Liam Knight’s Tokyo Rumble Predictions

FFP’s newest writer Liam Knight makes his FFP writing debut with his Tokyo Rumble picks. Let’s see how he sees the first annual Tokyo Rumble playing out.

Katsumi Akiyama vs Giovanni Gotch

For this match, I have to go with Giovanni Gotch. Partly because she has beaten Akiyama before but also, I think she is the most talented woman on the roster.

(c) Anna Minster vs Noel Zelig

Anna Minster is my pick for this match. She’s already the champion and the match is Anything Goes.

Simply the Best vs Blaine Edwards & Hayden Flowers

I’ve got to pick Simply the Best, their name says it all, they are Simply the Best.

(c) Kade Haddix vs Damien Graves

Damien Graves has a definite size advantage over Kade Haddix, so I definitely have to go with him. Plus, Kade Haddix might get distracted by the thought of his girlfriend.

(c) Aiden Conrad vs Hiroki Ito

Aiden Conrad is definitely going to win this match. He has 3 people with him. Two of those people are the Tag Champs. Hiroki Ito may have good wrestling ability, but he has no allies. Also, in the Weekly Top 10 List, Aiden was ranked at #1.

(c) Lipstick & Powerbombs vs Tokyo Bomb Angels

Lipstick & Powerbombs are my pick for this match. They have a size advantage and more experience. Plus, the Tokyo Bomb Angels have only won one match. I really don’t think they should have a title shot yet.

Amy Kraven & Nina Fox vs Kenzie Anderson & Fiona Burke

I pick Kenzie Anderson & Fiona Burke. They have the experience of being a team, even if they haven’t been a team that long.

Tokyo Rumble

For the Tokyo Rumble, I think either Everett Moses, Duncan Wright Jr. or Miles Lynch will win. They are all allies, and as long as they work together, one of them should be able to win.

(c) Matt Kraven vs Trent Wolfe

Matt Kraven has the experience, the technical ability, and his wife owns the company. I don’t think Trent Wolfe has the greatest chance against a legend like Matt Kraven.


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