05/28/2017 FFP Guilty Pleasures Preshow

FFP Guilty Pleasures Preshow
May 28, 2017
San Diego, California

The Guilty Pleasures Preshow opened up with the preshow panel which consisted of Raquel St. Claire, the FFP President Veronica Clyne, FFP Hall of Famer Nina Fox who had her arm in a sling from her injury, and OWF interviewer Francine Davis. The women spoke about what an opportunity Guilty Pleasures is for all of the women in professional wrestling. They also spoke about which matches they were looking forward to at Guilty Pleasures. Most were looking most forward to the FFP Women’s Title match between Giovanni Gotch and Britain Jade, but Veronica Clyne said she thought that Lizzy Kraven defending the HONOR Women’s Title against Aubrey Moresi would be the match of the night.

Madison Castle vs Beatrice Keenan
One Fall | 15-Minute Time Limit | 20-Second Count Out
This match was two managers going at it. They had been feuding for quite sometime now. And although the dislike between the two was extremely intense, the match itself was a lot of slaps, punches and hair pulling. We here at FFP refrain from using the word “catfight” all that often, but that is pretty much what this was. Beatrice Keenan didn’t have any professional wrestling training except for the little bit that she learned from her boyfriend, the reigning FFP Adrenaline Champion Alexander T Morrison. But Madison Castle on the other hand, did train alongside her now husband Adam Hyatt, with Matt Kraven years ago. Both women saw stints of being on the offensive, but after Madison Castle hit Beatrice with a belly-to-belly suplex, it seemed all but over. Castle then hit a running knee to Beatrice’s head for the three count.

After the match Madison strutted around the ring playing to the crowd. She got nothing but cheers from the San Diego audience.

Beginning on June 1, Full Force Pro begins it’s annual UK Tour! On June 1, FFP will be in Belfast, Ireland. On June 4, we will be in Glasgow, Scotland. Then on June 10 and 13 we will be in Birmingham and Manchester, England. FFP will also present FFP Uprising on June 18 live from London, England, and will also bring you a special FFP Monday Night also from London. Two days later FFP will present a special edition of Woman Crush Wednesday from Manchester, England before finally heading back home to the states. Don’t miss any of our FFP UK Tour action live on the FFP Network!

The scene cut back to ringside where the President of FFP Veronica Clyne was standing by. She announced the signing of two new free agents to the Ohio Wrestling Federation. Then she welcomed Kyra Byrne and Genevieve Quinn to the ring. The two women came out and seemed pretty excited to be making their debut soon in the OWF. But they were interrupted by Juno Frost’s stablemates Dahlia Ashford and Rosie Erickson. DARE came down and laughed at the two new signees, saying that they didn’t stand a chance in the OWF. Veronica then announced that tomorrow night at OWF #123, DARE would be facing Kyra and Genevieve in their debut match!

Giovanni Gotch will defend the FFP Women’s Title against Britain Jade! Lizzy Kraven will defend the HONOR Women’s Title against Aubrey Moresi! Seduction Inc will battle Cheyenne Reede and Sydney Belrose! All that and more! NEXT! Don’t miss it!

The scene now cut back to the women at the preshow panel. Next, they gave their predictions for some of the match. The panel was split half and half for the FFP Women’s Title Match as well as the HONOR Women’s Title Match. Francine Davis said that Cheyenne Reede and Sydney Belrose would defeat Seduction Inc, while the rest chose Brandi Moore and Taylor Clawson to come out victorious. And finally three of the four women predicted that Katsumi Akiyama would defeat Fiona Burke to become the new FFP Women’s Television Champion. The only person to pick Fiona was Nina Fox.


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