01/14/2018 FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling

Date: January 14, 2018
Location: Lexington, KY
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The show opened up with some flashbacks of last week’s FFP Wednesday Warfare, most notably the injury that Brandi Moore sustained on the outside of the ring while defending her FFP World Championship against Taylor Clawson. After the replays of the injury, the new owner and President of Full Force Pro, Amanda Kraven came down to the ring. Amanda took a microphone and welcomed everyone to the show. She said that the injury that Brandi suffered was very unfortunate, and they hope that one day she’ll be able to wrestle once again in the squared circle in front of all of her fans. But then Amanda said that she had some bad news.

She said that Brandi would be out of action for quite some time, so she had no other choice but to vacate the FFP World Championship. Amanda wished Brandi well, saying that she hoped that she’d one day come back and have a chance to regain the title that she never lost.

Amanda then said that with the World Title being vacant, that she had a job to do in crowning a new champion. This brought out Amanda’s husband, Matt Kraven. Matt came down and suggested that the World Title simply be given to him. Not sure if it was a joke or not, but obviously Amanda wasn’t having it. Amanda said that that wasn’t they way titles got earned around here, but told Matt that he would have a chance to win the championship.

Amanda explained that in the next couple of weeks, we would be treated to four different elimination four-way matches, with the four winners going on to FFP All on the Line and competing in a four-way ladder match for the vacant FFP World Championship! Amanda said that two of the matches would be taking place tonight, and the other two would be announced later tonight, and would take place next week. The two matches taking place tonight would be Christopher Morgan vs Logan Christopher vs Patrick McCoy vs Hiroki Ito, and the other would be a group of newcomers to FFP, George Furst vs Cooper Albright vs Everett Moses vs Damien Graves.

Amanda also said that tonight she would be announcing a few of the matches to take place at FFP All on the Line, but for now she was done talking and wanted the action to be taking place inside the ring!

Alexandra Knight vs Fiona Burke
Hard fought match by both ladies. Morgan Alexander kept talking about how cool Alexandra’s attire looked. Fiona planted Alexandra with the FAB Drop and it looked like the end of the match, but Knight was able to reach out and grab the bottom rope to break the count. The match raged on until Alexandra hit a devastating DDT, spiking Fiona on the top of her head. She then ascended to the top rope and hit a Double Stomp off the Top for the three count.


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Elimination 4-Way Match (Winner Advances to World Title Ladder Match at All on the Line)
George Furst vs Cooper Albright vs Everett Moses vs Damien Graves
Quite a few big men in this match, who also were very agile and eager to show their skills. George Furst was the first one eliminated after being double teamed by Cooper Albright and Damien Graves. Albright and Graves then began to duke it out. Everett Moses also got his licks in, slamming damien Graves with a running powerslam, and a senton from the middle rope for the three count. Cooper Albright took advantage of Everett still being in the pinning position, and immediately attacked. However, Everett was just too powerful. He was able to muscle Cooper up and spike him to the mat with an over the shoulder reverse piledriver that he called the Moses Driver. Everett Moses in his first match in Full Force Pro, had earned himself a shot at the FFP World Championship. And Morgan Alexander picked him to win it all.

Tamtoas vs Head Trauma
This match was back and forth, but the new team of Head Trauma really looked good. Khalid Tiko (formerly Attila) hit Kalino with the Ki-Krusher to gain victory for his team.

Following this match Amanda Kraven stepped out of the backstage area and announced that at FFP All on the Line, Head Trauma would get the chance to win the FFP Tag Team Titles, against Matt and Billy Rich!

Nina Fox vs Chloe Banks
This was a very competitive match. Chloe Banks came to the ring by herself, but was quickly joined by Giovanni Gotch and Christi Carter. This of course brought out Amy Kraven to stand in Nina’s corner. Chloe Banks has a lot of wrestling skills and looks very impressive in the ring, however Nina Fox is a ring veteran now, and ended up on the winning side with a Superkick.

After the match Giovanni jumped into the ring with Christi Carter right behind her. Amy Kraven then slid into the ring and Nina and Amy fought off the Queen’s Court. Amanda Kraven then made her presence known again, stepping out onto the stage and demanding that the fight stop. Amanda then announced that Amy Kraven would defend the FFP Women’s Title at All on the Line, but before she could announce who her opponent would be, Giovanni Gotch grabbed a microphone and said that she accepted the challenge. Amanda then informed Gotch that she would not be facing Amy for the Women’s Title, but that Amy’s opponent would be none other than Nina Fox!

On January 28th, all FFP Titles will be on the line at FFP All on the Line! Don’t miss a new FFP World Champion being crowned in a 4-way ladder match! Also, Head Trauma will challenge Matt and Billy Rich for the FFP Tag Team Titles, Nina Fox will challenge Amy Kraven for the FFP Women’s Championship, and much more! Don’t miss it!

Elimination 4-Way Match (Winner Advances to World Title Ladder Match at All on the Line)
Christopher Morgan vs Logan Christopher vs Patrick McCoy vs Hiroki Ito
This match was very back and forth, with many different near falls. All four men looked to be very capable of winning and advancing to All on the Line. Patrick McCoy was the first man eliminated, getting cracked with the Go to Sleep courtesy of Hiroki Ito. Christopher Morgan then went after Ito, but Logan had Hiroki’s back. Eventually Logan was dropped with a Christopher Morgan Tiger Driver, but Hiroki Ito continued working Morgan down. Hiroki got Morgan up for the Go to Sleep, but Morgan was able to reverse out and hit Hiroki with his own Tiger Driver. He pinned the Japanese superstar for the three count. Christopher and Logan went toe-to-toe then. Morgan came out on top of the exchange, with a monstrous backbreaker. He then locked Logan in a painful and extremely torqued Texas Cloverleaf. Logan had no choice but to tap out. The first two spots of the 4-Way Ladder Match for the FFP World Title at All on the Line were filled. One by Everett Moses and the other by Christopher Morgan.

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