07/01/2017 FFP SSN

July 1, 2017
Minneapolis, Minnesota

The show opened up with the reigning HONOR World Champion Daniel Matthews. Daniel came out and said that after talking to reliable sources that Matt Kraven was not in Detroit last weekend and therefore he wanted Matt to come to the ring.

Matt came to the ring. Daniel then apologized, saying he was sorry he accused Matt have having his music play and causing a distraction at last week’s SSN main event. Matt accepted the apologize and the two friends shook hands.

Daniel said that he knew him and Matt could have an amazing match Tuesday at FFP 4th of July. Matt agreed, saying “Match of the Decade”.

Amy Kraven vs Tabitha Mullins
Amy kept the match pretty fast paced. She had the experience advantage by far, and it showed. But it still took two Superkicks to keep Tabitha down for the three count.

After the match the green haired woman that attacked Amy last week jumped the guardrail and again attacked Kraven. Amy fought back but the security separated the two. Amy then took a microphone, challenging the woman to a fight at FFP 4th of July.

FFP Brass Knuckles Title
(c) Anarchy vs Caligula

A physical match that saw both men hit the other with some loud and impactful chair shots. Caligula muscled Anarchy over in a suplex and hit him with a diving knee drop from the middle rope, but after a missed chair shot Anarchy hit a German suplex followed by a leg lariat. He then locked Caligula in a Rear Naked Choke and forced him to submit.

The scene cut backstage where the FFP President Veronica Clyne was approaching Amy Kraven. Veronica explained that the green haired woman (Juniper Shepard of 3XW), was not a contracted FFP wrestler, so the only way they would be able to face off at FFP 4th of July, was in an unsanctioned match. Amy said that she wants to fight her, no matter the stipulation.


FFP Cruiserweight Title
(c) EJ “Money” Carter w/ Bianca Hunt vs Blaine Edwards

A fast paced match that was back and forth the entire way. EJ hit the Bankruptcy late in the match, but Blaine somehow kicked out at two. Carter continued attacking, but Blaine hit an Alabama slam out of nowhere. One Superkick and a Northern lights suplex later, Edwards looked to be on his way to a victory. But Carter ducked a clothesline attempt and hit a kick to the side of Blaine’s skull. Carter then hit a snap German suplex and a running powerbomb for the three count.

Ariana Chaos vs Kemina
Another fast paced and back and forth match. Very similar to the Cruiserweight Title match. Ariana went for the Impaler but Kemina broke free and hit a hard STO. Next Kemina hit the Flatliner, but only got a two count. She set Ariana up for the Cradle Shock Driver, but Ariana slipped free and hit the Impaler for the three count.

After the match Ariana Chaos got on the microphone. She spoke about how she had been in quite the slump but was finally getting back to her winning ways. She said that she wanted a shot at one of the most prestigious Women’s wrestling titles, the HONOR Women’s Title. But Kemina grabbed the microphone from Ariana, saying that she had been the longest reigning Mexico Women’s Champion and that she felt she deserved the shot way before now. This brought out Lizzy Kraven who stood on the entrance stage and talked about how she never got her rematch for the HONOR Women’s Title.

This also brought out Kenzie Anderson and Lacey Abernathy. Everyone talked about how they should be the next one to challenge Aubrey Moresi. Aubrey then came out, with the HONOR Women’s Title on her shoulder. She said that she would gladly be a fighting champion, and defend against each woman. But Veronica Clyne was quick to come out. Veronica announced that she had a great match idea for FFP Mid-Summer Classic. Aubrey Moresi defending the HONOR Women’s Title against Ariana Chaos, Kemina, Lizzy Kraven, Kenzie Anderson and Lacey Abernathy, in a six-woman ladder match!

The crowd couldn’t believe it. The Mid-Summer Classic crowd in Winnipeg were in for a tremendous treat!

In just three days while everyone in the United States will be grilling out hot dogs and hamburgers, Full Force Pro will be putting on one of it’s best shows of the year. FFP 4th of July! Don’t miss this epic event, where we won’t just see fireworks in the sky, but in the squared circle as well! Join us as we come to you live from Kansas City, where Daniel Matthews will defend the HONOR World Championship against his former best friend Matt Kraven. Also, the Connelly Twins make their FFP return, challenging Seduction Inc for the FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles! All that and much more at FFP 4th of July!

The scene cut backstage where the Commissioner of the OWF Duncan Wright had shown up. Duncan spoke about the next opponents for the OWF Tag Team Champions Population Control. Duncan made the huge announcement that at FFP 4th of July Population Control would not be defending the OWF Tag Team Titles, but instead would be challenging Chad Lyons & Brian Kamen for the HONOR Tag Team Titles!

Elimination Four-Way Match
Austin Briggs vs Adam Hyatt w/ Madison Hyatt vs Patrick McCoy vs Caleb Newstead

A very physical match between all four men. Three of the four had been FFP World Champions, three of the four had been in FFP since nearly the beginning and all four were trying like hell to leave Minneapolis with the victory. Patrick McCoy was the first eliminated after being driven to the mat with an Austin Briggs Brainbuster. Next, Caleb Newstead eliminated Briggs with a running knee to the jaw followed by his finisher, the Fisherman Brainbuster.

It was down to Adam Hyatt and Caleb Newstead. It was almost like a new match had begun. They circled around each other before locking up. Headlock into a takedown. Newstead fought back up and sent Adam into the ropes. He missed a clothesline but hit a beautiful dropkick right to Hyatt’s chest. A belly to belly suplex nearly got Caleb the three count. He went for his Fisherman Brainbuster again, but Hyatt escaped out of Newstead’s grip. As Madison cheered Adam on, he hit Caleb with his Superkick. But that wasn’t all. Before Newstead could fall to the mat, Adam grabbed a hold of him and hit his Wrist Clutch Exploder? Both of his finishers in a matter of seconds. Hyatt covered Newstead. 1…2… and Caleb reached out and grabbed the bottom rope. He couldn’t believe it.

He pulled Newstead up, going for another Exploder, but Newstead broke free and hit a kick to the side of Adam’s head. Adam fell to his knees, and was immediately leveled with a shining wizard. Caleb pulled Adam back up and dumped him on the back of his head with a German suplex. Caleb went up top next and hit an impressive 450 Splash. He hooked Hyatt’s leg. 1…2… and Adam kicked out! Madison breathed a sigh of relief as the crowd cheered both men on.

Caleb signaled that it was over. He pulled Adam up and set him up for his Fisherman Brainbuster. But Hyatt broke free and went for a Lariat. Caleb ducked the attempted and rocked the former FFP World Champion with a European uppercut that sent sweat up into the air. Newstead grabbed a hold of Hyatt once more, and this time spiked him with the Fisherman Brainbuster! But that wasn’t all. Caleb immediately pulled Adam right back up to his feet and hit ANOTHER Fisherman Brainbuster! Caleb hooked Adam’s leg. 1…2…3! Caleb Newstead was your winner.

After the match Newstead took a microphone. He thanked the fans for cheering him on during the match. He also said that Adam Hyatt just gave him the kind of fight that he hadn’t had in years. McCoy then said that he returned to FFP not only because he missed wrestling, but because he wanted to win that one title that he never got his hands on. The one title that Christopher Morgan, Daniel Matthews, Logan Christopher and Patrick McCoy had won, but not him. The FFP World Championship. Newstead then threw the challenge out to Odell Porter, Porter vs Newstead for the FFP World Championship!


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