02/25/2018 FFP Desperate Measures 2018

Date: February 25, 2018
Location: Charlotte, NC
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The show opened with a backstage promo from the FFP World Champion Matt Kraven. Kraven said that since they were in Charlotte, North Carolina, that he would for one night only be known as “The Nature Boy” Matt Kraven. Of course the Charlotte fans booed at Matt’s dig at Ric Flair. Kraven then said that his ode to “The Nature Boy” was NOT for Ric Flair, but for the original, Buddy Rogers. Kraven then said that Flair stole everything from Buddy Rogers and he was a thief and a scam. This really got the crowd rowled up. Matt said that he didn’t mean any offense to the Charlotte crowd, but then said he couldn’t wait to leave the city. Then, he ended the promo with a Ric Flair trademark “wooooo!”

FFP Tag Team Titles
(c) Matt & Billy Rich vs Jackson Detmer & Jason Ryan
A brother tag team against a tag team that has had quite a bit of experience teaming up. The edge would have to go to the brothers right? That’s what Morgan Alexander thought as the match kicked off Desperate Measures 2018. Of course Brian Young played the diplomatic role, saying both teams had just as much of a chance of winning. However after Detmer and Ryan hit a double superplex on Matt Rich, and followed it up with a leg drop and fist off the middle rope combo, Young seemed like we’d see new Tag Team Champions when this match was all said and done. Jackson made the cover on Matt Rich, but Matt’s brother Billy jumped in and broke the count up. The match raged on, with Detmer and Ryan gaining the upperhand again. This time, setting Matt up for the Spike Piledriver. If they hit this, of course that match would have to be over. But as they got Matt up, Billy rushed into the ring and caught Jason Ryan with a superkick. Then, he rocked Detmer with a knee to the jaw, and a clothesline over the top rope.

Billy pulled Matt over to their corner, and stepped out onto the apron. Then, he tagged himself in. He went right after Jason Ryan, hitting a running dropkick that sent Ryan into the corner. Billy then charged, hitting an avalance in the corner. Jason fell to the mat below, while Billy used the bottom rope to springboard to the top and hit a beautiful moonsault. He should have went for the cover, but instead pulled Jason back up and planted him with a swinging DDT. Now he went for the cover. The referee made the count. 1…2… and Jackson Detmer hit a double axehandle to Billy’s back to stop the count. But Billy wasn’t having it. No. He fought back. Knife edge chop, knife edge chop, forearm, forearm, and boom, another clothesline over the top. But Jason Ryan hit him with a hard knee to the kidney. Billy was hurt. Ryan then hit a snap suplex, but was still winded. He couldn’t make the cover. Billy began crawling to his corner while Jason reached out, but Detmer was still on the arena floor. Billy tagged Matt in, and Matt charged at Jason. Jason ducked a clothesline attempt, but when he turned around to face Matt, Rich had stopped in his tracks, and hit a superkick. The impact sent Jason to his knees, where Matt cracked him with an awesome shining wizard. Matt then ascended to the top rope and hit an impressive 450 Splash for the three count. Matt and Billy Rich were still the FFP Tag Team Champions!

FFP Women’s Television Title

(c) Noel Zelig vs Anna Minster
This seemed to have turned into a feud, but not a hard hitting blood feud like so many here in Full Force Pro. Just two women wanting to hold the FFP Women’s Television Title. Noel was the obvious fan favorite. However many of the Charlotte crowd seemed to enjoy Anna Minster’s entrance, especially when she bent over to climb into the ring. Morgan Alexander began to make a comment but Brian Young slapped him before he finished. The two women circled each other and then locked up. After a brief tussle, they broke their grip. Anna then put her hands in the air and began to swivel her hips, getting a reaction at least from the male crowd members. Noel then stepped up into Anna’s face. Anna didn’t hesitate to slap Noel right across the face. The slap was loud. Surely a little painful. Noel put her hand on her cheek for a moment, before rocking Anna with a hard forearm to the head. Minster fell straight to the mat. She slowly pushed herself back up to her knees, but Zelig cracked her with a running knee to the face. Anna was possibly out cold. Noel quickly made the cover. Was that it? 1…2… and Anna stretched her foot out and barely got it on the bottom rope. The count was broken!

Noel grabbed Anna by her hair and pulled her up to her feet. She called out to the crowd. She was going to go for her Piledriver. But before she could get Minster up for the move, Anna broke free and hit a clothesline. Noel got back up to get met with a dropkick. She fell into the corner in a sitting position. This led Anna to charge at Noel and hit her right in the face, with her ample derriere. Again, Anna got a reaction from the male audience members. And again, she began to swivel her hips, shaking her butt right in Noel’s face. Noel wasn’t having it. She quickly got back to her feet, grabbed Anna and threw her into the turnbuckles violently with what looked to be a semi-German suplex. Anna held onto the ropes, pulling herself back up, but was quickly clotheslined over the top rope. Minster landed on her feet on the arena floor, but turned around just in time to get nailed by a suicide dive courtesy of the Women’s Television Champion.

Noel Zelig was on fire. She rolled Anna back into the ring and slid back in after her. But Anna had gotten back to her feet and hit Noel with a hard kick as she was standing up. Anna then spiked Noel onto her head with a DDT. She went for the pin. 1…2… and Noel kicked out. Another close call. Anna pulled Noel up and hit her with a couple of suplexes, a belly-to-belly and Nothern lights. Then Minster went to the middle rope. She successfully hit a flying cross body block, but the momentum took both girls back over to where Noel was on top. Without missing a beat Noel pulled Anna back up to her feet, and planted her with a Piledriver. Noel went for the cover. 1…2… and Anna reached out and grabbed the bottom rope. The crowd couldn’t believe it. Anna Minster survives again.

Noel looked into the crowd and signaled for the end. She pulled Anna up once more, and spiked her with another Piledriver! Zelig then hooked Anna’s leg securely in the middle of the ring. 1…2…3! Noel Zelig retained her FFP Women’s Television Championship.

The scene cut to the announce table. Brian Young and Morgan Alexander talked about how we had already seen two amazing matches, and there was so much more to come. Not only did we still have the First Blood Match and the upcoming Anything Goes Match, but also the Women’s Title, the World Title and Cooper Albright vs Trent Wolfe, just to name a few. The commentators were obviously pumped about the show.

The scene cut backstage where Tyrece Beckman was standing by with Odell Porter’s girlfriend Saraya Varro, who had just recently signed with FFP. Tyrece asked Saraya how she was doing since the last time we saw her was when she got wiped out at Tuesday Night Wrestling, and was carried to the back by Joey DeMarco. Saraya said she was fine. That she just took a bad fall and that was all. She said that she’d have to get used to that since she’d be wrestling for FFP. She said that tonight she’d be accompanying Odell down to the ring for his match with Joey DeMarco, and she was looking forward to seeing her man come out on top.

Anything Goes
Odell Porter vs Joey DeMarco
Now this is a blood feud. Odell came out first, with Saraya by his side. Then, Joey DeMarco made his way down to the ring. DeMarco wasn’t dressed in his normal wrestling tights, but jeans. And his fists were taped. Odell was in his traditional wrestling attire, something he could possibly regret. DeMarco slid into the ring, and before Saraya even had a chance to get out of the ring, the two men were trading punches. Rights, lefts, more rights, more lefts. The Charlotte crowd was cheering them on as they hit harder and harder. Odell finally sent Joey into the ropes, and hit a big clothesline. But when he went for an elbow drop, Joey moved out of the way and immediately hit Odell with a dropkick to the side of the head. DeMarco pulled Odell up afterward, and slammed him to the mat with a back suplex. Joey looked over at Saraya, then to the fans. He put his arms up and yelled out “Yeah!”. But as he did so, Odell had gotten up to his knees, and hit Joey with a low blow from behind. “Anything goes!” yelled Morgan Alexander. Odell then grabbed Joey and threw him inbetween the top and middle rope, causing DeMarco to slam to the arena floor.

As Joey pulled himself up using the ring apron, Odell went for a baseball slide dropkick, but DeMarco dodged it and grabbed Odell’s feet. He proceeded to pull Porter out of the ring, landing back first on the arena floor. Odell then grabbed Porter’s legs and slingshot him into the steel guardrail. Joey quickly grabbed Odell and began to slam his head into the steel guardrail, repeatedly. Joey finally let go and walked toward the time keeper’s table. Saraya was near, and hurried away from DeMarco. Joey grabbed a steel chair from Brianna the ring announcer, but before he could have time to use it, Odell charged behind Joey and leveled him with a forearm to the back. DeMarco dropped the chair and fell into the time keeper’s table. Odell hit a couple more punches before reaching down and grabbing the chair. As he brought it up to use it, Joey hit a Roaring Elbow, knocking the chair into Odell’s face. Porter went to the ground, and Joey caught himself on the ring steps. He had done damage to his arm. Brian Young made note that hitting the chair with that kind of force didn’t do Joey any favors.

Joey crawled up the steps and slid into the ring. He turned and waited, sitting down in the ring as Odell began to move. As Porter grabbed the ropes and pulled himself onto the apron, Joey ran in and went for a shoulder to the ribs. But Odell side stepped and Joey nearly fell through the ropes. Odell then hit a hard kick to DeMarco’s chest. The blow echoed throughout the arena. Joey stumbled back, and was leveled with a springboard clothesline. Porter hooked Joey’s leg, but only got the two count. Odell pulled Joey up, setting him up for the Regal Plex, but Joey dug his fingers into Odell’s eyes. Porter released DeMarco, who then flatted Odell with a superkick. He followed up with a couple of elbows to the skull. DeMarco then climbed to the top rope and hit a diving knee drop to the head. Odell was obviously hurt. Joey went to the top again, and hit another knee to the skull. And he climbed up for the third. Morgan Alexander exclaimed that Joey was going to kill Odell. As Joey was about to leap off the top, Saraya rolled into the ring. She grabbed Odell, putting her body over his head. Joey wouldn’t jump off and land on Saraya. Not after rushing her to the EMTs at FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling. Would he?

Saraya began to beg Joey to not jump off again. She began to try to muscle her boyfriend up, trying to get him back up to his feet so he could try to protect himself. DeMarco stayed put on the top turnbuckle. Maybe he was going to attempt something as Odell got up. Or maybe he was having a change of heart. When Odell got up, he pushed Saraya forward. Her body hit the turnbuckles, and Joey fell, straddling the top rope. The males in the audience groaned. No man would want to do what Joey just did. Saraya fell to the mat and Odell quickly climbed up to the top rope with Joey. He proceeded to hit Joey with an impressive overhead belly-to-belly off the top rope. Porter then pulled Joey up again, and hit the Regal Plex. But he wasn’t done there. The former World Champion pulled Joey back up, and this time spiked him to the mat with a Package Piledriver. Porter now hooked Joey’s leg. 1…2…3! Odell Porter won the match. And as soon as the bell sounded, Morgan Alexander said that Odell had shoved his girlfriend to get the upperhand, and hadn’t even checked on her yet!

Of course he checked on her after the bell. Helping her up and kissing her forehead. Brian Young seemed to even agree with Morgan, saying it was odd that he used her by shoving her into the corner to cause Joey to fall. The fans gave Odell a mixed reaction at the way he had won the match, but he left with his arm raised in victory, with Saraya by his side.

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The scene cut backstage to Anna Minster. She was out of breath, she seemed to be hurting, but she seemed to also be fired up. Raquel St. Claire was there to get a word with her. Anna said that she may have lost to Noel Zelig, but it took Noel everything she had to beat her. Anna said that if she got another shot at Noel and the Women’s TV Title that she would undoubtedly walk away with the gold. She said that she deserved the title more than Noel, that she was the better looking wrestler, and she had the finer heinie. However, Anna’s friend from her 3XW days Ava St. James had walked by and heard Anna talking. Ava butted in, saying that Anna had her shot, and now it should be someone else’s turn, like Ava St. James. Ava said that besides, out of all three her heinie was definitely the finest. Anna and Ava went face to face as the camera cut away.

Lux vs Lenore Spade w/ Simone Williams
With this being Lux’s in-ring debut, Lenore Spade had the obvious advantage. Add in the fact that Lenore had Simone in her corner, not only to provide a distraction, but also physically get involved if need be, and it seemed the deck was completely stacked against Lux. Lenore toyed around with Lux first. Grabbing a headlock and taking Lux over with it. Then patting the top of her head and daring her to get back up. However, after hitting an arm drag then standing up and looking out to the crowd, Lux shocked the fans and Lenore by grabbed around Lenore’s waist and throwing her to the mat with a German suplex. That really woke Lenore up, and showed her that Lux wasn’t here to play around.

However, that made Lenore buckle down and put a little more effort in. Lux used some hard strikes to rock Lux before hitting her with a spear. Spade then took Lux to the corner and climbed to the middle rope, doing an old school 10-punch in the corner. However Lux reversed it by putting her arms under Lenore’s legs and hitting a powerbomb. Lux then bounced off the ropes and hit a splash. She went for the pin, but Spade kicked out at two. It was way too close for Lenore’s comfort. Simone reached in and grabbed Lenore’s leg, pulling her out of the ring to give her advice.

Lenore got back into the ring and went for a clothesline, but Lux ducked it and hit a running bulldog. When Lenore got backup Lux scooped her up onto her shoulders and hit a Samoan drop. Lux then climbed up to the top turnbuckle. She dove off, going for a splash off the top, but Lenore moved out of the way. Lux crashed into the mat below. Lenore got up and grabbed ahold of the referee, turning his attention away from Lux. This opened up the opportunity for Simone Williams to get involved. She quickly slid into the ring, pulled Lux up and planted her with a DDT. Simone then went to the middle rope and hit Lux with a splash. She rolled out of the ring and Lenore let go of the ref. The damage was done. As Lux turned over and attempted to push herself back up, Lenore hit her finisher the Curb Stomp. She then made the pin. 1…2…3. Lenore Spade has defeated Lux in Lux’s debut match, albeit with a little bit of assistance from Simone Williams.

In the Ring
FFP’s ring announcer Brianna announced that Full Force Pro had made a new signing today. Brianna then announced the entrance of FFP’s newest member of the women’s division, Toni Schiavone! The controversial Toni Schiavone (not the commentator from the 90’s) walked down the isle. She climbed into the ring and took hold of the microphone. She said that she came to FFP to make money, kick ass and win championships. And she said that she would be watching the Women’s Title match very closely, and planned on winning some gold very soon.

First Blood Match
Hiroki Ito vs Austin Briggs
Another blood feud, literally. Hiroki Ito made his entrance first, and before he was in the ring he was attacked by Austin Briggs. After a clothesline that sent Hiroki down onto the entrance ramp, Austin pulled the Japanese wrestler up and fired him into the ring steps. Briggs pummeled him with stomps before reaching into the crowd and taking someone’s chair. He folded it up, brought it back and swung. Ito rolled out of the way and the chair smacked the steel steps. The sound echoed through the building. Hiroki now grabbed the chair and the wrestlers began tussling for it. A tug of war over the chair.

Eventually Ito got control of the chair and rammed it into Briggs midsection, then he cracked it over Austin’s back. Hiroki threw Austin into the ring, and followed. Once the two men were in the ring, the match officially began. First one to bleed, would lose.

Briggs got up onto his knees but was hit hard with several kicks across the chest. Ito then hit the ropes and dropkicked Briggs in the face. He pulled Briggs up and scooped him onto his shoulder. He was already going for the Go to Sleep! But Briggs pushed himself off of Hiroki’s shoulders, and rammed him shoulder first into the corner. Unfortunately for Ito he went inbetween the turnbuckles and his shoulder cracked into the steel ring post. Briggs pulled Ito out of the corner and planted him with a DDT. Then, he began laying punches into the skull of Hiroki Ito. Austin pulled Ito up by his hair, and set him up for another DDT. But Hiroki escaped from Austin’s grip and hit a jumping kick to the skull. The blow dazed Austin. He seemed groggy. Hiroki then grabbed ahold and hit a swinging neckbreaker. After that, he dropped a knee to Briggs’ forehead. Hiroki then eyed the steel chair that was used earlier. Ito rolled out of the ring and grabbed the chair. He slid back into the ring, but Austin sprung up and dropkicked the chair into Hiroki’s head. Morgan Alexander was sure Ito would be bleeding, but he wasn’t.

Austin pulled Hiroki up and set him up for a Pedigree on the chair. Would it be enough to bust the Japanese superstar open? Hiroki fought an arm free. He hit a couple right hands to Briggs’ ribs, and broke free. Then he grabbed a side headlock on Austin, but turned it into a headlock driver on the chair. Was Briggs busted open? No he wasn’t. Hiroki laid in a couple shots to Austin’s head, before dropped another knee. Then he grabbed the chair. Austin began pushing himself up, and Hiroki brought the chair back. But Austin hit a low blow on Hiroki, who collapsed to the mat. Briggs then grabbed the chair out of Ito’s grip. Austin now rose to his feet. Hiroki was in a lot of pain. He struggled to get back up. But as he got to his knees Austin brought the chair back and leveled him in the head. The chair had an obvious dent after making contact with Hiroki’s head. The referee checked for blood, but there wasn’t any. And it almost seemed to just motivate Austin Briggs more. Hiroki was slower to get up this time. Briggs brought the chair back and leveled Hiroki once more. The chair was even more dented now. And Hiroki collapsed back to the mat. Again, no blood.

Briggs looked down at Hiroki, and gritted his teeth. He stood over Ito’s body and began to repeatedly ram the edge of it into Hiroki’s forehead. Over and over again. And finally, Ito’s forehead began to spew blood. The referee called for the bell and quickly grabbed the chair to stop Austin’s onslaught. Austin Briggs had won the match in a very violent way.

The scene cut backstage where FFP newcomer Carla Ray was knocking on the door of the owner and President of FFP Amanda Kraven. Amanda invited Carla in. Carla said that she was very excited to be signed with FFP, and suggested that she make her in-ring debut on the FFP Tour of Japan. Amanda said she appreciated Carla’s enthusiasm, and said she would definitely get a match in Japan.

Brandi Moore Update
Familiar music hit the speakers and Brandi Moore came out from behind the curtain. The FFP fans hadn’t seen Brandi since her injury sustained at the hands of Taylor Clawson at Wednesday Warfare on January 10th. They let out a huge cheer as Brandi appeared. Brandi came out with a halo brace on. Obviously she had sustained a serious neck injury that night. Brandi had help getting into the ring and took the microphone. She thanked the crowd for the cheers. She said that unfortunately she had sustained a pretty serious injury at Warfare, and that even though she’d never stop trying to get back into the ring to wrestle, that the doctors didn’t give her a very good chance at making a return. Brandi began to tear up, saying that FFP was her life for so long, and that she would do everything in her power to come back and continue doing what she loves best.

Then, Taylor Clawson’s music played. Taylor was Brandi’s tag team partner for years. The two had dominated FFP as Seduction Inc. Taylor came down to the ring, with tears in her eyes. The two were in the middle of a feud when Brandi was injured, at the hands of Taylor. Taylor showed the crowd that obviously their feud didn’t mean as much as their friendship. Taylor climbed into the ring and softly embraced Brandi. Taylor took a microphone and said that she was so sorry for injuring Brandi. She said that at the moment they were beating the hell out of each other, but that she would have never wanted to seriously hurt Brandi. Brandi told Taylor that it was okay and that the two would be just fine. They both said that they loved each other and embraced once more.

Brandi then turned back to the crowd and waved her hand in the air. She blew them a kiss and began to say something else into the microphone. But before she could say anything, Taylor grabbed her by her metal halo brace and threw her down to the mat on her back. Brandi let out a moan while the crowd gasp in shock. Taylor looked down at Brandi with a smile on her face. She put her foot on Brandi’s halo brace and bent over, grabbing a microphone. She said that Brandi always thought that she was the best woman in Full Force Pro, but the truth was, she wasn’t even the best woman in Seduction Inc. Taylor then said that she was tried of being in the shadow of Brandi Moore, and that tonight she finally stepped out of it, ending Brandi’s career forever.

Taylor then climbed out of the ring. She grabbed a steel chair and slid back in. As FFP security and EMTs rushed to the ring, Taylor quickly drew the chair back and slammed it against Brandi’s halo brace. Security finally got into the ring, so Taylor climbed out. Smirking as she retreated up the entrance ramp, because she knew that she accomplished what she wanted to accomplish.

On March 18th Full Force Pro will hold it’s first annual Tokyo Rumble. Live from the historic Tokyo Dome, FFP superstars will battle to cement their spot as the number one contender for the FFP World Championship. Besides that, we will have all kinds of great action. Join us for FFP Tokyo Rumble, as well as our annual Tour of Japan going from Nagoya to Tokyo!

Cooper Albright vs Trent Wolfe
These two bad met in two previous matches with Trent Wolfe getting the first victory and Cooper Albright winning the second match. This was be rubber match. And this one was just as good as the previous two, if not better.

The match started off with both men trying to gain a quick advantage over the other, hoping to build on it and gain the full momentum. Cooper Albright was the first to grab the upperhand, taking Trent down with a headlock takeover, before hitting a couple clotheslines and a neckbreaker. Cooper went to the middle rope and attempted a senton, but Trent got his knees up. He followed up with a full nelson slam across his knee. Seemed Trent’s gameplan was to work on Cooper’s back. After a sidewalk slam and another backbreaker, Trent took Cooper up top and hit a superplex. Trent then went to hook on one of his finishers, Cattle Mutilation. But Cooper as able to block it and escape the attempted move. Wolfe pulled Cooper back up and hit a couple loud knife edge chops. But Albright was game, and ready to give the chops right back. The Charlotte crowd loved it, wooing after each one.

Albright got the advantage, pulling another classic Ric Flair maneuver and jamming his thumb into Trent’s eye. Cooper then hit the ropes and nearly turned Wolfe inside out with a lariat. He hit a couple stomps before pulling Trent up and hitting an Arn Anderson style spinebuster. Cooper then looked into the crowd and called for the end. He hoisted Trent up for a Brainbuster, but drove Trent’s head into his knee. Cooper pulled Trent up again, and now hit a reverse DDT. Next he went to the corner and hit a Vader bomb from the middle rope. He went for the pin. 1…2… and Trent kicked out. Cooper continued he assault, landing repeated punches before pulling Trent back up. Cooper hit the ropes and attempted another lariat, but Trent ducked it and hit a hard knee to Cooper’s jaw. He then grabbed Cooper and took him down with a Flatliner, but transitioned into the Koji Clutch. Cooper was in trouble. He reached and stretched trying to grab the ropes.

Cooper continued trying to get to the ropes, pulling Trent’s body weight along with him. Finally, he grabbed the bottom rope. Trent Wolfe had to release the hold. But Trent pulled Cooper back up and hit a back suplex, doing more damage to Cooper’s shoulder. Trent now hooked Cooper’s arms and this time successfully applied the Cattle Mutilation. But Cooper was too close to the ropes. He reached his foot out and made contact. Again, forcing the break.

The match continued, with Cooper finally retaking the upperhand and momentum, rocking Trent with a couple of European uppercuts. Then, a double Underhook suplex, shades of William Regal. Cooper then pulled Trent up and placed him sitting on the top turnbuckle. Albright showed off his tremendous athleticism by hitting a top rope frankensteiner! The Charlotte crowd couldn’t believe it. They stood as he connected with the move. Albright had some confidence. He went up top again, and this time attempted a moonsault. Another athletic move for a big man. But this time, Wolfe moved out of the way, and Cooper crashed and burned. After slamming into the mat, he tried to quickly get back to his feet, but Trent hit him with an elbow to the back of the head. Trent then turned Cooper around and planted him with the Bloody Sunday. Wolfe made the cover and the referee made the count. 1…2…3! Trent Wolfe was your winner. But both men were completely spent after such a hard fought match.

FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles | Ladder Match
(c) Lipstick & Powerbombs vs Jaqueline Aulstrike & Tabitha Mullins
This was another violent one. Jaqueline and Tabitha came out first, looking up at the championships that they had stole from Lizzy Kraven and Olivia Lee as soon as they won them. Lizzy and Olivia came down to the ring, and they were all business. No high fiving the crowd. No smiling or posing. They were coming down to the ring to get their gold back. And at first it looked as if they’d get the gold back fast, hitting Jaqueline and Tabitha with a flurry of strikes. Eventually they sent Jaqueline over the top rope, and turned their attention on Tabitha. They tee’d off on Tabitha, hitting everything from punches, to chops, forearms to elbows. Olivia then hoisted Tabitha up onto her shoulders, and Lizzy went up top. It looked like they were going for the Doomsday Device, shades of the Road Warriors. But Jaqueline had gotten back up and hit Lizzy with a hard right hand to the side of the head. Lizzy fell off the top rope and took a spill to the arena floor. Jaqueline then got into the ring and suddenly it was Olivia who was in a two-on-one situation.

Jaqueline did most of the work while Tabitha tried to recuperate. Eventually they pulled Olivia up and hit the Magic Killer. Then they went to the outside and got a ladder. Both women began climbing toward the Women’s Tag Titles. But it was a mistake. Because Lizzy slid back into the ring and simply tipped the ladder over. Both of the challengers fell to the mat. Lizzy then sized them up. When Jaqueline got up to her feet, she was flattened by a Kraven Lariat. Lizzy then turned to a Tabitha, who had the same fate, a Kraven Lariat. Lizzy then adjusted the ladder and began climbing.

She got near the top and Jaqueline had gotten back to his feet and grabbed ahold of the ladder. She began shaking it, so Lizzy put the brakes on. Olivia tried to stop Jaqueline, but ended up on her back from a hard elbow. Lizzy then dove off the ladder and took Jaqueline down with a cross body block. Tabitha quickly got back into the ring. She grabbed Lizzy and tossed her through the ropes to the outside. Tabitha then began to climb up the ladder. Everyone else was down, so Tabitha had a clear shot at the titles. But Olivia got up just in time to stop Tabitha.

Eventually Lizzy and Olivia were able to grab another couple of ladders and make a makeshift table out of them. They sent Tabitha to the outside of the ring, and hit Jaqueline with a crazy super powerbomb off of the ladder, through the other ladder that was made into the table. The metal ladder folded under the weight. Lizzy and Olivia then climbed up the ladder and took possession of their FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles.

The scene cut backstage where Tyrece Beckman was standing by with the FFP Women’s TV Champion Noel Zelig. Tyrece asked Noel if she had heard the remarks by Anna Minster and Ava St. James. Noel said that she heard them, and also stated that they both knew where to find her. She said that if Amanda Kraven wanted to book the two in a number one contenders match that that would be fine, and if Amanda wanted them to wrestle in a three-way dance that that would be fine as well. Noel said that she would gladly take on anyone who wanted to challenge her, and she would beat them 1, 2, 3.

FFP Adrenaline Titles
(c) Anarchy vs Aiden Conrad w/ Pandora
Aiden came out of his corner ready to duke it out with Anarchy. Unfortunately for Aiden, Anarchy had quite an edge on him, being able to rock Aiden pretty quickly and dumping him on his head with a belly-to-belly suplex. Anarchy went for the pin but actually got a close two count. He had caught the challenger by surprise. Pandora was even worried. She climbed onto the apron to try to cause any kind of distraction she could. But while she did so, Anarchy pulled Aiden up and made her look at him in his eyes. Then he threw him to the mat with a German suplex. She stayed on the apron, so Anarchy stood and walked up to her. What would he do? What would she do? She looked like she was ready to draw back and slap him, but the referee quickly got in the middle, demanding that Pandora get off the ring apron.

While the referee was distracted, Aiden hit Anarchy with a low blow from behind. He pulled Anarchy to the center of the ring and hit a DDT. Then he made the cover. The referee slid into position. 1…2… and Anarchy kicked out. Aiden couldn’t believe it. He got up and sized Anarchy up. As Anarchy began to get back up, Conrad leveled him with the Beauty Maker. Once again he covered the Adrenaline Champion. The referee made the count. 1…2… and Anarchy kicked out again! The commentators couldn’t believe it. Neither could the Charlotte crowd. Aiden slapped the mat and pulled Anarchy up again. But this time Anarchy rocked the challenger with a back elbow before hitting him with a t-bone suplex. Anarchy then called for the end. He was going to hook Aiden in the Rear Naked Choke. He locked the hold on, in the center of the ring. Pandora slid into the ring. Trying for yet another distraction.

The referee had to step in front of her, and keep her from getting involved. But she fell down and began holding her ankle. The referee began to help her, all the while Aiden was struggling to keep conscious due to Anarchy’s Rear Naked Choke. But out of the crowd came the FFP Tag Team Champions Matt and Billy Rich, and they were armed with chairs. Anarchy noticed them enter the ring. He got up to fight them off, but Matt cracked him over the head. Anarchy dropped to his knees, where the champions hit him with a gruesome con-chair-to. Anarchy’s limp body collapsed face first to the mat. Billy flipped the Adrenaline Champion over while Matt drug Aiden’s nearly unconscious body over Anarchy’s. The boys slid out of the ring, and Pandora rolled out as well. The referee turned to see Aiden covering Anarchy. He slid into position and made the count. 1…2…3! Aiden Conrad was the new FFP Adrenaline Champion. And apparently Matt and Billy Rich had aligned themselves with Aiden.

Matt and Billy got into the ring and helped Aiden up. Meanwhile Pandora grabbed the Adrenaline Title. The foursome quickly left ringside.

The scene cut backstage to Raquel St. Claire who was standing by with Trent Wolfe. Raquel congratulated Trent on his hard fought victory tonight and asked him what his next move was. Trent said that although he was still new at Full Force Pro, that he has always had his sights on the FFP World Championship. He said that tonight he would be watching the main event closely, and would love nothing more than to challenge the winner for the title.

FFP Women’s Title
(c) Amy Kraven vs Nina Fox
This was a very good back and forth match. Both women are incredible technical wrestlers and they showed it here in front of the Charlotte crowd. The crowd absolutely loved it, being a crowd that is all about old school technical wrestling. At one point the two women traded off hitting some loud knife edge chops that had the crowd wooing and cheering. Nina hit a Northern lights suplex and followed up with the slingblade. She went for a German suplex but Amy was able to break out of Nina’s grip and hit a Russian leg sweep. Nina quickly got up but Amy hit an arm drag, then a dropkick. Nina hit the ground and rolled out of the ring. Amy rushed to the side of the ring, launched herself over the top and hit a cross body block. She pulled Nina up and rolled her back into the ring. But Nina was shot back to her feet, hit the ropes and delivered a baseball slide to Amy. Nina then climbed out onto the apron, and when Amy got up Nina front flipped off the apron and struck Amy.

Fox then pulled Amy up and fired her back into the ring. Nina then went for a flying cross body block off the top rope, but Amy moved out of the way and Nina crashed to the mat below. When Nina got back up Amy hit her with a Superkick. Nina’s finisher, as well as her brother’s. Amy made the cover. 1…2… and Nina kicked out. Amy pulled Nina back up and hit a snap suplex. She went up to the middle rope and hit a diving elbow. Then, she went back up onto the turnbuckles, but this time the top turnbuckle. She proceeded to hit a guillotine leg drop. She covered Nina again, and again got a two count. What would she have to do to keep Nina down?

Amy picked Nina up and set her on the top turnbuckle. Kraven climbed up to the top as well, setting her up for a superplex. But Nina hit a couple shots to he midsection and grabbed ahold of Amy. The two teetered up top. Brian Young said it looked as if the two were going to spill to the arena floor. But Amy put her arms around Nina and hit an impressive overhead belly to belly off of the top turnbuckle. But the move hit both women, of course moreso Nina than Amy.

Amy crawled over to Nina and draped her arm over her for the pin. 1…2… and Nina put her foot on the bottom rope JUST before the three count. Morgan Alexander said that he couldn’t believe how close the count was. Both women tried getting back to their feet. They were slow getting back to their feet, but Amy went for another Superkick. This time Nina ducked it. And when Amy turned back around to face Nina, Fox picked her up onto her shoulders and hit the Death Valley Driver. Nina immediately pulled Amy back up and hit an Olympic slam, Kurt Angle style. Nina then set Amy up for the Superkick. Nina went for the move, but Amy ducked it. Nina turned back around but Amy hit a kick to the gut. Kraven then set Nina up for he Kraven Klash. But Nina was able to reverse into a back body drop. However, Amy flipped over and landed on her feet. Then, CRACK! Nina Fox hit the Superkick. But Nina went down as well. Obviously both women were spent. Nina began crawling over to make the pin. But before she could, Fiona Burke and Kenzie Anderson rushed down the isle and slid into the ring. They quickly pounced on both women.

The referee called for the bell. Obviously the match was thrown out due to the outside interference. But Fiona and Kenzie had just gotten started. They put the boots to both women, before picking each of them up and delivering an impressive combo where Fiona scooped each one onto her shoulders, Kenzie hit a running big boot, then Fiona planted them with a split-legged Death Valley Driver. Fiona then got on the microphone. She said that her and Kenzie were both sick and tired of sitting in the back watching the same women hog the spotlight. So they were going to take the spotlight for themselves.

The scene cut backstage to Tyrece Beckman standing by with Giovanni Gotch and her manager Christi Carter. Giovanni talked about the Tour of Japan and how she was looking forward to showing the world that she was still the best woman wrestler in the world. Then, Katsumi Akiyama steppes up. Katsumi said that if Giovanni really wanted to prove how good she was, she would face Katsumi in Japan. Gotch got eye-to-eye with Katsumi and accepted her challenge.

FFP World Title
(c) “The Nature Boy” Matt Kraven w/ Amanda Kraven vs Matt Evanston
Matt Evanston came out first. Matt Kraven was out next. With Amanda Kraven by his side. Matt Kraven was dressed in a robe very similar to that of Ric Flair. He also strutted down the isle like Flair. The Charlotte crowd booed uncontrollably at the FFP World Champion. But Matt loved it. He smiled as he walked down the isle. He climbed onto the apron and held the World Title up in the air. When he got in the ring, he went race to race with Evanston. The two traded words before the bell rang for the start of the match.

The action started off slow as neither man wanted to leave an opening for the other to gain an advantage. Morgan Alexander made the point of the World Title being the most important title in professional wrestling, therefore neither man was going to get in a hurry and risk getting surprised. Kraven got a headlock on Evanston and took him down with it. When Evanston got back up Kraven went for his Superkick, but Evanston ducked it and grabbed ahold of the World Champ. Evanston went for a German suplex but Kraven blocked it. He then spun around Evanston and hit a hard kick to the back of his knee. Evanston dropped to his knee, then was leveled with a sliding clothesline. Kraven quickly got back to his feet and grabbed Evanston’s leg. Matt yelled out a Ric Flair “Wooo” before going for the Figure Four. But Evanston reached up and grabbed Kraven’s head, turning the move into a sloppy roll up. The referee made the count but the World Champ kicked out at one.

Both wrestlers popped back up and leveled the other with a clothesline. Both men were down. They got back to their feet about the same time, where Evanston took Kraven over with a fireman’s carry. He dropped a leg across Kraven’s chest, then pulled him up for a snap suplex. But he wasn’t done there. He pulled Kraven up again and hit a scoop slam. Then he took his legs and hit a slingshot into the corner. Evanston stepped back and charged toward Kraven. But the World Champion moved out of the way and Evanston ended up going inbetween the top and middle turnbuckle, ramming his shoulder into the steel ring post. Kraven then rolled Evanston up, placing his feet on the middle rope to get added leverage. But even with Kraven’s illegal pin, Evanston was able to power out before the three count.

Kraven seemed shocked. He looked out at Amanda, then back at Evanston. When Evanston got back to his feet, Kraven charged and hit a spear. He looked out at Amanda again and smiled. Then he made the cover. 1…2… abs again Evanston was able to kick out. Kraven couldn’t believe it. Amanda grabbed the FFP World Title and slid it into the ring. Of course she did it in a way that the referee didn’t catch it. Then she climbed onto the apron to provide the distraction for smart Kraven. But Evanston saw, and ducked the attempt to nearly take the challenger’s head off with the championship. Evanston then hit Kraven with a hard kick to the gut and ripped the championship out of Kraven’s hands. The crowd cheered as Evanston looked at the title. Would he use it as a weapon? Or would he toss it to the side? Amanda yelled at the referee to look at Evanston. She was hoping for a disqualification. But the ref was busy telling Amanda to get off the apron. Evanston turned and tossed the title to the side, looking at Amanda, seemingly taunting her because their plan didn’t work. But as he did so, Kraven hit him with a low blow from behind. Evanston dropped to his knees, obviously in a great deal of pain. Amanda’s distraction worked.

As Amanda got down to the arena floor, Kraven sized Evanston up and cracked him with the Superkick. After the low blow then the Superkick, Evanston was down. Morgan Alexander already proclaimed Matt Kraven as STILL the World Champion. Kraven went for the pin. 1…2… and Matt Evanston was able to kick out! You’ve got to be kidding me! Kraven couldn’t believe it. He stood up and grabbed the referee, yelling at him that he made a mistake. Amanda even got back onto the apron, screaming at the referee as well. Kraven turned around only to get leveled by a Matt Evanston lariat. Evanston pulled Kraven up, hoisted him onto his shoulders and hit the Go to Sleep! Kraven was out! Evanston hurried to make the cover. But Amanda still had the referee by the collar yelling at him.

After several moments of Evanston pinning Kraven, he got up to get Amanda down so the ref could make the count. Evanston tried to pull the referee away from Amanda. Amanda yelled at him to get his hands off of me official. Then, Matt Kraven charged. But Evanston moved out of the way and the World Champion ended up nailing the referee in the corner. The referee collapsed to the mat. Meanwhile Evanston scooped Matt Kraven onto his shoulders, going for the second Go to Sleep of the match. But Amanda Kraven stepped into the ring. Pointing her finger at Matt Evanston and getting in his face. Evanston smiled, because he was about to hit his finisher once again on the World Champion. But Amanda stepped back and went for a kick to the groin. But Evanston dropped Kraven behind him and caught Amanda’s foot. He smiled at the owner and President of Full Force Pro. Knowing he had out thought her and Matt.

Then Nathan Caine stepped out onto the entrance stage. He was warned not to get involved in the match, but maybe since the referee was out, Caine thought he could come and help his tag partner. Nathan walked down the isle and slid into the ring. Amanda looked worried, saying that Nathan shouldn’t be getting involved. Nathan got into the face of Amanda Kraven. Then he turned to Evanston and rocked him with a right hand to the face. Evanston stumbled back, dropping Matt Kraven behind him.

Evanston and Nathan Caine went eye to eye, but before they could come to blows, Matt Kraven grabbed ahold of be World Championship and blasted Evanston in the back of the head. Evanston went down hard.

Kraven then grabbed Matt Evanston’s legs and applied the Figure Four. Evanston was out cold, but Kraven kept the hold locked on. Amanda Kraven and Nathan Caine were able to get the referee semi-conscious. He slowly turned and saw Kraven with the Figure Four locked on Matt Evanston. The referee got closer and made the count, because Evanston’s shoulders were on the mat. Finally the referee made the count. 1…….2…….3! Matt Kraven had retained the World Championship, and did so with the Figure Four in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Kraven released the hold and grabbed the World Championship. He went to his wife and put his arm around her, kissing her on the head and hoisting the title in the air. Then, Matt and Amanda Kraven exited ringside with Nathan Caine following them. Before Caine walked through the entrance, he turned once more to see his unconscious former tag team partner. He smirked before disappearing behind the curtain.


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