10/10/2017 FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling

Date: October 10, 2017
Location: Glendale, AZ
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

This is for you Kaleb. Happy birthday.

The show began with the entrance of the FFP World Champion, Brandi Moore. Moore had promised an announcement on her Twitter Monday night, and apparently was here to deliver.

With the World Title resting on her shoulder, Brandi announced that due to the rise of her popularity as well as the rise of her pay check, she needed a little extra security around her. She said she decided to hire her own personal bodyguard who would take down anyone who got to lose. Brandi smiled as she announced OWF superstar Dexter Murdoch.

Murdoch came to the ring looking like he meant business. He stepped over the top rope and stood behind Brandi, with his arms folded. Brandi then reminded everyone that she had decided Taylor Clawson’s opponent for FFP Friday the 13th. Dexter Murdoch. The crowd couldn’t believe. Neither could the commentators. As Brandi and Dexter left the ring, Brian spoke about his unfair the choice was, whole Morgan said it was a great gameplan for Brandi Moore.

Austin Briggs vs Levi Fuller
A hard hitting match featuring a FFP veteran in Austin Briggs and a young and hungry Levi Fuller. Both men had flashes of offense. Briggs hit a running turnbuckle bomb followed by a running STO for a close two count. Levi fought back. And open hand strike sent Austin stumbling forward. Levi then rushed up and hit a German suplex. Following the suplex, Fuller charged and hit a shining wizard that seemed to nearly knock the eyeballs out of Briggs’ skull. Fuller went for the pin, but Austin was somehow able to get a shoulder up. The crowd loved it.

Levi couldn’t believe it. He pulled Austin up, and set him up for the Flex Slam, but Briggs reversed into his own German suplex. As Fuller got back up, Briggs floored him with a clothesline, Levi’s body folding in half on the mat. Briggs then climbed up to the middle rope. As Levi got back up Briggs dove off, going for a missile dropkick. But Fuller dodged and Austin slammed to the mat. Levi hit the ropes, charging at Briggs as Austin began to get to his feet. Austin however was able to catch Levi and slam him to the mat with a vicious spinebuster. Briggs then pulled Levi up and drove him to the mat with the Brainbuster. Austin hooked Levi’s leg, and got the three count. The commentators agreed that it was one heck of a match.

The scene cut backstage where Odell Porter talked about his upcoming match with Joey DeMarco at FFP Friday the 13th. Odell said that he will walk out the winner.

Tamatoas vs Nevin Solomon & Alexander Modest
A match involving a lot of tags, and a lot of technical wrestling. Kanoa Tamatoa went for a big splash off the top but only caught Nevin’s knees. Solomon then hit the Fisherman Brainbuster for the win.

After the match Alexander Modest got on the microphone, and guaranteed victory over Simply the Best at FFP The Haunting.


Kodee Black vs Katsumi Akiyama

Fiona comes down for commentary
Another hard hitting match. Kodee Black seemed to have the strength advantage, but where Katsumi lacked in strength, she had more experience with technical wrestling, as well as the very hard and very loud kicks that she enjoys dishing out.

Kodee rocked Katsumi with a back elbow and hit a gutwrench powerbomb. Black then followed that up with kick after kick, obviously mocking Katsumi. Eventually Katsumi caught Kodee’s leg, and delivered a devastating dragon screw. Katsumi continued working on Kodee’s leg. Katsumi dumped Kodee on her head with a DDT, then pulled her back up for her finisher the Tiger Suplex. But Kodee was able to break free. She went for a clothesline, but Akiyama ducked it and successfully delivered the Tiger Suplex. Katsumi went for the pin and the referee made the pin. 1…2…3!

However, Kodee had placed her leg on the bottom rope. The referee noticed and immediately went to the ring announcer to keep the match going. Katsumi stood up, holding her arms in the air until the ring announcer announced that the match would continue. As she looked at the referee puzzled, Kodee rolled Katsumi up and got the three count.

Black rolled out of the ring, grabbing her FFP Women’s Television Title and leaving the ringside area.

The scene cut to ATM standing with Beatrice Keenan. ATM said that last week Matt Evanston got lucky, and that when they had their rematch at FFP The Haunting, ATM would easily take back his title.

In the Ring
Bianca Hunt led her stable down to the ring. Bianca talked about how Blaine Edwards didn’t stand a chance at FFP The Haunting against EJ “Money” Carter, who Bianca referred to as the greatest Cruiserweight Champion of all time. Bianca then changed the subject to her newest clients, Lacey Abernathy and Cindy Labre, saying that the two of them and herself would take care of Kylie and Katrina Connelly at The Haunting, and win the FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles.

October 29, 2017 FFP will present it’s scariest event of the year, The Haunting. The main event, will be Brandi Moore putting the FFP World Championship on the line against fellow FFP Hall of Famer, and former tag team partner Taylor Clawson. Many more blockbuster matches are scheduled. You will not want to miss this event!

Patrick McCoy w/ Scarlett Ducane vs Hayden Flowers
This was a very competitive match, although on paper McCoy seemed to be the sure fire winner. Hayden hit a couple springboard moves before going up top for his Frog Splash. But Scarlett got onto the apron and started grabbing at Hayden’s foot. The referee came to demand Scarlett to get off the apron, but while he was distracted, McCoy leveled Hayden with a low blow. Patrick then climbed up onto the middle turnbuckle, picked Hayden up onto his shoulder and planted him with the Kryptonite Krunch off the middle rope.

Patrick then made the cover and got the three count. But McCoy wasn’t done. He began to drive his fist into Hayden’s face. Meanwhile Scarlett grabbed a microphone. She demanded that Logan come out and save Hayden, or Patrick was going to beat him senseless, and end his career.

McCoy continued beating on Hayden, before finally hooking him in a dragon sleeper. Hayden was out, but McCoy kept wrenching and wrenching. Finally, Logan Christopher came out.

Logan slid into the ring, and him and Patrick went toe-to-toe. Fist after fist. Trading blows, trying to knock the other out. A total slug fest. Logan gained the upperhand, and after rocking Patrick with a hard right hand, he leveled McCoy with a dropkick that sent him falling through the ropes and to the arena floor. But Logan didn’t stop there. He hit the ropes and delivered a tope suicida onto Patrick. Unfortunately, Logan took Scarlett Ducane out as well.

EMTs came out to check on Scarlett. Patrick seemed to be extremely concerned for Scarlett. Logan sat on the arena floor, obviously upset that he inadvertently collided with Scarlett as well.

The scene cut backstage to the reigning FFP Women’s Champion Giovanni Gotch, joined with her stable of FFP Hall of Famer Christi Carter and Chloe Banks. Giovanni said that she had defeated everyone in the FFP Women’s Division and said that she was looking for more competition. She said that at FFP The Haunting she would be issuing an open challenge for her championship, and was expecting someone to actually give her a challenge this time around.

In the Ring
The scene cut back to the ring where Kade Haddix had come down, wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Kade got on the microphone and demanded that Matt Kraven come down to the ring. Kade said that he was tired of talk and tweets, and he wanted to fight.

Eventually Matt Kraven stepped out onto the entrance stage. But he didn’t come alone. Behind him was the WWS Champion Miles Lynch and the HONOR Intercontinental Champion Duncan Wright Jr. Kraven asked Kade if this is what he really wanted. Kade said that he was going to make Matt pay.

So Matt and his two stablemates walked down the isle and circled the ring. They eventually slid in and Kade went after them. He was able to floor Duncan Wright Jr and charge toward Matt, but Miles Lynch intervened, knocking Kade down and pummeling him. Seconds later, all three men were on Kade, beating him down. He didn’t stand a chance, being hit with kicks, stomps and punches. Miles and Duncan then pulled Kade up and held his arms out to the side. Kraven then proceeded to crack Kade with the Superkick. The trio stood over Kade’s motionless body as he lie face down on the mat. The event came to an end showing this. Was this an omen to what will happen at Kade Haddix this Friday at FFP Friday the 13th?

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