Meet Amanda Kraven, the New Owner of FFP

If you watched FFP Wednesday Warfare, you saw the shocking announcement and introduction of Matt Kraven’s wife, Amanda. And the fact that Amanda Kraven was now the owner and President of Full Force Pro!

Now days after this announcement, we dive a little deeper into this situation.

It was quite a shock to hear that Matt Kraven had been married for so long. After Kraven taking part in relationship storylines in FFP, no one saw this coming. But of course it was all a part of the business that Matt Kraven is in. And also done to hide his family from the public eye. Understandably, he didn’t want his family (besides his brother Chris, sister Amy and cousin Lizzy) being pulled into the world of professional wrestling.

But after years of hiding out, Amanda was ready to take part in Matt’s passion. She saw all of Matt’s hard work, and wanted to contribute to FFP. So apparently the couple discussed it, and all ownership and control was signed over. That way Matt could work on his first passion, solely being a professional wrestler.

Amanda Kraven is 33 years old – she will turn 34 next month. She has been with Matt since high school, married since 2003. Amanda owned a very successful modeling agency for many years before deciding to take the dive into the deep end that is pro wrestling.

Amanda already made quite a bit known when she debuted on Wednesday. She wants to shake things up. She said that having a familiar face or name to FFP faithful wouldn’t just cut it anymore. It was all about effort. And she is more than happy to introduce new faces to FFP. Such as Hunter Chase, immediately calling him up from the OWF.

We are looking forward to seeing the changes coming from the mind of Amanda Kraven. Change is always a concern because there is always the possibility of bad change, but with Amanda being the wife of Matt, she may be able to get some pointers from the man who created FFP. Then again, maybe she won’t have to.


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