had interacted was the finals of the FFP Brass Knuckles Title tournament where Lizzy Kraven won the title.

Non-Title Match
Seduction Inc vs Cheyenne Reede & Sydney Belrose

One Fall | 30-Minute Time Limit | 20-Second Count Out
Brandi and Cheyenne started the match. In Cheyenne’s first match with FFP, she defeated Brandi in singles competition, so there was obvious tension there. Brandi shoved Cheyenne back and was promptly slapped across the face afterwards. Cheyenne took control, whipping Brandi across the ring and dropping her with a scoop powerslam for a 2 count. Clearly Seduction Inc had underestimated their opponents judging by their reactions. Sydney tagged in, stepping into the ring for the first time in many years. She grabbed Brandi by her leg, but Brandi kicked her off and scurried to her corner to tag Taylor in.

Taylor charged at Sydney, but ran into a boot to the gut. Sydney then tossed Taylor across the ring by her hair. Holding onto her nose, Taylor used the ropes to get back to her feet and stood up against the turnbuckles. Sydney went for a handspring elbow, but Taylor got her knees up and connected with Sydney’s back. Seduction Inc now had the upper hand as Taylor stomped on Sydney’s legs and locked her in a surfboard stretch. Just as it looked like Sydney was about to tap, Taylor broke the hold. Seduction Inc laughed to each other, making it clear that they weren’t done toying with their opponents. Taylor slapped the back of Sydney’s head and picked her up to shove her into the corner. Before going in for the attack, Taylor blew a kiss to Cheyenne to taunt her. Taylor then ran at Sydney in the corner, but Sydney lifted up both of her long legs and wrapped them around Taylor’s neck, chocking her. Sydney got to a 4 count from the ref before releasing Taylor. As Taylor held her neck and coughed, Sydney clocked her with a big boot.

Both women fell to the mat, and that’s when Sydney began crawling towards her partner. Cheyenne reached out for Sydney’s tag as Brandi yelled for Taylor to get up. The crowd clapped to pump Sydney up, which ended up working out. Cheyenne was tagged in just as Taylor reached her feet and connected with a series of clotheslines and a beautiful dropkick that knocked Taylor back into her corner. Brandi tagged herself in and speared Cheyenne to the mat, leading to a struggle for dominance as both women flipped each other over and traded rights and lefts. The referee had to pull Brandi away, and just as she broke away from him, Cheyenne hit her with a step up enzuigiri that echoed through the arena. Many thought that was the final blow as Cheyenne went for the cover. However, Taylor rushed in the ring just before the referee made the 3 count. Sydney also rushed in the ring to handle Taylor, which lead to a brawl between all four women.

In the midst of the referee trying to calm things down, Hollywood from GLOW Wrestling ran down to ringside. Hollywood hopped onto the apron, catching Cheyenne’s attention. Cheyenne took a swing at Hollywood, but Hollywood jumped down just in time. While this was happening, the referee was busy getting Taylor and Sydney out of the ring, so he didn’t notice a thing. When Cheyenne turned around, Brandi scooped her up and dropped her with the Fisherman Brainbuster for the win. Seduction Inc had won the match thanks to the distraction from Hollywood.

FFP Women’s Title
(c) Giovanni Gotch vs Britain Jade

One Fall | 60-Minute Time Limit | 20-Second Count Out
Britain Jade made her way down to the ring first. Giovanni came down next, with the FFP Women’s Title strapped around her waist. Gotch looked confident, strutting down the isle not minding the boos from the nearby fans. Gotch got into the ring and the trash talk began between both ladies. Gotch was the first to strike, hitting Britain with a slap across the face. The referee quickly intervened as the opening bell rung. Jade reacted immediately to the slap, double legging Giovanni to the ground and laying in strikes. The champion fought her way back up quickly, but Britain hit her with a kick to the gut and the Corkscrew Neckbreaker! Could it be over this quick?!

Britain made the pin. 1…2… and Giovanni kicked out. Gotch had a shocked look on her face. Britain looked almost just as shocked, thinking she had just won the FFP Women’s Title that fast. Britain attempted to stay on the champion, but Gotch rolled out of the ring, signaling for a time out. But Britain went on the chase, rolling out of the ring, coming up from behind Giovanni and ramming her into the steel ring post. Jade then fired Giovanni back into the ring, and set her up for another Corkscrew Neckbreaker. But this time, Giovanni was ready. She side-stepped the challenger, and rolled her up, pulling hard on the tights. 1…2… and Britain kicked out. Both women got back to their feet, and Gotch got the upperhand with a couple of right hands and a clothesline over the top. Finally there was distance between the two. Giovanni stepped back and took a knee, catching her breath.

Britain made her way back into the ring, but Gotch hit her with a knee to the chest. She pulled her in keeping her legs on the ropes, and drove her to the mat with a DDT. The impact was incredible. Gotch pulled Britain to the middle of the ring and went for the pin. But Britain kicked out at two. Gotch pulled Jade up again, and whipped her violently to the mat with a snapmare by her blonde hair. Gotch bounced off the ropes and went for a kick, but Jade laid down to avoid it, and rolled the champion up. The referee made the count but Gotch kicked out at two. She quickly got back to her feet and went after Britain, but the challenger quickly slammed Giovanni to the mat with a flatliner. The champion seemed to be in trouble. Britain appeared to think about going for a cover, but she didn’t. Instead, she pulled Giovanni up and pulled her into the corner. She set her up for a Corkscrew Neckbreaker off the top rope. She had the champion in position, but Giovanni slipped free from Jade’s grip and rocked the challenger with a forearm to the head.

Giovanni then hit a hurricanrana off the top rope. Very uncharacteristic for the reigning FFP Women’s Champion. Gotch turned away from Britain, and went back to the corner, now climbing to the top rope. What was she going to do next?! A beautiful moonsault, connecting perfectly. Giovanni hooked Jade’s leg. 1…2… and Britain Jade kicked out again. The commentators couldn’t believe it. Neither could the San Diego fans. Gotch turned to the ref, grabbing his black and white striped shirt and questioning him about the count. Britain pushed her way up and charged at the champion, but Gotch moved out of the way and Britain nearly collided with the official. However Giovanni took advantage of the distraction, rolling Britain up and putting all of her body weight on the back of Britain’s legs, holding her down on the mat. The referee made the count. 1…2…3!

Giovanni Gotch had successfully retained the FFP Women’s Title! And although she technically didn’t cheat to win, she did take advantage of the challenger being distracted after nearly charging into the referee. Britain couldn’t believe it. Giovanni quickly rolled out of the ring and took possession of her championship. With a smile on her face she held the title in the air. The crowd booed, and Britain Jade stared at Gotch as she made her way up the entrance ramp, with the title securely on her shoulder.


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