An Update on Brandi Moore

On Wednesday night on FFP’s special edition of Wednesday Warfare, Brandi Moore was defending her FFP World Championship against Taylor Clawson. The two have been engulfed in a hard hitting feud for quite some time now.

The match got pretty brutal, with the action eventually spilling to the outside. Taylor eventually slammed Brandi down to the arena floor with her finisher, the Flatliner. That is when everyone knew something was wrong. It was very apparent that the move did something to Brandi. Taylor immediately backed off and the referee checked on the champion.

Eventually EMTs came to ringside and Brandi was stretchered out of the arena. Currently Brandi is in the hospital. She was diagnosed with a severe concussion, but that was actually the good news. Brandi didn’t have feeling in her legs. Doctors and FFP officials feared the worst. Brandi possibly never walking again.

However as days have gone by, Brandi has shown signs of improvement. And Saturday evening she was able to move all of her extremeties. However, Brandi isn’t out of the woods yet. She obviously suffered a lot of trauma to the head and neck area. Although the doctors have ruled out a broken neck, they are still saying with the hard jolt of hitting the ground, Brandi’s neck suffered damage. Currently, FFP officials would not be able to clear her to compete inside the ring.

Currently the thought is that Brandi will be forced to vacate the FFP World Championship, but no official ruling has been made just yet.

We here at would like to wish Brandi all the best in her recovery. We are sure she will fight through this and hopefully eventually get back inside the squared circle.


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