09/19/2017 FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling

Date: September 19, 2017
Location: Louisville, KY
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

This edition of FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling opened up with the entrance of the brand new FFP World Champion, Brandi Moore. Brandi came out all smiles, holding the FFP World Title on her shoulder. She took a microphone and talked about being a part of FFP’s first match as just a manager, and working her way all the way to finally becoming the World Champion. And joining the likes of Veronica Clyne, Lizzy Kraven and Nina Fox as the only women to have held the World Title.

Not to be outdone, Giovanni Gotch also made her entrance. Gotch had regained the FFP Women’s Title at Lethal Injection, regaining the title from Firefly. Gotch talked about tying Nina Fox for most Women’s Title reigns (with two) and how she ended Firefly’s reign only five days in.

Next, another new women’s champion came out. The new FFP Women’s Television Champion Kodee Black. Black defeated Fiona Burke at Lethal Injection to win her first title in FFP. Kodee talked about how she had only wrestled a handful of matches in FFP and was already the Women’s TV Champ.

This of course brought out Taylor Clawson, who challenged Brandi to a World Title match at The Haunting, Firefly, who obviously wanted another shot at Giovanni, and Fiona Burke, who like Firefly, will want a rematch to attempt to get her title back.

Everyone tried arguing their case until Veronica Clyne finally stepped out and announced that tonight’s main event would be a six-woman tag match. Brandi, Giovanni and Kodee vs Taylor, Firefly and Fiona!

Non-Title Match
Connelly Twins vs Dahlia Ashford & Rosie Erickson

A good match that stayed competitive although some people didn’t think it would. But the longer the match went the more it went the way of the Connelly’s. Kylie hit Rosie with the Silencer for the pin.

After the match Lacey Abernathy and Cindy Labre came out and to the surprise of the fans, took the Connelly Twins down. After beating both of the FFP Women’s Tag Team Champions down and tossing them out of the ring, Bianca Hunt came to the ring. Bianca announced that Lacey and Cindy were her two new clients, and the next Women’s Tag Team Champions.

Austin Briggs vs Adam Hyatt w/ Madison Hyatt
A very physical match. A match that could have been in the main event spot because of how many big moves performed. Adam Hyatt but a couple big suplexes, and went for his Wrist Clutch Exploder. But Briggs was able to escape the attempt and rock Hyatt with a running knee. Briggs then hit the Brainbuster for the three count.

The scene cut backstage to Tyrece Beckman who was joined by the President of FFP Veronica Clyne. Tyrece asked Veronica about 3XW’s constant involvement with FFP and what FFP planned on doing to put a stop to it. Veronica said that she has beefed up security, but had also been working on a few other things to stop 3XW from “invading”.

Lizzy Kraven vs Ariana Chaos
These two certainly have a past, but it seemed quite behind them. The match started with a handshake. A very technical match. Ariana took to the air, hitting a beautiful moonsault and a dive off the top to the arena floor. Lizzy gained the upperhand using her power. Kraven went for a Kraven Lariat, but Ariana ducked it and hit a Superkick. Then a German suplex. Ariana then went for the Impaler. But, Lizzy fought out of it and hit Ariana with a short-armed Kraven Lariat. Lizzy followed that up with the Tornado Bomb for the three count.

FFP Adrenaline Title
(c) ATM w/ Beatrice Keenan vs Kashimanaki

Kashimanaki relies heavily on his stiff kicks. Like always, they echoed through the arena and surely were painful as hell. ATM caught one and delivered a dragon screw. ATM continued keying on Kashimanaki’s leg. Morgan Alexander continued praising ATM’s gameplan. When Kashimanaki gained the upperhand again, Beatrice not only got involved, but climbed inside the ring. She went face to face with Kashimanaki. ATM snuck behind the challenger and rolled him up. Kashimanaki had grabbed a hold of Beatrice who fell to the mat with ATM’s rollup. The referee made me count, but ATM released the pin to check on his girl. When he turned around, Kashimanaki cracked him with a hard kick to the skull, and planted him with the Kashimanaki Driver. Kashimanaki covered ATM, but the referee however was tending to Beatrice.

Kashimanaki finally got up to pull the ref away, but before he could do so, ATM hit Kashimanaki with a low blow. He followed it up with the Codebreaker. ATM now grabbed the referee and pulled him toward the cover. The referee made the count and ATM won the match.

After the match ATM scooped Beatrice up and carried her backstage.


The scene cut backstage to Raquel St Claire standing by with Hayden Flowers. Raquel asked Hayden about the end of the Cruiserweight Title match at Lethal Injection. Flowers said that he was robbed, and that he would appreciate another shot at the title.

Six-Woman Tag
Brandi Moore, Giovanni Gotch & Kodee Black vs Taylor Clawson, Firefly & Fiona Burke

This match was back and forth, it was physical and it was all over the place. New Champions vs former Champions, former partners battling it out, and rivals beating on rivals.

Brandi almost got a quick three count after hitting Fiona Burke with the Fisherman Brainbuster, but Fiona kicked out just in time. Later on Taylor got into the ring with Brandi, and hit the Flatliner, but Giovanni made the save for her team.

An interesting matchup occurred when Taylor Clawson stepped back into the ring, this time with Kodee Black. The two traded very hard shots to the face. Clawson got the upperhand, but missed a clothesline opening her up for a Kodee spear. Black then hoisted Taylor up for the Code Black, but Taylor escaped out and hit the Flatliner. When she went for the cover, Brandi jumped into the ring to break up the pin. This brought Firefly in, which brought everyone else in. A riot ensued.

Eventually everyone was out of the ring but Firefly and Giovanni. Gotch set Firefly up for her Gotch Bomb, but Firefly escaped and hit an awesome kick to the side of the head, followed by a shining wizard. Firefly then pulled Gotch up and hit the Crucifix Powerbomb for the three count.

After the match the brawling continued, including Gotch and Firefly as Gotch attacked Firefly as she was celebrating on the middle rope.

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