A Preview for this Friday’s FFP Stateside

This Friday Full Force Pro presents it’s first show since returning back to the United States from it’s very exciting and successful annual Tour of Japan. The show this Friday is appropriately titled FFP Stateside, live from New York City. That’s right, Madison Square Garden.

Earlier this morning four matches were signed for FFP Stateside. Two women matches, and two titles matches. Right now, we will take a short look at the upcoming matches.

First off, we will see two women make their official FFP debuts. They both wrestled in the 16-to-1 Tournament, but hadn’t officially signed with Full Force Pro. Now, we welcome them to the roster. It will be Gina Dilano taking on Saraya Varro.

In the other women’s match, we will see Giovanni Gotch taking on the powerful Roxi Haacke. And of course Giovanni will be accompanied by FFP Hall of Famer Christi Carter.

And here are our upcoming title matches. There could be more signed as soon as this afternoon.

Gregory Hart will defend the FFP Network Championship against FFP Hall of Famer Kashimanaki. Gregory is the only wrestler to hold the FFP Network Title this far. Can Kashimanaki dethrone the champion?

And finally, it is official…after several back and forth snarky comments on Twitter, Matt Kraven has agreed to give Matt Evanston another shot at the FFP World Championship. Lately it has seemed as if both Amanda Kraven and Zoey Kiehl have gotten in on the comments on Twitter. Both women will accompany their men to ringside for this one. It should definitely be an interesting main event for FFP Stateside.


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