08/27/2017 FFP Blaze of Glory (PPV)

FFP Blaze of Glory
August 27, 2017
Boston, Massachusetts

The show started out with the FFP World Champion Odell Porter coming out to do guest commentary for the show.

Patrick McCoy w/ Scarlett Ducane vs Logan Christopher
Both men were capable of very good wrestling, but this match was a brawl. Logan wanted revenge after Patrick attacked him out of jealousy due to Logan being inducted into the Hall of Fame. Logan looked to have the match well in hand, but Scarlett Ducane got involved, distracting the referee so McCoy could hit an illegal low blow. Patrick then hit the Kryptonite Krunch for the pinfall.

Lenore Spade w/ Simone Williams vs Noel Zelig
Both women hit some very hard shots. Obviously wanting to do damage to the other. Noel got the upperhand, and when Simone Williams got up onto the apron she was hit with a Superkick which sent her falling to the arena floor. Lenore tried a school boy roll up, even pulling Noel’s tights, but Noel kicked out. Zelig then hit a jumping piledriver in the center of the ring for the three count.

OWF Title
(c) Deshaun Reed w/ Michael Graham vs Malakai
A fast paced fun match. Michael Graham got involved, but ended up being brought into the ring hard way. Malakai hit him with a dropkick that sent him crashing out of the ring. Deshaun hit Malakai with a clothesline after the dropkick, and continued working the challenger down. Malakai hit a few more offensive maneuvers, but Deshaun was able to take control and hit the Deshaun Driller for the three count.

FFP Tag Team Titles
(c) Tamatoas vs Simply the Best
A physical tag team match that the fans loved. The Boston crowd was solidly behind the Tamatoas, although Christopher Morgan and Caleb Newstead had some fans behind them as well. Simply the Best still seemed to have the chemistry they had in the early days of FFP. And after Kanoa missed a splash off the top, and was spiked with a DDT afterward, it seemed all over. Kalino tried to make the save for his brother, but Christopher Morgan planted him with an Arn Anderson style spinebuster. Caleb Newstead then hit Kanoa with the Fisherman Brainbuster and got the three count. Simply the Best were the new Tag Team Champions. The first time since 2011.

FFP Women’s Television Title
(c) Fiona Burke vs Amy Kraven
A fast paced technical wrestling match that had the Boston crowd chanting “this is awesome” several times. Amy Kraven hit the Kraven Klash for a two count. She took Fiona up to the middle rope and was going to attempt the move from up there, but Fiona fought out and hit Amy with a running Liger Bomb. The Women’s Television Champion then planted Amy with the FAB Drop for the three count.

Fiona held her title victoriously in the air after the bell had sounded. But suddenly FFP newcomer Kodee Black rushed down to ringside, slid into the ring and flattened Fiona with a hard clothesline from behind. Kodee pulled Fiona back up and drove her to the mat with a Death Valley Driver. Black then grabbed the FFP Women’s TV Title and held it in the air, standing over Fiona’s body.

FFP Cruiserweight Title
(c) EJ “Money” Carter w/ Bianca Hunt vs Mystery Opponent
EJ “Money” Carter came down the isle with the FFP Cruiserweight Title on his shoulder. Bianca Hunt proudly behind him. The Boston fans were curious of who would be the mystery opponent. Then it was revealed. It was OWF superstar Trey Hawkins. The match was fast paced, and high flying. The two wrestlers seemed to have counters for quite a bit. But Carter eventually caught Trey with a diamond cutter when Trey dove off the top rope. Carter then planted the OWF wrestler with the Bankruptcy for the victory. EJ Carter’s impressive title reign continued.

The scene quickly cut backstage where the 3XW Women’s Champion Juniper Shepard had apparently arrived backstage and attacked Amy Kraven again. Juniper shouted that she was even close to being done with Amy. Juniper leveled her with a kick to the head before security arrived.

Then, the scene quickly cut back to ringside. The commentators were shouting about EJ Carter being attacked on the entrance ramp. It was the 3XW Cruiserweight Champion Zane August! Apparently an invasion was in the works! Security quickly rushed to the side of EJ Carter although the damage had been done. Zane escaped through the crowd.

FFP Women’s Title
(c) Giovanni Gotch w/ Christi Carter vs Firefly
A back and forth match that saw a lot of momentum shifts. Firefly looked to be set to finally take her place as FFP Women’s Champion after hitting a beautiful moonsault and setting Gotch up for the Crucifix Powerbomb. But Christi Carter climbed onto the apron and gained Firefly’s attention. Firefly knocked her down, and was nearly pinned by a rollup pin while Gotch pulled the tights. Firefly fought back, and again looking like she would pull out the victory. But Carter again interfered, this time gaining the attention of the referee. Meanwhile, former OWF Women’s Champion Chloe Banks came out of the crowd, sliding into the ring and leveling Firefly with a clothesline. Gotch and Banks beat Firefly down before Giovanni hit the Gotch Powerbomb on the challenger. Chloe slid out of the ring and the champion made the cover, successfully retaining her title.

The scene cut to the commentator’s table where Brian Young, Morgan Alexander and Odell Porter spoke about the upcoming main event. But before too much was said, Mikahil Vakhrov appeared, blasting Odell with a kick to the face. The big Russian continued beating Odell down, eventually grabbing the FFP World Title and cracking Odell in the skull with it. Porter was left lying on arena floor with blood dripping out of his forehead. Mikhail yelled some things in Russian before walking away. Obviously he had his sights set on the FFP World Title.

Main Event
Brandi Moore vs Taylor Clawson
A back and forth match that seemed to have the fans split. And honestly, it seemed many just wanted to see them hug and reunite. But that didn’t happen. Taylor Clawson was the aggressor, probably due to Brandi’s heinous attack on her at Mid-Summer Classic. Taylor hit two consecutive Flatliners on Brandi, but wasn’t done yet. She then pulled Brandi up and drove her head first into the mat with a devastating piledriver for the three count.

After the match Taylor celebrated. Brandi rolled out of the ring, but grabbed a steel chair. She went back in after Taylor. Taylor ducked the first chair shot attempt, but Moore rammed the edge of the chair into her ribs. Moore threw the chair down and hit her old finisher, the Fameasser, driving Taylor’s head into the chair. Brandi then stood over Taylor, placing her foot on Taylor’s chest and raising her arms in the air.

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