07/04/2017 FFP 4th of July

FFP 4th of July
July 4, 2017
Kansas City, Missouri

The show opened up with fireworks going off all over the arena. The ring had the traditional red, white and blue ropes.

The crowd cheered as the HONOR Women’s Champion Aubrey Moresi came down to the ring. She took the microphone and spoke about her upcoming title defense at Mid-Summer Classic. Aubrey will defend her title in a 6-Woman Ladder Match, also involving Ariana Chaos, Kemina, Lizzy Kraven, Kenzie Anderson and Lacey Abernathy. Aubrey talked about being a fighting champion, saying no HONOR Women’s Champion had defended against six other women.

This brought out Kenzie Anderson, who trash talked Aubrey. Eventually, it brought out all the contestants, and the arguing turned into a brawl. Eventually when the smoke cleared, Aubrey Moresi had not only cleared the ring, but grabbed a ladder and climbed to the top, holding her title proudly in the air.

Noel Zelig vs Lenore Spade
One Fall | 15-Minute Time Limit | 20-Second Count Out
A back and forth matchup with both women showing off their technical wrestling skills. Noel seemed to have the edge when it came to mat wrestling, and strikes. She got the upperhand hitting repeated forearms. But as she set Lenore up for her finisher, the Jumping Piledriver, Lenore grabbed the referee’s pants. Eventually she broke free from Noel, and distracted the referee at the same time. Then, former Fierce Wrestling wrestler Simone Williams climbed over the guardrail and completely destroyed Noel, hitting her with a clothesline and then a Vader Bomb in the corner. She rolled out of the ring as Lenore pulled Noel into the middle and made the pin.

After the match Simone helped Lenore up and raised her arm into the air. The duo stood over Noel, Lenore victorious this time around.

In the Ring
The FFP President Veronica Clyne came down to the ring. Veronica announced the third member of the FFP Hall of Fame Class of 2017. A former FFP Tag Team Champion. A former FFP Cruiserweight Champion. And FFP’s first ever Television Champion. Caleb Newstead!

The scene then cut backstage where Raquel St Claire was joined by the FFP World Champion. Odell said he would like to congratulate Caleb Newstead on being the next into the Hall of Fame. Odell said that Newstead had a lot of accomplishments here in FFP, but that at the Mid-Summer Classic on July 23rd he would not be leaving Winnipeg with the World Title, because Odell was going to keep that title as long as he possibly could.

FFP Adrenaline Title
(c) ATM w/ Beatrice Keenan vs Hayden Flowers
One Fall | 30-Minute Time Limit | 20-Second Count Out
Another back and forth match that seemed to be able to go either way. These two met up last year at this same event with Hayden Flowers defeating ATM for the OWF Title. ATM seemed to be on his game, until he went for his Code Breaker but Flowers caught him, and turned it into a Death Valley Driver.

Hayden went up top for his Frog Splash, but ATM got to his feet and shook the ropes, causing Hayden to fall and straddle the top turnbuckle. ATM climbed up with Hayden and attempted a superplex, but Hayden fought him off, shoving him to the mat below. ATM accidentally caught the official on the way down. The referee fell down and spilled to the outside. Meanwhile, Hayden got back onto the top rope.

As Hayden was about to attempt his Frog Splash, Dexter Murdoch walked down the isle. We hadn’t seen Dexter in a very long time, but he was at one time a part of ATM’s Self Made stable. Dexter got into the ring, seeming to be keying in on ATM. However he turned toward Hayden Flowers and dared him to jump. Hayden immediately went for a flying cross body onto the big man, but Dexter caught him in midair, and planted him to the mat below. Dexter rolled out of the ring and shoved the referee back in. Then he joined Beatrice Keenan in ATM’s corner. ATM draped his arm over Hayden’s chest and the referee made the slow and groggy count. 1……2……3!

The scene cut backstage where Tyrece Beckman was speaking with Nathan Caine. He asked Nathan about his dislike for Levi Fuller. Nathan said he didn’t like Levi and thought he was a punk. He said that he would like to take him out and then go after some more singles gold while the Bulldogs continued dominating.

Unsanctioned Match
Amy Kraven vs Juniper Shepard

Amy Kraven was first in the ring. Juniper was next. And immediately fist started flying. Juniper got the best of Amy by raking her eyes. Then she tripped her up, went to the outside and pulled her into the corner, eventually slamming Amy’s knees into the post. She went back into the ring and continued brawling with Kraven.

Amy got the upperhand with a couple stiff shots. She went for the Superkick, but Juniper dodged it and hit Amy with a knee. Amy fell out of the ring and wound up rolling down the steps. Juniper joined Amy on the outside where Amy exploded off the floor and knocking Shepard to the arena floor with a hard clothesline. Amy then grabbed a steel chair from the front row and began repeatedly smacking Juniper in the back with it.

The brawl made it’s way up the entrance ramp where Amy continued clobbering Juniper. Kraven then wrapped her arm around Juniper’s neck and planted her with a DDT on the chair. But Amy wasn’t done. She pulled Juniper up and drug her back down toward the ring. Juniper dug her fingers into Amy’s eyes and planted Kraven with a STO on the arena floor. Shepard then reached under the ring and grabbed a Singapore cane. She began repeatedly beating Amy across the back with the cane.

Amy began walking up the entrance ramp, but Juniper continued chasing her down and hitting her with the Singapore cane. Eventually Amy fell to the steel ramp. But Juniper continued the assault.

Finally Veronica Clyne came out with FFP security and separated the two. The fight was over.

HONOR Tag Team Titles
(c) Chad Lyons & Brian Kamen vs Population Control
One Fall | 30-Minute Time Limit | 20-Second Count Out
Talk about pure dominance… Chad Lyons and Brian Kamen were the longest HONOR Tag Team Champions in history, holding the titles since December 31, 2015. But, on this night, the OWF Tag Team Champions Population Control, with Gary Kearns in their corner, completely obliterated Lyons & Kamen, destroying them with clotheslines, powerslams and simultaneous powerbombs for the three count. Zeke and Able were now the OWF Tag Team Champions as well as the brand new HONOR Tag Team Champions!

The scene cut backstage where EMTs were talking with Amy Kraven. Amy seemed okay, and a little aggravated. She still seemed to want a piece of Juniper Shepard. Veronica Clyne quickly intervened, talking with Amy and pulling her toward her locker room.

FFP Women’ s Title | Champion vs Champion
(c) Giovanni Gotch vs Alexandra Knight
One Fall | 30-Minute Time Limit | 20-Second Count Out
A night filled with back and forth matches, this was another. Gotch brought a lot of brawling while Alexandra concentrated on working on Giovanni’s knee, most likely trying to take away her finisher the Gotch Powerbomb. Knight also used some speed and springboard maneuvers that knocked the FFP Women’s Champion off course.

Alexandra did get caught with a Hellacious tilt-a-whirl backbreaker when she came off the ropes. Giovanni continued working on the lower back of Alexandra. Even whipping her into the corner, and repeatedly ramming her shoulder into the lower back. Gotch set Alexandra up for her Gotch Powerbomb, but Alexandra escaped out and hit a Superkick that floored the champion. She went up top but Giovanni caught her with a couple punches. She climbed to the top with the challenger and hit a Northern lights suplex off the top. Gotch, uncharacteristic for her, went back up top and hit an impressive missile dropkick. But she wasn’t done. Gotch went up again, this time attempting a beautiful moonsault. But Alexandra got her knees up. Next she hit Giovanni with a snap German suplex. Then a snap dragon suplex. Gotch was in trouble.

Alexandra pulled Giovanni up and set her up for a Tombstone Piledriver, the move she hit multiple times in their last meeting. But Gotch used her momentum to go over top Alexandra, reversing positions. Giovanni then spiked Alexandra onto her head with the Tombstone. Gotch quickly pulled Alexandra back up and planted her with the Gotch Powerbomb. Giovanni then hooked the leg. 1…2…3! Giovanni Gotch was still the FFP Women’s Champion.

On July 23rd, one night after the FFP Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, FFP will present it’s big time summer event, Mid-Summer Classic. Already signed for the show is Odell Porter defending his FFP World Championship against Canadian wrestler superstar Caleb Newstead! Also, Aubrey Moresi will defend the HONOR Women’s Title in a six-woman ladder match also including Ariana Chaos, Kemina, Lizzy Kraven, Kenzie Anderson and Lacey Abernathy! You won’t want to miss this awesome pay-per-view!

FFP Women’ s Tag Team Titles
(c) Seduction Inc vs Connelly Twins
One Fall | 30-Minute Time Limit | 20-Second Count Out
This was an exciting match. The Kansas City crowd was pumped to see the return of Kylie and Katrina Connelly. Seduction Inc wasn’t so excited. Instead they came out and mocked the twins. However, the mocking almost led to a quick pinfall when Kylie rolled Brandi up and nearly got a three count.

Brandi popped back up and slammed Kylie to the mat by her hair. Moore then began to pummel Kylie. This brought Katrina into the ring, which brought in Taylor. They all brawled, eventually spilling out onto the floor. Kylie got back into the ring, hit the ropes and hit a dive over the top, not only knocking Brandi and Taylor down, but also Katrina. Oops.

Kylie fired Brandi back into the ring and hit a springboard dropkick. Then, the BAB! Could the match be over that quick?! Kylie hooked the leg. 1…2… and Taylor Clawson pulled Kylie back out of the ring. She hit a couple right hands and slammed Kylie into the steel guardrail. Taylor made her way back in the ring, but Katrina was right behind her. Katrina scooped Taylor up and hit the F5. She turned around, but was knocked back out of the ring with a running knee from Brandi Moore.

Kylie and Katrina gained their senses and stormed the ring. Another brawl broke out with Brandi and Taylor tossing Kylie out of the ring. However they got flattened by a double clothesline courtesy of Katrina. Katrina pulled Taylor up and set her up for another F5, but Brandi rolled her up, noticeably pulling Katrina’s tights. The referee missed the tight pulling and counted the three count. Seduction Inc had successfully retained the titles. However, the FFP commentators Brian Young and Morgan Alexander noted that they were pretty sure that Kylie Connelly was the legal woman, and Katrina was the one who got pinned.

HONOR World Title
(c) Daniel Matthews vs Matt Kraven
One Fall | 60-Minute Time Limit | 20-Second Count Out
This match has quite a big fight feel to it. The crowd seemed split. And what could have been a match between two former best friends filled with animosity, seemed to only be a match that had the potential to be match of the year.

The two wrestlers shook hands. Then, they wrestled. Lockup, headlock. Hammerlock, into a reversal. Drop toe hold into a headlock. Kraven used a head scissors to free himself. Eventually, they were sending each other into the ropes. Shoulders collided. No one budged. Into the ropes again. Same. They went in again, but Daniel dropped down. Kraven hopped over, and got caught by an arm drag off the rebound. Matt forced Daniel back to his feet, freed himself from the armbar and floored the champion with a dropkick. Both men got back up, but Matt hit another dropkick, this time sending Daniel falling through the ropes and to the arena floor.

Kraven hit the ropes, looking to go for a suicide dive. But instead he slid under the bottom rope, grabbed Daniel by his head and fired him back into the ring. Kraven got back in, but immediately got rocked by one of Daniel’s finishers, the Roaring Elbow. Matt hit the mat, and rolled to the outside. But Matthews hit the ropes and successfully hit a suicide dive, ramming Kraven into the guardrail. Daniel then sent Matt back into the ring.

Matthews went up to the top turnbuckle. He was looking to go for a flying elbow, but Matt stopped him in his tracks with a couple right hands. Matt climbed to the top, and performed a move never before seen in Full Force Pro. Matt hit a frankensteiner, but sent Matthews flipping over and crashing into the ring apron. Then falling straight to the arena floor. The Kansas City crowd began to chant “holy s—, holy s—!”

Matt pulled Daniel up and rolled him back into the ring. As Daniel got to his feet, Kraven cracked him with the Superkick. Matt then hooked Daniel’s leg. 1…2… and Daniel kicked out. Matt looked a little surprised. But he stood back up, and backed away, looking to set up another Superkick. Brian Young and Morgan Alexander agreed that if Kraven hit a second Superkick, it would have to be over. But Daniel ducked it and hit Kraven with a German suplex. However Daniel couldn’t capitalize. He was too groggy. The two men fought to get back to their feet, where Matthews cracked Matt with another Roaring Elbow. Kraven hit the mat hard. And Matthews collapsed to his knees. He pushed himself off the mat with his knees to make a cover on Kraven. 1…2… and Kraven got his foot on the bottom rope. The count was dangerously close to three.

Daniel couldn’t believe it. He thought he had won the match, and retained his title. But instead, he had more work to do. He pulled Kraven up, and scooped him onto his shoulders. Matthews was going for the Death Valley Driver. Kraven, tried like hell, kicking and moving, attempting to break free. But his boot connected with the referee, right in the head. The ref collapsed to the mat and rolled out of the ring. Lying motionless on the arena floor. Daniel turned, seeing the ref fall out of the ring. He turned to still perform the move. But Daniel’s ex-protege Kyle Donovan had rushed down the isle and slid into the ring.

Daniel and Kyle connected eye contact. Matthews looked puzzled. Kyle rushed forward and hit Daniel with a hard kick to the groin. Matthews dropped Matt Kraven and fell to his knees. Kyle backed away, charged and leveled Daniel with a running knee to the chin that echoed throughout the arena.

Matt Kraven was slowly getting up. He noticed Kyle and began yelling at him. Questioning him as to what he was doing. Kyle pointed to Daniel, as if to say, “there you go, pin him”. But Kraven demanded that Kyle leave.

By now the referee had begun to move, trying to pull himself up and get back into the squared circle. Kraven turned to Daniel, who was out cold. Brian Young said that there would be no way Kraven would take this advantage and make the cover. Morgan Alexander said Kraven would be dumb not to capitalize.

Matt turned his attention to the referee, making sure he was okay. By now, Daniel was beginning to move. He pushed himself up, barely able to stand on his knees. Still groggy, Daniel looked at Kraven with glass eyes. And Kraven proceeded to level Daniel with a Superkick that could even be heard in the cheap seats. Matt then hooked the leg, and the referee slid into position. 1….2….3! Matt Kraven had regained the HONOR World Title!

Kraven sat up, not looking very pleased at the way that the match had ended. Obviously Matt wanted his match with Daniel to be a really good match, with no outside interference. But he still did what he had to to regain the HONOR World Title. Kraven received the title from the referee and rolled out of the ring. Noticeably disappointed, Matt walked up the ramp and disappeared behind the entrance curtain.


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