02/28/2018 FFP Wednesday Warfare

Date: February 28, 2018
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The show opened up with the entrance of Matt Evanston. Evanston hoped to win the FFP World Championship from Matt Kraven at FFP Desperate Measures on Sunday, but failed. Mostly because of the outside interference of now only Matt’s wife Amanda Kraven, but also by Nathan Caine, Evanston’s former partner. The two made up one of the most dominant tag teams in FFP history, the American Bulldogs. But that apparently was no more.

Evanston grabbed a microphone and called Nathan out. He said that he would beat Nathan Caine down tonight, and go on to take the World Title from Matt Kraven because he obviously deserved a title shot since there was so much BS that occurred at Desperate Measures.

The owner and President of FFP Amanda Kraven stepped out onto the entrance stage. Amanda said that Matt Evanston had no right to come out and demand matches or title shots. Evanston tried to argue, but Amanda continued. She said that Matt Evanston was unsuccessful against Matt Kraven at Desperate Measures, so it was time to give someone else a shot at the World Championship. Amanda continued, saying that if Matt Evanston wanted a fight tonight that he would get one. She announced that the main event of tonight’s show would be Matt Evanston vs Nathan Caine in a No Disqualification Match.

Evanston said that whether Amanda and Matt liked it or not, he would beat Nathan Caine tonight, and would go on to take the World Championship. Whether it be at Tokyo Rumble, at next year’s Desperate Measures or whenever.

Jackson Detmer & Jason Ryan vs Head Trauma
A hard hitting match to open up the show. Jackson Detmer and Jason were throwing hands. But then again, Khalid and Malik weren’t strangers to brawling either. The match eventually found it’s way to the outside when Malik hit a big clothesline, sending Ryan over the top. Next, Malik hit a big spear on the outside. Jason Ryan was hurt. The match ended up back in the ring where Jackson Detmer got a tag, and hit Malik with a hard chop block. the gameplan after that was simple, isolate the leg. Work on Malik’s leg, and don’t let him get to his brother Khalid. Eventually Malik was able to overpower Jackson, and hit a big shoulder block before getting the tag. Khalid got into the ring and cleaned house. But, as he tossed Jason Ryan out of the ring, Jackson Detmer rolled Khalid up and pulled on the tights to get the three count.

Head Trauma was obviously aggravated as Detmer and Ryan quickly made their way up the entrance ramp, taking their cheap victory with them.

Lux vs Simone Williams w/ Lenore Spade
There was a lot of animosity against these two beautiful plus-sized women. They went face-to-face and trash talk was obviously going on between them. Brian Young noted that with Simone having quite a bit of experience over the rookie Lux, that Lux should be careful not to let Simone get inside her head. Eventually Simone shoved Lux back. Lux did the same, shoving Simone. Neither woman budged. Then, Lenore Spade climbed up onto the apron. Screaming and pointing at Lux. Of course, Lux turned toward Lenore and opened herself up to a hard right forearm courtesy of Simone Williams. Simone then sent Lux into the ropes and hit basically what you’d call an avalanche in the middle of the ring. Lux was floored. Simone turned to Lenore with a smile on her face. Seemed like it would be easy pickings for you Simone Williams.

Simone and Lenore shared a word for a minute. Then Simone gave a couple dirty looks to crowd members who were giving her the thumbs down. And when she turned back around she was surprised by Lux, who rolled her up with a small package. The referee made the count. 1…2… and Simone barely got out just before the three. It has shocked her. But it also made her mad. She got up about the same time Lux did, but this time absolutely destroyed Lux with a clothesline. Lux hit the mat hard. Simone then immediately hit the ropes and delivered a big splash to Lux. Simone then pulled Lux up by her blonde hair. She turned her around, lifted her up and hit her finisher the Implant Buster, which is a lifting double underhook facebuster. Simone then rolled Lux over and securely hooked her leg. Whether she hooked the leg or not, Simone had Lux pinned for the three count.

Lenore then got into the ring after the match and raised Simone’s hand in victory. Then she stood over Lux, pointing in her face and yelling at her. Lux was still unconscious and didn’t hear a word, but the fans did. They booed as Lenore and Simone then left the ring.

The scene cut backstage to Tyrece Beckman who was talking with the FFP World Champion. Tyrece said that people thought he was ducking having another match with Matt Evanston. Kraven denied the allegations, saying that Matt Evanston had his chance, and now someone else deserved a shot. Tyrece then said that the rumors going around the fans is that Kraven is afraid to defend his championship. Matt looked appalled. He told Tyrece that he wasn’t afraid of anyone. Matt said that in fact, he would defend the FFP World Title against whoever walked through the door next at FFP Tokyo Rumble on March 18th. Kraven and Tyrece both turned and watched the door. Who would walk through? Would it be Matt Evanston? Would it be Lizzy Kraven? Or would it be one of Matt’s buddies like Miles Lynch or Everett Moses?

Kraven gasped when the door opened and Trent Wolfe walked in. Wolfe looked at Kraven and Beckman, then continued on his way. Obviously he hadn’t heard what was said. Kraven turned to Tyrece and said nevermind. He said that he and Amanda Kraven had already decided on an opponent for the Tokyo Rumble. Kraven then quickly walked away.

On March 18th Full Force Pro will hold it’s first annual Tokyo Rumble. Live from the historic Tokyo Dome, FFP superstars will battle to cement their spot as the number one contender for the FFP World Championship. Besides that, we will have all kinds of great action. Join us for FFP Tokyo Rumble, as well as our annual Tour of Japan going from Nagoya to Tokyo!

Carla Ray vs Rocky Christianello
Another back and forth matchup that the Philadelphia fans got completely behind. Carla Ray and Rocky Christianello were making their FFP in-ring debuts on this night, against each other. Both women came out hitting big moves early. A Northern light suplex from Rocky, a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker from Carla. A blockbuster neckbreaker by Rocky. Boom, a superkick into slingblade by Carla. Eventually Rocky gained the upperhand, hitting a huge European uppercut that sent Carla stumbling back and falling through the ropes, landing on the apron. As Carla got back to her feet, Rocky charged, going for a shoulder block through the ropes. But Carla hit a knee strike instead. She springboarded herself, hooking Rocky in a sunset flip for a two count. Carla then brought Rocky up to the top turnbuckle, and hit a superplex. Carla then went to the middle rope, and attempted an elbow drop, but Rocky moved out of the way and hit a shining wizard. Morgan Alexander was sure that was the end of the match. Rocky went for the pin. 1…2… and Carla kicked out.

Rocky pulled Carla up, and set her up for her finisher. Rocky’s finisher was called Roll the Credits. It was an elevated hip toss into a knee to the jaw. She set Carla up for the move, but Carla caught Rocky’s leg. She spun Rocky around and immediately hit the Blinding Light, which is a spinning hook kick. The blow knocked Rocky flat on her back. She was out. Carla then made the cover. 1…2…3! Carla Ray had won her debut match in FFP. Carla got up and raised her arms in victory. She was tired, leaning on the ropes as her music played.

Rocky was slow to get up. When she got to her feet, she walked over to Carla and stuck her hand out for a handshake. Carla looked at Rocky’s hand, then back at the tattooed wrestler. Carla then spun around, with her hair whipping Rocky in her face. Obviously a sign of disrespect to the other FFP newcomer. Carla then climbed out of the ring and walked up the entrance ramp.

Caleb Newstead vs Blaine Edwards
A very competitive and back and forth match featuring an FFP original and Hall of Famer, and a semi-newcomer who comes to FFP with a lot of promise. We hadn’t seen a lot of Blaine Edwards since he ended up aligning himself with Bianca Hunt. However, with Bianca’s exit of FFP, Blaine has seemed to straighten back up and be back on the fans’ good sides.

Edwards tried to keep the match faster paced, with Newstead slowing it down. The ring veteran seemed to hold down the control of the match, but Blaine hit a rolling clothesline and a superkick that echoed through the arena. After a quick hip toss and a dropkick, Newstead went to the outside. Blaine then went for a springboard splash onto the floor, but Caleb used his hands to deflect Blaine, causing him to smash into the commentator’s table. Newstead then pulled Blaine up and sent him back into the ring. One Fisherman Brainbuster later and Caleb Newstead was your winner, 1…2…3.

After the match Christopher Morgan came out to congratulate Caleb Newstead. Simply the Best was still alive and well, even all these years after they originally formed in 2008. As Simply the Best left the ring, Blaine got on the microphone. He said that Simply the Best was a great tag team, but that he and a friend of his were talking and decided that they would become the new faces of FFP’s tag team division. Then, Hayden Flowers came out. Flowers, with a microphone in hand, stood in front of Simply the Best. He said that Newstead may have gotten the best of Blaine tonight, but that Simply the Best vs Flowers & Edwards would have a totally different outcome.

Christopher Morgan asked for the microphone from Hayden, and received it. It seemed like there was respect between both teams. Christopher then said that if they wanted to face Simply the Best, that all they had to do was ask, and it could go down at FFP Tokyo Rumble. Hayden responded, saying that they definitely wanted the challenge, so the teams agreed.

The scene cut backstage where Raquel St. Claire was joined by the FFP Women’s Tag Team Champions Lipstick & Powerbombs. Raquel asked Lizzy and Olivia about the repeated bragging by Unattainable, about defeating the champions in their first match. Lizzy laughed, and said that they only got lucky because of Jaqueline Aulstrike and Tabitha Mullins getting involved. Lizzy added that with them finally taking care of business against Aulstrike and Mullins, that they could set their sights on new opponents. And if Beth Tilly and Sophia Ishmael wanted a shot at the Women’s Tag Team Titles, that Lizzy and Olivia would be fine with giving it to them. Lizzy said that if they wanted a shot at the titles on FFP’s Tour of Japan, then Lipstick & Powerbombs would have no problem smashing them in Japan.

In the Ring
The scene cut to ringside now where Trent Wolfe came down to the ring. Wolfe grabbed a microphone and said that he had just heard that Matt Kraven had said that he would defend the World Title at the Tokyo Rumble against whoever walked through the door earlier, and it was Trent that had walked through the door. Wolfe then said that he saw Kraven backtrack on what he said, but that if he was a true champion that he would keep his word and defend against Trent. Matt Kraven came out onto the stage with a microphone in hand, and his World Title on his shoulder. He said that sadly, him and his wife had already decided on an opponent for Matt, and that would be Duncan Wright Jr. Trent argued that Duncan Wright Jr was Kraven’s friend, and obviously that was a set up for Wright to lay down so Kraven could have an easy title defense. Matt acted offended, saying that Duncan would not do such a thing. But Trent continued, saying that Matt had obviously forgotten his balls in Amanda’s purse. Kraven seemed to not like the comment, but he reassured Trent that he wanted to defend against him, but Duncan Wright Jr had already been decided on.

Trent laughed, and again poked fun at Kraven being a coward. Wolfe then got the crowd to start chanting “chicken sh*t, chicken sh*t” at Matt Kraven. Kraven was growing more and more aggravated. Finally he brought the microphone to his face and yelled for the crowd to stop. Kraven said that if Trent Wolfe wanted a shot at the FFP World Championship at FFP Tokyo Rumble, that Kraven would gladly beat him in front of everyone in attendance at the Tokyo Dome and everyone watching on the FFP Network. Matt then threw the microphone down and stormed off. Trent Wolfe was left with a smile on his face, knowing that he had gotten himself a World Title match.

Taylor Clawson vs Erika Storm
This was the first time that we got to see Taylor Clawson since she destroyed Brandi Moore, who was in a halo neckbrace, at Desperate Measures. Surely Erika Storm was here to not only gain a hard fought victory, but maybe make Taylor pay a little for what she did to one of the most decorated woman wrestlers in FFP. Storm came out like a ball of fire, hitting strikes on Taylor. Forearms, punches, chops and kicks. Until Taylor caught Erika’s leg during one of her attempted kicks, and delivered a backwards dragon screw leg whip. Erika was already in pain. Torquing your foot and ankle the way it isn’t supposed to go is something that is quite painful. When Erika got back to her feet, Taylor hit her with a running dropkick to the ankle. Storm hit the mat hard. Taylor then got up and put the boots to Erika. People say “stomp a mudhole and walk it dry”. That is what Taylor did. Erika was in a lot f pain. As she pulled herself up using the ropes, it was obvious that she couldn’t put very much pressure on her ankle. Taylor grabbed her by her hair and pulled her to the middle of the ring. Then, she slammed her to the mat with her finisher, the Flatliner. Clawson made the pin, and got the three count.

After the match Taylor got a microphone and use her foot to push Erika out of the ring. Taylor said that her taking out Brandi Moore was just the beginning of her climb to the top here in Full Force Pro. Taylor said that she had been viewed as Brandi Moore’s partner instead of Taylor Clawson. And now, she said that she would be known as the most intense and dangerous woman on the FFP roster. Taylor said that what she did to Erika Storm tonight was just a taste of how she would run through the Women’s Division, and eventually win herself the FFP Women’s Championship.

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No Disqualification Match
Matt Evanston vs Nathan Caine

This was a wild one. Nathan Caine came down first. Matt Evanston slid into the ring and the two immediately went at it. Fists were flying. Chops were given. And it wasn’t long before Evanston tossed Caine over the top and hit him with a baseball slide dropkick. On the outside Evanston hit him with a couple more fists before sending him crashing into the guardrail. Matt charged Nathan, but Caine ducked and back body dropped Evanston over the top of the steel guardrail. Nathan Caine backed up, charged and dove over the guardrail, taking Evanston down to the cold cement floor. The two quickly got back to their feet, where Nathan grabbed Evanston and this time sent him crashing into the guardrail. Security did everything they could to keep the fans away from the action, as these two former tag team partners beat the hell out of each other.

Eventually they made their way through the crowd and into the hallways of the arena. Battling back and forth, punching, kicking, forearming. Every once in a while the sound of human flesh hitting the concrete walls would echo through the hallways. Evanston got the best of Nathan in an exchange near a table, where Matt scooped Nathan up and slammed him through it. But Evanston wasn’t done. He pulled Nathan back up and continued dragging him through the arena. Eventually they found their way back into the crowd, and battled toward the guardrails again.

Evanston fired Caine over the top of the guardrail and eventually shoved him back into the ring. But before he followed, he grabbed a nearby folding chair. Matt slid into the ring and brought the chair with him, but before he could use it Nathan hit a dropkick sending the chair into his head. Evanston fell back, but quickly rolled to his knees. As he began to get back up Nathan hit him with a charging knee to the jaw. Caine then grabbed the steel chair. He drove the edge of the chair into Evanston’s gut. Then he set the chair down, and pulled Matt back to his feet. Nathan set Matt up for his finisher, the Double Underhook Driver, on the chair. Surely this would be the end of the match, if not the career of Matt Evanston. But Matt Evanston fought out of Nathan’s grasp, and hit a STO on the chair. Caine was hurt. Evanston pulled Nathan back up, and hoisted him up onto his shoulders. Was Evanston going for the Go to Sleep? The answer, yes. But, Nathan knew what his former partner was going for, and caught Evanston’s leg. Then, he hit him with a hard kick to the groin. The match was no DQ, so the referee let it go. Nathan then hooked Matt’s arms and this time drove him to the mat with the Double Underhook Driver. Caine then hooked the leg, and got the three count. He had defeated his former partner, but it took a low blow to make sure he got the job done.

Either way, Matt and Amanda Kraven were proud, because they stepped out onto the stage, clapping for what Nathan had done. Nathan made his way up the entrance stage, and were greeted by pats on the back from the Kravens. However, Matt Evanston had gotten a hold of a microphone. He screamed into it, saying that this war with Nathan wasn’t over. Evanston said that Nathan Caine cost him the FFP World Championship, and so Matt Evanston would get his revenge. He said that if Nathan wanted another shot at Matt, that he would be fine with wrestling him on the FFP Tour of Japan, in a Tokyo Street Fight! Nathan had intensity in his eyes, as he smiled at Evanston and shook his head yes!


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