After Lethal Injection Went Off the Air Last Night

Last night at FFP Lethal Injection we indeed saw a bunch of big surprises. Not only did multiple titles change hands, but also BOTH of the FFP ANY Cases were cashed in. But who walked out of Lethal Injection with titles?

After Odell Porter successfully retained his World Championship against Mikhail Vakhrov, Alexander T Morrison came out to cash in his ANY Case and leave Memphis, Tennessee the new World Champion. But somehow Porter was able to survive. But, was he able to survive the second ANY Case cash in?

Brandi Moore was the next down the isle. ATM had attacked Odell after failing in his ANY Case cash-in. This led to Brandi hitting Odell with her End Game finishing move, and winning the FFP World Championship for the very first time. Brandi appeared in FFP’s first ever match, and last night at Lethal Injection was the first time she had won the World Championship. Making her only the fourth woman to hold the championship.

But the surprises were far from over last night after the pay-per-view went off the air.

As Brandi celebrated in the middle of the ring, holding the World Title up in the air for the Memphis crowd to see, Matt Kraven came down to the ring. Kraven has had a very long and storied past with Brandi Moore. Kraven simply stepped into the ring, congratulated Brandi, embraced her and kissed her on the head. Obviously he was proud of Brandi. She had fought her way up from being Logan Christopher’s manager, to being one of the most popular and successful wrestlers in FFP history.

But again, the action wasn’t over…

Next, Brandi’s former Seduction Inc tag team partner Taylor Clawson came out. Holding a microphone, Taylor stood on the entrance ramp. She congratulated Brandi, saying that although they truly disliked each other now, that she was proud to see her former tag team partner win the World Title for the first time. Taylor then publicly challenged Brandi for the FFP World Championship, saying that at FFP The Haunting a Seduction Inc main event for the World Title would not be a bad choice. The Memphis crowd cheered to this challenge as Taylor walked away, letting Brandi have her moment.

So will we see Seduction Inc clash once more, for the FFP World Championship?


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