03/15/2018 FFP Tour of Japan | Day Four

Date: March 15, 2018
Location: Osaka, Japan
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The show began with the entrance of Joey DeMarco. The last time we saw Joey, he was brawling with Odell Porter after Odell inadvertently struck his girlfriend Saraya Varro with a chair, aiming for Joey. DeMarco came out and said that Odell was a bad boyfriend for hitting his girlfriend in the head with the chair. He said that he should be protecting her, not hurting her. Joey then said that if he were Saraya’s boyfriend that he wouldn’t let any harm befall her. This brought Odell out who was very angry. He rushed to the ring and the two began trading blows. DeMarco cut the fight short with a kick to the groin and his Jumping Piledriver, leaving Odell in the middle of the ring.

Austin Briggs vs Hayden Flowers
Another back and forth match on the Tour of Japan. Austin Briggs came out on fire in the beginning of the match, hitting rights and lefts, a couple of hip tosses and a clothesline. Hayden fought back, hitting an arm drag and a dropkick that sent Briggs through the ropes to the outside. Hayden looked to be contemplating a suicide dive, but Briggs hurried back into the ring. The two locked up again and Briggs got control this time. Austin took Hayden to the corner and hit a couple of European uppercuts. He brought Hayden up for a superplex, but Flowers blocked Austin and turned it into a falcon arrow off the top rope. It was a very impactful move. Flowers went for the pin, but only got a two count. So he turned and went back up top, this time going for the Frog Splash. But Austin got his knees up. Flowers’ ribs obviously got the brunt of the impact. Austin the hoisted Hayden up and hit a rib breaker. He continued working on Hayden’s ribs. Dropping a couple knees on them. Slapping Hayden in the abdominal stretch. And frankly, just beating on them.

Briggs pulled Austin up and this time set him up for his finisher, the Brainbuster. But Hayden was able to hook his leg around Austin’s, stopping the move from happening. Hayden then proceeded to slam Austin to the mat with a STO. Flowers went for the cover again. 1…2… and Austin kicked out. But Hayden stayed on the offensive, hitting a couple elbows to the skull of Briggs, then going for another pin. But Austin hooked his arm around Hayden’s head and rolled him into a pinning position, hooking his other arm around Hayden’s leg and hooking his tights. The referee made the count. 1…2…3! Austin Briggs had defeated Hayden Flowers by pinfall, with a hand full of tights.

Austin celebrated briefly in the ring before climbing out and heading toward backstage. Meanwhile Hayden question the referee about the hand full of tights. But it was already over. In the record books, Austin got the victory.

The scene cut backstage in the interview area where Raquel St Claire was standing by with the challenger for the FFP World Title at Tokyo Rumble, Trent Wolfe. Trent Wolfe said that Matt Kraven had hid behind Everett Moses, Miles Lynch, Nathan Caine and of course his wife, but at Tokyo Rumble he would have nowhere to hide. Wolfe said that he came to FFP to reach his full potential and accomplish his goals, and his biggest goal was to win the FFP World Championship. Trent said that he knew Matt was one hell of a wrestler, but he would have no chance against Trent. He said that this Sunday would indeed be a Bloody Sunday for Matt Kraven.

Taylor Clawson vs Kemina
Taylor Clawson came out to a chorus of boos in this match. Something she hadn’t been used to as of late, until her attack on Brandi Moore. Taylor came out showing no mercy, hitting Kemina with punches to the face, chops across the chest, and a running knee strike to the head that seemed to nearly knock Kemina out. Taylor scooped Kemina up onto her shoulders, but Kemina used her momentum to go up and over, rolling Taylor up. Clawson kicked out fairly quickly, and cracked Kemina with another kick to the skull. The sound was gruesome. Kemina fell limp to the ring mat. But Taylor wasn’t done. After hitting a couple of kicks to Kemina’s side, Taylor pulled her up, stared into her eyes and screamed. Then, she planted her to the mat with the Flatliner. Taylor hooked Kemina’s leg, and got the three count.

After the match, Taylor walked up the entrance ramp and disappeared behind the curtain. But moments later, Masina stepped out onto the entrance ramp. The crowd booed as Masina walked down the isle and stepped foot into the ring. She had laid wasted to may women on this tour, and it seemed that she had her sights set on the unconscious Kemina. Masina pulled Kemina up by her long blonde hair, lifted her onto her shoulders and hit a Samoan drop. But she wasn’t done. She laid in two leg drops, then pulled Kemina up once again. This time, she slammed her to the mat with a chokeslam. Masina then climbe dup onto the middle turnbuckle. But before she could go for her big splash, she was interrupted by the entrance of Quinn Delaney. Quinn had a microphone in hand, and told Masina that if she wanted to prove that she was a top woman in FFP, all she needed to do was challenge a top woman, instead of attacking them after they had wrestled. Quinn then said that if Masina wanted to face her one-on-one, that Quinn wasn’t busy this Sunday at Tokyo Rumble, and she’d be happy to face Masina.

Masina flashed a smile. She obviously was happy with Quinn’s challenge. She shook her head to accept Quinn’s challenge. Was this a mistake from Delaney? Or will she be able to teach Masina a lesson?

The scene cut backstage where Tyrece Beckman was standing by with the FFP Adrenaline Champion Aiden Conrad and #EgoTrip. Tyrece asked Aiden about his upcoming Adrenaline Title match with Hiroki Ito at Tokyo Rumble. Aiden said that he was puzzled why he had to beat Hiroki again, but said that he’d gladly do so, once again in Japan. Conrad said that with Pandora and the rest of #EgoTrip by his side, that he would walk out of Tokyo still the Adrenaline Champion. Aiden then said that if anyone needed to know just how good Aiden was, go look at the weekly Top Ten on the FFP website. There, Aiden was standing all alone at #1.

Everett Moses & Miles Lynch vs Chad Lyons & Brian Kamen
A very good tag team match for the Osaka crowd. Everett Moses and Miles Lynch, although new as a tag team, did well with cutting the ring in half and keeping Chad Lyons away from his corner. Eventually, Chad was able to rock Everett and Miles with a couple of superkicks, and made the tag to Brian Kamen. Kamen came in fighting for the win, hitting everything he could on both men. But Everett Moses’ size was the factor here. He finally grabbed Brian up as he went for a jumping forearm, and slammed him to the mat with a spinebuster. But Moses wasn’t done there. He hit the ropes and slammed onto Kamen’s body, surely knocking the wind right out of the former HONOR Tag Team Champion. Everett then hoisted Brian up and planted him with the One Winged Angel for the three count.

After the match, Eddie Siebenthaler and Dash Cormac came out. Like a few days earlier, the two came to the ring to possibly do some damage to whichever tag team they could get their hands on. Chad Lyons tried to fight them off, but Siebenthaler and Cormac were quick to beat him down and toss him out of the ring. Then, Siebenthaler and Cormac went face-to-face with Everett Moses and Miles Lynch. No punches were thrown, but the intensity was high. When would these two tag teams hook up?!

This Sunday FFP presents the premier of the annual pay-per-view Tokyo Rumble, live from Tokyo! We will see 25 wrestlers battle in a battle royal to become the #1 contender for the World Championship. We will also see Trent Wolfe attempt to defeat Matt Kraven for the FFP World Title, and much more! You won’t want to miss the first ever FFP Tokyo Rumble!

In the Ring
The scene now cut to ringside where the FFP Women’s World Champion Amy Kraven and Nina Fox were standing inside the squared circle. Amy said that Sunday night her and Nina would team up to take on the team of Kenzie Anderson and Fiona Burke. She said that she used to respect both women, but since they decided to start attacking her to make a name for themselves, all the respect she had for them was gone. Amy said that her and Nina were the two best women wrestlers in Full Force Pro, and that they would bring their absolute A game to Tokyo Rumble and rid FFP of Kenzie and Fiona for 60 days.

Kenzie and Fiona then came out onto the entrance stage. Fiona was holding the microphone, and guaranteed that her and Kenzie would not only defeat Amy and Nina, but then they’d go on to challenge Amy for the FFP Women’s World Championship, and be the first and only duo to hold the title. Nina said that they were dreaming, which led to back and forth insult hurling. Who would end up walking away with the victory at Tokyo Rumble?

The scene cut backstage where Lux was standing in the interview area. Lux said that she had been quiet over the past couple of events, but she was ready to step foot back in the ring. Lux said that she had some unsettled business with Lenore Spade and Simone Williams, and wanted the opportunity to face off against either one of them and finally put them in their place.

Bryce Devlin vs Hades
Bryce Devlin was looking to come into FFP with an impressive debut, and did he ever. Hades, the former FFP Cruiserweight Champion, seemed a bit off. And when he was destroyed with an early clothesline and a uranage to the knee, Devlin looked to be on his way to victory. Bryce then pulled Hades up and hit him with his finisher, the Tiger Suplex. He held the move after impact, keeping Hades’ shoulders to the mat. The referee slid into place and made the count. 1…2…3! Bryce Devlin had made quite the FFP debut on FFP’s Tour of Japan!

Tokyo Bomb Angels vs Jilaiya Arntz & Kasdeya
Another couple of debuts in this match. Although Hisoka Li had wrestled earlier on in the tour, Akane Mae, Jilaiya Arntz and Kasdeya were all wrestling their first matches in a FFP ring. Hisoka and Akane obviously had the fan support, being the Tokyo Bomb Angels, an ode to a tag team in the 1980’s also from Japan. Hisoka and Akane looked very impressive in this match, but so did Jilaiya and Kasdeya, who had never teamed together before tonight. Kasdeya hit some impressive strikes, and also locked Akane into a dragon clutch in the center of the ring which almost seemed to win the match for her team. Eventually Hisoka was able to get the tag, but fell victim to a brutal dropkick to the ankle from Kasdeya, followed by an ankle lock. Again, it seemed as if Kasdeya would be able to pick up the win for her team, but Li was able to reach the ropes. Jilaiya was then tagged in, using her speed to attempt to get the better of Akane Mae, who also was tagged in. However, Akane not only had the speed advantage over Jilaiya, but also dumped her on the back of her head with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Akane then hit a springboard forearm and a snap powerbomb for the three count.

After the match Jilaiya and Kasdeya attempted to attack the Tokyo Bomb Angels, but the FFP Women’s Tag Team Champions Lipstick and Powerbombs stormed to the ring to run the two blondes off. Lizzy and Olivia then helped the two Japanese superstars up and shook their hands. Obviously there was mutual respect there from both teams.

On April 29, 2018 from Austin, Texas Full Force Pro will present it premier edition of it’s new April pay-per-view FFP Devastation. Don’t miss all the FFP action with such names appearing as Matt Kraven, Joey DeMarco, Taylor Clawson, Kenzie Anderson, Kade Haddix and Carla Ray. More names and matches will be announced later!

The scene cut backstage to the office of Amanda Kraven. Raquel St Claire was there obviously to get a word. Amanda said that she had called Raquel in to make an announcement. She announced that at Tokyo Rumble this Sunday, Lipstick and Powerbombs would defend the FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles against the Tokyo Bomb Angels. Amanda said she was impressed with the Angels tonight, and also liked the mutual respect both teams had for the other. She admitted that the Tokyo Bomb Angels were very new in FFP, but felt that this was a match the people of Tokyo would love to see.

Non-Title Match
Kade Haddix vs Damien Graves
This match had come about because Damien Graves came out and attacked Kade Haddix after successfully defending his FFP Honor Title against Kashimanaki on Day One of the Tour of Japan. This was a non-title match, but there was still a lot riding on it for both men. If Kade won, he’d teach Damien a lesson. But if Damien won, he’d surely earn himself a shot at the FFP Honor Championship. Damien came in with the gameplan of brawling with the smaller Haddix. But Kade had another plan. Kade hit some devastating kicks to Damien’s midsection early on. Then he showed his strength by dumping Damien on his back with a couple of belly-to-belly suplexes, and a gourdbuster. Haddix then went up top and hit a missile dropkick. It seemed like everything was going right for the FFP Honor Champion. But he whipped Graves into the corner and charged, going for what looked like a Stinger splash. Graves however lifted his boot and Kade’s chest crashed into it. Kade stumbled back, but was nearly decapitated by a lariat from Damien. Graves stood over Kade and raised his arms in the air. Obviously the crowd booed.

Damien pulled Kade back up and went for a short arm clothesline, but Kade ducked it and retaliated with a knee to the jaw. Haddix then lept up onto the middle rope, hooked Damien’s head and delivered a devastating DDT, causing Graves to land on the top of his head. Kade then went up top. When he defeated Kashimanaki he hit a very impressive Shooting Star Press, and it seemed like he was going for that same move here. But Damien got up and quickly hit the ropes, causing Haddix to fall, crotching himself on the top turnbuckle. Damien then climbed up onto the turnbuckles with Kade. Haddix fought him off however, knocking the big man off of the turnbuckle. Haddix then successfully hit the Shooting Star Press! Brian Young spoke about how impressive Kade’s athleticism was. Haddix then made the cover, and got the three count. He had defeated Damien Graves.

After the match Kade took hold of his FFP Honor Title and held it proudly for the crowd to see. As the Osaka crowd cheered him on, Damien Graves had gotten up and blasted Kade from behind with a clothesline. He pulled Haddix back up and slammed him to the mat with a Jacknife Powerbomb. But Damien wasn’t done. He pulled Kade up and hit him with four more Jacknife Powerbombs. FFP security came to the ring, but it was no use. Damien took Kade to the outside, picked him up and slammed his lower back into the steel ring post. Damien did that three times before dropping Haddix and finally leaving ringside. EMTs came to ringside to help the Honor Champion.


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