Happy Birthday FFP by January Merrit

Nine years ago today, Full Force Pro put on it’s very first show. And the professional wrestling world would never be the same.

September 13th, 2008 Logan Christopher and Caleb Newstead kicked FFP off with an awesome match that saw Logan accompanied by his girlfriend Brandi Moore. And speaking of Brandi Moore, she would be instrumental in the end of the match, as Newstead accidentally collided into her, leading to Logan being distracted and Newstead planting him with his Fisherman Brainbuster for the victory.

“Logan and I knew that being the first match in a company’s history was a big deal,” Newstead said to me, sitting comfortably in a chair with a FFP Tag Team Title placed neatly in his lap. “We knew we needed to go out there and set the pace, not only for the night, but for the entire run of FFP. We had no idea it would go on for as long as it had. Could have been a year, maybe two. But nine years, that’s awesome. And we kicked the whole thing off.”

Only a few weeks later Brandi Moore would turn on Logan and join Caleb Newstead, leading to her bringing in Taylor Clawson and creating Seduction Inc, one of the best tag teams in FFP history.

“None of us knew what we were in store for that night,” Brandi told me backstage at FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling. “I came in as a manager. I just thought I’d be in Logan’s corner and look pretty. But I got thrust into a storyline and we were off to the races. Weeks later I brought in Taylor and we made up the best, hottest and most controversial tag team that FFP ever saw, Seduction Inc. And even though her and I hate each other today, we know that we set the bar for women’s wrestling even back then.”

Later on on the night of September 13, 2008, we saw the in ring debuts of such wrestlers as Firefly, Patrick McCoy and Christi Carter. But the main event is still brought up as one of the best matches in FFP history. Daniel Matthews vs Christopher Morgan.

“I loved the atmosphere,” Firefly said to me at Tuesday Night Wrestling, only moments after finally winning the FFP Women’s Title for the first time. Tapping her fingernails on the gold plate while talking to me. “I knew FFP was laid back. I knew it was something before it’s time. Women wrestling was important to Matt. The in-ring work, male or female, was important to Matt. And nine years later, it’s still just as important, if not even more.”

“There was just nothing like it,” Christopher Morgan told me. “Wrestling independent feds here or there, nothing was quite like Full Force Pro. Daniel and I knew we needed to send the fans home happy. We knew this was big. The first main event. And even though I lost that one, man, we put on a show. We had the fans going, we had the crowd chanting. It was great. I can’t believe it was so long ago. Makes me feel old.”

Unfortunately I could get a hold of Daniel Matthews for this article, but I did speak with his former best friend, the man behind Full Force Pro, Matt Kraven himself.

“Nine years. No way,” he said to me backstage at Tuesday Night Wrestling. “It’s crazy that it’s been nine years. And it’s been awesome. I mean, we knew that we were going to be something different, but although I wanted it to last forever, I had to think realistically. Wouldn’t have guessed it would still be going strong. But having these wrestlers, like Brandi and Taylor, Christopher and Caleb, Logan, Daniel and so many more. It was destined to succeed.”

FFP has grown from a small promotion to something with somewhat of a cult following, to arguably the biggest professional wrestling federation in the world. FFP has the Ohio Wrestling Federation as it’s developmental territory, it owns HONOR Wrestling in Japan and the World Wrestling Society in England, and it continues to grow daily. And with the likes of veterans such as Christopher Morgan, Lizzy Kraven, Austin Briggs and Firefly, and youngsters on the roster such as Hayden Flowers, Blaine Edwards, Noel Zelig and Kenzie Anderson, FFP will continue to grow and continue to succeed. The sky is absolutely the limit for Full Force Pro.

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