03/10/2018 FFP Tour of Japan | Day Two

Date: March 10, 2018
Location: Osaka, Japan
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The show opened up with the FFP Women’s World Champion Amy Kraven and Nina Fox. The duo hyped up their tag match at Tokyo Rumble versus Kenzie Anderson and Fiona Burke. Of course they talked like they’d have no problem winning. This brought Kenzie and Fiona out. Trash talk between both teams proceeded. That is until Kenzie and Fiona came up with the stipulation that if they won their match, that they would get to face Amy in a Women’s World Title handicap match. Meaning if Kenzie and Fiona won, they would be the first ever co-FFP Women’s World Champions.

Kenzie and Fiona then said that if they lost against Amy and Nina, they’d sit out of FFP for the next 60 days. Amy and Nina were confident they’d win, and agreed to the stipulation.

The scene cut backstage where Tyrece Beckman was standing by with FFP newcomer Rocky Christianello. Rocky was talking about her loss to Carla Ray at Wednesday Warfare, but said that she wouldn’t let it get her down, because she would continue doing the best she could to become the next big thing in FFP’s Women’s Division. Before Rocky could say anything else, she was immediately blasted from behind with a hard clothesline. She stumbled forward and crashed into the camera man, who fell over. As the camera got back into focus, you saw Masina standing over the camera man. She grabbed the camera and pulled it closer to her face. She said that if Full Force Pro wanted a dominant female, she would show them a dominant female. She said that she was tired of seeing every other female get talked about in FFP, and guaranteed that she’d flatten the entire division. Then she threw the camera to the ground.

FFP Network Title
(c) Gregory Hart vs Logan Christopher
The Osaka crowd was pumped for this one. Gregory Hart came out hitting hard, wanting to rock Logan early and make sure he could walk away still the FFP Network Champion. But Logan hit a couple of kicks and a slingblade that took Hart down. Logan then ascended up top. Was he already going to go for his Shooting Star Press? Gregory quickly scurried across the mat, unreachable for Logan. Christopher dropped down to his feet inside the ring, and Gregory went back after him. The two are both accomplished technical wrestlers, and they proved it going head to head right in the middle of the ring.

Gregory began working down one of Logan’s legs, obviously trying to take out his aerial game. But Logan fought back, hitting some stiff elbows before hitting a back suplex. Then a running dropkick to the seated Gregory Hart. Logan pulled him up and planted him with a brainbuster. The momentum was swinging to the favor of the challenger. Logan then went up to the top rope, and this time went for his Shooting Star Press. But Gregory was able to get his knees up, and Logan’s ribs crashed down on the champ’s knees. Logan was in a tremendous amount of pain. Gregory pulled him up and hit his finisher, the Double Underhook Backbreaker. Gregory then made the pin, and got the three count, successfully retaining his FFP Network Championship.

Carla Ray vs Erika Storm
Carla Ray came out of her corner on fire, flooring Erika with a hard clothesline and then laying in some stomps. Erika fought back, shoving Carla off of her and hitting a clothesline of her own. Both of these women were capable of technical wrestling, but this one immediately turned into a brawl. Eventually Carla got the upperhand and tossed Erika through the ropes and to the outside. Carla then went for a suicide dive through the ropes, but Erika leveled her with a European uppercut, stopping Carla in her tracks and sending her stumbling back into the middle of the ring. Erika slid in and set Carla up for the Spear. She charged at Carla as she got to her feet, but Carla lept over Erika and hit her with her finsher, the Blinding Light. Carla then made the cover and got the three count. It was a fast paced matchup, but a quick one. Carla strut around the ring with her arms up in the air as ring announcer Brianna announced her the winner.

After the match Carla ray walked victoriously up the entrance ramp, Masina stormed down to ringside  Erika Storm was just getting back to her feet, until she was destroyed by a huge clothesline. Masina then pulled the blonde up and planted her to the mat with a powerslam. Masina then took a microphone. She said that FFP had just released a list of the top ten women wrestlers of all time, and Masina wasn’t even mentioned. She said she wasn’t mentioned because she hadn’t done what she should have done a long time ago, and that is completely obliterate the women’s division. Masina then out all of FFP’s women wrestlers on notice that they may be next.

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Toni Schiavone vs Sierra Ducane
Another debut in this match, with Toni Schiavone finally making her debut. And Sierra Ducane, formerly known as Scarlett Ducane here in FFP, was making her debut as a wrestler. The two locked up and Toni gained the upperhand quick. She worked Sierra down with an armbar, then laid in a hard kick to the ribs that echoed throughout the arena. The front row of the crowd even grimaced at the sound. Toni then hit Sierra with a belly-to-belly suplex for a two count. Morgan Alexander said that Sierra was out of her league, but talked about how both girls were really hot. Of course.

Sierra battled back and regained control, attempting to plant Toni with a tornado DDT. But Toni was able to put on the brakes, then hit a Northern lights suplex. As Sierra began to push herself back up, Schiavone hit a running kick to the side of the head. Toni then pulled Sierra up and set her on the top rope. Morgan said he knew what Toni was going for, and he was indeed right. It was the Pepsi Plunge. Toni then made the cover and got the three count.

After the match Toni climbed out of the ring and headed backstage. Again, Masina came out and headed toward the ring. As Sierra got back to her feet, still groggy from the match, Masina leveled her with a Samoan Spike. Masina then stood over Sierra, staring down at her motionless body. Masina had a smile on her face as she took pride in her work.

JJ Perry & Elijah King vs Head Trauma
This match was back and forth the whole way. The fans didn’t seem to know who to root for. Perry hit some high flying moves, and Elijah King showed off his power. But so did both members of Head Trauma. As Khalid looked to go for his finisher, the Ki Krusher on Perry, a familiar face alongside a FFP newcomer came down the isle. It was Eddie Siebenthaler and his tag team partner Dash Cormac. The duo entered the ring and immediately floored Khalid with an Eddie Siebenthaler big boot. Malik came in to save his brother, but was slammed to the ground with a Dash Cormac spinebuster.

JJ and Elijah also attempted to fight off the big bald men, but eventually they introduced chairs to the fight, beating down the already warn down tag team. Eddie and Dash has apparently come to Japan to show the FFP fans what they were capable of in the tag team division.

Hisoka Li vs Roxi Haacke
A very impressive debut for the Japanese wrestler Hisoka Li. Hisoka looked impressive in the OWF, and looked even more polished and smooth here. Of course having your home country fans cheer you on didn’t hurt.

Roxi Haacke showed off her power, using her muscular arms to not only hoist Hisoka up for a gorilla press, but also turn her inside out with a lariat. But Hisoka hit a running knee to the jaw and followed that up with a Bloody Sunday for the three count.

FFP Adrenaline Title
Aiden Conrad Open Challenge
It was time for Aiden Conrad’s open challenge, putting the newly redesigned Adrenaline Title on the line. Aiden’s group, #EgoTrip accompanied him to the ring for the challenge. Aiden got on the microphone and criticized the food in Japan, and said he couldn’t wait to get home to his maid. He then invited anyone to come out and challenge him for his title.

Anarchy’s music hit, and the big Samoan stepped onto the entrance stage. Aiden screamed into the microphone that Anarchy was not going to be eligible since Aiden just beat him. But Anarchy said that Aiden didn’t have to worry, that he wasn’t the one he would be defending against. Anarchy then introduced Osaka’s own, Hiroki Ito.

Ito got a huge pop as he headed to the ring. Anarchy joined Brian Young and Morgan Alexander at the commentator table. He said that he had a rematch clause for the Adrenaline Title, and looked forward to using it against Hiroki instead of Aiden because he respected Hiroki. The match was back and forth, with Hiroki hitting stiff shots while Aiden did a lot of retreating, even hiding behind Pandora at one point. Eventually on the outside of the ring Aiden got the upperhand on Ito, and tossed him into Anarchy. Of course Anarchy’s first reaction was to retaliate, but he didn’t.

The match went to the inside of the ring where Hiroki set Aiden up for the Go to Sleep. But Matt Rich climbed up onto the apron to distract the official. Then, Billy got in to go after Hiroki. Anarchy climbed into the ring to assist Hiroki, but missed Billy Rich and accidentally slugged Ito in the jaw. Billy then hit Anarchy with a low blow and tossed him out of the ring. Conrad then proceeded to hit the Beauty Maker for the three count, successfully retaining his title.

As Aiden retreated with #EgoTrip, Amanda Kraven stepped out onto the entrance stage. Amanda said that Hiroki didn’t get a fair shot, so he would be getting a rematch at Aiden Conrad for the Adrenaline Title at FFP Tokyo Rumble!


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