Matt Kraven and Kade Haddix get into it on Twitter

Early Friday morning Matt Kraven posted on Twitter, simply a picture of himself with the Tweet “And still.”, referencing his successful HONOR World Title defense against Shinji Miyamoto at an HONOR Wrestling event in Tokyo. Hours later, the new OWF Champion Kade Haddix, who is also currently in Japan, posted a picture on Twitter that looked similar to the one Kraven posted.

Kraven eventually fired back, claiming that Kade’s picture looked a lot like Kraven’s. A couple jabs were thrown, with Matt saying “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. However, it didn’t stop there. Eventually Kade threw a challenge out to Matt after Kraven had posted a picture of himself holding the FFP World Championship, tweeting that Kade “can’t copy this one can he?”.

More jabs were thrown, such as Matt Kraven telling Kade that he would be more afraid to lose to Kade’s girlfriend (Noel Zelig), “She’s much more successful” Kraven said, surely with a smirk on his face. Although Kade eventually responded with “Old man been around forever, still thinks he’s relevant…”

Obviously things are getting pretty heated on Twitter between these two wrestlers. Matt Kraven has much more experience, having been in the business for many years more than Kade Haddix. But Kade seems to be ready to go one-on-one with the FFP Hall of Famer. We encourage you all to follow both superstars on Twitter, and continue to monitor this Twitter war. Surely we will see a match come out of this, but for the moment we will have to be satisfied with their smart alec comments toward each other.


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