08/29/2017 FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling

Date: August 29, 2017
Location: Boston, MA
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The show opened up with the FFP World Champion Odell Porter. Porter talked about Mikhail’s attack at Blaze of Glory and said that if Mikhail wanted to face him, all he had to do was ask. Odell then promised to make Mikhail pay tonight.

Blaine Edwards vs Levi Fuller
A fast paced technical match seeing both men hitting some innovative and exciting moves. Levi hit a slingshot suplex shades of Tully Blanchard. But after Blaine Edwards rocked Levi with a running European uppercut, he hit a Tiger Driver for the three count.

After the match the two men shook hands. They obviously had a lot of respect for each other.

Firefly vs Chloe Banks w/ Giovanni Gotch & Christi Carter
Everyone expected to see Giovanni Gotch and Christi Carter get involved in this match, and that’s exactly what happened. Firefly was glad to knock both of them off of the ring apron, but almost got caught for a three count with a roll up. Chloe Banks wanted to come out successful in her first official FFP match, but Firefly hit the Crucifix Powerbomb for the three count.

After the match Giovanni and Christi got into the ring and blindsided Firefly, beating her down and tossing her to the outside of the ring.

The scene cut backstage where Raquel St Claire was joined with FFP newcomer Kodee Black. Raquel asked Kodee about her attack Sunday night on FFP Women’s Television Champion Fiona Burke. Kodee said that obviously the attack was to make an impact and to show that she was better than Fiona, and deserved the title. Before the interview was finished however, Fiona rushed into view and began trading blows with Kodee. Security was quick to intervene.

Logan Christopher vs Matt Evanston
Another fast paced match that had some high flying and well as technical wrestling mixed in. Brian Young spoke about how many felt Matt Evanston was on the brink of becoming a big star. Sadly, the match came to an end when Patrick McCoy stormed the ring and attacked Logan. The two brawled around the ring until security broke it up.

The scene cut backstage where Aubrey Moresi was speaking with Veronica Clyne. Aubrey was talking about the rematch she would get with Kemina to try to regain her HONOR Women’s Title. Veronica said that next week the two would have their match. Aubrey seemed satisfied with the news.

FFP Television Title
(c) Gregory Hart vs Hayden Flowers

Gregory Hart and Hayden Flowers were both known as very good wrestlers. This match was very technical with neither man wanting to make a mistake. Hayden hit a flying clothesline followed by a gutwrench Powerbomb for a two count. He continued taking the fight to the Television Champion, but Gregory gained the upperhand and locked Hayden in a painful ankle lock in the center of the ring. Hayden had no choice but to submit.

FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles
(c) Connelly Twins vs Noel Zelig & Lucy Badcock

The second title match of the night began with handshakes between all the combatants. Katrina was the powerhouse of the match, even getting Lucy Badcock off of her feet. The crowd went wild when Kylie Connelly and Noel Zelig entered the ring against each other. The two did some awesome chain wrestling. Eventually Noel got the upperhand and hit a t-bone suplex.

Katrina and Lucy found their way back into the ring, going head to head, punch for punch. Katrina rocked Lucy win a couple hard firearms and a spinning clothesline which took the big girl down. But the most impressive moment of the match was when Katrina hoisted Lucy up and hit her with the F5. Katrina made the pin and got the three count.

After the match Noel checked on her partner. Then both teams shook hands. The crowd applauded the respect they saw in the squared circle.

Non-Title Match
Odell Porter vs Mikhail Vakhrov w/ Bianca Hunt

Odell tried to keep up the fast pace, knowing Mikhail wouldn’t be able to keep up, but Vakhrov’s brute strength was a big advantage over the World Champion. Bianca tried to get involved with the match, as well as the FFP Cruiserweight Champion EJ “Money” Carter. The end of the match came when EJ climbed onto the apron but got hit with a Superkick for his troubles. Then, off of the distraction Mikhail hit From Russia with Love for the three count. Mikhail Vakhrov had defeated the reigning FFP World Champion.

Bianca and EJ joined Mikhail in the ring, celebrating his victory. Bianca then got on the microphone and said that with that victory, Mikhail surely should be the new number one contender to Odell’s World Title.

In the Ring
Next, FFP Hall of Famer Daniel Matthews came down to the ring. Daniel had teased a big announcement. Matthews thanked the crowd for the cheers. He spoke about his FFP World Title reigns, his Adrenaline and Television Title reigns and more. Then, he said that it was his time to ride off into the sunset, and officially announced his retirement. Matthews said he was a proud member of FFP as well as the FFP Hall of Fame, and he would continue to watch the product and support it no matter what.

Daniel’s best friend Matt Kraven came down the isle. They embraced in the center of the ring as the fans cheered. Many of the crowd chanted “please don’t go”. Matthews smiled and waved to them. Then, he turned around and was leveled with a Superkick. Matt Kraven had been the one to dish out the move! The crowd immediately began to boo as Kraven stood over his former friend. Matt then pulled Matthews up and yelled something in his face. He then delivered a vicious jumping piledriver. Kraven stood over Daniel, who now was lying face down on the mat. Kraven put his HONOR World Title on his shoulder, and placed one foot on Daniel’s head. The show ended as the crowd booed Matt Kraven for this despicable act.

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