FFP’s Top Ten Women of All Time

Full Force Pro has always  been extremely proud of their women’s division. Before there was any kind of women’s revolution, women in Full Force Pro were not only putting on some of the best matches for the FFP Women’s or Diamond Championship. But they were winning the FFP World Championship and showing that they deserved just as much praise as the men. This sport isn’t a male dominanted sport anymore. Oh no.

In the very early days of Full Force Pro, the names of Veronica Clyne, Brandi Moore, Christi Carter, Firefly and Taylor Clawson were heard throughout the arenas. Then, as FFP really got going, we saw the additions of Lizzy Kraven, Nina Fox, Kemina and even April Hunter. And even to the present day, although Brandi, Taylor, Nina and Lizzy Kraven are here, so are Amy Kraven, Giovanni Gotch, Katsumi Akiyama, Fiona Burke, Cindy Labre and so many others. The women’s division may be just a little smaller than the men’s division, but not by much. And some of the women’s merchandise are higher sellers than the men’s!

In this article, we are going to count down the top ten women of all time here in Full Force Pro. This will be an awesome list. And after reading it, I’m sure you’ll want to fire up the FFP Network and go catch some of these women’s best matches.

We will be counting down from 10 to 1 with 1 obviously being the greatest woman to wrestle for Full Force Pro. But before we hand out the number 10 (which is the last on our list but definitely not at all an insult), we will hand out some Honorable Mentions.

Honorable Mentions…

Lacey Abernathy – A fierce red-hot redhead who came into Full Force Pro gaining a lot of attention. Not only is she beautiful, but she is a heat seeker. Everywhere she would go, people would be looking. Before Lacey even debuted inside the squared circle, she found heat on Twitter with Brandi Moore. The two ended up having a match, and in Lacey’s debut she defeated Brandi. What a way to debut in FFP! Abernathy would go on to win the FFP Women’s Championship from Nina Fox. Another impressive victory for the red bombshell. Lacey continues to wrestle for FFP, and I’m sure she will continue to add to her impressive resume.

Aubrey Moresi – Aubrey Moresi began her career in FFP at FFP’s developmental territory the OWF. There she found success, and just like Lacey, found a little heat too. Aubrey was the first OWF wrestler to be called up to the main roster of Full Force Pro. There, she took on all comers, and wasn’t afraid of any challenge, no matter how big or little. Aubrey became the first FFP Women’s Television Champion on Christmas Day 2016. She held the title for 63 days before losing it to Kenzie Anderson. Aubrey also went on to become the HONOR Women’s Champion. A very impressive feat.

Amy Kraven – Amy Kraven, the current FFP Women’s Champion. Kraven came into the company like Aubrey Moresi, from the OWF. There, Amy won the OWF Women’s Championship from Giovanni Gotch, and again from Dani Rawlings. Amy also teamed with Chloe Banks to win the OWF Women’s Tag Team Titles on two different occasions. Kraven made her FFP debut at The Haunting in 2016, where her and Brandi Moore won the FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles from Laz Bellezas Peligrosas. On November 26, 2017 Amy defeated Giovanni Gotch to win her first FFP Women’s Championship. Interesting that she defeated the same woman who she beat for the OWF Women’s Championship years earlier. Amy is still very much active on the FFP roster, and we are sure she will add more titles to her resume. And that isn’t just because of her last name.

Firefly – Firefly was a FFP original. Starting with Full Force Pro in 2008 when the company debuted, she was one of the women to compete in the first women’s match in FFP history, as well as the first match to decide the FFP Diamond Champion. Although Firefly never held the Diamond Championship, she went on to team with Kemina to form Las Bellezas Peligrosas. The duo held the FFP Diamond Tag Team Titles as well as the FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles. Then, in 2017 Firefly defeated Giovanni Gotch to win her first FFP Women’s Championship. Unfortuntaely for Firefly, she was only able to hold onto the title for five days before losing it back to Gotch, but she had finally accomplished reaching the top of the ladder in the FFP Women’s Division.

Synn – And the final honorable mention goes to Synn. The demonic, scary intense woman who introduced the world to The Dark Side, and later the Realm of Darkness. Synn went on to hold the FFP Diamond Championship, as well as the FFP Cruiserweight Title, which is an interesting feat since the Cruiserweight Title was primarily a men’s title. Synn eventually suffered a neck injury that took her out of action, but later she contributed by becoming the head woman’s trainer at FFP’s developmental territory the OWF. Synn’s name has more than once been brought up for the potential for a FFP Hall of Fame bid, but we will have to wait and see if that happens. Either way, she has introduced us to some awesome characters in FFP, as well as some really cool and intense moments.

Now for our top ten, of all time. Keep in mind, this list is filled with extremely talented women, and honestly, the list could have been 20 women long and we still would have women left over!

10. Kemina – Kemina showed up in Full Force Pro in the crowd, with her tag team partner and FFP original Firefly. The two soon thereafter debuted in FFP as Las Bellezas Peligrosas. A luchadora tag team that looked to take the Women’s Tag Team Division by storm. And that they did. At FFP The Haunting 2014, they defeated Seduction Inc and The Queendom in a Triple Threat Match to win the FFP Diamond Tag Team Titles. Not impressive enough? Well, the duo went on to win the FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles at The Haunting in 2015, defeating two of the best women wrestlers in Veronica Clyne and Lizzy Kraven. But they weren’t done there. Kemina and Firefly also defeated Seduction Inc (again) for the FFP Women’s Titles. But, Kemina wasn’t just a tag team wrestler. No, not at all.

In July of 2015 Kemina defeated Kylie Connelly to win the FFP Diamond Championship. Kemina’s reign ended earlier than what was expected due to a sneak attack followed by a Triple-A Case cash-in. Following her loss Kemina continued wrestling and impressing in FFP. She also traveled to Mexico and dominated everywhere she went. Lately she has been rather quiet in Full Force Pro, but we are sure that she will once again make some noise, and possibly hold some gold over her head once again in FFP.

9. Cindy Labre – Cindy Labre came into Full Force Pro with a little bit of buzz, a good look and some cool tattoos. Labre began her career in FFP attacking Nina Fox, and injuring her. Cindy then moved on to injure the likes of Taylor Clawson and Veronica Clyne. Soon, Cindy was referring to herself as the “HoF Killer”.

At FFP Rebirth 2016, Cindy Labre main evented the pay-per-view, challenging Quinn Delaney for the FFP Women’s Championship. Cindy, who was managed by April Hunter at the time, put up one hell of a fight against Quinn, and eventually forced the champion to submit to a camel clutch, targeting her already injured back. Labre held the title for 63 days before eventually losing it to Nina Fox at Frost Bite 2017 when Nina cashed in her ANY Case.

Cindy eventually aligned herself with Bianca Hunt, becoming a member of Hunt Enterprises. With the group, Cindy became a FFP Women’s Tag Team Champion, the first and only time that a trio had won the Women’s Tag Titles. The trio held the titles for 91 days before losing them to the dominant tag team of Lizzy Kraven and Olivia Lee (now known as Lipstick & Powerbombs). Cindy continued to be a tough competitor inside the squared circle. She has a great look that wrestling fans like. She has the right mixture of beauty, and bad ass. We look forward to seeing Cindy continue her career here in Full Force Pro.

8. Katsumi Akiyama – Speaking of bad ass…enter Katsumi Akiyama. FFP fans first got a glimpse of Katsumi when FFP entered a relationship with HONOR Wrestling out of Japan. Katsumi at the time had held the HONOR Women’s Championship for two and a half years. A feat that has never been duplicated. She eventually lost the championship to an up and coming Farrah Clements before joining Full Force Pro full time, but first eventually regaining the HONOR Women’s Title.

On April 24, 2016 Katsumi defeated Lacey Abernathy in a grueling match, that not only featured outside interference, but one of the hardest kicks that we’ve ever seen in Full Force Pro. Katsumi kicked Lacey Abernathy’s face so hard that her nose busted, and blood went everywhere. Katsumi then pinned Abernathy for the three count. Akiyama would go on to hold the championship for 91 days. Katsumi wound up losing the title at FFP Mid-Summer Classic 2016 to Quinn Delaney. Katsumi is still very active in Full Force Pro, and looks to topple the competition and stand atop the Women’s Division again very soon.

7. Quinn Delaney – Speaking of Quinn Delaney, here she is at number 7! Quinn Delaney got her start at a young age in professional wrestling. Even doing a little training with Matt Kraven. Quinn was officially added to the FFP roster on December 29, 2014. On April 24, 2016, Quinn defeated Alexis Reed to win her first singles title, the HONOR Women’s Championship. However, that wasn’t the title that she had her eye on. Although she was still relatively new to the business, Quinn’s dream was to always hold the FFP Women’s Championship.

Quinn made the best of an opportunity she had at Mid-Summer Classic 2016, where she battled the FFP Women’s Champion Katsumi Akiyama and Kemina in a Triple Threat Match. Quinn ended up winning the match, and finally fulfilling her dream.

Quinn would hold the Women’s Title for an impressive 119 days (a record that stood for over a year until Giovanni Gotch held the title for 157 days). Delaney ended up losing the title to Cindy Labre in the main event of FFP Rebirth 2016. Quinn is another woman wrestler who will most likely spend many more years in Full Force Pro. We expect to see a lot more of Quinn, and most importantly, more success from her.

6. Giovanni Gotch – Giovanni Gotch has accomplished quite a bit in Full Force Pro. However, her journey started in FFP’s developmental territory, the OWF. There, Gotch was in a tag team known as Team FAB, teaming with Fiona Burke. But Giovanni’s success really got apparent when she won the OWF Women’s Championship on February 25, 2016. She went on to hold the title for 94 days, a record that stood for well over a year. Gotch wound up losing the OWF Women’s Title to none other than Amy Kraven.

Giovanni eventually found her way to Full Force Pro. And on April 8, 2017 on an episode of SSN, Giovanni defeated Nina Fox to become the FFP Women’s Champion. Giovanni would hold the title for 157 days, which is still the record for the longest FFP Women’s Title reign in company history. Gotch lost the title to Firefly, but five days later, won it back. Gotch then held it for another 70 days before losing it to Amy Kraven at FFP Rebirth 2017 in a back and forth match.

Giovanni now currently has FFP Hall of Famer Christi Carter as her manager. She may not be holding the gold currently, but Giovanni is never happy being second best. She will most likely earn herself more shots at gold, and if history shows us anything, she will eventually become a champion yet again.

5. Taylor Clawson – Taylor Clawson began her career in the early days of Full Force Pro. Taylor was introduced by her then best friend Brandi Moore. The two were controversial. All the men seemed to love them, and all the women seemed to despise them. They called themselves Seduction Inc. Then, they won the FFP Diamond Tag Team Titles a record seven times, including being the very first champions. But that’s just the beginning.

Taylor went quite some time before winning singles gold. On November 16, 2013 at the FFP Return Show Taylor won a Four-Way match to win the FFP Diamond Title. 71 days later she lost the title to Brandi Moore. Then, in August of 2015 Taylor defeated Kylie Connelly to win the FFP Diamond Championship. The title eventually was retired, with Taylor being the very last champion. Taylor was inducted into the FFP Hall of Fame in 2015, beside Brandi Moore as Seduction Inc.

Clawson however wasn’t happy with most of her success coming from her tag team with Brandi Moore, so she has on multiple times went out on her own to hopefully have singles success. That became extremely apparent at Desperate Measures 2018, when Taylor attacked an already injured Brandi Moore, severely injuring her even more, and most definitely ending their long friendship. Taylor had seemed to be in the shadows of Brandi Moore for quite some time, and grew sick of it. She has her sights on the Women’s Division, and proving that she is just as successful as a singles wrestler. We look forward to seeing how she does.

4. Nina Fox – Nina Fox has one of the most interesting stories in Full Force Pro history. Fox started her career training alongside Samantha West. Being trained by Matt Kraven and Veronica Clyne, the duo came to FFP with a lot of buzz, and high expectations. On February 22, 2014 Nina Fox and Samantha West shocked the world by defeating The Queendom to win the FFP Diamond Tag Team Titles. They only held the titles for 20 days, but the point was, they had came in as rookies and won the titles.

However, Nina’s future only got brighter. The very next day Nina would again shock the world, this time defeating Brandi Moore to become the FFP Diamond Champion. Nina held that title for 44 days, losing it to Ariana Chaos. But, she would go on to win the Diamond Title once more, defeating April Hunter, and holding the title for a record 365 days. That cemented Nina as a bonafide superstar.

But why stop there? On August 24, 2014 at FFP Blaze of Glory, Nina defeated the FFP World Champion Veronica Clyne, to not only win the championship, but win sole ownership of FFP back for Matt Kraven. Fox lost the championship to Austin Briggs, but set her sights on other gold. On September 20, 2015 Nina became the very first FFP Women’s Champion, defeating Taylor Clawson to become the inaugural champion. Fox held the title for 98 days before losing it to Lacey Abernathy. Fox would then go on to win the title once more against Cindy Labre in January of 2017. 76 days later she’d lose the belt to Giovanni Gotch.

Nina Fox was inducted into the FFP Hall of Fame in 2016. She has won many championships in her career here in FFP, and will most likely hold more gold in the future. Still very young, we see quite a future still ahead for Nina Fox.

3. Lizzy Kraven – If we are going to sit here and list a resume of titles held, we may be here all day to show off Lizzy Kraven’s list of gold! Lizzy Kraven is the cousin of Matt Kraven, so obviously she has been around the sport of professional wrestling for her entire life. Lizzy isn’t your typical woman wrestler. She doesn’t mind getting in there and throwing fists. She doesn’t mind getting punched in the face. And she has been busted open probably more times than someone could count. She’s a hard worker. And if there was a definition of a bad ass, it would be Lizzy Kraven.

Lizzy’s first taste of gold came in March of 2011, when her and Daniel Matthews defeated Simply the Best for the FFP Tag Team Titles. They had to vacate the titles however due to injury. But she didn’t stop there. In April of 2011, Lizzy defeated Hunter Brown to win the FFP Television Title. And she wound up holding the title for 106 days! But, there’s more!

On March 14, 2014 Lizzy Kraven won a tournament in Tokyo, Japan that guaranteed her a shot at any title. She immediately challenged FFP World Champion Patrick McCoy, and won! That’s right, Lizzy defeated Patrick McCoy in Tokyo, Japan to become only the second female to hold the FFP World Title. Lizzy’s first three titles held in her career were known as primarily “men’s titles”.

In July of 2014, Lizzy tagged with Veronica Clyne, who she lost the World Title to three months earlier, to win the FFP Diamond Tag Team Titles (the first time Lizzy had held a “women’s title”). The duo would eventually go on to become the FFP’s first Women’s Tag Team Champions in September of 2015. However, three months earlier, Lizzy defeated EJ “Money” Carter to become the first women to hold the FFP Cruiserweight Title in London, England. Lizzy held the title for 77 days before losing it to Hades.

And finally, we come to January of 2018, where Lizzy teamed with her close friend Olivia Lee to beat Hunt Enterprises for the FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles. Lizzy and Olivia soon thereafter began referring to themselves as Lipstick & Powerbombs.

Lizzy is a mainstay here in Full Force Pro. Of course with the last name of Kraven, she most likely will stick around even after she retires, which will hopefully still be a long ways away. Lizzy and Olivia are a dominant tag team that are looking to hold onto their Women’s Tag Team Titles for as long as possible. But I’m sure we will see Lizzy compete for another singles title soon.

An interesting note, Lizzy Kraven is the only one on this list to not have held the FFP Women’s or FFP Diamond Championship. However, with all the titles that she has held, she most definitely deserved to be inducted into the FFP Hall of Fame Class of 2016. And honestly, I’m not sure how she didn’t get inducted in the HoF’s first year, 2015.

2. Brandi Moore – Number two on our list needs no introduction. But we will give her one anyway! The first ever FFP Diamond Champion. The woman to hold the Diamond Championship a record six times. One of the first ever FFP Diamond Tag Team Champions. Holding the titles a record seven times with her former tag team partner Taylor Clawson. A three time FFP Women’s Tag Team Champion. A former FFP World Champion (only the fourth woman to hold the title). And, a FFP Hall of Famer. That’s right, Brandi Moore!

Brandi Moore began her career in Full Force Pro as a manager. Walking out to the ring with her then boyfriend Logan Christopher. But she wanted more. And very quickly she not only got involved by joining Caleb Newstead and his group Simply the Best, but she began wrestling. And very quickly, Brandi became the first ever FFP Diamond Champion. She also introduced the world to Taylor Clawson, and co-created Seduction Inc, which was not only one of the best women’s tag teams in FFP, but one of the best tag teams period, in FFP!

Brandi Moore has had her fair share of big feuds. One of the biggest in FFP history with Veronica Clyne of course. But she has also feuded with Rochelle, Christi Carter, her former tag team partner Taylor Clawson, Matt Kraven, Lacey Abernathy and the list goes on and on. Brandi Moore is definitely top ten material, and honestly many of us here at ffpwrestling.com thought she should have taken the number one spot.

1. Veronica Clyne – No one should be super surprised to see Veronica Clyne being named number one on this list. Veronica was the first female to win the FFP World Championship. She won the FFP Diamond Tag Team Titles by herself, defeating Brandi Moore and Taylor Clawson, two women who are on this list and are FFP Hall of Famers. Speaking of Hall of Fame, Veronica was the very first person announced for the Hall of Fame. Clyne took part in what many would say was the first big rivalry in Full Force Pro, which was a blood feud with Brandi Moore. It started out as just two women who seemed to not like each other, but as Veronica looked to be on her way to becoming the first ever FFP Diamond Champion, Matt Kraven got involved, assisting Brandi in the victory. That just fueled the fire not only for the feud, but for Veronica.

Clyne eventually won the Diamond Championship, as well as the Diamond Tag Team Titles, by herself. But she wouldn’t stop there. Veronica also held the FFP Tag Team Titles with Patrick McCoy, as well as many other titles which were mentioned earlier.

Although FFP always respected women’s wrestling, and although FFP was always proud of it’s women’s wrestling, Veronica was the one to knock down the door for the women of FFP to even step up and go after titles that were mostly considered “men’s titles”, such as the FFP World Championship.

Clyne did so when FFP returned in 2013, winning a 5-Spot Ladder Match (featuring Veronica and four other men!). Veronica ended up holding the World Championship once more before eventually retiring. She also served as the head trainer at FFP’s developmental territory the OWF, and also served as the President of Full Force Pro. There have been whispers of a return to the squared circle by Veronica Clyne. She suffered quite a few serious injuries in her wrestling days. We wouldn’t think that a return would be likely. But crazier things have happened. We have also heard rumblings of Veronica’s trainee Gina Dilano signing full time with FFP. And if Gina does wind up in FFP, we would think that she could have quite a future ahead of her, especially if she really digested every bit of advice she could from Veronica.

So there you have it! The top ten women wrestlers of all time here in Full Force Pro. Proof that way before any women’s revolution, the women here in Full Force Pro were knocking all the doors down to prove to the world that women can wrestle just as good (if not sometimes better) than the men can! We hope you enjoyed this list, and will hopefully bring you some other top ten lists in the future. Thanks for ready. Now let’s go watch some of these matches on the FFP Network.

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