FFP 2017 16-to-1 Tournament: Night 1

Date: December 1, 2017
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Commentators: Morgan Alexander
Samantha West

The first event of the 2017 FFP 16-to-1 Tournament kicked off with a short video about the eight women who would be competing on this night. Then the cameras cut to Morgan Alexander and Samantha West standing at the commentator’s table. A lot of positive signs in the crowd for Samantha West. Some negative ones about Morgan. They welcomed everyone to the show, and then sent it to ringside for the first match.

Jazzy Faye vs Luciana Fernandez
The first match of the 2017 16-To-1 Tournament was ring veteran Jazzy Faye taking on experience wrestler Luciana Fernandez. Jazzy seemed to have a pretty decent following, and the majority of the crowd seemed to be behind her. Jazzy used her power to get the upperhand early, but Luciana hit her with a big knee to the head to turn the tide. Fernandez planted Jazzy with a DDT, then proceeded to hit a tornado DDT for a two count. Luciana bounced off the ropes and charged at Jazzy, but Faye turned the match around with an awesome clothesline, flipping Luciana backwards to which she fell chest first to the mat. Luciana tried getting up quickly, but the clothesline had really put her in a daze. Jazzy came from behind and slammed Luciana back to the mat with a German suplex. She kept her hands locked and brought Luciana up for another. Then another. On the third German suplex Jazzy bridged it for a pin, and got the three count. Jazzy Faye would be moving on in the tournament.

The camera panned around the arena showing many of the FFP and OWF superstars in attendance for this special event. Superstars such as Nina Fox, Logan Christopher, Patrick McCoy, Scarlett Ducane, Noel Zelig and Odell Porter were shown. Of course Odell’s girlfriend Saraya Varro was in the tournament taking on Minnie Nova tonight. Odell’s rival Joey DeMarco was also shown watching the action, as well as OWF Women’s Champion Zoey Kiehl.

Hua Liu vs Pandora
Pandora had a little bit of a size advantage. And she used power and striking moves to try to get the best of the Chinese wrestler Hua Liu. Pandora even hit a big spinebuster followed by an elbow across the face off the middle rope for a two count. And when that didn’t work, she hoisted Hua up and slammed her to the at with a Samoan drop. But Pandora went back up to the second rope once again. That, is where she made a mistake. She jumped off the middle rope, but Hua connected with a dropkick to the chest. The blow sent Pandora crashing to the mat below. Liu then lit Pandora up with a couple of strikes. She pulled the red head up to her feet, scooped her up and dropped her with a brainbuster. Morgan Alexander was sure it was over, but Hua didn’t go for the pin. Instead, she hooked Pandora into a painful armbar. Pandora tried to get to the ropes, but it was no use. She tapped out. Hua Liu was the winner, and would advance in the tournament.

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Minnie Nova vs Saraya Varro
Both of these women seemed to be big fan favorites. A lot of cheers. A lot of positive signs. Samantha West made note, saying that both ladies had a very good shot to get into FFP win lose or draw, because the crowd legitimately likes them. The match started out technical. Headlocks, armbars, reversals and reversals. The LA crowd loved it. They ate it up. Minnie Nova was the first to land a big strike. A kick across the chest. It floored Saraya. And the camera showed Odell Porter in the front row looking concerned. But Saraya battled back, eventually grounding Minnie and attempting to wear her down. Varro hit a snap suplex and a springboard moonsault for a two count. Saraya backed away and looked to be going for a spear, but Minnie dodged it and sent Saraya tumbling through the ropes and to the arena floor. As Varro got back up, Nova charged and hit a baseball dropkick. The blow sent Saraya into the steel guardrail. Unfortunately, it was close to Odell Porter’s rival Joey DeMarco. DeMarco was quick to stand and check on Odell’s girlfriend. Obviously a ploy to get inside the head of Odell Porter.

Odell was quick to notice. Joey even put his hand out to try to help Saraya. This was what sent Odell over the edge. He got up from his seat and went to confront DeMarco. Saraya in the meantime was heading back toward the squared circle. Odell arrived at Joey’s seat where the two went nose to nose. After a few choice words, the two came to blows. FFP security was quick to rush to the situation. Saraya, who had now rolled into the ring, noticed the commotion and turned to see what was going on. She yelled out to Odell to stop fighting. But when she turned around she fell victim to a devastating running big boot from Minnie Nova. The blow flattened the rookie. Minnie then hooked Saraya’s leg and got the three count. The camera quickly showed Odell, who obviously regretted getting into it with Joey. Morgan was quick to point out that it was all Odell’s fault, and he should feel ashamed.

After the tree is set up and the cookies are set out for Santa, sit down and enjoy FFP’s December pay-per-view Throwback! That’s right. FFP Throwback comes to you live on Christmas Eve night, from the home of the OWF, Cincinnati, Ohio. It will be an interesting Christmas Eve night to say the least.

Saige Abbott vs Big Luce
The battle of the two biggest ladies in this year’s 16-to-1 Tournament. Last year the winner was Jaqueline Aulstrike, who was a giant of a woman. It seemed to bode well for these ladies. Saige was a rookie to the sport of professional wrestler, but great at judo. And she took Big Luce down to her back several times in this match. But when Luce would catch her with a headlock, a knife edge chop or a huge clothesline, Abbott wasn’t exactly sure what to do. But, Saige did duck an attempted clothesline, and dumped Luce on the back of her head with a giant German suplex. Morgan Alexander couldn’t believe it, even standing to scream out about the move. Saige went for the cover, but Luce kicked out at two. Saige continued putting the fight to the former WWS wrestler. Saige pulled her up, scooped her onto her shoulders and hit a very impressive death valley driver. The LA crowd thought it was over. So did Morgan. So did Samantha. The ref slid into position. 1…2… and Big Luce kicked out! Everyone loved it! This match would continue.

Saige ended up going to the middle rope. Morgan said that it was most likely a mistake. And when she jumped off and ate Big Luce’s boot, he gloated about how he was right. The blow to the jaw sent Saige stumbling back. She was hurt. Luce got up and charged, however Saige dodged and Luce slammed into the corner. Saige rolled Luce up. Would this be it?! The ref made his count. 1…2… and Luce kicked out again. But she was being tested here tonight against this rookie. Saige pulled Big Luce up again. She scooped her up onto her shoulders again. Possibly going for another death valley driver. But this time, Luce slid off of Saige’s shoulders. She violently shoved Saige forward. Abbott crashed into the corner. She stumbled out only to get thrown halfway across the ring with a German suplex. When she got back to her feet, she was destroyed with a lariat courtesy of Big Luce. Luce then went up to the middle rope. The middle rope ended up being a mistake for Saige. But Big Luce..she dove off the middle rope and slammed against Saige Abbott. She hooked the leg and the referee slid into position. 1…2…3! Big Luce was advancing in the tournament!

After the match, Big Luce helped Saige up. She wrapped her in a hug and whispered something to her. The rookie definitely impressed everyone in attendance, and obviously she impressed Big Luce as well. Saige then left the ring and let Luce have her moment.

Don’t miss night two of the FFP 16-to-1 Tournament tomorrow night live from LA!

Tomorrow’s matches will be:

• Mystiquetress vs Akane Mae
• Cynthia Gibbons vs Serena Dawn
• Paisley Robins vs Marisol Castillo
• Max Zeta vs Gina Dilano


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