03/07/2018 FFP Tour of Japan | Day One

Date: March 7, 2018
Location: Nagoya, Japan
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The first event of the FFP Tour of Japan kicked off with Matt Evanston who made his way out to the ring to talk about his upcoming Tokyo Street Fight against his former partner Nathan Caine. Evanston said that after he beats Nathan, that Matt would continue on his quest for the World Championship, whether it be against Matt Kraven or Trent Wolfe.

This brought Nathan out. Caine said that he carried the American Bulldogs and that Matt wouldn’t stand a chance against him. Evanston dared Nathan to come down to the ring and give the crowd in Nagoya a special fight. But Nathan said that he wouldn’t, but would gladly beat Evanston down in Tokyo.

Giovanni Gotch w/ Christi Carter vs Katsumi Akiyama
A back and forth, hard fought match for both women. Giovanni Gotch was ready to take the next step in winning back the FFP Women’s Championship. Meanwhile, Katsumi Akiyama was ready to start her climb back up the ladder of the women’s division. The Japan native had the crowd’s full support. Giovanni seemed to have the strength advantage, but strength doesn’t matter as much when you get your brain rattled by a couple of Katsumi Akiyama kicks to the skull. Christi Carter tried getting involved, but once she got up onto the apron, Katsumi cracked her with a kick to the skull as well. However, the distraction was just enough for Giovanni to get up and roll Katsumi up. Gotch pulled hard on Akiyama’s tights and the referee missed it and made the count. Giovanni Gotch had defeated Katsumi Akiyama.

After the match Katsumi argued with the referee about Gotch cheating, but he didn’t see her pulling the tights. Katsumi then grabbed a microphone and cut a promo in Japanese on Gotch. The crowd was again solidly behind Katsumi, who then in English challenged Gotch to another match on the Tour. Gotch was too busy retreating with Christi Carter however to answer the challenge.

The scene cut backstage where Trent Wolfe was alone in his locker room. Wolfe said that at the end of this Tour of Japan that he was going to challenge Matt Kraven for the FFP World Title. Wolfe said that the FFP World Title was the most important title in professional wrestling, and that after the Tokyo Rumble was over that he would hold it proudly in the air, as the new champion and the man that took down Matt Kraven.

George Furst vs Odell Porter
Two completely different styles between these two wrestlers. Odell tried using his speed to gain the advantage on George Furst. Porter began working on Furst’s leg, but George was able to use his size and strength advantage to fight the former World Champion off. Furst showed off his impressive strength, tossing Odell around the ring. However Porter cracked George with a loud Superkick, and followed up with a German suplex. Very impressive for the size difference. As Odell set George up for what we can only assume was the Regal Plex, Joey DeMarco was shown on the big screen, walking up behind Odell’s girlfriend Saraya Varro. This caught Odell’s attention, and he watched to see what Joey was going to do. DeMarco only asked Saraya how she was doing. Odell turned back toward his opponent for a moment, but was completely blasted with George’s Lariat from Hell. Furst then made the pin and got the three count. Furst had defeated a former World Champion.

The scene cut backstage where Lenore Spade was talking with Simone Williams. They talked about how much they were enjoying Japan, and how it must have been so embarrassing for Lux to be here, a two-time loser. They shared a laugh at Lux’s expense and continued chatting.

FFP Women’s Television Title | 3-Way Dance
(c) Noel Zelig vs Anna Minster vs Ava St. James
This was a wild one. Noel, the defending champion, Anna, the former champion, and Ava, the up and comer looking for her first championship. Anna and Ava seemed to team up on Noel in the beginning of the match. Both coming from 3XW, they seemed to have a little bit of an understanding. Of course that only went so far. When the gold is on the line, sometimes you just have to beat whoever you can.

And after Ava took Noel down with a float over DDT, Anna grabbed the blonde and dumped her to the mat with the Exploder Suplex. Anna then pinned Ava for the three count. Ava St James was eliminated.

Ava couldn’t believe it. She got up and got in Anna’s face. Noel was getting up and began going toward the two. Ava turned, kicked Noel in the gut and planted her with her finisher, the Pedigree. She got up and stared at Anna again. As Anna approached Noel for s pin attempt Ava shoved her back and left the ring. Anna turned and watched Ava leave, seemingly confused on why Ava hit her finisher on Noel. When Anna turned, Noel had gotten to her knees, and went for a European uppercut. But Anna dodged it and hooked Noel with a backslide. Noel got her shoulder up after the two count, but when the two got back to their feet again, Anna scooped Noel up and hit the Exploder Suplex. Anna Minster then made the pin, and got the three count. She was the new FFP Women’s Television Champion.

On March 18th Full Force Pro will hold it’s first annual Tokyo Rumble. Live from the historic Tokyo Dome, FFP superstars will battle to cement their spot as the number one contender for the FFP World Championship. Also Matt Kraven will defend the FFP World Title against Trent Wolfe. Join us for FFP Tokyo Rumble, as well as our annual Tour of Japan going from Nagoya to Tokyo!

The scene cut backstage where Odell Porter was storming around holding a steel chair and looking for Joey DeMarco. Odell heard Joey’s voice around a corner and stopped dead in his tracks. He gripped the chair and was ready to swing. Finally when there was movement from around the corner, Odell swung. But he didn’t hit Joey DeMarco. Odell had cracked his girlfriend Saraya Varro with the chair. Saraya fell to the arena floor, hard. Joey DeMarco had been behind her. Porter dropped the chair and began tending to Saraya. But as Joey approached, also looking concerned, Odell double legged him. As the two began to brawl, FFP medics rushed to Saraya to help her. In the meantime security was attempting to separate Odell and Joey.

FFP Honor Title
(c) Kade Haddix vs Kashimanaki
Another back and forth and exciting match. Kashimanaki, like Katsumi earlier had the Japanese crowd rooting hard for him. And just like Katsumi, Kashimanaki was able to land some awesome kicks on Haddix. One seemed to know the reigning FFP Honor Champion out cold, but Kade was able to kick out just before the three count. Kashimanaki pulled Kade up and went for a Kashimanaki Driver, but Kade was able to fight out of Kashimanaki grip and hit an overhead belly to belly suplex. Kashimanaki slid out of the ring, but Kade hit a suicide dive, knocking the challenger to the arena floor.

The match found it’s way back into the ring where Kashimanaki gained the advantage off of a missed clothesline by kicking Kade with another hard kick to the skull. Kade fell to his knees, and was immediately cracked with a shining wizard. Kashimanaki then pulled Haddix up and this time planted the champion with the Kashimanaki Driver. The challenger made the cover. 1…2… and Kade was able to kick out! The crowd couldn’t believe it. Brian Young said that this showed just how much of a fight Kade Haddix was ready to put up.

Kashimanaki pulled Kade up and set him up for another Kashimanaki Driver, but this time Haddix was able to escape and hit the challenger with the Flatliner. It took Kade an extra amount of time to try to go for the pin, so Kashimanaki was able to kick out at two. Kade then turned his attention to the corner. He ascended up to the top and went for a flying headbutt. Kashimanaki moved out of the way and Kade slammed to the mat below. Kashimanaki now grabbed Kade and planted him with one more Kashimanaki Driver! This had to be it! Morgan Alexander stood with excitement. What a match! Kashimanaki hooked the leg. 1…2… and Haddix was able to reach out and grab the bottom rope! Morgan couldn’t believe it! “You’ve got to be kidding me!” he exclaimed.

Kashimanaki looked out to the crowd. Surely he was wondering what he had to do to put Haddix away. He began to pull Kade back up, but Haddix shot up and hooked Kashimanaki in a tight small package. The move surprised the challenger. 1…2… and Kashimanaki kicked out. Both men got to their feet at about the same time, but Kade quickly grabbed Kashimanaki and drove him to the mat with another Flatliner. Haddix debated on going for the pin, but instead went back to the top rope. This time, he successfully hit a Shooting Star Press! Haddix then hooked the leg. 1…2…3! Kade Haddix had successfully defended the FFP Honor Title in what could have been FFP’s best match so far in 2018.

After the match, Damien Graves came down to the ring. He slid in and while Kade Haddix was handed his FFP Honor Title, Graves flattened him with a clothesline. Damien pulled Kade up and delivered the Jackknife Powerbomb. Graves then stood over Kade, placing his foot on the champion’s chest. Was Damien Graves targeting the Honor Championship?


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