Look Who’s Back!

Full Force Pro has been in the midst of a roster expansion ever since it was announced that Amanda Kraven had taken over as owner and President of FFP. There have been rumblings of a new developmental territory or a new relationship with another federation, as well as an all-woman wrestling promotion, or some new championships that would revolve around the women of Full Force Pro.

The rumors will now only get stronger as Full Force Pro has officially welcomed FFP Hall of Famer April Hunter back to our prestigious Women’s Division. We are very excited to see April step back through the ropes of a FFP ring. It has been quite some time since the last time we saw her compete in Full Force Pro. And the last time she did appear, she was in the corner of Matt Kraven when Kraven put the HONOR World Title on the line against Daniel Matthews at FFP Uprising in June of 2017.

“I’ve been waiting for this time. In short time everyone will wonder how something that looks so good, can hurt so bad?” April Hunter said when ffpwrestling.com had a chance to speak with her. She is excited to step back into a FFP ring.

“I’m very excited to have April back in our women’s division” Amanda Kraven said while talking to ffpwrestling.com staff earlier today. “April is legit. She’s beautiful. She’s tough. She’s a great wrestler. And she’s a former FFP Diamond Champion and a FFP Hall of Famer. It’s like she’s coming back home. Can’t wait to see what she does when she steps into the ring.”

Amanda Kraven has been working on expanding the FFP roster with new faces, however she has welcomed back some of FFP’s former talent. Full Force Pro continues to grow, and get better and better as the week’s go on. We look forward to seeing April Hunter step back inside the squared circle for FFP, as well as more of this roster expansion.

To view April’s official FFP bio, click here.


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