01/10/2018 FFP Wednesday Warfare

Date: January 10, 2018
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The show opened up with the entrance of Matt Kraven. Matt Kraven had been absent for some time. The former President, and current owner of Full Force Pro climbed into the ring and took hold of a microphone. Something seemed different about Kraven. Not so intense. Looked more like business time, than wrestling time.

Kraven said that there was a major announcement to be made right here tonight. He said that it was time for a little bit of truth in this somewhat fictional world. Matt said that in 2003 he got married to a girl named Amanda. They tried to keep their private lives away from the professional wrestling world, and they felt even stronger about that when they had children. Matt said that Amanda wasn’t ever interested in taking part in professional wrestling, but that now that has changed. Matt said that she had shown interest, and after running a successful company, she decided that if he’d let her, that she’d like to take a stab at wrestling.

So, Matt said, that to concentrate more on wrestling, he would be stepping down as any kind of authority figure in FFP, and would be signing everything over to Amanda. Amanda Kraven was now the owner and President of FFP. Kraven then announce his wife, Amanda Kraven.

A beautiful blonde came down to the ring. She greeted Matt with a kiss and a hug and thanked everyone for their time. She said that she was extremely excited to be a part of FFP, because it was a product of Matt’s hard work and dedication. She said that she wanted to shake up things a little bit, and said that just making it on your name or on your history wouldn’t cut it anymore. Amanda said that we would be seeing some brand new faces around FFP now and that she was excited to see what the new crop of talent could do. She said the first thing she would do as the new owner and President of FFP, was set up a match tonight for the FFP Network Championship. Gregory Hart would be defending the new title against OWF alum, Hunter Chase!

Amanda also announced that tonight, Hunt Enterprises would be putting their FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles on the line, against the dominant tag team of Lizzy Kraven and Olivia Lee! And Amanda said that because of just how dominant Lizzy and Olivia are, and how she didn’t want to seem like she was favoring another Kraven, that she would allow this match to be 3-on-2. Bianca Hunt, Cindy Labre and Lacey Abernathy against Lizzy and Olivia!

FFP Network Title
(c) Gregory Hart vs Hunter Chase
The match began with a handshake. Both men looked very impressive. But like many other matches, experience played a key role in this one. Gregory Hart was able to take the momentum, and land a vicious Double Underhook Backbreaker for the three count, defending the FFP Network Title.

FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles | Handicap Match
(c) Hunt Enterprises vs Lizzy Kraven & Olivia Lee
Lizzy Kraven and Olivia Lee made no bones about the fact that they were out there to take home the FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles. The 3-on-2 advantage worked for Hunt Enterprises for the beginning moments of the match, but Lizzy and Olivia were able to manhandle the ladies of Hunt Enterprises. As it looked as if we would see new FFP Women’s Tag Team Champions, Jaqueline Aulstrike and Tabitha Mullins came down to the ring and attacked Lizzy and Olivia. Lizzy and Olivia won the match by disqualification, but their bitter rivals ruined their chances at winning the titles.

The scene cut backstage to the new owner and President of FFP, Amanda Kraven. Amanda said that the 16-to-1 Tournament had been put on hold, but that very soon the tournament would continue. She said that the tournament never fails to impress, and that this year’s tournament has already lived up to the hype, and will get even better.

FFP Adrenaline Title
(c) Aiden Conrad w/ Pandora vs Anarchy
Another match that was hard hitting, involving bitter rivals. Anarchy came out on fire, lighting Aiden up with strikes that you could hear in the top row of the arena. Chops that were so loud that you could feel them through the television. Pandora got up onto the apron to try to distract Anarchy, but he ignored her, continuing to give Aiden the beating that he deserved. However, the referee finally went to Pandora to instruct her to get off the ring apron. This opened up the opportunity for Aiden to land a hard kick to the groin to his opponent. Conrad then spiked Anarchy onto his head with a vicious DDT. As Anarchy fought to get up, Aiden cracked him with the Beauty Maker and made the pinfall. Conrad was still the FFP Adrenaline Champion.

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The scene cut backstage where apparently Odell Porter and Joey DeMarco had run into each other. A brawl quickly broke out, and Joey had Odell down on the arena floor. FFP security intervened, but that didn’t stop either man from attempting to swing wild punches and scream obscenities.

FFP World Title
(c) Brandi Moore vs Taylor Clawson
It was time for the main event of the evening. The Cincinnati crowd was ready for this one. Whenever Brandi Moore and Taylor Clawson clashed it was worth seeing. The two were so successful as Seduction Inc. And even at their singles career, both seemed very successful, with bright futures ahead of them. The match began as a brawl, but as things settled down both women showed their technical wrestling skills. Taylor set Brandi up for the Flatliner, but Brandi would find a way out of it every time. Brandi did however hit the Fameasser, her old finisher, and got a two count. Taylor was taken by surprise. Brandi then hoisted her up for the Fisherman Brainbuster. A move that Brandi had used several times to take her opponents down for the three count. But Taylor escaped, and hit a superkick. Moore was stunned. Taylor went for the cover. But the World Champion kicked out just in the nick of time.

The match continued, with Taylor hitting a huge clothesline sending Brandi over the top rope. Clawson then hit a tope suicida. She continued her assault, ramming Brandi into the steel guardrail, then into the ring apron. Brandi tried fighting back, but Taylor wrapped her arm around Brandi’s neck, and finally hit the Flatliner. Brandi looked to be out cold. The move was vicious anyway, but this time it was delivered on the outside of the ring.

The referee had begun to make his mandatory count moments earlier, and he was getting dangerously close to the 20 count. If he reached the count of 20, the match would end on a count out. The title can’t change hands on a count out. So Taylor tried to pull Brandi up, but the champion was motionless. The referee noticed that Brandi didn’t seem to be moving, and the situation seemed far worse than just a knock out. He eventually got out of the ring and checked on Brandi. Soon, EMTs came to ringside with a stretcher. They carefully put a neck brace on Brandi and got her onto a backboard. As they wheeled Brandi from ringside, Taylor sat on the arena floor, looking devastated. Morgan Alexander made the comment that obviously Brandi’s health was more important than the FFP World Championship, and said that with the look on Taylor’s face, it was obvious to her as well.

The crowd sat in a stunned silence as Brandi was wheeled from ringside, and FFP Wednesday Warfare went off the air.


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