2017 FFP Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

2017 FFP Hall of Fame Ceremony
July 22, 2017
Winnipeg, Canada

The ceremony started out with all of the FFP Hall of Famers coming out onto the stage. All the way from Veronica Clyne and Seduction Inc to Matt Kraven, Nina Fox and Christopher Morgan. Everyone dressed in nice suits or nice dresses. The audience greeted them with a standing ovation.

Kashimanaki then came out to introduce the first inductee of the night. A man that he co-held the FFP Tag Team Titles with. Logan Christopher. He talked about Logan’s Cruiserweight and World Title reigns, and said he truly deserved this honor.

Logan Christopher
inducted by Kashimanaki
Logan Christopher came out, shook hands with Kashimanaki and embraced him. Logan thanked everyone for the support and thanked the FFP Hall of Famers for voting him into their fraternity. Logan said that he wasn’t done with his journey in FFP, and that he hoped to add a few more titles reigns to his legacy before it was all said and done.

The next inductor came out. It was former FFP World Champion Christopher Morgan. Christopher came out and shared some stories about him and Caleb Newstead as their time as Simply the Best. Morgan then introduced Caleb Newstead as the next FFP World Champion.

Caleb Newstead
inducted by Christopher Morgan
Caleb Newstead came out with a big smile on his face. He shook Christopher’s hand and hugged him. Newstead said he hopes to walk out of the Mid-Summer Classic tomorrow night the new FFP World Champion, but said that being inducted into the Full Force Pro Hall of Fame was certainly the highest honor of his career. Newstead said he has faced a lot of adversity in his career, but that he hoped to finally reach the top of the mountain tomorrow. He said either way, tonight, he was on top of the world.

Finally the last inductor came out. The Commissioner of the OWF, Duncan Wright. Wright spoke about the next inductee into the FFP Hall of Fame. The head women’s trainer at the OWF Training Center, Christi Carter. Duncan said that Christi was ahead of her time, and could honestly compete with some of the women of FFP today. He said it was an honor to train beside her, and an honor to induct her here tonight.

Tomorrow night FFP will present it’s big time summer event, Mid-Summer Classic. Odell Porter will defend his FFP World Championship against Canadian wrestler superstar Caleb Newstead! Also, Aubrey Moresi will defend the HONOR Women’s Title in a six-woman ladder match also including Ariana Chaos, Kemina, Marcy Tillman, Kenzie Anderson and Lacey Abernathy! But that’s not all! Seduction Inc will defend the Women’s Tag Team Titles against the Connelly Twins, and so much more! You won’t want to miss this awesome pay-per-view! Tune in tomorrow night!

Christi Carter
inducted by Duncan Wright
Christi Carter came out wearing a stunning dress. She was all smiles as she hugged Duncan and thanked him for his kind words. She said that she had held a few different titles in FFP, and that she was very proud of her time in FFP. She said that there was no other place that she would rather wrestle. She also gave a big kudos to the OWF, saying that they are constantly training professional wrestlers to be champions. She said that she enjoyed being able to shape the next generation of FFP women’s wrestlers, and promised that we hadn’t seen anything yet!

Finally all three inductees came back out onto the stage and took one final bow as the crowd gave them a standing ovation.


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