06/21/2017 Woman Crush Wednesday

FFP Woman Crush Wednesday
June 21, 2017
Manchester, England

The Manchester crowd got a shock as this special edition of FFP Woman Crush Wednesday opened up, as the new HONOR World Champion Daniel Matthews stormed down to the ring. The commentators noted that this was supposed to be an all woman show. Daniel grabbed the microphone and acknowledged that it was supposed to be all women, but he said that he had to get something off of his chest. He reminded the world that at Uprising on Sunday he beat Matt Kraven for the HONOR World Championship, but after the match when Daniel went for a handshake, Matt superkicked him. Daniel demanded answers, and said that Matt should come out to the ring right now to explain himself.

The FFP President Veronica Clyne came out next. Daniel told her to not try to talk sense into him or try to defuse the situation. But Veronica broke the news to Daniel that Matt had left and went back home Sunday after Uprising. Daniel seemed disappointed and aggravated. Daniel said that he wanted another match with Matt. Veronica said she knew he would want another match, and that is why she had already set Daniel Matthews vs Matt Kraven for the HONOR World Championship at FFP 4th of July!

OWF Women’s Title

(c) Juno Frost w/ DARE vs Roxi Haacke

One Fall | 30-Minute Time Limit | 20-Second Count Out
Roxi hit Juno with some power moves early. A couple big clotheslines had the OWF Women’s Champion reeling. A dropkick and a belly to belly suplex seemed to really knock the wind out of the sails of Juno. Then, Dahlia Ashford climbed into the apron to distract Roxi. But it did the complete opposite. Roxi sent Dahlia into the ring hard way, over the top. She then hoisted her up and tossed her into the champion. Juno and Dahlia crashed to the mat and rolled out of the ring. Roxi Haacke had all the momentum.

Juno huddled with DARE. But Roxi went to the outside after them. Juno scurried away as Roxi knocked the tag team down. But when she turned her attention back to Juno, she was met with a hard knee to the gut. Frost then rammed the challenger into the guardrail. She sent Roxi back into the ring and continued on the offensive. Juno laid in stomps before pulling Haacke up and planting her with a DDT. She went for the pin but only got a two count. Roxi tried fighting back up, but Juno raked her eyes, scooping her onto her shoulders and hit a flapjack. Frost then set Haacke up for her Codebreaker from the middle rope. But Roxi caught Juno in midair and slammed her to the mat with a spinebuster. Haacke then visited Juno up and hit her finisher, the running Powerslam. She hooked Juno’s leg. The referee got into position, but as the referee seemed to be about to slap the mat for the third time, Dahlia and Rosie slid into the ring and pummeled the challenger.

The referee called for the bell. Roxi won the match, but only by disqualification due to outside interference. DARE continued pummeling Roxi as Juno grabbed her title and left ringside. Eventually Roxi fought back, flattening Dahlia and Rosie.

FFP Television Title

(c) Fiona Burke vs Ariana Chaos

One Fall | 30-Minute Time Limit | 20-Second Count Out
Both women shook hands before the match. It was a technical wrestling fan’s dream. Any women’s wrestling advocate was surely satisfied with this one. The match nearly went to the 30 minute time limit with big moves and near falls for both ladies.

Ariana Chaos hit a hurricanrana off the top rope near the middle of the match. After Fiona kicked out at two, Chaos ascended back up to the top where she blasted the champion with a missile dropkick. She got another two count. Fiona fought back off of a missed clothesline and floored the challenger with a Superkick. She seemed to think about going for a cover, but instead hit a springboard moonsault first. She hooked Ariana’s leg, but got a two count. Eventually Fiona fought Ariana to the corner. She charged at her, but Ariana connected with a knee to the midsection. Then followed that up with a tornado DDT. Chaos went up top but Fiona got up and stopped her before she could hit an offensive move. Burke joined the challenger up top and scooped her onto her shoulder. She proceeded to hit an impressive yet dangerous Kryptonite Krunch off the top rope for the three count. What a match!

After the match Fiona checked on Ariana. She pulled Chaos up and the two embraced. The Manchester fans gave both a loud and well deserved ovation.

FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles

Seduction Inc Open Challenge

One Fall | 30-Minute Time Limit | 20-Second Count Out
The FFP And HONOR Women’s Tag Team Champions headed to the squared circle. They got a mixed reaction from the Manchester crowd.

Brandi got on the microphone and said that there was no women’s tag team out there that could beat them. Taylor added that Seduction Inc was a Hall of Fame tag team, the reigning and defending FFP and HONOR Women’s Tag Champions, and absolutely the greatest tag team in professional wrestling history.

Brandi then dared any tag team to come out and face them for their titles. The crowd was surprised to then see Hisoka Nadeshiko and Kanako Shintani, the reigning OWF Women’s Tag Team Champions come out onto the entrance stage. Hisoka and Kanako were going to attempt something that had never been done before, to be the FFP and OWF Women’s Tag Champs at the same time.

The OWF tag team headed to the ring and we were under way. Hisoka and Kanako made sure to keep the match as fast paced as possible. Obviously that would only benefit the challengers. Brandi tried slowing things down, but it was Taylor who hit Kanako with a dropkick to the front of the knee that really slowed things down. Seduction Inc cut the ring in half, working Kanako down. Eventually she got the upperhand by flooring Brandi with a STO. She rolled to her corner and tagged in Hisoka. Hisoka faired well against both members of Seduction Inc, but her tag partner was in no condition to be tagged in. And two against one is never a good thing, especially an OWF wrestler taking on Seduction Inc. after Brandi hit the Fameasser, she tagged in Taylor Clawson who planted Hisoka with the Flatliner. Clawson then rolled her over and hooked the leg for the three count. Seduction Inc retained their titles.

After the match Brandi and Taylor got back on the microphone, again proclaiming themselves the greatest tag team of all time. That is until they were interrupted by familiar music. It was Kylie and Katrina, the Connelly Twins! Kylie had a microphone in hand. She congratulated Seduction Inc on their win, but said that she had some bad news for them. She said that her sister and her had just talked to Veronica Clyne, and agreed to challenge Seduction Inc for the FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles at FFP 4th of July! The crowd loved it. Obviously Brandi and Taylor didn’t.

HONOR Women’s Title

(c) Aubrey Moresi vs Katsumi Akiyama

One Fall | 30-Minute Time Limit | 20-Second Count Out
Another back and forth match that saw Katsumi Akiyama hit some very hard and loud kicks to the HONOR Women’s Champion. The HONOR Women’s Title was a title that Katsumi was very familiar with, having held it for two and a half years just a few years ago. And after a pumphandle powerbomb and a shining wizard, it looked as if she was going to regain the title, but Aubrey kicked out, barely. Katsumi sensed the match was nearly over, and the title was coming back to her. So she brought Aubrey up for a Death Valley Driver. But Aubrey escaped, and rolled Katsumi up. Katsumi kicked out at two, and popped back to her feet. She went for another kick, this time to Aubrey’s head. It would have knocked the champion clean out, but Aubrey ducked it and rolled Katsumi back up. Another two count. Both women popped up again. This time they charged, and destroyed each other with clotheslines. Both were down.

Aubrey was the first to stir, sitting up and attempting to push herself to her feet. Katsumi wasn’t far behind. Aubrey hit a couple kicks to the chest. She hit the ropes and charged at Akiyama, but the challenger caught Aubrey and tossed her to the mat with an overhead belly to belly. As Aubrey began to get up, Katsumi charged and went for a shining wizard. But Aubrey caught her in the air and turned it into a hard powerbomb. As Katsumi got back to her feet, Aubrey charged and hit a Busaiku knee. Akiyama hit the mat hard. Aubrey then ascended to the top rope. Once Katsumi got back to her feet again, Aubrey dove off the top and hit Katsumi with Cake Faced. Moresi then made the cover, and got the three count. Aubrey had retained the HONOR Women’s Championship.

On July 4th, while everyone in the United States will be grilling out hot dogs and hamburgers, Full Force Pro will be putting on one of it’s best shows of the year. FFP 4th of July! Don’t miss this epic event, where we won’t just see fireworks in the sky, but in the squared circle as well! Join us as we come to you live from Kansas City, where Daniel Matthews will defend the HONOR World Championship against his former best friend Matt Kraven. Also, the Connelly Twins make their FFP return, challenging Seduction Inc for the FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles! All that and much more at FFP 4th of July!

Champion vs Champion

Giovanni Gotch vs Alexandra Knight

One Fall | 60-Minute Time Limit | 20-Second Count Out
This match had everything it needed to be a big time match. The FFP Women’s Champion Giovanni Gotch taking on the WWS Ladies Champion Alexandra Knight. Both were incredible athletes. Both were champions. Both were extremely sure of themselves and ready to leave Woman Crush Wednesday proving that they are the best woman wrestler in the entire world.

The match started out slower paced, with neither champion wanting to make a mistake, or leave any kind of opening for her opponent. Giovanni got the upperhand first, using technical moves to try to wear down the WWS Ladies Champion. But Knight fought back, turning up the physicality of the match and laying in rights and lefts, a couple stiff kicks and a spinning elbow that knocked the FFP Women’s Champion down and had her rolling out of the ring to take a break. But Alexandra kept at Gotch, diving through the ropes with a suicide dive and ramming Gotch to the guardrail. Knight continued with stomps before pulling Giovanni up and firing her back into the ring. Alexandra went for a slingshot move from the apron, but Gotch caught her in the air with a hard European uppercut. She followed that up with a running big boot, and a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Alexandra seemed to be in trouble. Gotch went for the cover, but Alexandra kicked out at two.

Gotch pulled Knight up and next hit a snap suplex. Then a spinning clothesline. She took Knight to the corner and muscled her up onto the top turnbuckle. Gotch seemed to be going for a hurricanrana, but Alexandra hit Giovanni with a couple shots to the stomach, forcing Giovanni to step back down to the mat. Alexandra then hopped to the top turnbuckle and dove off, hitting a flying cross bod block. No pin, Alexandra instead hurried back up to the top and hit a frog splash. She hooked Gotch’s leg. 1…2… and Gotch kicked out. Alexandra pulled Giovanni up again, and scooped her up. This time Knight spiked Giovanni to the mat with a tombstone piledriver. Morgan Alexander noted that this had to be the end of the road for Giovanni. Alexandra covered the FFP Women’s Champion. 1…2… and Gotch kicked out again. The crowd couldn’t believe it.

Gotch fought back, hitting a couple right hands and a knee to the chest of Alexandra. As Alexandra was reeling from the knee, Gotch drove her to the mat with a DDT. Giovanni then pulled Alexandra up and hit her with her finisher, the Hellacious Powerbomb. She covered the WWS Ladies Champion. 1…2… and Alexandra kicked out! What would keep these two ladies down?!

Giovanni seemed aggravated. She hit a couple of stomps before sending Alexandra into the ropes and hitting her with a devastating clothesline that sent her over the top. Giovanni then demanded that the referee count Alexandra out. Obviously Giovanni wanted this win by any means necessary. But Alexandra got back into the ring while the referee was only at an eight count. Gotch attempted another clothesline, but Alexandra back body dropped Gotch. Giovanni caught herself on the apron, but Alexandra hit a spinning heel kick that sent Gotch to the arena floor. Alexandra then went up top and hit a dive onto Gotch. Both ladies lie on the arena floor.

Eventually both women fought their way to their feet, and slid back into the ring. Giovanni got the upperhand, hitting a couple knife edge chops that backed Alexandra into the corner. Giovanni then muscled her back up onto the top turnbuckle. Giovanni climbed up with the WWS Ladies Champion, and looked to be going for a Hellacious Powerbomb off the top rope. If Gotch connected, surely that would be the end of the match. But Alexandra fought, hitting Gotch with elbows and punches. Eventually Knight got the FFP Women’s Champion reeling. She picked her up onto her shoulder, and stood up on the middle rope. Alexandra then proceeded to hit the most dangerous move of the night. A tombstone piledriver off the middle rope! The Manchester crowd gasped as Gotch was driven hard, head first into the mat. Alexandra then rolled over, draping an arm over Giovanni’s chest. Both women were spent, taking noticeably deep breaths. The referee slid into position to make he count. 1…2…3! Alexandra Knight had done it! The WWS Ladies Champion had defeated the FFP Women’s Champion in one hell of a match! Morgan Alexander talked about how the match could be FFP’s Match of the Year.

EMTs came to the ring to check on Giovanni Gotch as Alexandra sat up, still breathing heavily. She rolled out of the ring and collected her championship. Knight walked up the entrance ramp holding the title in the air as the crowd applauded the efforts of both women. This was how the show, and FFP’s 2017 UK Tour came to an end. And what a way to end it!


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