07/23/2017 FFP Mid-Summer Classic (PPV)


FFP Mid-Summer Classic
June 23, 2017
Winnipeg, Canada

FFP’s biggest show of the year kicked off with pyro going off throughout the arena. The camera panned around to show thousands of FFP faithful, wearing FFP’s newest gear, raising their signs and cheering. Signs for superstars such as Odell Porter, Daniel Matthews, Seduction Inc, Aubrey Moresi, the Connelly Twins and more were very apparent.

OWF Title | Three-Way Dance
(c) Deshaun Reed w/ Michael Graham vs Nick Novak vs Kade Haddix
One Fall | 30-Minute Time Limit | 20-Second Count Out
The crowd was solidy against Deshaun Reed. And pretty much split 50/50 between Nick Novak and Kade Haddix. Novak and Haddix worked together against the reigning OWF Champion, until Reed left the ring to let the two fan favorites go at it. As Deshaun spoke with his manager Michael Graham, Nick and Kade went toe-to-toe. And it was amazing. The Winnipeg crowd loved the back and forth between the two youngsters. A missile dropkick from Nick Novak. A tilt-a-whirl backbreaker from Kade Haddix. Novak eventually fought back, and went for his Super Novak finisher, but Kade ended up hitting an awesome superkick. Haddix went for the pin, but Deshaun scrambled into the ring and clocked Kade with a hard clothesline. Reed, wanting to be the one to record the pin on Nick, quickly hooked his leg. The referee made the count, but Nick kicked out.

Deshaun pulled Nick up and set him up for the Deshaun Driller. But while Nick fought to get out of Deshaun’s move, Kade hit a springboard dropkick to Deshaun. Nick held onto Deshaun’s legs, rolling over the champion into a pinning position. The referee made the count, but Reed kicked out just before the two count. Deshaun then rolled back out to the outside of the ring. But that didn’t stop Kade from hitting the ropes and flooring the champion with a suicide dive. He slid back into the ring and turned his attention back toward Reed. When he turned around, Nick was up and hit him with a a spin wheel kick. Novak then pulled Kade up. He set Kade up for the Super Novak, but Kade fought out. As Kade moved out of the way, Deshaun flew through the air with a springboard cross body block. Reed turned toward Kade who began to charge. Reed hit him with a quick spinning heel kick to the gut, and fired him through the ropes to the outside of the ring. Deshaun then hit Nick with the Deshaun Driller for the three count. Nick Novak had been eliminated from the match.

Kade quickly slid back into the ring. It was now one-on-one. They locked up, but Kade quickly took over with a headlock takeover. Deshaun fought back to his feet, but Kade rocked him with two hard European uppercuts. Haddix pulled Deshaun up and planted him with a DDT. Kade made the cover, but only got the two count. So he pulled Deshaun back up, and set him up for the Flatliner. But Reed fought out and hit a back suplex. As Kade got up to his knees, Deshaun cracked him with a superkick. Reed made the cover, but Kade kicked out at two.

The Winnipeg crowd cheered Kade on as he fought back. Eventually the two men were trading rights and lefts, European uppercuts and chop. Kade backed Deshaun into the ropes and Irish whipped him. He missed a clothesline, but caught Deshaun with a Arn Anderson style spinebuster. Haddix looked to contemplate going for a cover, but he pulled Deshaun up. Then, he slammed him to the ground with the Flatliner! Kade rolled Deshaun and went for the pin. But Michael Graham had hopped not only up onto the apron, but into the ring! The referee had no choice but to stop Michael from interfering. As Michael argued with the official, Kade got up to take care of Michael himself. But Deshaun quickly hit Kade with an illegal low blow from behind. Kade bent over in pain. Putting himself in the perfect position to get dropped on his head with Deshaun’s finisher, the Deshaun Driller. Reed hooked Kade’s leg while Michael quickly slid out of the ring. The referee made the count. 1…2…3. Deshaun Reed had won the match, although many would say he escaped the match with the championship.

Noel Zelig vs Lenore Spade w/ Simone Williams
One Fall | 20-Minute Time Limit | 20-Second Count Out
This feud that started from the short lived Fierce Wrestling, really evolved into a hard hitting feud. Noel Zelig came out on fire, flooring Lenore many times with solid punches as well as a few stiff kicks to the chest. Noel then back body dropped Lenore over the top and onto Simone Williams. However, Simone caught Lenore and set her safely on her feet. That didn’t stop Noel from attempting a suicide dive. While this was going on, Lenore slid back into the ring and grabbed the referee by his shirt. Simone simply caught Noel in the air, and slammed her to the arena floor, with Simone landing on top. Noel was hurt.

Lenore went to the outside and put the boots to Noel, rolling her back into the ring and going for a quick cover. Lenore pushed the bottom rope for extra leverage, and the referee did not see it. But Noel was still able to kick out. Spade continued working Noel down, but Zelig fought up, hit Lenore to create some distance and then proceeded to hit a beautiful dropkick which sent Lenore crashing to the mat. Noel quickly grabbed Lenore and hit her finisher, the Jumping Piledriver. But before Noel could make the pin, Simone pulled Lenore out of the ring.

Noel quickly slid to the outside and went after Lenore, but Simone stood in the way. That didn’t stop Noel. She hit Simone with rights and lefts, sending her stumbling back toward the guardrail. Noel then proceeded to hit a running knee to the jaw which sent Simone crashing into the guardrail. But when Zelig turned back around, she was leveled by a running big boot from Lenore. Lenore then shoved Noel back into the ring, and followed her in.

As Noel fought to get back to her feet, Lenore charged and hit her finisher, the Curb Stomp. Spade then made the cover. 1…2…3. Lenore Spade had defeated Noel Zelig.

After the match Simone rolled into the ring and raised Lenore Spade’s arm in victory. Surely this feud was far from over.

FFP Women’s Television Title
(c) Fiona Burke vs Katsumi Akiyama
One Fall | 30-Minute Time Limit | 20-Second Count Out
The match started off with Fiona and Katsumi measuring one another up before going into a lockup with both women trying to out muscle the other. The action made it’s way to the corner which forced the referee to step in. The two went back and forth trading offense, before Fiona started to get on a roll and was grounding Katsumi.

After a few near pinfalls for Fiona, Katsumi started utilizing her kicks against the champion almost securing a pinfall herself. The crowd was really into this one as both women battled for the right to be called the FFP Women’s Television Champion. Katsumi managed to land a quick Roundhouse kick to Fiona that forced the champion to stumble which then allowed Katsumi to hit her with a Tiger Suplex! Katsumi thinking she had this one went into the cover only for Fiona to kick out at the last possible second to the shock of both Katsumi and the crowd. Katsumi went to go hit another Tiger Suplex, however Fiona was able to counter and get behind Katsumi and land a beautiful bridging German suplex for a near fall.

You could tell that Fiona was beginning to feel it here as she looked down at Katsumi that determined look on her face as you knew she wanted to put Katsumi away and retain her championship. Fiona lifted Katsumi up to her feet and looked to hit her with the FAB Drop however Katsumi was able to counter and land an impressive Hip toss quickly transitioned into an armbar submission. Katsumi wrenched on the hold as Fiona yelled in pain as the referee was right there in the perfect position asking Fiona if she wanted to give it up. Fiona fought through the pain and managed to fight out of the submission and quickly hit a Snap DDT on Katsumi, going into the pin which Katsumi was able to kick out at the last possible second.

Fiona called for the end. She pulled Katsumi up, going for the FAB Drop, but Akiyama reversed into a backslide, but Fiona kicked out at two. She popped up to her feet as Katsumi got up on her knees. Fiona quickly cracked Fiona with a hard kick to the head. Morgan Alexander talked about how Fiona was taking a page out of Katsumi’s book. The kick rocked Katsumi, but Fiona hit another. The sound echoed through the arena. Fiona then pulled Katsumi up and hit the FAB Drop. She rolled over the challenger and hooked the leg, getting the three count and retaining her title.

HONOR Intercontinental Title
(c) Duncan Wright Jr vs Adam Hyatt w/ Madison Hyatt
One Fall | 30-Minute Time Limit | 20-Second Count Out
This match started off with Duncan Wright Jr. offering his hand to Adam Hyatt who accepted the handshake, mutual respect shown between both men prior to this match. The bell was rung and the two men circled around each other locking up with Wright Jr. locking in a wrist lock on Adam. Hyatt managed to get out of the hold turning it into a side headlock on Wright Jr. DW Jr. was able to push Hyatt off of him and against the ropes and upon return, Hyatt knocked DW Jr. with a shoulder block before charging against the ropes only for Wright to duck underneath him before landing an impressive Belly-to-belly suplex. Wright Jr. got to his feet as he locked in three-quarter facelock before lifting up Hyatt’s arm and landing an impressive snap suplex. You could see Adam Hyatt’s wife Madison Hyatt at ringside cheering on her husband. Duncan Wright Jr, was all over Adam Hyatt in the early going of this match, managing to ground him.

Duncan utilized various submission like moves on Adam, however Hyatt showed why he was a former FFP World Champion and how badly he wanted to add the HONOR Intercontinental Championship to his resume. Adam managed to turn things around in his favor with a deadly clothesline that nearly took Duncan Wright Jr’s head off. The two men found themselves in the corner as Hyatt was looking for a Superplex off the turnbuckle, however DW Jr blocked it before sending shots into Adam’s rib cage before pushing him off the turnbuckle. Hyatt landed hard on the mat as Duncan got to his feet on the turnbuckle and leapt off only to meet a forearm to the face from Adam that looked as though it may of knocked the champion out cold. Adam managed to get a near fall on the champion as he looked at the referee in disbelief.

Adam took a second to look at his wife who urged him on as he nodded his head landing a swinging neckbreaker on the champion for another near fall. You could see Adam signal for the end as he had Duncan set up for the Wrist-Clutch Exploder, however Duncan blocked it before quickly rolling Adam up for a near fall. This caught Adam off guard a bit as he quickly got back up to his feet and charged at Duncan only to eat a boot to the face for his troubles. Duncan picked Adam up and delivered a double underhook suplex. When Adam got up again, DW Jr rocked him with a vicious Lariat. Duncan then pulled him up again, and hit a gutwrench powerbomb. He flipped Hyatt over and locked in a painful dragon clutch. Adam reached for the ropes, stretching in pain to get to the ropes. Madison urged him on, cheering her husband, but DW Jr had the move locked in the center of the ring. Hyatt had no choice but to tap out.

FFP Tag Team Titles | Open Challenge
One Fall | 60-Minute Time Limit | 20-Second Count Out
Michael Graham led the FFP Tag Team Champions out to the ring, and looked rather happy and confident after having Deshaun Reed successfully defend his OWF Championship earlier in the night. Graham got on the microphone and talked about how Nathan Caine and Matt Evanston were the greatest tag team in pro wrestling, and how they intended to prove it tonight in an open challenge.

The crowd was shocked to see the open challenge get answered by the former OWF Tag Team Champions the Tamatoas! Kalino and Kanoa came to the ring with paint and smiles on their faces. And obviously, the crowd was solidly behind the two Samoan twin brothers.

The Tamatoas kept the match fast paced, although Nathan and Matt did everything they could to slow it down. Evanston got the upperhand on Kanoa, and him and Nathan hit an inverted atomic drop Superkick combo that sent Kanoa to the mat. Evanston made the cover, but Kanoa kicked out barely in time. Kanoa tried fighting away to make the tag to his brother, but the American Bulldogs kept Kanoa trapped in their corner.

Later in the match Kanoa had a second wind and nearly knocked both of the Bulldogs out of their boots with a double clothesline. He slowly crawled over and was finally able to make the tag to his brother Kalino. Kalino came in and cleaned house, hitting both Bulldogs one after the other until knocking them both out of me ring. Kalino then hit an impressive senton over the top to Nathan and Matt…as well as Michael Graham! Commentator Brian Young seemed to enjoy Michael getting knocked on his butt.

Kalino sent Evanston back into the ring, pulled him up and planted him with the STO. He went for the pin, but as the referee was coming down for the three count, Nathan Caine dove in and made the save. Kanoa came in to take care of Nathan Caine, and a brawl broke out. Eventually Evanston was able to knock Kanoa out of the ring, and he and Nathan spiked Kalino with a double DDT. Evanston then pulled Kalino up and went for his finisher, the Go to Sleep. However, as he went for the move Kalino caught his leg, and hit another STO. Nathan Caine attempted to rescue his partner once more, but this time Kanoa cut him off with a diving clothesline. Kalino hooked Matt Evanston’s leg. 1…2…3! The Tamatoas were the new FFP Tag Team Champions! And the Winnipeg crowd went crazy…and so did the twin brothers!

Kalino and Kanoa were presented the Tag Team Titles. They held them proudly in the air as the crowd gave them a standing ovation.

On Stage
Now attention was brought to the entrance stage of the arena. Then the FFP Hall of Fame Class of 2017 came out and stood proudly. Christi Carter, Logan Christopher and Caleb Newstead all came out, Christi wearing a stunning black dress while the two men were wearing suits. The crowd cheered and gave the trio a standing ovation as the superstars waved and showed off their new FFP Hall of Fame rings.

As they left the stage, Patrick McCoy stepped out and leveled Logan Christopher with a hard right hand, sending the new Hall of Famer down to the steel ramp. The crowd let out a collective gasp. McCoy quickly continued his attack with kicks and stomps as Caleb Newstead attempted to pull Patrick away. FFP security quickly intervened, but Logan was definitely shaken up from the attack.

Daniel Matthews vs Kyle Donovan
One Fall | 20-Minute Time Limit | 20-Second Count Out
This was a very hard hitting match. Student vs teacher. Kyle Donovan was ready to take Daniel Matthews down and do whatever it took to get into the spotlight. And late in the match when Kyle hit Daniel with an inverted suplex off the top, it looked as if he would do it. But Matthews kicked out at two. And after the kick out, Daniel went on a tirade, completely destroying Kyle Donovan, shutting him down completely.

Donovan did land a discuss punch, but Matthews fought back hitting a German suplex and a running clothesline. Matthews hoisted Kyle up for the Death Valley Driver, but Donovan slipped off of his shoulders and raked Daniel’s face. Then he tapped his arms and hit a full Nelson facebuster. But Daniel kicked out at two. Kyle pulled Matthews up, going for the Death Valley Driver himself. What an insult, to deliver Daniel’s finisher to him. But Matthews slipped out of Kyle’s grip and rocked him with a right hand to the jaw. Matthews then hit the Roaring Elbow. He hooked Kyle’s leg and got the three count.

The scene cut backstage where a Tyrece Beckman had caught up with Patrick McCoy, who still looked upset at what had happened earlier. He asked McCoy why he attacked Logan Christopher. Patrick said that he was a better wrestler than Logan, and that he deserved that spot in the Hall of Fame. Patrick continued, saying that he had been overlooked and overlooked lately and he wasn’t going to take it anymore.

Patrick then arrived at his car. The camera got a glimpse inside the car, and it was one other than Scarlett Duncane. Ducane had been instrumental in getting in Patrick’s ear, and leading him to Championships.

HONOR Women’s Title | Six-Woman Ladder Match
(c) Aubrey Moresi vs Ariana Chaos vs Kemina vs Marcy Tillman vs Kenzie Anderson vs Lacey Abernathy
One Fall | No Time Limit | No Count Outs
This match was madness. From the very beginning everyone as going after everyone. Brian Young and Morgan Alexander tried their best to keep up with the action. The first big spot came when Ariana Chaos was toward be top of the ladder, but a few of the women were attempting to tip it over, so Ariana dove off the top, taking down the likes of Kemina, Lacey Abernathy and the HONOR Women’s Champion Aubrey Moresi.

Kenzie Anderson and Marcy Tillman went at it, with Marcy using her power to hit Kenzie with a snap suplex. Tillman tossed Kenzie out of the ring and started he left climb to the top of the ladder. But Aubrey was there to grab her feet and pull her to the mat. The two went at it until Kemina floored them both with a springboard dropkick, one foot for each wrestler. Ariana Chaos charged at Kemina, who ducked and back body dropped her over the top. Kemina went up the ladder next, but Kenzie Anderson had made her way back into the ring and stopped Kemina in her tracks.

The match continued, back and forth and back and forth again. Lacey Abernathy reached the top of the ladder, but was knocked off with a hard European uppercut from Marcy Tillman. Marcy was then at the top of the ladder. She was only feet away from the HONOR Women’s Title. But as she reached up to grab the belt, Lizzy Kraven fired down the entrance ramp. She slid into the ring and tipped the ladder over. Marcy not only fell off the ladder, but crashed to the arena floor. Brian Young scream out as Tillman’s body hit the floor. But Lizzy slid out of the ring and continued after Marcy. She pulled Marcy’s body up, Tillman was extremely groggy. But that didn’t stop Lizzy from destroying her with a Kraven Lariat. FFP security then made their way down to the ring. As Lizzy put the boots to Marcy, security intervened. But the damage had been done.

EMTs came down to stretcher Marcy away from the ringside area, but the action in the ring was still intense. Aubrey Moresi had begun her climb to the top of the ladder, but she saw Lacey Abernathy heading toward the ladder. Moresi looked down, and back up at the title. Then, she jumped off of the ladder and hit the most insane Cake Faced you’d ever seen. Lacey Abernathy was laid out!

But Kenzie Anderson was waiting. She grabbed Aubrey as the champion began to get back to her feet. She then whipped Aubrey out of the ring by her blonde hair. Kenzie turned toward the ladder to start her climb. But Kemina was right there. She slammed Kenzie’s head into the steel ladder before hoisting her up and hitting the Cradle Shock Driver. Finally, Kemina grabbed the ladder and began climbing, rung after rung.

Aubrey Moresi rolled back into the ring. She reached out to the ladder, but Kemina was at the top. Aubrey began to push, but Kemina had grabbed ahold of the title and ripped it down from the hook. Kemina was the brand new HONOR Women’s Champion!

Aubrey fell to her knees, obviously disappointed. Kemina raised the championship up and looked proudly into the crowd.

FFP Television Title
(c) Hiroki Ito vs Gregory Hart
One Fall | No Time Limit | 20-Second Count Out
The last time these two faced off the match went to a 30-minute time limit. Therefore this match had no time limit, there had to be a winner. Hiroki’s gameplan was obvious, kick the hell out of Gregory Hart. But Hart had a decent gameplan as well, go after the champion’s knee, setting him up for a knee bar. Hiroki hit a falcon arrow, followed by a loud kick across the chest. Then a shining wizard. He pulled Hart up and went for a Tiger suplex, but Gregory reversed it by grabbing Hiroki’s leg and rolling over, locking in the knee bar.

Hiroki was in pain. Reaching and crawling for the ropes. And after several grueling moments, Hiroki reached the ropes. Hart tried pulled Ito back to the center of the ring, but Hiroki fought out of his grasp and hit a jumping kick to the side of the head. Hiroki then dumped Hart to the mat with a belly to belly suplex. Then, a running dropkick that sent Gregory through the ropes and to the arena floor. Hiroki then climbed out onto the apron and hit a beautiful Asai moonsault. However, when Ito lannded it seemed like he tweaked the knee.

Eventually Hiroki got Gregory back into the ring, but Gregory hit a rising clothesline. When Ito got back up, Gregory leveled him with a chop block. But Hart wasn’t done. He waiting for Hiroki to push himself back to his feet. Hart then hit him with a dropkick to the knee. Hart pulled the Television Champion to the center of the ring and locked in the knee bar. The Champion was hurt, and his title reign was in grave danger. Hiroki screamed in pain. He reached. He clawed. And finally, he reached the rope. But, Gregory quickly released the hold, pulled Ito up and hit a devastating dragon legs crew. Hart then locked the knee bar in again! And after fighting once again to attempt to get to the ropes, Hiroki Ito tapped out. Gregory Hart was the new FFP Television Champion.

In the Ring
The FFP President Veronica Clyne came out to the ring. Veronica said that she had promised a major announcement, and she was here to deliver. She said that FFP SSN, or Sadistic Saturday Night as it was known in FFP’s early years, had been a staple in FFP, but it was time to move on. She said that SSN featured so many awesome matches and big title changes, but starting on Tuesday August 1st, FFP would premiere it’s brand new weekly show, FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling. Veronica said that it was an ode to the past, but also the next step in FFP’s future. Veronica then said that at the special FFP vs OWF Event this Friday, the main event of the first Tuesday Night Wrestling would be announced, and it would be good one!

FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles
(c) Seduction Inc vs Connelly Twins
One Fall | 60-Minute Time Limit | 20-Second Count Out
What would FFP’s biggest show of the year be without Seduction Inc? Or at least that’s what Brandi and Taylor would say, right? This was a feud that had been a constant for a very long time. And it was like the Connellys had never left. But this match wasn’t only a typical hate filled brawl, but all four women showcased their skills. Technical wrestling, power maneuvers, etc.

Kylie worked Brandi over, setting her up for her finisher, the BAB. And Katrina would continue to use her strength to keep the match well in hand for her and her sister. But Brandi and Taylor were no slouches. In fact, they are two of FFP’s best, ever. After Katrina went for an F5 on Brandi, which was reversed into a DDT, Brandi tagged Taylor in. Taylor continued working Katrina down, until a rising clothesline knocked Clawson hard to the mat. Katrina then tagged Kylie. Taylor crawled back and tagged in Brandi, who met Kylie in the middle of the ring. The two traded blows, as the crowd seemed somewhat split. Moore got the upperhand and planted Kylie with her finisher, the Fisherman Brainbuster. Moore hooked the leg, but Kylie kicked out at two. Brandi couldn’t believe it. She turned to Taylor, looking almost puzzled at Kylie kicking out. Brandi turned to Kylie and began pulling her up. But Kylie broke free and blasted Moore with the BAB. But Kylie couldn’t capitalize. Instead, she rolled back and got up to her knees. She was sizing Brandi up for another BAB, and Taylor knew. Taylor began to get into the ring, which brought Katrina in. Katrina flattened Taylor with a Spear. And seconds later, Brandi fell victim to another BAB. Kylie then hooked Brandi’s leg. 1…2…3. The Connelly Twins had won the FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles!

The referee handed Kylie and Katrina their titles. The sisters held the gold up in the air as the Winnipeg crowd cheered. They exited the ring and celebrated up the entrance ramp as Seduction Inc regained their senses.

Frustration seemed to be on the face of both Brandi Moore and Taylor Clawson. Brian Young talked about how the now former champions would get a rematch. But as he finished up his statement, Brandi LEVELED Taylor with a forearm to the face. Taylor fell to the mat, and Brandi immediately pounced on top, raining down punches to Taylor. Moore violently pulled Taylor up by her hair and hit her with kick after kick to the chest. Then she back away, sizing Taylor up for the End Game. This move had knocked so many of FFP’s women clean out. And it did the same on this night. Brandi blasted Taylor with the move. And Clawson simply collapsed head first to the mat.

Brandi finally left the ring as EMTs headed to the ring to tend to Taylor. Seduction Inc were no longer the FFP Women’s Tag Team Champions, and in fact, it seemed that Seduction Inc simply were no longer.

FFP Women’s Title
(c) Giovanni Gotch vs Firefly
One Fall | 60-Minute Time Limit | 20-Second Count Out
In FFP we are always proud of our in-ring product. And just as well, we have always been proud of our women wrestling. On this night, that couldn’t have been more clear. Giovanni Gotch and Firefly came out to completely steal the show. And although most of the Winnipeg crowd was strongly behind the masked wrestler who wrestled on FFP’s first show, Giovanni Gotch had some admirers as well. Gotch’s cocky attitude made a lot of enemies, but some people liked that about her.

Gotch started the match out strong. Clearly having the strength advantage of the two females. She knocked Firefly down hard with a back elbow and a clothesline early in the match. But Firefly wasn’t going to stay down. With a couple speed maneuvers, such as the double leg takedown, a beautiful dropkick and a springboard bulldog, Firefly took control of the match. And Brian Young was quick to point out, Firefly began to take control of the speed of the match.

Gotch used her technical wrestling to not only escape Firefly, but take her to the mat with a chip block. It reminded many of the way Giovanni attacked Nina Fox’s knee when she defeated Nina for the Women’s Title back in April. Eventually Giovanni drug Firefly to the corner, and not only used the ring post to ram her knee up against, but applied a figure four around the post. Firefly was in pain, and her dreams of leaving the Mid-Summer Classic with the FFP Women’s Title for the first time, began to look bleak.

Eventually the referee got the champion to release the hold. Gotch didn’t care, a disqualification would keep the title around her waist. She got back into the ring and pulled Firefly to the middle. She reached down and pulled me masked wrestler up. She was going for her Gotch Powerbomb. But Firefly used the momentum to go up and over Gotch. Unfortunately she crashed down on her feet and collapsed because of her knee. Giovanni had done quite a bit of damage to it. Gotch smirked. She went toward the challenger again, pulling her up for presumably another Gotch Powerbomb attempt. But Firefly shot up to her feet and rolled Gotch up into a small package. The Winnipeg crowd jumped to their feet as the ref made the count. 1…2… and Gotch kicked out. She was shocked. A little worried she didn’t kick out with enough time. She quickly got back to her feet, but was rocked with a hard running knee to the jaw. Then, slammed to the mat with a blue thunder bomb. Firefly was limping, but she was back at it. She climbed to the top rope and hit an amazing moonsault. But she didn’t go for the cover. Instead, she went up top again. Another moonsault. Only this one more beautiful than the one before.

Firefly went up top for a third, but she went to the well too often. Gotch had got up and shoved Firefly, causing her to fall straddling the top turnbuckle. Gotch went up to the top as well, setting the challenger up for a back suplex from the top. But Firefly reversed it, landing across Gotch’s chest on the mat below. Firefly hooked the leg. 1…2…3! Brian Young shouted out that Firefly had won.

But wait one second. Morgan Alexander pointed out that Gotch had got her foot on the bottom rope before the three count. And when the referee realized, he had no choice but to wave off the time keeper and ring announcer, continuing the match. Firefly pleaded with the ref. But Gotch charged. Firefly moved out of the way, but Gotch continued, inadvertently destroying the official with a running big boot. He hit the mat hard and the momentum sent him rolling out of the ring.

Gotch turned toward Firefly, who hit her with a devastating scissors kick. She hoisted Gotch up and hit he Crucifix Powerbomb. But she wasn’t done yet. Next, she locked Gotch into a LaBelle Lock. Gotch screamed in pain, and franticly began tapping out. But the referee was still out…cold.

Firefly released the hold, crawling to the side of the ring and looking down at the ref. She stood and called out to him. But by now, Giovanni had rolled to the outside of the ring and took possession of the FFP Women’s Championship. She rolled back into the ring, armed with the belt. As soon as Firefly would turn around, she was going to get blasted. But the Winnipeg crowd was shocked to see new FFP Hall of Famer Christi Carter rush down the isle. She slid into the ring and stood inbetween Firefly and Gotch, staring the Women’s Champion down. They traded words. Then, surprisingly, Gotch tossed the title to Christi. Christi smirked. Then turned around and LEVELED Firefly with the Championship. Firefly was out cold.

Giovanni pulled Firefly to the center of the ring and made the cover. Meanwhile Carter rushed to the official, pulling him up and slinging him into the ring. He was groggy, but saw the cover. 1…….2…….3! Giovanni Gotch had successfully retained the title with the help of Christi Carter. The crowd couldn’t believe it. Neither could Brian Young. Morgan Alexander however said that the plan was brilliant, and couldn’t give it enough praise.

Giovanni and Christi embraced. Christi strapped the title around Gotch’s waist and proudly lifted her arm in the air.

FFP World Title
(c) Odell Porter vs Caleb Newstead
One Fall | 60-Minute Time Limit | 20-Second Count Out
A night of back and forth matches, and this one was no different. Caleb Newstead had a lot of support being from Canada. The crowd loved it when he would get on the offensive. And when Odell Porter hit a Superkick into a German suplex for a close two count, some of the crowd actually booed. Odell went up top and hit a flying elbow drop. He went up again, but Newstead stopped him up top, and hit a top rope frankensteiner for a two count.

The match continued, back and forth. The crowd was with it the whole time. Caleb used a springboard dropkick to knock the World Champion down. Newstead then keyed in on Odell, going for his Fisherman Brainbuster. But Odell fought out and rocked Caleb with a European uppercut. Porter then hit a devastating German suplex. When Newstead got back up, Odell clotheslined him over the top. Then he hit the ropes and delivered a suicide dive.

The match found it’s way back into the ring where Caleb got the upperhand and began working on Porter’s arm. Brian Young noted it was a good gameplan as Odell may not be able to successfully hit the Regal Plex. And the proof showed when Odell went for the Regal Plex, but seemed to have some trouble. Caleb Newstead then hit him with a couple elbows to the side of the head and a STO. Newstead went up top and hit an impressive 450 Splash, but Porter kicked out at two. Caleb stayed on the champion, laying in stomps. He went up top again, this time attempting an Eddie Guerrero Frog Splash. But Odell got his knees up. Newstead’ ribs crashed into them. Odell then pulled Newstead up and this time successfully hit the Regal Plex, but he wasn’t able to bridge it into a pin. He flipped Newstead over and went for a pin. But Caleb quickly wrapped his arms around Odell’s head and locked in a crossface. The Canadian fans jumped to their feet. Caleb had Odell right in the center of the ring. And he seemed to be fading.

But Odell eventually fought his arm free, wrapping it around Newstead and lifting him up like a sidewalk slam. But Porter went to flip Newstead up and over. Caleb used he momentum to go over Odell and land in his feet. He hit the ropes and delivered a springboard firearm to Porter. Newstead pulled Odell up and slammed him to the mat with a snap Powerbomb. He turned to the fans who were solidly behind him. As Porter began to fight back to his feet, Caleb went to the middle rope and hit a flying knee to the face. Porter hit the mat hard. Caleb went for a pin. 1…2… and Odell kicked out. Caleb couldn’t believe it. He slapped the mat, then turned back to the World Champion.

Newstead pulled Odell up and this time spiked him on his head with a dangerous piledriver. That had to be it! Newstead securely hooked Odell’s leg. 1…2… and again Odell kicked out! Newstead got up, taking to the official in the corner. He was sure that the piledriver should have gotten him the three count. Newstead turned back to Odell who had already gotten up, and was charging. He went for a Stinger Splash in the corner, but Caleb moved out of the way and Odell connected with the referee. Odell turned back around only to get leveled with a spinning Lariat from Newstead. The challenger pulled Odell back to his feet, and drove him to the mat with the Fisherman Brainbuster! Morgan Alexander announced that that was it, and Caleb would be the next World Champion. Newstead hooked the leg, but the referee was out. Newstead looked around, slapping the mat himself. Finally, another official rushed to the ring to make the count. 1…2… and Odell kicked out again! You’ve got to be kidding me!

Caleb sat up, looking out to the fans in disbelief. What did he have to do to put Odell down? He turned and pulled Odell up. He hooked him for another Fisherman Brainbuster. He hoisted him in the air, holding him up for a brief moment to let the blood rush to his head. But before he could drive Odell to the mat, Porter was able to reverse into a tight small package. The referee made the count. 1…2…3! Odell Porter was able to get the three count, retaining his World Championship.

Porter got up to his knees. He was spent. And almost seemed a little surprised that he was able to successfully defend the title. Newstead had given Odell everything. Caleb popped up after the three count, and also couldn’t believe what had happened. He watched as the referee raised Odell’s arm into the air. Morgan Alexander kept saying that Caleb would attack Odell, but he didn’t. Caleb stood up and walked to Odell, extending his hand for a handshake. The two men shook hands. The crowd gave a huge ovation for both men showing sportsmanship. The show came to an end as confetti fell, and Newstead left the ring giving Odell his moment.


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