FFP 2017 16-to-1 Tournament: Night 2

Date: December 2, 2017
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Commentators: Morgan Alexander
Samantha West

The show opened up with the President of FFP Veronica Clyne Backstage. Veronica said that the finals of this awesome tournament will take place on Christmas Eve at FFP Throwback!

The scene then cut to ringside. Morgan Alexander and Samantha West were ready to commentate tonight’s four opening round matches. And the crowd was just as ready. Some notable FFP wrestlers in the crowd were Logan Christopher, Adam Hyatt, Madison Hyatt, the FFP Adrenaline Champion Aiden Conrad with Pandora, and Matt Kraven.

Mystiquetress vs Akane Mae
The first match was an interesting one. The only masked woman in the tournament taking on a very successful Japanese wrestler. Akane Mae showed off some high impact high flying moves. After hitting a missile dropkick, she hit a diving corkscrew stunner for the three count.

Cynthia Gibbons vs Serena Dawn
FFP fans were familiar with Cynthia Gibbons, getting a World Title shot against Brandi Moore as a joke by Brandi. This match, Cynthia faired far better. But her opponent, Serena Dawn, was a legitimate bad ass. Samantha West talked about Serena’s MMA career as well as wrestling in Japan. After Serena hit a brutal overhead belly to belly suplex, she destroyed Cynthia with a running knee to the jaw. Dawn could have easily gotten the pin, but she hooked Cynthia into a triangle hold. Gibbons was out cold. The referee quickly recognized that and called for the bell.

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The scene cut to the commentator’s table. Morgan Alexander said that he and Samantha both hoped that the next two matches would be a little more back and forth with the first two matches of the night being rather one sided. Samantha agreed completely.

Paisley Robins vs Marisol Castillo
A back and forth match all the way through. Both women had similar styles, hitting hard strikes, technically wrestling and hitting a couple moves off the top rope. Paisley hit a springboard dropkick and followed it up with a Northern Lights suplex for a two count. Paisley went for a dropkick off the middle rope, but Marisol dodged it and hooked on a STF. Paisley was hurt, in the center of the ring. She stretched and reached for the rope, but eventually fought out of the hold, sliding out and hooking on a headlock.

Eventually Paisley gained the upperhand with some impressive kicks. She backed Marisol into the ropes and charged. But Marisol back body dropped Paisley. However, Robins caught herself on the apron. When Marisol turned around, Paisley cracked her with a kick to the skull. Castillo fell to the mat and Paisley quickly got on the top rope. Paisley then proceeded to hit a Frog Splash. She hooked Marisol’s leg and got the three count. Paisley Robins would advance in the tournament.

After the tree is set up and the cookies are set out for Santa, sit down and enjoy FFP’s December pay-per-view Throwback! That’s right. FFP Throwback comes to you live on Christmas Eve night, from the home of the OWF, Cincinnati, Ohio. It will be an interesting Christmas Eve night to say the least.

Max Zeta vs Gina Dilano
Like Serena Dawn, Max Zeta had MMA experience, as well as experience wrestling in Japan. She also had quite a height advantage on the young rookie Gina Dilano. Gina was trained by one of FFP’s best wrestlers in it’s history, Veronica Clyne. Gina came out like a ball of fire, throwing hard fists, elbows and knees. But anytime she’d really start going, Max would slam her to the mat with a throw or a slam. Zeta then began using her legs, landing solid kicks on Dilano. That is until Gina caught one of the attempted kicks, and delivered a dragon leg screw. Gina continued working on Max’s leg, stomping on it, dropping elbows on it and even pulling her up and hitting another dragon leg screw.

Morgan mentioned that it was a good game plan, but said he really didn’t think Gina would be able to get Max to submit. Still, Gina locked on a figure four leg lock. Could she pull the upset? Max reached for the ropes, using her upper body strength to move her and Gina toward the ropes. Eventually, she got to them and the referee called for the break. Gina released, and pulled Max back up. Gina scooped Max up and hit a scoop slam driver. She then stood up and called for the end. She pulled Max back up and set her up for Veronica Clyne’s finisher, the Vertabreaker. However, Max was able to escape the attempt and rocked Gina with a hard kick to the side of the head. Gina dropped to her knees, obviously knocked groggy. Zeta then hit Gina with a painful shining wizard. But she wasn’t done there. Max pulled Gina back up, lifted her up on her shoulders, and hit a Samoan Driver for a three count. Max Zeta would advance in the tournament.


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