02/06/2018 FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling

Date: February 6, 2018
Location: Louisville, KY
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The show opened up with Austin Briggs, coming to the ring to talk about Hiroki Ito. He said that he was hands down the better wrestler, and he wanted to prove it once and for all. He said he didn’t want to fight the backstage hallway or brawl in catering. He wanted a match, tonight, to prove that he was the better wrestler. Hiroki then answered the challenge, stepping out onto the entrance ramp and saying that tonight he would face Austin, and knock him out.

Kashimanaki vs Hayden Flowers
A fast paced match between a ring veteran and FFP Hall of Famer, and a man who could very well be one of the top guys in the future of FFP. What is a Kashimanaki match without loud stiff kicks? Kashimanaki did those. He also hit a beautiful frankensteiner off the top turnbuckle. But Hayden continued battling back, even catching Kashimanaki with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker that slowed the Japanese superstar down. Hayden then went up top, for his Frog Splash. But Kashimanaki got his knees up, and drove Hayden to the mat with the Kashimanaki Driver. Then, Kashimanaki made the cover and got the pinfall.

After the match Kashimanaki helped Hayden up and shook his hand.

The scene cut to Raquel St Claire, standing by with the former FFP Women’s Television Champion Anna Minster. Anna said that she had her champion’s rematch for the title, and she intended to take the title back from Noel Zelig as soon as possible.

Masina vs Firefly
The first match of the night wasn’t a very competitive one. Firefly, a former FFP Women’s Champion, surely had the advantage when it came to experience. Having been a FFP original, she had been in the business for quite some time. But, it only took two minutes for Masina to beat the masked wrestler down, slam her with a huge powerslam, and flatten her with a splash from the middle turnbuckle to get the three count.

After the match Masina pulled Firefly back up, and destroyed her with a hellacious clothesline. The referee warned Masina, but he wouldn’t have been able to do anything to stop her. She pulled Firefly up once again, hoisted her into the air by her neck, and tossed her. Firefly’s legs connected with the top rope, sending her tumbling over the ropes and to the arena floor. Masina was the winner, very dominant.

Sunday February 25, FFP presents Desperate Measures live from Charlotte, North Carolina. There, we will see Matt Kraven put the FFP World Championship on the line against Matt Evanston! Will Amanda Kraven get involved once again, or will Matt Kraven go it alone? Also we will see the FFP Women’s Title on the line, Lux make her in-ring debut and much more! Don’t miss it!

The scene cut backstage where Tyrece Beckman was standing by with FFP newcomer Cooper Albright. Cooper said that he was anxious to show the officials of FFP just how good he is. He said he would gladly take on anyone in FFP. Trent Wolfe then stepped in, saying if Cooper was looking for a challenge, next week they could face off.

In the Ring
The scene cut to ringside where Anarchy came to the ring and took the microphone. He said that Aiden Conrad was a coward and he could only stand a chance against him with Pandora in his corner, to try to use her for any kind of advantage he could. Anarchy said that if Aiden had the balls, that he would put the Adrenaline Title on the line tonight. Aiden Conrad came out with a smile on his face, Pandora by his side, and the Adrenaline Title around his waist. He said that he would only be a fool to put his title on the line tonight, as he was the champion and Anarchy needed to earn himself the chance to challenge for the title. Anarchy continued, saying that Aiden was a coward, and that he should just hand the title over to Pandora and let her defend it. He said that she would have a better chance at coming out on top anyway. Anarchy then said that he would beat either one of them for the title, then afterward he could take Pandora out and show her what a real man is like. Aiden threw a fit and finally agreed to the title match out of anger.

The scene cut backstage where Lenore Spade was with Tyrece Beckman. Tyrece asked Lenore about her upcoming match against Lux at Desperate Measures. Lenore laughed, saying Lux was a rookie without any wrestling ability. She said that Lux would definitely have the weight advantage, but that she would beat her in record time.

Austin Briggs vs Hiroki Ito
The next match, Hiroki Ito was the first to come out. After he stepped onto the entrance ramp and got a positive response from the fans, he was violently attacked from behind by Austin Briggs. Earlier in the night Briggs had said that he wanted a chance to wrestle Hiroki in the ring, and not brawl or fight backstage. But clearly, he said that to throw Hiroki off. Briggs knocked Hiroki down with a hard clothesline and pummeled him with hard kicks and stomps. He then pulled the Japanese superstar up and rammed him into the steel guardrail, before planting him with a dangerous DDT on the arena floor.

Briggs then stepped back, taking hold of a folding steel chair nearby. As Hiroki struggled to get up, pushing with his arms and only getting to his knees, Austin leveled Ito with a chairshot to the head. Hiroki collapsed to his back, with blood starting to ooze out of his forehead. FFP security and officials quickly rushed to the scene, separating Austin from Hiroki as EMTs came to the aide of the Japanese wrestler.

Non-Title Match
Lipstick & Powerbombs vs Jaqueline Aulstrike & Tabitha Mullins
A very violent match from bell to bell. Jaqueline and Tabitha came down with the FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles, like they were the legit champions, even though they stole the titles from Lizzy Kraven and Olivia Lee at All on the Line. Jaqueline and Tabitha really put a beating on Lizzy and Olivia, but it wasn’t anything that Lizzy or Olivia couldn’t handle. They battled back, sending Jaqueline over the top rope and double teaming Tabitha.

The match really took a turn when Lizzy Kraven went for the Kraven Lariat, but Tabitha dodged and Lizzy destroyed the referee. Jaqueline then introduced the Women’s Tag Titles into the match, striking Lizzy with the title. Tabitha then took the other title and used it to level Olivia. They pulled Lizzy back up to her feet and slammed her to the mat with a spike powerbomb. Tabitha pulled the referee up and drug him to the center of the ring, making the pin. He referee’s count was slow, but Jaqueline and Tabitha won the match, and the right to challenge Lizzy and Olivia for the titles that Jaqueline and Tabitha left the ring with.


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FFP Adrenaline Title
(c) Aiden Conrad w/ Pandora vs Anarchy
Anarchy came down looking very determined. Aiden came down with his same cocky look. As the match begun Aiden kissed Pandora, who was still standing on the apron. But Anarchy quickly grabbed the champion from behind and threw him to the mat with a German suplex. Aiden quickly got back up to his knees, but Anarchy leveled him with a running kick to the skull. Anarchy then grabbed Aiden and locked him in a rear naked choke. Aiden struggled, reaching for the ropes. But he had already been knocked silly. Pandora screamed for him not to submit. She pulled herself up to the apron, but before she could even try to interfere, Aiden tapped out. Anarchy had won the Adrenaline Title in one of the fastest matches FFP had seen in a long time.

The scene cut backstage to FFP owner and President Amanda Kraven. Amanda reminded us that at FFP Desperate Measures Odell Porter would be battling Joey DeMarco and she was going to announce the type of match they would wrestle in. Amanda then announced that they would be wrestling in an Anything Goes Match!

Amanda also announced that Austin Briggs would face Hiroki Ito at Desperate Measures in a First Blood Match! We would be getting quite a bit of violence at the next pay-per-view!

#1 Contender 4-Way Match
Giovanni Gotch vs Nina Fox vs Katsumi Akiyama vs Zoey Kiehl
Most people would say that Zoey was at a clear disadvantage here. Having wrestled a successful career for the OWF, and becoming their Women’s Champion has to say something about the young up-and-comer, but facing off against the likes of Giovanni Gotch, Nina Fox and Katsumi Akiyama was a completely different story.

By Zoey came off looking strong, immediately taking Nina Fox down, repeatedly. Meanwhile Giovanni Gotch and Katsumi Akiyama locked horns. Katsumi gained the upperhand quickly, using strikes and then grabbing Gotch and working her down to the mat. Nina Fox began to gain the upperhand on Zoey as Katsumi grounded Giovanni.

Eventually the match became a three-on-one, with Giovanni in an extreme disadvantage. After a Nina Fox Superkick and a Katsumi Akiyama running knee, Akiyama made the cover and eliminated Gotch.

The three remaining women were hell bent on being the winner. However Nina and Zoey eventually got the upperhand on Katsumi. Zoey planted her with a Brainbuster and got the three count. It was down to Nina Fox and Zoey Kiehl.

Both dark haired beauties battled back and forth. Both wanting to get the opportunity to face Amy Kraven for the Women’s Championship. Nina had already faced Amy once at All on the Line, but was absolutely up for another shot.

The two women hit some awesome strikes, and showed off an impressive mat wrestling skill. Nina locked Zoey in a Dragon Clutch, but Zoey was able to reach the ropes. Zoey fought back after hitting Nina with a couple hard forearms. She then hit Nina with the Emerald Fusion, but Fox kicked out at two. Zoey pulled Nina up, going for a second Emerald Fusion, but Nina slipped out of Zoey’s grip and cracked her with the Superkick. Nina then made the cover. 1…2… and Zoey kicked out! The crowd couldn’t believe it.

Nina got back up, waiting as Zoey slowly fought her way back up to her feet. As she stood back up, groggy but still ready to fight, Nina cracked her with another Superkick. Nina then made the cover and got the three count. Nina Fox would once again challenge Amy Kraven for the FFP Women’s Championship!

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