10/03/2017 FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling

Date: October 3, 2017
Location: Wichita, KS
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

This show is dedicated to everyone affected by the tragic events in Las Vegas. Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected.

The show opened up with the FFP President Veronica Clyne introducing the return of the former FFP World Champion Odell Porter. Odell came out to a major applause from the Wichita crowd. Odell said that it was good to be back, and after a brief time off he was excited to be back in the middle of a FFP ring.

But Odell’s return was interrupted by Joey DeMarco. DeMarco, who had been very quiet in FFP recently, said that FFP should absolutely be drooling over a potential Joey DeMarco vs Odell Porter match. DeMarco said both were former FFP World Champions, but the biggest difference was, Joey was a lot better than Odell. Odell laughed, knowing exactly what kind of mind game Joey was trying to play. Odell said that he didn’t come to the show tonight ready to compete because he was told he would only be coming back to address the FFP crowd, but that whenever DeMarco wanted to go at it, Odell would be good to go. Joey suggested FFP Friday the 13th, saying Odell is in for a very unlucky night.

Hiroki Ito vs Nathan Caine
A very physical match. The strikes were solid and stiff. Nathan Caine used an array of lariats to slow Hiroki down. But the former HONOR World Champion relied heavily on his kicks, rocking Nathan Caine. After a stalling German suplex, Ito hit the Go to Sleep for the three count.

The scene cut backstage where Raquel St Claire was joined by the FFP World Champion, Brandi Moore. Brandi said that she had a very interesting idea for herself and Taylor Clawson. She said that both ladies should choose opponents for the other for next Friday’s FFP Friday the 13th event. Brandi said that way they both would have a tough match before their title match at The Haunting.

In the Ring
The scene cut to the ring where Bianca Hunt led her stable to the ring. Hunt Enterprises has grown substantially, now including Mikhail Vakhrov, the Cruiserweight Champion EJ Carter, Lacey Abernathy, Cindy Labre and of course Bianca. Bianca got on the microphone, first talking about how her, Lacey and Cindy would be challenging Kylie and Katrina Connelly for the FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles. Bianca said that the three on two match would be easy pickens.

Bianca then talked about how EJ Carter was hands down the most talented and successful Cruiserweight in FFP history and there was no one who could take his title. But Bianca was interrupted by the entrance of Blaine Edwards. Edwards said that if EJ happened to need a challenger for FFP The Haunting, Blaine would be happy to oblige. Bianca said that usually title matches needed to be earned, and if he could defeat Mikhail Vakhrov tonight, she would grant his Cruiserweight Title match. Brian Young mentioned the huge size difference.


Kenzie Anderson vs Ariana Chaos
A fast paced match for sure. Ariana Chaos has the advantage when it came to speed. She was also the more aerial of the two. However an aerial maneuver was what swung the momentum 100% to Kenzie Anderson, after Chaos missed a flying leg drop attempt an age a Superkick immediately after. Kenzie then sized Ariana up and hit her with the Busaiku Knee for the three count.

The scene cut backstage where Tyrece Beckman was speaking with the reigning FFP Adrenaline Champion ATM and his girlfriend and manager Beatrice Keenan. ATM was hyping up his open challenge that he was issuing tonight, saying that no matter who challenged him, he would look better and wrestle better, who have he hotter manager and of course, walk out of the ring still the Adrenaline Champion.

Then, Matt Evanston walked into view. ATM seemed aggravated to see his interview time being interrupted. Evanston said that if ATM was lookin my for a challenge tonight, that Matt would definitely give him one. ATM laughed. And Matt told him that it was okay to be scared. That changed ATM’s demeanor, and he accepted the match for later tonight.

Mikhail Vakhrov w/ Bianca Hunt vs Blaine Edwards
Mikhail stayed on his normal gameplan, using powerhouse moves to toss Blaine around the ring. Edwards but an awesome springboard kick to the skull that rocked the big Russian. He immediately went for a German suplex, but Mikhail broke free and nearly turned Blaine inside out with a giant clothesline. Vakhrov followed up with a running big boot. He pulled Blaine up, and set him up for From Russia with Love. But Blaine fought out, and hooked Mikhail into a backslide pin. Somehow, to the surprise of the commentators and the Wichita crowd, Blaine got the three count!

Blaine jumped up into the air with excitement, obviously thrilled to get the opportunity to challenge EJ for the Cruiserweight Title. But Blaine was immediately beaten down by Mikhail and EJ. Obviously Hunt Enterprises was trying to send a message to Blaine, that he would lose at The Haunting.

The scene cut backstage to Raquel St Claire. Earlier she was joined by FFP World Champion Brandi Moore. Now, she was joined by Brandi’s opponent at The Haunting, Taylor Clawson. Raquel asked Taylor about Brandi’s idea of them picking opponents for each other for the Friday the 13th show. Taylor said it was an interesting idea, and she was all for it.

In the Ring
The scene cut to ringside where we saw the entrance of the HONOR World Champion Matt Kraven. Kraven came down to the ring with his title in hand, a dog collar and dog chair in the other hand, and Miles Lynch and Duncan Wright Jr behind him. Kraven got into the ring and spoke about his upcoming Dig Collar Match with Kade Haddix at the FFP Friday the 13th Show. Kraven said that he was ready to fight Kade and that he would love to fight him here in Wichita. Of course the Wichita crowd cheered. But they didn’t know that Kade wasn’t in the building. He was in Cincinnati. Matt dared Kade to come out, but called him a coward when he didn’t come. Brian Young informed the FFP Network viewers that Kade wasn’t in the building to answer Matt’s challenge.

October 29, 2017 FFP will present it’s scariest event of the year, The Haunting. The main event, will be Brandi Moore putting the FFP World Championship on the line against fellow FFP Hall of Famer, and former tag team partner Taylor Clawson. Many more blockbuster matches are scheduled. You will not want to miss this event!

Katsumi Akiyama vs Fiona Burke
Another physical match. Katsumi, a former HONOR Women’s Champion and new HONOR Wrestling Hall of Famer, had a different style than Fiona, concentrating on strikes. Fiona, more of a technical wrestler, attempted to ground her opponent. Fiona ducked a spinning back fist and landed a Codebreaker on Katsumi. Fiona then hooked Akiyama, and set her up for the FAB Drop, but that’s when the reigning FFP Women’s Television Champion made her entrance. It obviously distracted Fiona, as she was attempting to gain another victory en route to winning back the Women’s TV Title. As Kodee came down and began arguing Fiona, Katsumi took advantage with a dangerous back suplex. Katsumi then hit a shining wizard for the three count.

After the match Kodee got into the ring and continued beating Fiona down, holding the Women’s TV Title up and shoving it in Fiona’s face. However, the beatdown ended early, when Katsumi Akiyama grabbed Kodee by her hair and pulled her off of Fiona. Katsumi stood in front of Kodee, almost seeming to protect Fiona. Kodee took her Women’s TV Title and left the ring.

The scene cut to the locker room of the FFP Tag Team Champions Simply the Best. Caleb Newstead and Christopher Morgan were sitting and waiting to watch the main event, but suddenly their door was opened by their FFP The Haunting opponents Nevin Solomon and Alexander Modest. Newstead and Morgan quickly rose to their feet. But Nevin and Alexander simply told the tag team that they very well could have come in and attacked, but instead wanted to warn them that their title reign was coming to an end very soon.

FFP Adrenaline Title
(c) ATM w/ Beatrice Keenan vs Matt Evanston

On paper, this match had the potential to be not only match of the night, but make it into a Best of FFP DVDs. ATM and Matt Evanston, both technical brawlers, capable of putting down many of men in FFP. But could they deliver tonight? The answer, absolutely.

The match started slow, like most. Both men trying to gain a quick advantage, in the meantime trying not to open themselves up to a quick and embarrassing loss. Arm bare, wrist locks, hip tosses and arm drags. ATM hit a couple knife edge chops, by it only riled Evanston up, hitting his own chops followed by a couple of European uppercuts, one of which put ATM down. Matt followed up with a couple very nice suplexes, including a t-bone, a release Northern lights and an over head belly to belly. Evanston went up top and delivered a successful flying headbutt.

As Evanston sized ATM up for his finisher, the Go to Sleep, ATM saw it coming. He dropped down and rolled out of the ring, signaling for a timeout. Morgan Alexander talked about how it was a smart move. Of course Brian Young talked about how there are no timeouts in wrestling. As ATM talked with Beatrice for a moment, Matt Evanston slid out of the ring. Once ATM noticed, he slid back in. And as the challenger followed, Alexander hit him with a couple elbows. ATM laid in some kicks before pulling Evanston up and planting him with a DDT.

Evanston fought back, regaining the momentum, but Beatrice did the classic move where she sets the Adrenaline Title on the ring apron and distracts the referee on the opposite side. ATM retrieved the title, and leveled Evanston, laying him out in the center of the ring. ATM slid the title to the corner and made the pin. Beatrice let go of the referee and he made the count. 1…2… and Matt Evanston kicked out! The Wichita crowd couldn’t believe it. ATM looked over at Beatrice, who couldn’t believe it either.

Beatrice climbed onto the apron again, gaining the referee’s attention again. ATM grabbed the Adrenaline Title once more and waited for Evanston to get back to his feet. ATM took another swing, but Evanston ducked the attempt and hit ATM with a hard right forearm. But ATM quickly retaliated with a kick to the groin. Then immediately after, the Code Breaker. ATM covered Matt again, hooking the leg. Beatrice let go of the ref again. He slid in to make the count. 1…2… KICKOUT AGAIN! What the heck?!

ATM looked over at Beatrice. He couldn’t believe that he didn’t put Evanston down. Beatrice shrugged, as if to say that she didn’t know what to do. ATM slapped the mat, and turned back to Evanston. He was setting him up for another Code Breaker. Evanston slowly pushed himself up to his feet. ATM lept in the air for the Code Breaker, but Evanston caught ATM by his feet and let him drop down to his back. Evanston then slingshot ATM into the corner, with the Adrenaline Champion’s head slamming into the steel ring post just above the turnbuckle. ATM stumble back from the corner, where Evanston turned him, scooped him up and leveled him with the Go to Sleep. Evanston then covered the champion. 1…2…3! ATM’s title reign had come to an end, at the hands of Matt Evanston!

The referee awarded the Adrenaline Title to Matt Evanston, who immediately slid out of the ring and dove into the crowd. He stood amongst the fans, holding the FFP Adrenaline Title in the air. As he celebrated, the show came to an end.

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