11/14/2017 FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling

Date: November 14, 2017
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The show opened up with Fiona Burke already out in the ring. Fiona apologized to the FFP audience for losing the FFP Women’s Television Title to a 3XW superstar. Fiona promised to make it right, and win the title back at Rebirth.

Logan Christopher vs Hayden Flowers
A fast paced match featuring a lot of back and forth. The Las Vegas crowd seemed pretty evenly split on who they were behind. Logan Christopher got the best of Hayden, hitting the Shooting Star Press for the victory.


Kevin Lewan vs Kyle Donovan
Another back and forth match that saw Kyle Donovan show a lot of potential. But Kevin Lewan got the victory after a Brainbuster and a flying headbutt.

The scene cut backstage to Tyrece Beckman standing by with the FFP Tag Team Champions, Christopher Morgan and Caleb Newstead, Simply the Best. Christopher said that the Rich Brothers didn’t stand a chance against them at Rebirth. He said that as a matter of fact, 3XW didn’t stand a chance walking away from Rebirth with any FFP titles, because Fiona would win back the Women’s TV Title.

Women’s Champion #1 Contender Battle Royal
To the delight of the Las Vegas crowd they got treated to a few surprise participants in the battle royal. Surprises such as Zoey Kiehl, Juno Frost and Jaqueline Aulstrike. All three had a good showing in the match. So did Tabitha Mullins, Ariana Chaos and Kemina among others.

The final four came down to Noel Zelig, Jaqueline Aulstrike, Kenzie Anderson and Amy Kraven. Noel Zelig eliminated Jaqueline Aulstrike with a huge clothesline that sent Jaqueline over the top. Kenzie Anderson almost had Amy Kraven out, but Noel came to Amy’s aide and tossed Kenzie out. Amy and Noel then went at it. Noel knocked Amy over the top rope with a monstrous European uppercut, but Amy caught herself on the apron. Noel went for a clothesline, but Amy counter, and swung Noel out into the apron. Noel hit Amy with a couple right hands and set her up for a piledriver, on the apron! Brian Young talked about how hard the apron was and how much damage this move would do to Amy.

Amy broke away from Noel, and it seemed like out of desperation Amy hit Noel with the Superkick. Both women fell off the apron and onto the arena floor. It seemed they landed at the same time. Which meant, chaos. Both women tried to plead their cases to the referee. But instead, Veronica Clyne came out and announced that later tonight, Noel and Amy would battle to become the number one contender for the Women’s Title!

The scene cut backstage to Raquel St Claire who was talking with Austin Briggs about his match with Hiroki Ito at FFP Rebirth. Austin said that he was in the middle of proving that he is without a doubt the best wrestler in FFP. He said that after he was done with Hiroki, he would move on to get gold back around his waist.

In the Ring
The FFP World Champion Brandi Moore came out to the ring with her bodyguard Dexter Murdoch by her side. Inside the ring, was a throne. Brandi took a seat on it as Dexter grabbed her a microphone. She said that the Las Vegas crowd should be honored to see her. She said that she had a special surprise for everyone in Vegas, and presented a choir. The commentators seemed rather confused. The choir then sang the song “Wind Beneath My Wings”. Brian Young talked about how ridiculous it was. And of course Morgan Alexander loved it, even standing up and singing along. The Vegas crowd booed, and Dexter Murdoch tried to instruct them to show respect. Which only made them boo louder. That is until Taylor Clawson came out from the crowd and rolled into the ring. As Brandi watched the choir, and held her World Title on her shoulder, Taylor came up behind her and tipped her throne over. Brandi went after Taylor, but Brandi’s former tag team partner got the best of the exchange, landing a couple right hands and planting Brandi with the Flatliner. Taylor took the World Championship and held it in the air. The Vegas crowd cheered. Dexter Murdoch crawled into the ring to aide Brandi, but Taylor quickly dropped the belt across Brandi’s body and made her exit.

The scene cut backstage to Hunt Enterprises. Bianca Hunt talked about his Blaine Edwards would successfully retain the Cruiserweight Title at Rebirth, and whenever anyone proved themselves to be worthy contenders to the Women’s Tag Team Titles, that her, Lacey Abernathy and Cindy Labre would show them that they weren’t ready for Hunt Enterprises.

Sunday November 26, while you are recuperating from Thanksgiving, Black Friday or both, tune in to FFP’s November pay-per-view Rebirth. Live on the FFP Network FFP will air Rebirth, which will feature all of the top FFP superstars such as the FFP World Champion Brandi Moore, the FFP Tag Team Champions Simply the Best, and the controversial Hunt Enterprises!

FFP Adrenaline Title
(c) Matt Evanston vs Kade Haddix

A very good match between two more fan favorites. Kade Haddix came in with a lot of momentum and hit some high impact moves on Matt Evanston. After a springboard clothesline and an Asai moonsault, Haddix hit a turnbuckle powerbomb for a two count. Evanston fought back, hitting an array of European uppercuts and a flurry of knife edge chops and solid strikes. After a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, Evanston hit an elbow off the middle rope for a two count. He pulled Kade back up and went for a piledriver, but Kade reversed with a back body drop. Only Matt landed on his feet, and hit Kade with a shining wizard that echoed through the arena. Evanston then hoisted Kade up and hit the Go to Sleep for the pin.

After the match, the crowd was surprised to see Aiden Conrad slide into the ring and level Matt Evanston from behind with a steel chair. Conrad pummeled the Adrenaline Champion and stood over him with a smile on his face. Aiden then took a microphone and said that he would soon be the new Adrenaline Champion.

#1 Contender Match
Noel Zelig vs Amy Kraven

The FFP Women’s Champion Giovanni Gotch came out to the ring and joined Brian Young and Morgan Alexander at the commentary table. The match was hard hitting. And like many other matches of the night, seemed to have a split crowd. Noel Zelig had a stiff and effective gameplan, with chops, punches and clotheslines. Amy Kraven fought back, knocking Noel silly with a jumping kick to the skull. Kraven then dumped Noel over with a German suplex. Noel fought to get back up, so Amy grabbed her and gave her another German suplex.

Amy went up top, but Noel caught her before she could perform a move. Noel then hit an impressive frankensteiner off the top. But Noel didn’t feel that was enough. So she went back up top, and hit a Frog Splash for a two count. After the kickout, Noel bodyslammed Amy and went back up top once more. Amy was quick to get up and cut Noel off. Amy grabbed a hold of Noel and planted her on the mat with a Kraven Klash off the middle turnbuckle.

Amy hooked Noel’s leg and the referee slid into position. 1…2… and Noel So somehow kicked out. The commentators couldn’t believe it. And Giovanni Gotch undersold it. Amy pushed herself back up to her feet as Noel fought to push herself up. Once she was up, Amy cracked her with the Superkick. Then she made the cover. 1…2…3! Amy Kraven was the new number one contender.

And speaking of the Women’s Title, after the match Giovanni Gotch slid into the ring and blasted Amy from behind with the Women’s Title, right to the head. Gotch pummeled Amy down and placed her foot on her chest. Gotch proudly held the FFP Women’s Championship into the air as the Las Vegas crowd booed. This is how the show came to an end.

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