12/05/2017 FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling

Date: December 5, 2017
Location: El Paso, TX
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The show opened up with the FFP World Champion Brandi Moore, along with her bodyguard Dexter Murdoch. Brandi said that it was good to be the FFP World Champion, but that obviously it was good to be Brandi Moore. Brandi then said that she wasn’t booked in a match for Throwback, but that she had a special surprise for everyone in attendance, and watching on the FFP Network.

The scene cut backstage where Raquel St Claire was standing by with the new FFP Women’s Champion Amy Kraven. Raquel asked Amy about finally being the champion, and being ready to face Giovanni Gotch at Throwback. Amy said that it was a blessing to be the champion finally, as it had been a dream of hers for years. She said that she was excited to put the title on the line at Throwback against Giovanni. Amy said that she knew Giovanni was a tough opponent, but she had defeated her before, and was ready to do it again.

Hiroki Ito vs Joey DeMarco
These two had faced off several times in HONOR Wrestling. This match was just as hard hitting. DeMarco gained the upperhand and landed a big elbow to the back of the head for a close two count. Joey then hit a Brainbuster for another two count.

Hiroki fought back, gaining the advantage with solid kicks, and a rolling heel kick to the skull. Ito scooped Joey onto his shoulders for the Go to Sleep, but Joey dug his fingers into Hiroki’s eyes. Then he rolled the Japanese superstar up and got the three count – not without pulling the tights.

After the match Austin Briggs charged the ring, taking advantage of the downed Hiroki and laying a beat down. Joey DeMarco decided to go ahead and join in. This brought out Odell Porter to even the odds. FFP security broke the brawl up as fast as they could.

The scene cut to Tyrece Beckman, who was interviewing Blaine Edwards about his upcoming match with Gregory Hart. The winner would become the first ever FFP Network Champion. Blaine didn’t do too much talking. It was mostly Bianca Hunt. Blaine was content to let her do the talking, saying he was hands down better than Gregory, and would win without a shadow of a doubt.

Head Trauma vs Nevin Solomon & Alexander Modest
Both teams saw some offensive. Nevin and Alexander seemed to be on the verge of taking the victory home, but Khali and Malik hit the Total Elimination on Nevin for the three count.

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The scene cut to the ring where Jaqueline Aulstrike and Tabitha Mullins were standing, holding a microphone. The two giant women announced that they were a new tag team in the women’s division of FFP, and that they were ready for any and all opponents. Jaqueline guaranteed that there wasn’t a Women’s tag team in FFP that could beat them.

This brought out Lizzy Kraven and her partner Olivia Lee. The two had teamed up all around the globe, but hasn’t done too much tagging up in FFP. Lizzy laughed at the guarantee, and said that they weren’t busy at Throwback. Jaqueline said that her and Tabitha would gladly take Lizzy and Olivia on at Throwback, and they would embarrass them. The match was set!

Kemina vs Kenzie Anderson
This match was filled with animosity with both women claiming to be the Queen of FFP. Both women had particular styles, but seemed to steal a few moves out of each other’s playbooks. Kenzie knocked Kemina out of the ring and hit a suicide dive that was breathtaking. Anderson sent Kemina back into the ring, but ended up eating a kick to the skull. Kenzie fell to the arena floor, where Kemina climbed onto the apron and hit a beautiful Asai moonsault. Kemina sent Kenzie back into the ring and set her up for the Cradle Shock Driver. But Kenzie escaped the attempt and hit a hard clothesline. As Kemina got back up, Kenzie hit a hard kick and planted her with a hard DDT. Kenzie then went up top. When Kemina got back up, Kenzie jumped off the top rope and successfully connected with a flying cross body block.

Kenzie waited as Kemina began to get back up Kenzie charged and connected with the Busaiku Knee. Anderson made the cover, but Kemina got her foot on the bottom rope just before the three count. Kenzie couldn’t believe it. She stepped back, setting Kemina up for another Busaiku. She charged as Kemina got up, but Kemina dodged and connected with a Superkick. She scooped Kenzie up across her shoulders and planted her with the Cradle Shock Driver. Kemina then hooked the leg. 1…2…3!

After the tree is set up and the cookies are set out for Santa, sit down and enjoy FFP’s December pay-per-view Throwback! That’s right. FFP Throwback comes to you live on Christmas Eve night, from the home of the OWF, Cincinnati, Ohio. It will be an interesting Christmas Eve night to say the least.

Odell Porter vs Austin Briggs
After the brawl earlier tonight, these two came out with fists flying. Connecting with rights and lefts, this was a fight from the beginning. Briggs gained the upperhand with a running knee to Odell’s ribs. Briggs then began working on Porter’s head and neck, setting him up for his Brainbuster. Eventually the two ended up in the corner where Odell looked to be setting Austin up for a superplex. But Briggs began to fight back, landing punches to Odell’s head. Porter then showed off his awesome athleticism, leaping into the air and hitting a super frankensteiner. Porter then went back up top, and hit s very impressive 450 Splash. He covered Austin, and was surely going to get the pinfall. But Joey DeMarco stormed out and pulled Odell out of the ring by his leg. The two immediately began trading blows as the referee threw the match out.

Hiroki Ito now rushed to the ring as Austin Briggs was heading to the aide of Joey DeMarco. Yet another big brawl broke out. FFP security rushed to the ring, but several of the security guards were knocked down.

Finally Veronica Clyne came out onto the entrance ramp. Veronica announced that at FFP Throwback that we would be treated to a tag team match featuring Odell Porter and Hiroki Ito taking on Austin Briggs and Joey DeMarco!

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