03/18/2018 FFP Tokyo Rumble 2018

Date: March 18, 2018
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The pay-per-view opened up with prerecorded backstage promos from many of the participants of the Tokyo Rumble. One of the most notables was Matt Evanston, saying that Matt and Amanda Kraven didn’t want him to win, so they gave him the number one entry. Evanston said that it wouldn’t be easy, but he would fight through all 25 participants and win himself a future shot at the World Championship. Other notable participants were Austin Briggs, Christopher Morgan and Odell Porter, all guaranteeing victory tonight.

Katsumi Akiyama vs Giovanni Gotch w/ Christi Carter
Obviously the Japanese crowd was behind their hometown girl. Katsumi Akiyama started the match out with all the momentum, hitting Giovanni with hard strikes. An elbow to the ribs really seemed to slow the tall blonde down. And when Akiyama hit a Michinoku Driver, it looked as if Katsumi would be heading to the back as the victor in no time. But Christi Carter jumped onto the apron and was able to distract Katsumi for just a moment. Long enough however that Giovanni was able to roll Katsumi up, and pull on her tights. This was how Giovanni got the victory over Katsumi on the first day of the Tour of Japan. The referee slid into position. 1…2… and Katsumi kicked out. A sigh of relief came from the crowd.

Both women got back to their feet, but Katsumi floored Giovanni with a spinning heel kick to the side of the head. Christi got up onto the apron again, but was hip tossed into the ring. Carter was then blasted by a shining wizard. The Tokyo crowd loved it. But when Akiyama turned back around she was hit with a running big boot from Gotch. Gotch then pulled the Japanese superstar up and hit her with the Hellacious Powerbomb. Giovanni dropped to her knees, obviously exhausted. She made the cover. 1…2… and Katsumi kicked out again! The crowd couldn’t believe it. Gotch couldn’t either. She looked down at Katsumi, then up at the referee. Questioning, asking him if he was sure he counted correctly.

Christi Carter had now gotten back up and was coaching Gotch from inside the ring. The referee demanded she leave the ring, but she continued coaching. Giovanni pulled Katsumi up again and was setting her up for another Hellacious Powerbomb. But this time Katsumi fought out of it and went behind Gotch, shoving her toward her Christi. Gotch put on the break, and Katsumi charged. She was going for a knee to the back of Giovanni’s head, but Giovanni ducked. Katsumi instead blasted Christi! The FFP Hall of Famer stumbled back into the rope. Gotch then charged at Katsumi, hoping to hit her from behind. But Akiyama dodged and Gotch crashed into Carter. Christi fell through the ropes and to the arena floor. Meanwhile Katsumi hooked Giovanni’s arms and hit her with the Tiger Suplex. Akiyama held her finishing move after impact for the pin. 1…2…3! Katsumi Akiyama kicked FFP Tokyo Rumble off with a victory in a hard fought matchup.

Brian Young commended both women, saying it was one hell of a match, and it was fitting that the hometown girl was able to win even after interference from Christi Carter. Morgan Alexander said that maybe he should go check on Christi just to make sure she was okay.

The scene cut to the locker room of #EgoTrip. The FFP Adrenaline Champion Aiden Conrad spoke, saying that tonight he would shut the Tokyo crowd up by beating Hiroki Ito and retaining his championship. Conrad then said that although he would have his group at ringside with him, that they wouldn’t even have to think about getting involved, because Aiden was the greatest champion in FFP and number one on the weekly top ten list.

FFP Honor Title
(c) Kade Haddix vs Damien Graves
The FFP Honor Title was created with the idea of the matches being respectful matches. Handshakes before and after, and showing off the skill of professional wrestlers. But this match quickly erupted into a brawl. There was a lot of bad blood between these two, and it showed. Damien has the size and strength advantage, and hit Kade with a lot of solid punches that connected early on. But Haddix wasn’t by any means not able to handle himself. He hit Graves back, with punches forearms and kicks. He sent Damien into the ropes and hit a sling blade. And when the big man got back to his feet, Kade hit a Superkick into a back suplex for a two count. Graves rolled to the outside to take a powder.

But Kade went right after him. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a good idea for the Champion. Damien got ahold of Kade and rammed him hard into the steel steps, nearly knocking them over. Then, when Kade got back up Graves hit a monstrous clothesline, flooring the champion on the arena floor. Damien then began to concentrate on the lower back of the champion. Only days before, Graves violently rammed Kade’s back into the steel ring post several times. And he did the same exact thing here. So many times that the referee went to the outside and threatened to disqualify Damien if he did it once more. Damien then shoved Kade into the ring and went for the cover. 1…2… and Kade kicked out. Brian Young wondered if it would have been better for Haddix to stay down, and not risk injury.

Damien pulled Kade up and set him up for the Jackknife Powerbomb, but Kade was able to reverse it into an impressive DDT, spiking Graves down to the mat. As Damien began to get back up, Kade hit him with a couple of kicks across the chest, then a roaring elbow. Haddix then climbed up top. Damien was face down on the mat, but Kade went for the Shooting Star Press anyway. But Damien rolled out of the way and Haddix Slammer to the mat. Damien grabbed him and pulled him back up to his feet. Then he turned the champion inside out with a short armed clothesline. Graves then pulled him up once again and this time hit the Jackknife Powerbomb. Graves made the cover and the referee slid into position. 1…2… and Kade Haddix was somehow able to get his left shoulder up. It was so close!

Damien couldn’t believe it. And more than anything, he seemed angry. He pulled Kade up and called for another Jackknife. But Haddix was able to escape from the challenger’s grip hit him with a Flatliner. The move may have been enough to put Graves down for the count, but Kade wasn’t able to capitalize and make the pin attempt. Instead, both men slowly pushed themselves up. Graves went for a clothesline, but Haddix sucked it, and when Damien turned back around Kade hit another Flatliner! This time he was able to quickly make the pin, hooking Damien’s leg. 1…2…3! Kade Haddix has successfully defended the FFP Honor Title!

FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles
(c) Lipstick & Powerbombs vs Tokyo Bomb Angels
This was a match between two tag teams that the Tokyo crowd seemed to be behind. However, the hometown Tokyo Bomb Angels had more behind them than the champions. Both teams started out by shaking hands. Obviously both teams had mutual respect for the other. This match was fast paced. And there was a lot of back and forth action. Lizzy and Olivia brought the power, and the Tokyo Bomb Angels brought the speed and agility. But that didn’t mean that Hisoka and Akane didn’t hit some awesome strong strikes. Such as Akane sending Lizzy into the corner and hitting one of the hardest running dropkicks to the chest that we’ve ever seen.

Hisoka and Akane hit a double forearm from the middle rope that knocked Lizzy to the mat. Hisoka then went up top and hit a double stomp for a close two count. For a second there the Tokyo fans thought their hometown girls had won the Women’s Tag Team Titles. Eventually Olivia Lee got the tag and came in to clean house. And that she did, eventually sending Hisoka over the top with a clothesline and planting Akane with a powerslam. Olivia then showed off her athleticism by hitting a suicide dive on Hisoka all on the outside.

Eventually Olivia had Akane in the ring and hit a running powerbomb for a two count. She went up to the middle turnbuckle and attempted a dive, but Akane moved out of the way and tagged in Hisoka. Hisoka hit Olivia with some solid kicks and an impressive belly to belly suplex. She went up top and hit a flying elbow drop. The Tokyo crowd was pumped because the Tokyo Bomb Angels were on fire. Hisoka pulled Olivia up and hoisted her onto her shoulders, but Lee pushed herself off and clobbered Hisoka with a clothesline. Then, Lee tagged in Lizzy Kraven. Lizzy came in hitting some hard right hands. Then, a discuss clothesline. The impact nearly knocked Hisoka out of her boots. Hisoka tried to hurry back to her feet, but she was warn down. And Lizzy hit her with the Kraven Lariat. That had to be the end! But Lizzy wasn’t done! She pulled Hisoka up and now proceeded to hit the Tornado Powerbomb. She hooked Hisoka’s leg. 1…2…3! Lipstick and Powerbombs were still the FFP Women’s Tag Team Champions.

The two teams came together in the middle of the ring, shaking hands and embracing. Then the Tokyo Bomb Angels exited the ring, letting Lizzy and Olivia have their time in the spotlight. But as Lizzy and Olivia held up their titles, two women came out of the crowd and blasted the champions from behind. It was Amanda Cortez and Kennedy Matthews! Morgan Alexander seemed very excited to see the duo, while Brian Young scolded them for attacking the champions from behind after such a hard fought match.

Amanda and Kennedy pummeled Lizzy and Olivia with stomps and kicks. So the Tokyo Bomb Angels rushed back down to the ring. However, Cortez and Matthews had armed themselves with Lizzy and Olivia’s Tag Titles, and blasted Hisoka and Akane with them. Amanda and Kennedy then left the ring with smiles on their faces, obviously happy with their shocking debut in Full Force Pro.

Masina vs Quinn Delaney
Masina came out to jeers from the crowd. Quinn’s entrance was the exact opposite. The crowd was solidly behind Quinn. Unfortunately, when the bell rang the match didn’t follow suit. Masina hit Quinn like a bull hitting a matador, slamming her to the mat. As Quinn got back up, Masina sent her into the corner and hit an avalanche. Quinn stumbled out of the corner, and was leveled with a clothesline. Masina was showing her dominance again the crowd favorite. But Masina wasn’t done. She pulled Quinn up by her orange hair and looked her in the eyes. Quinn fired off with a couple of forearms, but Masina drew back and hit a big Samoan headbutt. Quinn fell prone to the mat. Masina then dropped two big leg drops on Quinn, and called for the end. She went up to the middle rope and dove off, nearly flattening Delaney with a big splash. Masina then hooked Quinn’s leg. 1…2…3! What a show of pure dominance by Masina!

Simply the Best vs Blaine Edwards & Hayden Flowers
Before this match, the FFP Tag Team Champions Matt and Billy Rich came out to do commentary. Brian Young kept getting on them about defending their titles. The Rich Brothers said they were planning on giving a title shot to whoever came out on top in this match.

Simply the Best looked like the better team hands down early on. Their experience was miles ahead of Blaine and Hayden. But Blaine and Hayden weren’t going away without a fight. And when Blaine Edwards duplexes Caleb Newstead out of the ring and onto the arena floor, Hayden hit an impressive suicide dive. But the dive sent Newstead falling over the commentary table, and landing in the laps of the Tag Team Champions. Eventually, a three team brawl broke out. The referee called for the bell, throwing the match out as the Tag Champs fought with Simply the Best as well as Blaine Edwards and Hayden Flowers.

FFP Women’s Television Title | Anything Goes
(c) Anna Minster vs Noel Zelig
This feud has really gained some speed as of late. With Anna and Noel trading back and forth wins. And just like we’ve seen time and time again in their matches, they traded blows in this one. Forearms, punches, chops and European uppercuts. Noel sent Anna into the ropes and went for a spinebuster, but Anna reversed into a DDT. Then, she hit a swinging neckbreaker for a one count. Noel fought back, getting the momentum for only a moment. Anna hit a hard knee to the ribs, and hit Noel with a gutwrench suplex. Anna then pulled Noel back up to her feet, and set her up for the Exploder Suplex. But Noel battled out after repeated elbows to the skull. Then a jumping knee to the side of the head and a Saito suplex. Noel let out a scream. She pulled Anna up and proceeded to hit a snap suplex followed by a Northern lights. She went for the pin but Anna kicked out at two.

Noel took Anna to the corner. She hit a couple of chops before setting Anna up onto the top turnbuckle. She climbed onto the turnbuckle with Anna, but Anna was able to rock Zelig with a couple punches, causing her to step back down onto the mat. Anna then lept off the top rope, hitting a blockbuster. But Anna wasn’t satisfied. She pulled Zelig back up and this time dumped her to the mat with the Exploder Suplex. Minster then made the cover. 1…2… and Noel kicked out!

Anna couldn’t believe it! Her jaw dropped and she held her head. Noel was barely moving. Anna grit her teeth and pulled Noel back up. She was setting her up for another Exploder Suplex. But Noel hit a couple more elbows to the head, breaking Anna’s grip. Then she hit a spinning back elbow which dropped Minster to her knees. Noel hit the ropes and delivered a loud shining wizard. Zelig made the cover. 1…2… and Anna got her shoulder up. The crowd loved it. And the commentators did as well. Noel looked into the crowd and moved her arms as if to say “this is it”. She pulled Anna up and set her up for the Jumping Piledriver. Anna quickly escaped by shoving off of Noel and hitting a hard elbow. Anna then springboarded off of the middle rope and went for a senton to a standing Noel Zelig. However, Noel caught Anna in mid-air, and immediately dropped down, hitting the piledriver! What a transition!

Noel then hooked the leg, but both women were completely spent. The referee slid into position to make the count. 1…2…3! Noel Zelig had won the FFP Women’s Television Title for the second time!

After the match Noel took possession of the title and held it into the air. The Tokyo crowd gave both women a standing ovation for the amazing match they had put on.

The scene cut backstage where it seemed like Giovanni Gotch and Christi Carter were in a heated discussion. After a little bit of arguing it seemed as if the two calmed down and embraced.

FFP Adrenaline Title
(c) Aiden Conrad w/ #EgoTrip vs Hiroki Ito
As soon as the bell rang, Aiden was charging at Hiroki. He wanted to hit a couple big impactful moves to try to end the match quick. But after Aiden missed a clothesline and Hiroki proceeded to hit an awesome German suplex, it was obvious that Conrad’s gameplan was not as successful as he had thought. But that didn’t mean he didn’t hit some very cool very impactful moves. A tilt-a-whirl backbreaker slowed Hiroki down. Aiden the proceeded to hit a tornado DDT, but he wasn’t done yet. He went up top and hit a beautiful flying elbow drop. Then a knee drop off the middle rope. Then, he locked Ito in the figure four leg lock. Taking Hiroki’s legs out, meant he couldn’t try to kick your head off, which seemed like a good plan.

Eventually Aiden released the hold, and set Hiroki up with a Brainbuster. But Hiroki delivered a knee to the top of Aiden’s head to get out of the Brainbuster. He followed up by hitting a hard kick to Aiden’s leg, which dropped him to his knees. Ito then cracked Aiden with a Superkick to the jaw. Aiden collapsed to the mat. And Hiroki did his best to make the pin as soon as he could. The ref made the count. 1…2… and Aiden kicked out. And now, Matt and Billy Rich got up onto the apron. Meanwhile, Pandora grabbed the Adrenaline Title and slid it into the ring. But Hiroki intercepted it. And the Tokyo crowd loved it.

Hiroki looked at the belt, then at Aiden, who was just getting to his feet. Would Hiroki use the championship as a weapon? Well, he didn’t get the chance. Because as he was debating on it, Pandora got into the ring and leveled him with a kick to the groin from behind. Hiroki dropped to his knees, in a tremendous amount of pain. Aiden then hit his finisher, the Beauty Maker on the challenger. Pandora climbed out of the ring as Aiden slid the Adrenaline Title out as well. Conrad then hooked the leg as the Rich Brothers finally dropped off of the apron. The referee slid into position. 1…2… and Hiroki was able to kick out! The Tokyo crowd went crazy.

Aiden slapped the mat out of frustration. He bent over to grab Hiroki and pull him up, but Hiroki rolled Aiden up in a small package. Could he get the victory with this surprise move? 1…2… and Aiden kicked out. It was so close. Both wrestlers attempted to get up as fast as possible. Aiden got up just a little earlier than Hiroki, which turned out great for the champion. Because Aiden was able to hit the Beauty Maker once more. Aiden then covered the Japanese superstar. 1…2…3! Aiden Conrad retained the FFP Adrenaline Championship!

#EgoTrip joined Aiden in the ring, celebrating with him as he held the Adrenaline Championship up into the air. Brian Young said that he desperately wanted to see these two wrestle again. Then Morgan said that he had heard that Brian was very desperate. Haha.

On April 29, 2018 from Austin, Texas Full Force Pro will present it premier edition of it’s new April pay-per-view FFP Devastation. Don’t miss all the FFP action with such names appearing as Matt Kraven, Joey DeMarco, Taylor Clawson, Kenzie Anderson, Kade Haddix and Carla Ray. More names and matches will be announced later!

Amy Kraven & Nina Fox vs Kenzie Anderson & Fiona Burke
This match wasn’t your typical respectful match. There was bad blood. Amy Kraven and Nina Fox has a back and forth match of theirs interrupted by Kenzie and Fiona. And Amy and Nina were looking for payback. But if Kenzie and Fiona would win, they’d get a chance to challenge Amy Kraven for the Women’s Title. That’s right, co-Women’s Champions. It would be the first time ever. If it happened. Amy and Nina were not about to let it happen. Proof by the amount of solid strikes they dished out to Kenzie and Fiona early on.

Nina lot Kenzie Anderson up with chops. Then she tagged Amy in, and the two seemed to have a contest of who could chop the loudest. Eventually Kenzie got away and tagged in Fiona. Amy Kraven looked to have Fiona’s number, but Fiona rocked the Women’s Champion with one hell of a European uppercut, then a uranagi. Burke went for the pin, but only got a two count. So she looked over to Nina and called for the end. She pulled Amy up and set her up for the FAB Drop. But before she could deliver the move Nina Fox stormed into the ring, cracking Fiona with a Superkick before she could perform her finisher. This brought Kenzie Anderson in, spearing Nina with such impact that the two ended up rolling outside of the ring. Amy and Fiona were both still down in the ring. Amy began to get up and pulled Fiona up to her feet. Amy set Fiona up for the Kraven Klash, but Burke was able to spin around and book Amy into a backslide pin. 1…2… and Amy kicked out. But Fiona got up, hit the ropes and delivered a running boot to the head to the Women’s Champion.

Fiona then pulled Amy up and this time successfully planted her with the FAB Drop. Fiona then made the cover and the referee made the count. 1…2… and Nina Fox reached in and grabbed Fiona’s foot, pulling her out of the ring. The two traded blows on the outside. But Kenzie Anderson was on the outside as well. The duo grabbed Nina and violently rammed her into the steel guardrail at ringside. Nina hit the guardrail with a lot of force and crumbled to the arena floor. Kenzie and Fiona then got back into the ring, one on each side of Amy Kraven. They hit Amy with quite a few strikes before Fiona finally hoisted Kraven up and spiked her to the mat with the FAB Drop. Fiona then made the cover. 1…2…3! Kenzie Anderson and Fiona Burke had won the match, and they would get to challenge Amy Kraven to a handicap match for the FFP Women’s Title!

The scene cut backstage to Raquel St Claire, who was talking with the new FFP Women’s Television Champion Noel Zelig. She asked Noel how she felt about being a two-time Women’s TV Champion. Noel said she was extremely honored to hold the title again. She said that she knew she would win the title back. Anna Minster then busted into view. Anna said that Noel could enjoy the title win for the night, but that she had her rematch and would take the opportunity as soon as possible and take back what was hers.

Tokyo Rumble | Winner Becomes #1 Contender for World Title
25- Spot Over the Top Rope Battle Royal
We all knew that the number one entrant would be Matt Evanston. Number two was Matt’s ex-partner Nathan Caine. Number three was Hayden Flowers and four was Alexander Modest. The match began and the four began beating on each other, and trying to eliminate anyone they could.

Number five was Joey DeMarco and six was Anarchy. The first man eliminated from the Tokyo Rumble was Alexander Modest, being tossed out by Nathan Caine. Duncan Wright Je was entrant number seven, and the crowd was pleasantly surprised to see Lizzy Kraven enter at number eight. JJ Perry came out at number nine and number ten was Kashimanaki.

Duncan Wright Jr was eliminated by Matt Evanston, who also eliminated Anarchy. Then number 11 was Odell Porter, and he ended up eliminating Joey DeMarco. Number 12 was quite the surprise. The FFP newcomer Big Roderick Jamison. And Roderick really impressed, eliminating Kashimanaki, Odell Porter, Lizzy Kraven and Nathan Caine!

Blaine Edwards came out at lucky number 13, followed by Miles Lynch and Caleb Newstead. Matt Evanston, Hayden Flowers, JJ Perry and Blaine Edwards teamed up to eliminated Big Roderick. But when their backs were turned Caleb Newstead was able to dump Hayden Flowers and Blaine Edwards out. Meanwhile, Miles Lynch threw JJ Perry out.

LBK came out at number 16. He came out throwing punches wherever he could. Austin Briggs entered at number 17 while Christopher Morgan came at number 18. 19 was Logan Christopher and number 20 was George Furst. George Furst was impressive, eliminating LBK, Austin Briggs and Logan Christopher.

Number 21 was the FFP Adrenaline Champion Aiden Conrad, who came out with Pandora by his side. Elijah King came out number 22, and went head-to-head with George Furst. As the two big men tried to eliminate one another, Miles Lynch dumped them both over the top rope. Then, out came Hiroki Ito. Hiroki got into the ring and immediately went after Aiden, eliminating him after knocking him silly with a kick to the head.

The crowd went absolutely crazy when number 24 entered the Tokyo Rumble. It was Veronica Clyne! She was back in FFP! Veronica came in and went toe-to-toe with anyone who was willing. She eliminated Caleb Newstead and had Christopher Morgan teetering on the top rope.

It was super impressive to see that Matt Evanston was still in the match although he entered at number one. Obviously Matt and Amanda Kraven wanted to see him eliminated. And with number 25 being one of Matt’s stablemates, Everett Moses, it looked like Evanston would be on his way out. Everett immediately went after Matt Evanston. And in the meantime, Miles Lynch came over to assist Everett. Veronica tried to help Evanston out, but she was dumped out of the ring by Miles Lynch. Hiroki Ito went after Miles, but Everett Moses clicked him from behind and tossed him out of the ring. Then, Evanston shocked the crowd by eliminating Everett!

We were down to the final three. Matt Evanston, Miles Lynch and Christopher Morgan. Miles went after Matt Evanston again, but Christopher Morgan began helping Evanston. Morgan. Hit some big strikes and dumped Miles over the top rope. But Lynch landed on the apron. Christopher Morgan then charged Matt Evanston, but Evanston ducked and back body dropped Morgan over the top. He turned and looked down at Morgan. He thought he had won the match, outlasting everyone. But Miles Lynch climbed back into the ring from the apron, and leveled Evanston from behind with a clothesline. Matt Evanston fell over the top rope and onto the arena floor. Miles Lynch was the winner of the Tokyo Rumble!

The scene cut to Tyrece Beckman who was backstage approaching Matt and Amanda Kraven. Tyrece said that with Miles Lynch winning the Tokyo Rumble, he would get a future World Title shot. Beckman said that if Kraven were to successfully retain tonight, he may have to face off against his stablemate. Kraven laughed. He said that he would win tonight, and that if him and Miles faced off that they would make sure that the right thing happened. Beckman tried to get Matt to explain a little further, but Amanda said that the champion was about to defend his title, and the time for talk had ended.

FFP World Title
(c) Matt Kraven w/ Amanda Kraven vs Trent Wolfe
Trent Wolfe came out first with a big ovation from the Tokyo crowd. Matt Kraven came out next with Amanda Kraven by his side. Before the match started however, Amanda Kraven grabbed the microphone and said she had a surprise for Matt. Then, a couple of women from Japan came out and presented Matt with huge bouquets of flowers. They bowed to him as he accepted their flowers. Amanda was all smiles, clapping as the ceremony happened. Trent Wolfe was obviously growing impatient.

When the match finally started, Trent stood calmly in his corner. Kraven stormed out, charging at Wolfe. Wolfe raised a knee and cracked the incoming champion in the jaw. Kraven fell prone to the mat. Was he out already?! Wolfe covered the World Champion. 1…2… and Matt Kraven kicked out. It was so close! That quickly we almost saw the World Title change hands. Trent grabbed Kraven, but Matt was able to get out of his grip and escape to the outside of be ring. Amanda checked on him, while he took deep breaths. He knew he was so close to losing that title.

Kraven reentered the rjng. This time he charged at Wolfe attempting a clothesline. Trent ducked the attack and caught Kraven with a German suplex. After the impact Kraven rolled back, trying to get to his feet, but Wolfe charged, going for another knee to the jaw. Matt ended up jumping inbetween the top and middle rope to escape. All of the momentum was with Trent Wolfe. And Matt Kraven was having a hard time. The Tokyo crowd continued cheering for Trent. Meanwhile Kraven spoke with his wife on the outside of the ring, covering his ears to try not to listen to the crowd cheering for the challenger.

Kraven finally got back into the ring and this time took things slow. He locked up with Trent and grabbed him in a headlock. Wolfe sent Matt off into the ropes and attempted another knee to the jaw. Wolfe was attempting to put an end to the match quick. But Kraven dodged it this time and hit a dropkick. When Wolfe got back to his feet Matt hit another. Then a hip toss. Kraven turned to the crowd and out his arms up. Apparently he felt he had proved something. But when he turned back around he was struck with a kick to the skull, rocking the champion. Trent then grabbed Kraven and hooked him for his finisher, the Bloody Sunday. Kraven fought out and hit Trent with a hard clothesline. He laid in a couple boots, then went to the top rope.

Wolfe got back to his feet, and Kraven hit a flying double axehandle, shades of “Macho Man” Randy Savage. Kraven then went back up to the top rope and hit a beautiful moonsault. The momentum was beginning to swing in Kraven’s favor. After going for a pin and only getting a two count, Matt waited for Wolfe to get back to his feet. Kraven then hit him with a gruesome chop block to the front of the knee. Wolfe went down hard. Kraven laid a couple stomps to his knee and slapped on a figure four leg lock. Wolfe was in pain, but wasn’t about to give up. He reached and stretched for the rope. He also tried like hell to scoot himself and Kraven closer and closer to the ropes. Finally, he reached out and grabbed the bottom rope. Kraven had to release the hold, although he kept it on as long as he could without getting disqualified. Kraven then grabbed his leg and pulled him back in the center of the ring. He grabbed Wolfe’s leg again, but this time Trent was able to use his other leg to connect with a kick that sent Kraven stumbling back. Trent got back to his feet, but Matt hit a dropkick to the knee. Then, he slapped the figure four right back on. Wolfe let out a groan. Obviously in a lot of pain, the challenger was trying everything he could to get out of the hold. He reached and stretched for the ropes again. And this time Amanda Kraven went to the side of the ring that Trent was aiming for, and began pulling the rope back. The referee however saw this, and demanded that Amanda leave he ringside area.

Amanda was irate, screaming at the official. But he said that she had to leave ringside. As he argued with her, Kraven went to the outside and grabbed a steel chair. Amanda continued arguing, and keeping the referee distracted. Trent Wolfe got up to his feet, walking with a noticeable limp. Matt then leveled him with a chairshot to the head. Wolfe fell to the mat. Now bleeding from the chairshot. Matt tossed the chair out of the ring and Amanda agreed to leave. Kraven made the cover as the referee was finally able to pay attention to the match.

1…2… kickout! What?! Brian Young and Morgan Alexander couldn’t believe it. Neither could Kraven. He turned to the official and demanded that he ring the bell. Kraven kept saying, that was three! Matt turned around to see Trent Wolfe trying to get back to his feet. Dawning a crimson mask, the tattooed Brit was hellbent on surviving this, and walking out the World Champion. But Matt had other plans. Kraven grabbed Wolfe, and scooped him up onto his shoulders. But Wolfe was able to swing off of Matt’s shoulders, hooking Matt’s head and successfully spiking him to the mat with he Bloody Sunday! The crowd stood and cheered. Wolfe was groggy and couldn’t capitalize like he would have wanted. He slowly turned and draped his arm over Kraven’s chest. The referee made the count. 1…2… and Matt Kraven kicked out. The match continued!

Trent pulled Kraven up. Both men sweaty. Both men exhausted. And Wolfe’s face blood covered. He signaled for the end, and hooked Kraven for another Bloody Sunday, but Kraven spun out of Trent’s grip and hit a hard STO. He got back up and climbed up to the top rope. From there, he dropped a flying elbow on the challenger. But Kraven wasn’t done. He stepped into the corner, setting Trent up for the Superkick. Kraven went for the move, but Trent dodged it and hooked Matt’s head. Again, Wolfe planted Kraven with the Bloody Sunday! But this time it was too close to the side of the ring, and Kraven ended up rolling out of the ring. It didn’t even seem on purpose. It was just the way Kraven hit the mat.

Trent was obviously frustrated. Surely that would have been the end for Matt Kraven. Trent Wolfe would have been the new World Champion. But lucky for Kraven, he rolled out of the ring. Wolfe rolled to the outside. He pulled Kraven up, but Matt blasted him with a European uppercut. Then he shoved Trent backward. Wolfe stumbled back and ended up colliding with the steel ring post. Wolfe was knocked groggy. Kraven then sent Trent back into the ring. Wolfe was slowly pulling himself up, using the ring ropes. Matt scooped him up onto his shoulders and hit the Go to Sleep. The impact sent Trent stumbling back into the corner. So Matt grabbed his arm and pulled him forward again. Kraven scooped him up onto his shoulders once more, and hit another Go to Sleep! Kraven then fell on top of Wolfe’s motionless body. 1…2…3! Matt Kraven was still your FFP World Champion! And what a match!!!

Kraven rolled over and sat up. Exhausted. Covered in sweat. The referee handed him the World Championship. Amanda Kraven now ran to the ring to congratulate Matt. He rolled out of the ring and was greeted by a hug. She held his arm up in the air as they headed back toward the backstage area.

The Tokyo crowd stood and applauded for the match itself, but also for Trent Wolfe. He had sat up in the ring, but was still a little groggy. The crowd continued to cheer as Wolfe finally pushed himself up to his feet. He hadn’t been successful in winning the World Championship, but he put up one hell of a fight and gained everyone’s respect.


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