10/31/2017 FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling

Date: October 31, 2017
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The show opened up with the entrance of Hunt Enterprises. Bianca Hunt led her team proudly to the ring. Blaine Edwards held the Cruiserweight Title on his shoulder. And Lacey Abernathy and Cindy Labre gladly carried the FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles. Bianca, who was the third of the first ever trio that had held a Tag Team Title in FFP, was all smiles as they climbed into the ring and she began to gloat about her stable.

Hunt said that she had said that she would prove that Hunt Enterprises was the most dominant stable in FFP, and now it was proven. She said that many asked why she did what she did to EJ Carter, and that the answer was quite simple. She wanted to show that she was the force behind EJ’s record breaking Cruiserweight Title reign, and she showed that she was the force behind ending his record breaking Cruiserweight Title reign.

This brought EJ Carter out. Carter said that he would get a rematch for the Cruiserweight Title and he intended to challenge to take his title back at FFP Rebirth!

FFP Television Title
(c) Gregory Hart vs ATM w/ Beatrice Keenan

Another back and forth matchup to start things off at FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling. Apparently back and forth matches is kind of FFP’s thing, no? Morgan Alexander really put ATM over as a brilliant wrestler with an outstanding gameplan. ATM targeted the leg, like he did against Matt Evanston at The Haunting. Gregory Hart put his own gameplan into affect as well, working on ATM’s arm, and in the midst hitting a couple hard lariats, a slingshot shoulder block and a superplex. As Hart keyed in on ATM for his Double Underhook Backbreaker, Beatrice Keenan climbed onto the apron. Gregory Hart was distracted, but only for a moment. ATM charged at the FFP TV Champ, but Hart side stepped him. ATM nearly crashed into Beatrice. After putting on the brakes and nearly colliding with her, ATM turned around to only get rocked with a roaring elbow. Hart then hit ATM with the Double Underhook Backbreaker for the three count. Gregory Hart had successfully retained his title, and for the second straight match, Beatrice Keenan’s interference backfired for ATM.

After the match the Champion left with his title held high in the air. ATM left the ring obviously looking frustrated. But was he frustrated at the loss, or Beatrice?


In the Ring
The scene cut to the ring where Taylor Clawson came out. Clawson had come so close to winning the FFP World Title from Brandi Moore at The Haunting, but ended up on the losing end after Brandi used the World Title as a weapon. Taylor got on the microphone and challenged Brandi to another match, saying that the two of them main eventing Rebirth sounded like a good idea.

Brandi came out, with the World Title on her shoulder and Dexter Murdoch by her side. She declined Taylor’s challenge, saying she had already defeated her and had nothing else to prove. She said she would gladly take Rebirth off. However, Brandi’s plans were soiled when the President of Full Force Pro, Veronica Clyne came out. Veronica said that she believed Brandi did in fact have something to prove, so in the main event of Rebirth Brandi would indeed put her World Title on the line against Taylor Clawson! Brandi was obviously upset about the announcement, and stormed off.

The scene cut backstage to the FFP Tag Team Champions, Simply the Best. Caleb Newstead and Christopher Morgan were confident, holding their titles on their shoulders guaranteeing victory over any challenging team. They said that open challenges seemed to be the “in” thing in this day in age, so soon they would begin issuing open challenges for their titles. Newstead said that this would prove that they are without a doubt, Simply the Best.

Joey DeMarco vs Odell Porter
These two guys came out swinging. But not just swinging. It wasn’t just a brawl, but high impact wrestling moves. Arm drags, dropkicks, suplexes and clothesline. Moves from the top, moves off the top and moves to the outside of the ring. Joey hit Odell with a suplex off the ring apron to the arena floor. He followed that up with a senton off the apron, to a standing Odell Porter. The match ended up back in the ring where Odell hit a springboard dropkick that floored DeMarco. Porter then hit a falcon arrow and a back breaker. He went for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, but Joey reversed it with a head scissors. Then hit a Superkick followed by a German suplex. DeMarco went for a shining wizard, but Porter dodged the attempt and rolled Joey up for a two count. When they got back up, Odell caught DeMarco with a spinning back kick, and an impressive springboard into a swinging DDT. Porter followed up with a Regal Plex, bridging the move for a pinfall, and the three count.

After the match Odell began to celebrate, but Joey quickly attacked him from behind. DeMarco clotheslined Odell and leveled him with repeated stomps. He then pulled Odell up and planted him with a jumping piledriver.

The scene cut backstage where Tyrece Beckman was talking with Austin Briggs. Briggs talked about wanting tough competition. He talked about being one of the originals of FFP, and honestly getting bored. Hiroki Ito stepped into view, and told Austin that if he wanted some tough competition that Ito would gladly oblige…tonight!

FFP Women’s Television Title
(c) Kodee Black vs Fiona Burke

Another hard hitting matchup. These two ladies obviously had a problem with each other, proof by the two trading punches in the center of the ring. Both women hit some big impact moves, with Kodee looking to end it with a powerbomb from the middle turnbuckle. Black went up top, going for a flying knee drop, but Fiona rolled out of the way and Kodee slammed into the mat. Fiona followed up with a couple hard kicks to the chest, before planting Black with a reverse Russian leg sweep. Burke attempted the pin, but only got a two count. Fiona pulled Kodee up, now hooking her up for the FAB Drop, but Kodee fought out and hit a huge clothesline. Kodee pulled Fiona up and scooped her onto her shoulders for a Death Valley Driver. Fiona fought free, winding up behind Kodee and rolling her up from behind pinning Kodee, while sitting on her legs. The referee made the count as Kodee squirmed to kick out. 1…2… and Kodee was just able to kick out.

The champion quickly got to her feet, briefly looking at the referee to make sure it was only a two count. But when she turned back to Fiona, Burke hit a kick to the gut and planted Kodee with the FAB Drop. Fiona then hooked the leg. 1…2…3! Fiona Burke was the new FFP Women’s Television Champion!

Sunday November 26, while you are recuperating from Thanksgiving, Black Friday or both, tune in to FFP’s November pay-per-view Rebirth. Live on the FFP Network FFP will air Rebirth, which will feature all of the top FFP superstars such as the FFP World Champion Brandi Moore, the FFP Tag Team Champions Simply the Best, and the controversial Hunt Enterprises!

Austin Briggs vs Hiroki Ito
Hiroki Ito came out with the full support of the Los Angeles crowd. But Austin was used to being the “bad guy”. Briggs laughed at the fans jeers. So did Morgan Alexander, really putting Austin over. The two battled hard. Hiroki was known for his stiff and loud kicks. Austin, being the technical wrestler that he was, had one gameplan. Take the legs away from Hiroki. Take the lumberjack’s chainsaw, and how will he cut down the tree? Briggs hit Hiroki with a devastating dropkick to the front of the knee, which obviously was painful. Sent the Japanese superstar down to the mat holding his knee. But Briggs continued the assault, stomping on Hiroki’s leg before pulling him up and hitting a dragon leg screw. Briggs then drug Hiroki to the corner and used the steel ring post to ram Hiroki’s knee into. Austin then went back into the ring and went for his Brainbuster, but Hiroki was somehow able to deliver a hard knee strike to the top of Austin’s head. Austin dropped Hiroki, who landed on his feet. But his knee buckled and he fell to the mat. Briggs noticed and went for a hard kick to Hiroki. Ito ducked the kick however. He popped back to his feet and hit a rolling heel kick which sent Briggs down to the mat.

Hiroki waited as Austin started to get back up. The LA crowd clapping as Hiroki set Briggs up for his finisher. He scooped Briggs up onto his shoulder, setting him up for the Go to Sleep. But again, the weight of Austin was too much for Hiroki’s knee. Ito let Briggs go, and stumbled, limping on his bad knee. Briggs quickly delivered an effective chop block from behind. Hiroki folded, screaming in pain. Austin now pulled Hiroki to his feet, violently by his hair. Austin proceeded to deliver the Brainbuster. Hiroki was out cold. Austin hooked the leg and got the three count. Austin Briggs was your winner.

After the match Austin stood over Hiroki, smiling at the damage that he had caused. Austin wanted more competition, and when he got it, he wrestled him down and potentially injured his leg.

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