01/23/2018 FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling

Date: January 23, 2018
Location: Knoxville, TN
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

Tonight’s show opened up with Amanda Kraven, making the announcement of the final two 4-way elimination matches to go on to FFP All on the Line and compete for the vacant FFP World Championship. First it would be Prince Tau, Odell Porter, Matt Evanston and Miles Lynch battling fir the third spot in the 4-Way Ladder Match at the PPV. And the other 4-way would see Austin Briggs, Matt Kraven, Joey DeMarco and Kashimanaki battling it out for the final spot at All on the Line.

Amanda also announced that tonight we would witness a battle royal to determine the number one contender for Gregory Hart’s FFP Network Championship, a match that will also take place at All on the Line.

Elimination 4-Way Match (Winner Advances to World Title Ladder Match at All on the Line)
Prince Tau vs Odell Porter vs Matt Evanston vs Miles Lynch
A hard hitting match. Prince Tau hadn’t been seen in FFP in quite some time, but he came out on fire, hitting everyone with everything he could. Flattening Miles Lynch with a Spear before hitting Matt Evanston with a F5. It looked as if Tau would eliminated one of the two, but he tasted a loud and hard superkick from Odell Porter. Porter then hit the Regal Plex for the three count. Morgan Alexander pointed out that Odell could have let Tau eliminate one of, or both men before hitting him with the superkick.

Miles Lynch then seemed to alienate himself, going after both Odell and Matt Evanston. Eventually Lynch cracked Porter with an incredible clothesline before hitting him with the Flatliner for the three count. It was down to Miles Lynch and Matt Evanston. The two went at it, hitting stiff and loud shots. The chops echoed throughout the arena and fans grimaced at the sound. Lynch looked to be ready to set Matt up for the Flatliner, but Evanston was able to escape Lynch’s grasp and hit one of his finishers, the Superkick. However, Evanston scooped Miles up before he could fall to the mat, and clocked him with the Go to Sleep, his other finish. Matt then hooked the leg and got the three count. Matt Evanston would advance to the 4-Way Ladder Match at All on the Line.

The scene cut backstage to Kade Haddix, who was holding onto the FFP Honor Championship. Tyrece Beckman approached, asking Kade how he felt about being the inaugural FFP Honor Champion, now that the title changed from HONOR Wrestling, to FFP. Kade said that he was very proud to be the first champion, and was looking forward to having the opportunity to defend the title, and show the world that he was one of the best wrestlers in the world.

Olivia Lee vs Tabitha Mullins
This was a violent one. Brawling all the way from these two big girls. Tabitha seemed to have the advantage, whether it be strength or experience, but Olivia didn’t make it easier on her. In fact, Olivia gained the upperhand with a big back body drop and a leg drop. But Tabitha’s partner Jaqueline Aulstrike made her way into the ring. The two on one lasted only seconds as Lizzy Kraven stormed to the ring to assist her partner. Lizzy and Olivia sent Jaqueline and Tabitha packing as they stood proudly in the ring.

Lizzy then got on the microphone. She said that on Sunday her and Olivia would defeat Hunt Enterprises for the FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles, and then they would gladly put them on the line against Jaqueline and Tabitha, because they needed to get them across the ring from them soon.

The scene now cut backstage to the FFP Adrenaline Champion Aiden Conrad who was with his girlfriend Pandora. Aiden trash talked Anarchy, saying that at FFP All on the Line that FFP could have come up with a way better opponent. Aiden said that he liked to draw money in his matches, but that no one wanted to pay their money to see an ugly thing like Anarchy. Aiden then guaranteed that he would walk out of Cleveland, Ohio still the Adrenaline Champion.


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Ava St. James vs Firefly
A rookie to FFP vs a former FFP Women’s Champion, and FFP original. On paper, this was hands down going to be what smart marks call a squash match. Firefly had all kinds of experience over the newcomer. And although the male audience members seemed to be more intrigued by the good looks of Ava, most fans favored the masked Firefly. Firefly really showed her skills, working the young rookie down. However, Firefly went to the top rope and missed a flying cross body block. Ava quickly capitalized, hitting Firefly with repeated knees to the midsection, then a backbreaker. Ava went to the middle rope and dove off, going for a flying double axehandle, but Firefly dodged and hit the rookie with a spinning back first. Firefly then hit the ropes, and attempted a clothesline. The rookie ducked it and caught Firefly by her blonde hair, slamming her to the mat. The masked superstar was extremely dazed. Ava then hooked Firefly’s arm behind her body and spiked her to the mat with a hammerlock DDT. The move looked gruesome. Morgan Alexander screamed out that Ava could have killed Firefly. St. James made the cover, and surprisingly got the three count! What an upset!

The scene now cut backstage to the FFP Tag Team Champions, the Rich Boys. Matt and Billy were standing with the Tag Team Titles on their shoulders, confidently talking about how at All on the Line that Head Trauma didn’t stand a chance. Matt and Billy said that they dominated in every federation that they wrestled in, and that FFP would be no different.

Battle Royal | Winner Challenges for FFP Network Title at All on the Line
This match featured many talented wrestlers from the FFP roster. Big eliminations were Logan Christopher elimination Nathan Caine, Caleb Newstead dumping Logan out afterward, and Kevin Lewan sending Trent Wolfe over the top with a running clothesline. The final two men were Caleb Newstead and Kevin Lewan. The two went at it like a normal match, but after Newstead missed a running clothesline, Lewan rocked him with a hard knee to the jaw. He then sent Caleb over the top rope, winning the battle royal and the chance to challenge his tag team partner, Gregory Hart for the FFP Network Title at FFP All on the Line!

On January 28th, all FFP Titles will be on the line at FFP All on the Line! Don’t miss a new FFP World Champion being crowned in a 4-way ladder match! Also, Head Trauma will challenge Matt and Billy Rich for the FFP Tag Team Titles, Nina Fox will challenge Amy Kraven for the FFP Women’s Championship, and much more! Don’t miss it!

Masina vs Kenzie Anderson
The other women’s match was supposed to be a squash match, but wound up being the underdog getting the victory. In this match, Kenzie Anderson surely wished that she would have had the same luck. Instead, Masina picked Kenzie up, and destroyed her. The weight and strength advantage was way more for Kenzie to overcome. And after the sixth consecutive powerslam, Masina pinned Anderson and got the victory.

But she wasn’t done. After the match Masina pulled Kenzie to the outside and proceeded to powerslam her right through the commentator’s table. Referees rushed to the aide of Kenzie, but Masina pushed many of them away. She grabbed a microphone and climbed back into the ring. Masina then said that she was putting the entire women’s division on notice. Masina said that for far too long she had been overlooked, and instead of waiting for her turn, she was taking it. She then threw the microphone down and left ringside.

The scene now cut backstage to the FFP Women’s Television Champion, Anna Minster. Raquel St. Claire joined Anna, asking her about her upcoming match with Noel Zelig at FFP All on the Line. Anna laughed, saying that Noel was not even close to in her league. Anna said that the FFP Women’s TV Title was a joke until she got her hands on it, and she looked forward to showing everyone that she is the best in FFP. Noel Zelig then stepped into view. The two girls went face to face, until Anna hit her with a hard slap across the face. The force of the slap sent Noel to her knees, but she quickly got up to retaliate. Anna quickly tucked tail and ran away.

Elimination 4-Way Match (Winner Advances to World Title Ladder Match at All on the Line)
Austin Briggs vs Matt Kraven vs Joey DeMarco vs Kashimanaki
Another back and forth match. All four men knew each other, quite well. And some of them had feuds with each other. Austin Briggs was shockingly the first man eliminated, courtesy of Kashimanaki and his Kashimanaki Driver. However, Kashimanaki was blindsided by Matt Kraven, who clocked him from behind before spiking him to the mat with a DDT. Kraven then set Kashimanaki up for the Superkick, but the Japanese superstar ducked the attempt and cracked Kraven with a kick to the skull. Joey DeMarco then set Kashimanaki up for his finisher, the Jumping Piledriver. As Joey looked to be on his way to eliminating Kashimanaki, Kraven threw DeMarco to the mat and pinned Kashimanaki himself. The match was down to Matt Kraven and Joey DeMarco, a huge feud from a few years back. Both men didn’t hold anything back, giving the other everything they had.

Joey set Kraven up for a Death Valley Driver, but Kraven raked Joey’s eyes and escaped the hold. Kraven charged, but Joey quickly hit Matt with a STO. He made the cover, but only got a two count. Now, one of Matt Kraven’s friends, Miles Lynch, made his way to the ring. Miles quickly gained Joey’s attention as he climbed onto the apron. Of course this also gained the attention of the referee, who told Miles to leave the ringside area before he disqualifies Matt Kraven. But the distraction was enough for Matt to his Joey with a hard low blow from behind. Joey crumbled to the mat below. Kraven then hooked Joey in a Sharpshooter. Morgan Alexander kept saying that the move was an oldy, but a goody. The referee checked and checked on DeMarco, who was locked in the center of the ring. He had no choice but to submit.

Miles Lynch joined Kraven in the middle of the ring as Matt celebrated as if he had won the world title.

The scene cut backstage where Amy Kraven and Nina Fox were shown talking. Obviously there was a mutual respect between the two women, but this Sunday it was FFP All on the Line, and the FFP Women’s Championship would be on the line. This match was already being looked at by fans as quite possibly the best women’s match in FFP history.

The scene cut again to Matt Kraven, who was just making his way backstage after his victory. As he walked with Miles Lynch beside him, Matt’s wife Amanda stepped in their way. Amanda said that Matt may have gotten away with one this time, but that she wouldn’t let that happen at All on the Line. Amanda told Matt that his friends Miles Lynch and Duncan Wright Jr were banned from ringside on Sunday, and if they did happen to show their faces at ringside, that Matt would be immediately taken out of the match. Matt looked frustrated and stormed away with Miles Lynch behind him.

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