12/24/2017 FFP Throwback (PPV)

Date: December 24, 2017
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The show opened up with pyro going off in the arena. The stage was decorated with a huge Christmas tree with ornaments featuring FFP superstars, and presents wrapped under the tree.

Odell Porter & Hiroki Ito vs Joey DeMarco & Austin Briggs
An extremely hard hitting match. These two feuds showed that they were no joke. and even though the feuds were between Odell Porter and Joey DeMarco, and Hiroki Ito and Austin Briggs, every man took his frustration out on either opponent. Odell Porter gained the pinfall victory for his team after hitting Joey with a Regal Plex.

After the match the fight continued, with Hiroki and Austin brawling through the crowd, while Joey DeMarco got the best of Odell Porter with a low blow and a piledriver.

Lizzy Kraven & Olivia Lee vs Jaqueline Aulstrike & Tabitha Mullins
Another hard hitting tag team match. Lizzy, Olivia, Jaqueline and Tabitha could put the men to shame with their brawling. Hard stiff strikes, clotheslines, chops and kicks. Jaqueline showed off her strength, powering Lizzy and Olivia both down with big powerslams. But experience was the name of the game here. Lizzy Kraven fought back, and blasted Tabitha Mullins with a Kraven Lariat for the three count.

Just like the prior match, this match had a brawl after the three count as well. FFP security had to rush to the ring to separate both teams. Obviously this feud was far from over.

$15,000 Christmas Eve Battle Royal
Every superstar featured in the battle royal seemed to be motivated to walk out of Throwback with $15,000. The final two in the ring were the FFP Adrenaline Champion Aiden Conrad, who had Pandora on the outside of the ring cheering him on, and former FFP World Champion Anarchy. Anarchy seemed to have Aiden in his control, but Pandora got up onto the apron, distracting the big Samoan. Aiden then hit Anarchy with a kick to the groin. Pandora slid the Adrenaline Title in to Conrad, who then blasted Anarchy with it, sending the big man tumbling over the top rope. Aiden Conrad was your winner, and $15,000 richer.

FFP Women’s Title | The Queen’s Court is Banned
(c) Amy Kraven vs Giovanni Gotch
With the Queen’s Court banned from ringside, we saw a fair one-on-one match. That is until the referee ended up catching a running big boot courtesy of Giovanni Gotch, after Amy dodged the attempt. Gotch was the leveled with an Amy Kraven Superkick, but the referee was knocked out. As Amy looked around, not knowing what to do, Chloe Banks and Christi Carter made their way out to ringside. Before Amy knew it, she was a victim of a three on one attack. Gotch eventually got back up and slammed Amy to the mat with the Gotch Powerbomb. The Queen’s Court quickly left ringside as the referee was regaining consciousness. Giovanni hooked Amy’s leg, but Kraven was able to kick out just in the nick of time. Gotch couldn’t believe it. She called for her stablemates to come back down to the ring, but they couldn’t, now that the official was conscious. Amy fought back, giving it everything she had, and slammed Giovanni down with the Kraven Klash for the three count. Amy Kraven was still the FFP Women’s Champion!

FFP Network Title
Blaine Edwards w/ Bianca Hunt vs Gregory  Hart
This match was a technical wrestling fan’s dream. Both men attempted to work their opponent down, targeting body parts to wear each other down. Gregory got the first big move, a brainbuster that kept Blaine down for a two count. Blaine fought back, with a little bit of help from a distraction from Bianca Hunt. Edwards hit a couple moves, including an awesome German suplex, and went for a pin, but Hart kicked out. Edwards continued staying on the offensive, and even tried a school boy for a pin, pulling hard on Gregory’s tights. But Gregory was still able to kick out.

Eventually Bianca got herself involved again, this time getting on the apron. However Gregory reversed an Irish whip attempt and sent Blaine charging toward Bianca. Edwards put the brakes on, but when he turned back around he was leveled with a hard kick to the skull from Gregory Hart. Hart then hit an overhead belly to belly suplex. Blaine was slow to get up. Gregory then grabbed the Cruiserweight Champion, and hit him with a Double Underhook Backbreaker. Hart then securely hooked the leg, and got the three count. Gregory Hart was the first ever FFP Network Champion!


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