FFP 16-to-1 Tournament: Night 3

Date: December 8, 2017
Location: Corpus Christi, Texas
Commentators: Morgan Alexander
Samantha West

The show opened up with a recap of Night 1 and Night 2 of the 16-to-1 Tournament. More tournament matches would be taking place tonight as well as next Friday. Then the finals, at FFP Throwback!

Saraya Varro vs Gina Dilano
This was a very competitve match. Both women wanted to prove that they deserved a shot to be signed by Full Force Pro. Both had close ties to FFP, Saraya dating Odell Porter while Gina Dilano was trained by Veronica Clyne. Gina hit a lot of strikes, keeping close to Saraya. Varro on the other hand, tried to block the strikes and mat wrestle with Dilano. The bad thing about it for Saraya, was the fact that Gina had MMA experience, so taking her to the ground was dangerous. Gina eventually was able to grab an armbar on Saraya, forcing her to submit.

After the match the two women shook hands. Joey DeMarco then came down the isle. He looked as if he was trying to consul Saraya after her loss, but everyone knew he was only doing it to get under Odell Porter’s skin. It obviously worked, as Odell stormed out to the ring and began to bicker with Joey. Saraya tried to get Odell to leave the ring with her, but eventually Odell and Joey began throwing punches. FFP security was quick to intervene.

Quarterfinal Match
Serena Dawn vs Minnie Nova

Serena Dawn had an obvious size advantage. She also had the strength advantage in this match. However Minnie Nova had the experience edge, as well as speed. She used her speed early in the match to avoid Serena, knowing that if she got ahold of Minnie, she could possibly gain an early submission. Nova kept distance with strikes, such as kicks and an impressive spinning back fist that seemed to rock Serena. But Dawn got a hold of Minnie, and showed off her strength advantage. After a couple of short arm clotheslines, Serena pressed Minnie up over her head and dropped her to the arena floor. Serena followed Minnie to the outside where she hit three European uppercuts. Serena then sent Minnie back into the ring.

After jawing with a couple of fans in the front row, Serena climbed back into the ring. But she was immediately struck with a Minnie Nova Superkick. Nova made the cover, but Serena kicked out at two. Minnie couldn’t believe it. She pulled Serena up, and hit an impressive frankensteiner. She then went up top, and hit a beautiful 450 Splash. Morgan Alexander said that that had to be the end of the match. Samantha West agreed. But Serena kicked out at two.

Minnie went up top one more time. She delivered another picture perfect 450 Splash. However, Serena got her knees up. Minnie’s ribs crashed into Serena’s knees. Dawn then immediately hooked Minnie into a dragon clutch, right in the center of the ring. Minnie reached out, trying for the ropes. She tried pushing with her feet to get closer to the ropes. But it was no used. Minnie had to submit.

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Quarterfinal Match
Paisley Robins vs Akane Mae

Paisley and Akane were both very accomplished strikers. Paisley had the height advantage, and attempted to keep her distance with kicks. That is until Akane caught her foot, and threw her to the mat. Mae then delivered a shining wizard that sounded like a gun shot went off in the building. Akane then hit a snap suplex, and a German suplex. And followed that up with a flying headbutt for a two count. Paisley fought back, but was floored when Akane hit her with a dropkick to the knee. Akane pulled Paisley up and hit a Northern Lights suplex, bridging it for the pin attempt. But the Japanese wrestler only got a two count.

Akane went up top again, going for yet another flying headbutt. But this time, Paisley moved
out of the way. Akane slammed to the mat. When she got back to her feet, Paisley dumped her on her head with a German suplex. She followed that up with a running leg Lariat. Robins then slammed Akane back down to the mat with an Olympic slam. Paisley then ascended to the top turnbuckle. As Akane slowly got back to her feet, Paisley hit a diving knee strike from the top rope. The blow connected flush with Akane’s naw. Paisley then made the cover, and got the three count.

Quarterfinal Match
Max Zeta vs Big Luce

Big Luce had the experience advantage, but Max Zeta was powerful, being able to take Big Luce down to the mat. Zeta hit a couple of kicks, mostly to the head of Luce, trying to wear the big girl down. Max went for a powerbomb, but was instead back body dropped. Luce then showed off her speed, bouncing off the ropes and hitting a dropkick that sent Max through the ropes and to the arena floor. Luce then hit the ropes again, and delivered an impressive tope suicida.

The two continued throwing blows on the outside of the ring, with Max getting the advantage with a hard knee to the ribs. Then she slammed Luce into the steel guardrail. Zeta continued beating Big Luce down, and hit a very dangerous powerbomb on the arena floor. The referee was administering his count, which was getting dangerously close to the 20 count. Max slid back into the ring, seeming to be fine with gaining a count out victory. But Big Luce got into the ring at the count of 19. Max set Luce up for another powerbomb, but Luce broke free and slammed Max to the mat with a STO. Luce then went to the middle rope and hit a splash for the three count.

After the tree is set up and the cookies are set out for Santa, sit down and enjoy FFP’s December pay-per-view Throwback! That’s right. FFP Throwback comes to you live on Christmas Eve night, from the home of the OWF, Cincinnati, Ohio. It will be an interesting Christmas Eve night to say the least.

Quarterfinal Match
Jazzy Faye vs Hau Liu

A very stiff matchup. Jazzy and Hau tore each other apart with chops, punches and clotheslines. Jazzy suffered an injury to her right arm years ago, and after an arm drag into an armbar, Hau seemed to notice Jazzy favoring her arm. The Chinese superstar continued targeting the injured limb. Faye used her power to regain the momentum, slamming Hau down with a spinebuster. But Hau fought back, hitting a couple kicks before hitting a springboard dropkick to the arm. Jazzy continued to fight back, and after slamming Hau down to the mat with a facebuster, she hit her opponent with an awesome Lariat, nearly turning Hau Liu inside out. Jazzy then hooked the leg and got the three count. The Lariat was obviously very painful to deliver, but it got her the victory.


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