03/12/2018 FFP Tour of Japan | Day Three

Date: March 12, 2018
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The show began with the entrance of the FFP World Champion Matt Kraven. Of course alongside him was the owner and President of FFP, Matt’s wife Amanda Kraven, as well as Everett Moses, Nathan Caine, Miles Lynch and Duncan Wright Jr. Kraven took s microphone and said that he had heard the fans were extremely disappointed that he didn’t appear on the last show on the Tour of Japan. So he said he came out with his group to keep everyone happy. Kraven then wished Matt Evanston good luck in his Tokyo Street Fight tonight against Nathan Caine, and laughed.

Kraven said that it would be a shame if Matt Evanston were so beat up that he couldn’t even take part in the Tokyo Rumble. Kraven was interrupted by Matt Evanston. Evanston said that he would beat Nathan Caine tonight, he’d go on to win the Tokyo Rumble, and after Trent Wolfe defeated Matt for the World Title, Evanston would challenge Wolfe for the title.

Amanda Kraven then grabbed the microphone. She said that that was no way to talk to the World Champion, and for that Evanston needed to be taught a lesson. She promised that the lesson would be taught tonight.

Kabir Jindal vs Raziel
Definitely a clash of styles to begin Day Three of the FFP Tour of Japan live from Tokyo, Japan. Kabir Jindal showed off his power, while Raziel stuck with his speed and aerial gameplan, hitting an impressive moonsault after running up the ropes. Kabir hit Raziel with a running clothesline that sent Raziel back flipping and landing on his chest on the mat. The masked superstar fought his way back up, attempting to hit a spinning back kick on Kabir, but Jindal blocked the attempt. Kabir then hit his finisher, the India Penal Code for the pinfall victory.

Zoey Kiehl vs Juniper Shepard
Both of these women are very capable wrestlers. And both are proud of being a part of the FFP Women’s Division. Zoey Kiehl tried working Juniper down with a headlock takeover. Shepard fought out, sending Zoey into the ropes. After Zoey ducked a clothesline Juniper retaliated with a cross body block. Afterward she went for her finisher, the Code Breaker, but Zoey escaped and hit a running STO. The two continued battling, back and forth. Juniper got the advantage and hit a rib breaker on Kiehl. She then went to the middle rope and dropped a knee across Zoey’s ribs. But the green haired rebel wasn’t done there. After putting the boots to Zoey, Juniper pulled her up, sent her into the ropes once more and hit a spinebuster. Zoey looked to be hurting. Juniper hooked the leg, but Kiehl kicked out at two.

Juniper ended up clothesline Zoey over the top and hitting a suicide dive. She sent Zoey back into the ring, but missed a flying headbutt. Zoey got up and proceeded to hit a German suplex. Then she took Juniper to the top rope, and hit a superplex. Both women were lying on the mat, nearly spent. Then, Masina came down the isle. The referee tried to talk her out of interfering, but she blasted him with a clothesline. Then, she turned her attention to the two downed women.

First she pulled Juniper up and leveled her with the Samoan Spike. Then she turned to Zoey, who was attempting to push herself up. Masina ran her over with a huge clothesline. Then she pulled Zoey up and planted her in the center of the ring with a powerslam. But Masina wasn’t done. Next she climbed up onto the middle rope and flattened Zoey with a big splash. Masina stood over the two down women and the official, and put her arms in the air. She promised to obliterate the Women’s Division, and she was seeing to it that her promise would be fulfilled.

Anarchy vs Cooper Albright
This was a hard hitting match. Anarchy obviously had some built up frustration from Aiden Conrad defeating him for the Adrenaline Title, and Cooper Albright was ready for a fight and wanted to prove himself on a large stage. The two traded punches before Anarchy took Cooper down and began working him down with technical moves. Albright was able to fight away from the big Samoan and hit a couple clotheslines, nearly knocking the former World Champion to the mat. Albright then hit an impressive suplex, followed by a dropkick to Anarchy while in a seated position. Cooper tried to hoist Anarchy up for his finisher, which he called I Hate Everything About You. But Anarchy began hammering Cooper in his lower back. Anarchy then brought Cooper up and hit a turnbuckle powerbomb. Anarchy then put an exclamation mark on the maneuver by hitting a kick to the side of the head. Cooper was groggy.

Next Anarchy hit him with a Saito suplex. As the Tokyo crowd cheered Anarchy on, he hooked Cooper on the Rear Naked Choke. Cooper struggled, trying to reach the ropes, but he couldn’t. As he slowly faded, he tapped out.

FFP Women’s Television Title
(c) Anna Minster vs Noel Zelig
A back and forth hard fought match between these two women wrestlers. Anna, a now two time Women’s TV Champion, and Noel, who with a win tonight would accomplish the same feat. And after an impactful tilt-a-whirl backbreaker looked to be on her way, but Anna kicked out at two. Noel then set Anna up for the piledriver, but Anna was able to escape and hit a roaring elbow. Minster then charged and hit a spear, sending Noel and herself through the ring ropes to the arena floor.

On the outside of the ring the two women traded stiff blows that had the Tokyo crowd on the edge of their seats. Eventually the match got back into the ring where Noel took control. She set Anna up for the piledriver again, but again Anna was able to escape the dangerous maneuver and this time rock Noel with a European uppercut. Anna then tossed Noel over with the Exploder Suplex. She made the cover and got the three count, successfully retaining her championship.

However, the referee had missed that Noel had placed her leg on the bottom rope just before the three count. Anna held her title up proudly and hurried back to the back.

Don’t miss FFP’s first ever Tokyo Rumble, live from Tokyo, Japan on March 18th! We will see 25 wrestlers battle in a battle royal to become the #1 contender for the World Championship. We will also see Trent Wolfe attempt to defeat Matt Kraven for the FFP World Title, and much more! You won’t want to miss the premier FFP Tokyo Rumble!

The scene cut backstage where Amanda Kraven was with Raquel St Claire. Amanda announced that due to the referee’s error in the Anna Minster vs Noel Zelig match that Amanda had no choice to book a rematch for the Women’s Television Title at Tokyo Rumble!

Tokyo Street Fight
Matt Evanston vs Nathan Caine
A very hard hitting matchup with the former tag team partners really laying into each other, not holding anything back. Nathan Caine worked on Evanston’s back, ramming it into the steel ring post, as well as the guardrail at ringside. Nathan seemed hell bent on injuring Matt Evanston’s back, until on the outside of the ring Matt hit a loud Superkick. Evanston then proceeded to set Nathan up onto the commentator’s table and shatter it with a Death Valley Driver on his former partner. Evanston then took the match back into the ring.

However this ended up turning the tide in the match where Nathan was able to hit a low blow on Matt. No rules in a street fight, so Nathan didn’t even get a warning. Next Caine grabbed a steel chair and hit Evanston with a devastating four chairshots to the head, successfully busting Matt Evanston open.

Nathan then pulled Evanston up and hit him with the Double Underhook Driver. Caine then made the cover. 1…2…3! Nathan Caine had won the matchup.

After the match, Amanda Kraven came out and announced that in the Tokyo Rumble Match, Matt Evanston would be entrant number one.

FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles
(c) Lipstick & Powerbombs vs Unattainable
Yet another back and forth match for the Tokyo crowd on the third event of our Tour of Japan. Unattainable successfully cut the ring in half, keeping Olivia Lee on their side of the ring. They worked the less experienced member of Lipsticks and Powerbombs down, isolating her from her partner. But Olivia was about to create separation by hitting a huge double clothesline. Lee then made the tag to Lizzy Kraven. Lizzy entered the ring and lit Unattainable up. Hitting chops and elbows, forearms and right hands. Eventually she back body dropped Beth Tilly over the top, and hit Sophia Ishmael with the Tornado Bomb. Lizzy then tagged Olivia back in who hit her finisher, the Dead End, for the three count. Lizzy and Olivia had successfully retained their Women’s Tag Team Titles in a hard fought match.


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