09/17/2017 FFP Lethal Injection (PPV)

Date: September 17, 2017
Location: Memphis, TN
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The show opened up with the entrance of the FFP Adrenaline Champion Alexander T Morrison, accompanied by his girlfriend Beatrice Keenan. ATM, carrying his FFP ANY Case, which gave him the opportunity to cash in at any time, in any place for any Title. ATM took the microphone and said that tonight was called Lethal Injection, and it was a very fitting name. ATM said the reason the name was fitting, was because whether Odell or Mikhail came out victorious tonight in the main event, ATM would be cashing in his ANY Case and leaving Memphis as the new FFP World Champion.

Of course the crowd booed, leading ATM to trash talk the town, which made them boo even more. ATM then said that after second thought, Memphis didn’t deserve to see ATM or Beatrice anymore and that they would be on the first flight out of Memphis. The crowd cheered at the news of them leaving.

HONOR Intercontinental Title
(c) Duncan Wright Jr vs Katashi Goya
An awesome way to kick off Lethal Injection, with an amazing technical wrestling match. Many suplexes from both wrestlers. Goya seemed to target the leg of Duncan Wright Jr, who happened to have his dad in attendance to root him on.

DW Jr seemed to be on the right track after a butterfly suplex, but Goya hit him with a dropkick to the knee that obviously put the HONOR Intercontinental Champion in pain. Goya then locked in a knee bar, and it didn’t look good for DW Jr’s hopes of retaining. But as Goya had he move locked in, music hit the speakers. And the HONOR World Champion Matt Kraven walked down the isle, title on his shoulder. The crowd was puzzled. Brian Young and Morgan Alexander was as well. Katashi released the hold as Matt stepped onto the ring apron. Was he coming down to target Katashi, or DW Jr?

Goya went nose to nose with Kraven. Duncan was slow to get up, still favoring his knee. But he quickly hooked Goya’s arms and planted him with a snap dragon suplex. He turned to Kraven who smiled. Duncan Wright Jr then hooked Katashi’s leg and got the three count. And this was apparently was some kind of plan by Matt Kraven.

Duncan grabbed his title and exited the ring, walking up the ramp with Matt Kraven by his side.

OWF Women’s Title
(c) Zoey Kiehl vs Juno Frost
A competitive match with the former Women’s Champion Juno trying to pull out all the stops to earn back her title. Brian Young noticed how Dahlia Ashford and Rosie Erickson weren’t in the corner of Juno. The former champion went for her codebreaker out of the corner, but Zoey escaped out and floored Frost with a clothesline. Zoey then hit the Blue Thunder Bomb for the victory.

Logan Christopher vs Patrick McCoy w/ Scarlett Ducane

A violent matchup. This entire feud has been violent, beginning when Patrick attacked Logan the night after Logan was inducted into the FFP Hall of Fame. Scarlett Ducane tried getting involved in the match later on. Logan pulled her into the ring, but as he had a hold of her, and the referee was more worried about getting Scarlett out of the ring, McCoy hit Logan with a low blow. Patrick then planted him with the Kryptonite Krunch for the three count.

In the Ring
Next, Kenzie Anderson came out to the ring. Kenzie took a microphone and spoke about how she had waited long enough, and finally it was her time. But she was interrupted by Noel Zelig. Noel said that she saw Kenzie kept saying it was “her time” on Twitter. Noel said that she didn’t understand what Kenzie meant, but if it was her time to have a match, that Noel would gladly face her. Kenzie took exception to Noel interrupting her, and accepted the challenge.

Noel Zelig vs Kenzie Anderson
Noel obviously surprised the ring veteran. But the resourceful Kenzie Anderson raked Noel’s eyes to get the upperhand. After a spinning back suplex, Kenzie hit a bulldog from the middle rope. She then went for her finisher, the Busaiku Knee, but Noel dodged it and hit an impressive running big boot. Zelig then set Kenzie up for the Jumping Piledriver, however Kenzie was able to reverse it into an Alabama slam. Noel fought back up, and looked like she was going to take the offensive when Kenzie landed a thumb in the eye. Kenzie then hit the Busaiku Knee, knocking Noel to the mat. Anderson hooked Noel’s leg and got the three count.

After the match Kenzie pulled Noel up by her blonde hair and whipped her out of the ring. Kenzie then stood victoriously in the center of the ring as the Memphis crowd booed.

FFP Cruiserweight Title
(c) EJ “Money” Carter w/ Bianca Hunt vs Hayden Flowers
A fast paced match. A lot of technical and high flying wrestling, much like you’d see in a Cruiserweight match. Carter hit a beautiful moonsault for a near fall. He missed a clothesline attempt, which Hayden turned into a jump spin DDT. Flowers went up top for the Frog Splash, but Carter got his knees up, and hit the challenger with the Bankruptcy. But Hayden somehow was able to kick out at the count of two.

Hayden battled back, getting props from Brian Young and surprisingly Morgan Alexander. As Hayden was in the middle of a flurry, the 3XW Cruiserweight Champion Zane August showed up, stepping up to the guardrail in the first row.

Eventually Hayden went for a running cross body block on the Cruiserweight Champion, but EJ ducked and Hayden crashed into the referee. As Carter got set to deliver Bankruptcy once more, Zane slid into the ring and cracked EJ in the back with his 3XW Cruiserweight Title. Hayden, not knowing what happened, made the cover and the groggy referee made the count. 1…2…3! Hayden Flowers was the new FFP Cruiserweight Champion.

But the video screen showed the replay. Hayden noticed what had happened. He took the title that was just awarded to him, and handed it back to the referee. Obviously he didn’t want to win the match that way.

The referee decided that the match would restart, but before the match could get going again, Zane August entered the ring, this time targeting Hayden.

EJ grabbed his Cruiserweight Title and left the ring, as Zane planted Hayden with a DDT and stood over him.

FFP Women’s Television Title
(c) Fiona Burke vs Kodee Black
The Memphis crowd was solidly behind Fiona Burke. Apparently the attitude of Kodee Black had rubbed the crowd the wrong way. But Kodee didn’t care, hitting power move after power move on the Women’s TV Champion. But Fiona proved that she was resilient. Taking everything Kodee had before seeming to flip a switch into offensive mode. After hitting some strong strikes on Kodee, Fiona hit a codebreaker which stopped the challenger quick. Fiona then hoisted Kodee up and planted her with her finisher, the FAB Drop! Burke hooked the leg. 1…2… and Kodee kicked out! Brian Young and Morgan Alexander couldn’t believe it.

Fiona asked the referee to make sure he didn’t make a mistake. She turned to go back after Kodee and was destroyed with a running clothesline. Both superstars seemed to have exerted a lot of energy. Kodee took a moment to catch her breath. She pulled Fiona up and scooped her onto her shoulder for what looked like a powerslam. But Fiona slipped down behind Kodee and hit a lung blower. Fiona then called for the FAB Drop again. Burke pulled Kodee up, but Kodee broke free from her grip and scooped her onto her shoulders. Kodee then planted Fiona in the center of the ring with her Death Valley Driver finisher Code Black. But after the impact of the move, Kodee lay on the mat. She slowly turned and draped her arm over Fiona’s chest. 1…2… and Fiona got a shoulder up.

The crowd couldn’t believe it. Kodee couldn’t either. Black pulled Burke up by her hair. She brought her up onto her shoulders and hit another Code Black. But she wasn’t done. She immediately pulled Fiona up again, and planted her with a third Code Black. Kodee then hooked the leg, and got the three count. Kodee Black was the new FFP Women’s Television Champion.

HONOR World Title
(c) Matt Kraven vs Chikashi Toma
A very competitive matchup. Back and forth the entire time with the commentators even noticing his back and forth it was. A lot of hard stuff shorts, especially kicks. Chikashi Toma lit Matt Kraven up with kicks, until Kraven dodged one and hit a German suplex that folded Toma in half. Kraven followed up with a shining wizard. Then, he went for his Trump Driver. But Chikashi reversed out and turned Matt inside out with a clothesline. Chikashi then went for a dragon suplex, but Matt slipped out and hit a Superkick. Toma was knocked silly with the Superkick, but Matt still pulled him up and hit the Trump Driver for the three count.

In the Ring
The scene cut to ringside where the FFP Tag Team Champions Simply the Best and Amy Kraven came to the ring. They said that 3XW had dared them to show up for a fight here at Lethal Injection and that they were here for that fight.

The 3XW Tag Team Champions Matt and Billy Rich as well as the 3XW Women’s Champion Juniper Shepard appeared through the crowd. Caleb Newstead said on the microphone for the security to let them get into the ring. The 3XW wrestlers did so and a huge brawl broke out. Amy Kraven fared well for herself, knocking Juniper out of the ring and using the steel guardrail to bounce Juniper off of. However inside the ring, the Rich Brothers got the best of Simply the Best when the 3XW World Champion Ricky Fitzpatrick showed up and hit Christopher Morgan from behind with his title.

Eventually FFP security broke the brawl up, sending Ricky, Matt and Billy back through the crowd. Juniper eventually retreated on her own as Amy continued beating her down. Amy took hold of the 3XW Women’s Title as Juniper left ringside. Obviously Amy was going to keep the belt as somewhat of a trophy.

FFP Women’s Title

(c) Firefly vs Giovanni Gotch w/ Christi Carter & Chloe Banks
Both women showed off their incredible athleticism. The new Women’s Champion showed off her speed and her agility. Her high flying was something that Giovanni couldn’t compete win. But Gotch had a height and power advantage, and also seemed to be the better technical wrestler. Gotch had a gameplan. The same gameplan that she had against Nina Fox – work the knee. And that’s what she did. Not only trying to wear Firefly’s knee down, but also take away her high flying and her speed.

Christi Carter and Chloe Banks also got involved later, as Firefly gained momentum. Chloe got up onto the ring apron, but was brought into the ring by her hair. Firefly hit her with a couple right hands and hit her with the Crucifix Powerbomb. Giovanni took advantage of the distraction and rolled the champion up, pulling her tights. But Firefly kicked out at two. Gotch took a “time out”, going to the outside to discuss something with Christi Carter. But Firefly delivered a tope suicida, knocking both women into the steel guardrail and onto the floor. Firefly pulled Giovanni up and fired her back into the ring. Firefly followed, stalking Gotch for the Crucifix Powerbomb. But as she hoisted the challenger up, Christi jumped up onto the apron and grabbed Gotch’s foot, pulling her out of the grips of the Women’s Champion. The referee quickly stepped in front of Christi, scolding her for getting involved.

By now, Chloe Banks had grabbed the Women’s Championship. She slid it into the ring to Giovanni. Banks then slid into the ring and went after Firefly. But the masked woman wrestler back body dropped Chloe over the top. However, when Firefly turned back around she was leveled with the Women’s Title to the head. Gotch tossed the belt out of the ring, pulled Firefly to the center of the ring and hooked her leg. 1…2…3! Giovanni Gotch had regained the FFP Women’s Championship, with a lot of help.

Gotch slid out of the ring and grabbed the Championship. Her, Christi Carter and Chloe Banks celebrated in front of the commentator’s table, Gotch holding the title proudly in the air.

As Gotch and her crew left, two females jumped the steel guardrail and began pummeling Firefly, who was still lying on the mat. The two women belonged to 3XW. Anna Minster and Piper Jax. The crowd booed, and showered the ring with trash. Obviously this had gone too far.

But as the beatdown continued, Firefly’s former tag team partner, the reigning HONOR Women’s Champion Kemina rushed to the ring. Kemina slid into the ring and went after the two women, but they quickly retreated, sliding out of the ring and rushing back through the crowd. Kemina then checked on her former tag partner.

FFP World Title
(c) Odell Porter vs Mikhail Vakhrov w/ Bianca Hunt
Two wrestlers with two completely different gameplans. Mikhail wanted to beat Odell down, out muscle him and pin him for the three count. Odell wanted to stick and move, using his speed to wear the big Russian out and outlast the challenger. Odell’s gameplan seemed to be working, until he got flipped backwards through the air with one of the hardest clotheslines anyone had every seen. Vakhrov then turned his gameplan to destroying Odell’s back, hitting him with sidewalk slams, backbreakers and later on ramming his lower back into the steel ring post.

Mikhail stuffed Odell back into the ring and hooked on a camel clutch. The World Champion didn’t look good. His back was hurt, and it was obvious. Mikhail released the hold to drop a couple knees on Odell’s back, then hook the move right back on. He did this a couple times. Then, he pulled Odell up and hit a stalling suplex.

Vakhrov however made a mistake, going to the middle rope and attempting a splash. Odell moved out of the way and Vakhrov crashed to the mat. He got up in time to get nailed with a Superkick. Porter then pulled Mikhail up and went for a Fisherman suplex, but he only did more damage to his back by attempting this. Mikhail noticed that Odell was in pain, and quickly drove him to the mat with his finisher From Russia with Love. The Memphis crowd gasp as the Russian Lion hit his finisher. Mikhail covered Odell as Bianca Hunt cheered for her client. 1…2… and Odell somehow kicked out. The crowd cheered. They couldn’t believe the Champion survived. Mikhail couldn’t believe it. He got up and began screaming at the referee.

This gave Odell a short amount of time to regain his senses. When Mikhail turned to go back after Odell, Porter got up and hit the Russian with a roaring elbow. The strike rocked the challenger. Porter then bounced off the ropes to get added momentum and hit another roaring elbow. Vakhrov crashed to the mat. Odell then went up top, and hit an impressive 450 Splash! But as he made the impact Bianca climbed onto the apron, and the referee rushed over to get her down. The distraction worked, and Brian Young mentioned that some of the referees were way too easily distracted.

Odell got up and turned his attention to Bianca. But turned right back toward Mikhail, knowing what the two were trying to do. But when Porter turned back around he fell victim to From Russia with Love again! Vakhrov made the cover as Bianca dropped off of the ring apron. The referee slid in to make the count. 1…2… and Odell kicked out again! The Memphis crowd cheered. Mikhail jumped to his feet and confronted the referee again. He accused the referee of making a slow count.

Mikhail turned to the World Champion and called for his finisher once more. He grabbed Odell and began pulling him back up to attempt From Russia with Love again. But Odell quickly hooked Mikhail into the tightest small package you’d ever seen. The referee made the count. 1…2…3! The crowd exploded. Odell Porter somehow survived, with his World Championship reign intact. Porter quickly rolled out of the ring, favoring his lower back as he grabbed the World Title and walked up the entrance ramp. Porter held the World Title in the air as the Memphis crowd cheered. Mikhail knelt in the ring, absolutely irate that Odell somehow pulled out the victory.

As Odell stood on the entrance ramp with the World Title up in the air, he was blasted from behind. The culprit was Alexander T Morrison, using his Adrenaline Title as a weapon. ATM pulled Porter up and drug him to the ring. By now Mikhail had left the ring with Bianca. ATM presented his ANY Case to the referee and began sizing Odell up. ATM was cashing in!

Beatrice Keenan cheered ATM on as he laid in punches to Odell’s face. He backed up as Porter began trying to get to his feet. The new challenger, went for his finisher, the Codebreaker. But Odell was able to step to the side, causing ATM to land on his feet. Porter then hooked ATM in the exact same small package pin that he trapped Mikhail in. Three seconds later and ATM had cashed in for nought. Odell Porter was able to successfully defend against ATM. Beatrice couldn’t believe it. Neither could ATM.

Odell was presented his title again. He was exhausted. He was relieved. He stood and held the title up. But ATM out of frustration, hit Odell with the Codebreaker. ATM then rolled out of the ring and grabbed the Adrenaline Title. He and Beatrice left the ring as Porter lie motionless.

But then, Brandi Moore stepped out into the entrance ramp. Brandi had also won herself an ANY Case, and although she was a woman, the ANY Case was for Any Time, Any Place, ANY Title! Brandi hurried to the ring. She looked down at Odell’s body, and looked at me referee. She handed the ANY Case to the referee. And here we go! Brandi Moore was cashing in.

She didn’t immediately go for a pin. Instead, she waited as Odell began to get up. He pushed himself up, standing on all fours. Moore charged at the World Champion, blasting him with the End Game. Brandi then quickly made the pin. The referee slid into position. 1…2…3! Brandi Moore was the new FFP World Champion!

The referee handed the World Title to Brandi Moore. She hugged the belt. Then she looked down at it. And with tears in her eyes, she kissed the belt. The Memphis crowd didn’t know what to think at this point, but stood and applauded the FFP original on her first ever FFP World Title reign. Moore stood proudly in the middle of the ring holding the World Title up in the air as the show came to an end.


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