03/23/2018 FFP Stateside

Date: March 23, 2018
Location: New York, NY
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The show opened up with pyro going off around Madison Square Garden. A building rich with professional wrestling history. It was always a special event for FFP to be wrestling there. Amanda Kraven was the first to make her entrance. She walked down to the ring and took a microphone. She had teased an announcement for tonight. And he she was to deliver.

Amanda announced that although there had been quite a few changes to titles over the past few months, that there were two more additions, and one more title retiring. She first announced that at FFP Devastation the FFP Women’s Television Title would be no more. But in it’s place, would be the FFP Ironwoman Championship. Amanda noted that Noel Zelig and Anna Minster’s battles for the Women’s TV Title did not go unnoticed, so she planned on having the two of them face off in a Best 2-Out-of-3 Falls Match at Devastation, with the winner becoming the inaugural Ironwoman Champion.

Amanda also announced the addition of another women’s title. This, the FFP Spirit Title. Amanda said that soon a tournament would begin to crown the first ever Spirit Champion, and the tournament would conclude at Devastation. She also said that she would be revealing participants in the tournament soon, and actually, whoever won the following match would be the first one entered into the tournament.

Gina Dilano vs Saraya Varro

Both girls came out with a lot of fire. Obviously they wanted to win their official FFP debut, but also wanted to earn themselves a spot in the FFP Spirit Title Tournament. Gina Dilano was trained by Veronica Clyne, but Saraya was trained by Odell Porter. Both former FFP World Champions. Gina had more of a striker’s style, but was also no slouch on technical wrestling. Saraya on the other hand, relied on her speed, as well as technical wrestling. Dilano seemed to target Saraya’s leg as much as she could, hitting a dragon leg screw that seemed to take the wind out of Varro’s sails. A fisherman brainbuster then seemed to spell the end of Saraya, but she kicked out at two. Dilano continued striking, hitting rights and lefts as Saraya got back to her feet. But then, out of nowhere Saraya lept into the air and took Gina down with a frankensteiner. She followed this up with a few hard kicks across Gina’s chest, before pulling her up and hitting a belly to belly suplex for a two count.

Varro pulled Gina up again, sent her into the ropes and caught her with a sidewalk slam. Then she ran toward the ropes and hit a springboard moonsault. She went for another pin, but again only got a two count. However, after the kickout, Gina wrapped her legs around Varro’s arm and spun her onto her chest. Gina then locked Saraya in the Cripper Crossface. Saraya was in the middle of the ring, but began trying to crawl toward the ropes. She reached out for the ropes, inching her way closer and closer by using her feet to push. But Dilano kept the move tightly locked in, wrenching further and further back on Varro’s head. Saraya finally had to tap out. Gina Dilano was the winner.

After the match Gina helped Saraya up. She whispered something in her ear and shook her hand. The New York crowd cheered as Saraya left the ring, giving the winner her time in the ring.

The scene cut backstage to the FFP Women’s Champion Amy Kraven. Raquel St Claire was there to get a word. She asked Amy about her upcoming match with Kenzie Anderson and Fiona Burke at Devastation, mentioning how no other Women’s Champion had ever had to defend the title in a handicap match. Amy said that the deck was definitely stacked against her, but that she would do everything she could to retain the title. Amy said that either way, win or lose, she knew that she would be able to hold her head high and be proud of her title reign.

FFP Network Title
(c) Gregory Hart vs Kashimanaki
Gregory Hart had primarily been a tag team wrestler in FFP, winning the Tag Team Titles on multiple occasions with Kevin Lewan as part of Assault and Battery. But his Network Title win at FFP Throwback was impressive, and so had been his reign as champion. Kashimanaki on the other hand, no stranger to singles competition, as well as holding gold. The Hall of Famer had held titles such as the Cruiserweight Title, the Tag Team Titles and the HONOR World Title. Kashimanaki started the match out with hard strikes. He had lethal kicks that echoed throughout the arena. Morgan Alexander even noted that Kashimanaki had been known to fracture people’s bones with the kicks.

Gregory Hart dodged one attempted kick however, and took Kashimanaki up and over with a German suplex. He followed that up with a spinning elbow which cracked Kashimanaki in the jaw. Gregory then charged and clotheslined Kashimanaki over the top rope. He hit the ropes and looked to be going for a suicide dive, but Kashimanaki quickly moved out of the way and Hart put on the brakes. Kashimanaki then slid back into the ring and the two locked up.

The two began to sprawl on the mat, fighting for any kind of advantage they could get. Kashimanaki got ahold of Hart’s arm and went for a bridging Fujiwara armbar, but Gregory was able to fight out of it. Hart then grabbed Kashimanaki’s leg, attempting to apply an ankle lock, which could surely take away Kashimanaki’s kicking game. Kashimanaki fought out of the attempted ankle lock, rolling onto his feet and leveling Gregory in the skull with a kick. Gregory’s body went limp, and Kashimanaki quickly went for a cover. 1…2… and Gregory was able to kick out, but not with very much authority. Kashimanaki got up and signaled the end to the fans. He waited as Hart began to push himself up. Kashimanaki then hooked him, and lifted him for the Kashimanaki Driver. But the champion was able to reverse into a suplex. When Kashimanaki got back up, Hart hit him with a knee to the gut, and a big double axehandle to the back. Kashimanaki fell to his hands and knees. Gregory then went to the middle rope and drove his elbow into the lower back of the challenger. Gregory then hooked the Japanese superstar in a high angle Boston crab. Kashimanaki was in pain. And as Gregory shoved his knee into Kashimanaki’s lower back, torquing the back even harder, the challenger screamed out in pain. Kashimanaki reached and stretched for the ropes, trying so hard to move himself along with Gregory to be able to grab the bottom rope. But Hart wouldn’t budge.

However, Kashimanaki was able to muscle one of his legs free, and began hitting Gregory in the back with hard heel kicks. Over and over again, Kashimanaki hit the kicks until Hart finally released the hold. He turned and went to pull Kashimanaki up, but the challenger cracked him with a kick to the top of the head. Hart fell to one knee and Kashimanaki rolled to his feet. His lower back was still obviously in pain, but he pulled Hart up and hit a back suplex. He pulled the champion back up, and dumped him on the back of his head with another back suplex. Then, the Hall of Famer stepped back and signaled for Gregory to get to his feet. As Gregory began to get up, Kashimanaki charged, going for the shining wizard. But Gregory was able to wrap his arms around Kashimanaki’s legs in midair, and slam him to the mat with a sitdown powerbomb. Hart rolled over and draped his arm over Kashimanaki’s chest. 1…2… and Kashimanaki was able to kick out!

Gregory Hart took a deep breath. Then he grabbed the challenger and pulled him up. He hit a couple of forearms to Kashimanaki’s jaw before hooking him for one of his finishers, the Double Underhook Backbreaker. But Kashimanaki was able to reverse by backbody dropping Gregory. However, Hart landed on his feet. He turned back toward Kashimanaki, but the Japanese wrestler jumped backward, connected with a kick to the top of the skull. Very impressive. And the blow really knocked Hart groggy. Kashimanaki then hooked Hart’s arms behind him and connected with a devastating dragon suplex. Immediately after the impact, Kashimanaki pulled Gregory up to his knees and connected with a shining wizard. Hart was out. But Kashimanaki still pulled the champion up and drove him to the mat with the Kashimanaki Driver! Kashimanaki hooked the leg. 1…2…3! Kashimanaki had defeated Gregory Hart! Kashimanaki was the new FFP Network Champion. Ending Gregory’s impressive 89 day title reign.

After the match Kashimanaki helped Gregory Hart up. Kashimanaki bowed to the now former champion and shook his hand. Hart patted Kashimanaki on the back and raised his arm up in the air. Another match ending in sportsmanship for the fans in New York City.

The scene cut backstage where Odell Porter was talking with Saraya. Obviously she was upset that she had lost in the opening match of the night. Odell reassured her, that she did really well. Then, Joey DeMarco stepped into view. DeMarco slapped Odell on the back, then said to Saraya that he was sorry that she didn’t win. Of course this rubbed Odell the wrong way. And with the way the two men’s feud had been going, Odell went after DeMarco. The two began trading punches while Saraya yelled at them to stop. Security then showed up and pulled the two apart.

In the Ring
The scene cut to ringside where Masina had made her entrance. Masina took a microphone and reminded everyone of the Top Ten Women of All Time list on FFP’s website. She said that after seeing that she wasn’t mentioned at all, she had decided to flatten every woman on the list. Masina said that she was the most dominant female on the women’s roster and she would face any female to prove her point.

Then, Katsumi Akiyama came out onto the entrance stage. Katsumi challenged Masina to a match this Tuesday at FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling. Masina gladly accepted.

Now the scene cut backstage again. This time we saw the FFP Honor Champion Kade Haddix with Tyrece Beckman. Beckman asked Kade who he was planning on defending the Honor Title against since successfully defending against Damien Graves at Tokyo Rumble. Kade said that he was always open to defending against the best. Alexander Modest then stepped into view, dressed in one of his nice suits. Modest said that if Haddix had the guts he would defend against him. Beckman asked Kade if he would be okay with defending against Alexander, to which Kade said he absolutely would.

Giovanni Gotch w/ Christi Carter vs Roxi Haacke

A solid match with both females using brute strength against the other. Roxi Haacke was noticeably a muscular woman, and showed off her power flooring Giovanni with some solid clotheslines, a gorilla press slam and a stalling suplex, holding Gotch up for an impressive ten count orchestrated by the fans. But Giovanni was no slouch in the ring. And after getting the upperhand for a short moment, she hit a chop block on Haacke that dropped her. Gotch then attacked the leg, like she did when she injured Nina Fox many months ago. Gotch beat on Roxi’s knee over and over again, eventually pulling her into the corner and slamming her leg against the steel post. Giovanni was then able to apply a figure four leg lock around the post. Morgan Alexander noted that it was a great gameplan by Gotch, although Brian Young pointed out that using the ring post was a little cheap.

Eventually Roxi was able to fight Giovanni off and return to her feet. Gotch stunned Haacke with a few strikes before charging at her. But Roxi reversed, back body dropping Gotch. Giovanni got back up to her feet quick, but Roxi leveled her with a lariat. Roxi had all the momentum, even though she had a bad wheel. Roxi then hoisted Giovanni up, getting ready for her Running Powerslam. But Christi Carter quickly jumped onto the apron. Roxi tossed Gotch to the side and warned Christi, telling her to get down off the ring apron. This gave Giovanni the opportunity to attack Haacke from behind. However, as she charged Roxi, Haacke stepped to the side and Giovanni crashed hard into Christi. Gotch stumble backward and turned around to face Roxi. She was then flattened by a Spear. Roxi hooked Gotch’s leg. 1…2…3! Roxi Haacke has defeated Giovanni Gotch! And once again, Christi Carter’s outside interference backfired.

Roxi celebrated in the ring for a moment before climbing out and high fiving the fans as she made her way backstage. Meanwhile in the ring Giovanni was just getting back up. Christi Carter joined her in the ring, apologizing for the mistake. They began to argue. The same thing happened at the Tokyo Rumble. But this time, Giovanni floored Christi with a shot to the face before leaving the ring.

The scene cut backstage to Tyrece Beckman standing by with the new FFP Network Champion Kashimanaki. Tyrece congratulates Kashimanaki on his victory. But before the new champion could say anything, Cooper Albright stepped up. Albright said that he may be new in FFP, but that he knew given the opportunity that he could take the Network Title from Kashimanaki. Kashimanaki stepped up to Cooper and told him that they would find out just how good Cooper was next week at FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling.

On April 29, 2018 from Austin, Texas Full Force Pro will present it premier edition of it’s new April pay-per-view FFP Devastation. Already scheduled is Amy Kraven defending the FFP Women’s World Championship in a handicap match against Kenzie Anderson and Fiona Burke. And also just added, Noel Zelig vs Anna Minster in a 2-Out-of-3 Falls Match for the FFP Ironwoman Title. You won’t want to miss this awesome event!

FFP Tag Team Titles

(c) Matt & Billy Rich w/ Pandora vs Simply the Best
Simply the Best came out first. The Hall of Famers had held the FFP Tag Team Titles three times, one of which for a record 330 days. Could they win the gold a fourth time? Matt and Billy came out with Pandora and the Adrenaline Champion Aiden Conrad. #EgoTrip was in full effect. Matt started the match with Caleb Newstead. Both superstars showed off their technical wrestling skills. Both wrestlers were also accomplished high flyers, although lately Caleb was more grounded as of late. Newstead and Morgan cut the ring in half, working Matt down. Rich eventually turned the tide, hitting a knee to Newstead’s head and a Superkick. Matt was then able to tag Billy in. Billy came in a ball of energy, and momentum. Eventually he tagged Matt back in and they hit a big superplex for a two count.

Now the champions began working the challengers over just like Simply the Best normally would. Billy went up top and hit a flying elbow drop. Matt followed him up top and went for a 450 Splash, but Newstead was able to get his knees up. Then, he was able to tag Christopher Morgan.

Pandora climbed up onto the apron as Christopher looked to take the momentum back. While the referee dealt with Pandora, Aiden Conrad got into the ring. Armed with his Adrenaline Title, Conrad was ready to blast Christopher. But our came Anarchy, coming to the aid of Simply the Best. Anarchy got into the ring and dumped Aiden onto his head with a German suplex. Eventually a brawl broke out, and the referee had to throw the match out.

However,  Amanda Kraven came out and restarted the match, this time as a six-man tag. Amanda also announced the stipulation that if Simply the Best and Anarchy won, Caleb and Christopher would win the Tag Team Titles while Anarchy would be the new Adrenaline Champion!

The match went from primarily technical to a brawl. Anarchy was ready to get his hands on Aiden Conrad, and finally was able to. After dumping Conrad to the mat with a couple of suplexes, he hit a running big boot, flooring the Adrenaline Champion. Anarchy then tagged Christopher Morgan in, who went for his Tiger Driver. But as he set Conrad up for the move, Matt and Billy Rich got into the ring and hit Morgan with a double Superkick. Caleb and Anarchy stormed the ring to take care of the Tag Team Champs, but while they did so, Aiden was able to hook Morgan in a small package and surprisingly get the three count.

The scene cut back to Odell Porter who was again with his girlfriend Saraya Varro. Saraya seemed aggravated, telling Odell that his war with Joey DeMarco needed to end. She said that she had even been a victim to their constant bickering and fighting and she was tired of it. Then she stormed off, leaving Odell sitting alone.

FFP World Title
(c) Matt Kraven w/ Amanda Kraven vs Matt Evanston w/ Zoey Kiehl

The New York crowd was always a tricky one. Most of them were fully behind Matt Evanston, but you had your few that were loudly behind the World Champion. Of course both women accompanying their men to the ring also got their fair share of cheers. Matt Kraven played some mind games early on, playing the keep away game and slipping out of the ring avoiding lock ups or any other kind of physical contact with the challenger. Evanston eventually backed Kraven into the corner and instead of a clean break, he hit Kraven with a loud knife edge chop. Kraven dropped to the mat and rolled out of the ring, signaling for a time out. Of course Evanston slid out of the ring and began to chase Kraven. The World Champion quickly turned the corner and rolled back into the ring. As Evanston continued chasing, Kraven rocked him with a knee drop while he was sliding in after Kraven. Kraven then pulled Matt Evanston up and hit a snap suplex. He got to his feet and put his arms up in the air. The NYC crowd booed, but Kraven didn’t care.

But when Kraven turned back around he was thrown down with an arm drag, two hip tosses and a dropkick. When he got up from these loves, Evanston back body dropped him. Then, the challenger connected with a Superkick. Kraven fell back and through the ropes, landing on the arena floor. Matt Evanston had the momentum.

Kraven got back into the ring and locked up with the challenger. Kraven took Evanston down with a headlock takedown, then attempted an elbow drop. Evanston moved out of the way and Kraven crashed to the mat. Evanston then pulled Matt up and scooped him onto his shoulders. However Kraven was able to fight away from Evanston and roll out of the ring again. Against Evanston gave chase, but Kraven slid behind Amanda Kraven, pulling off a move similar to when Randy Savage would do the same with Miss Elizabeth. Morgan Alexander loved the move while Brian Young thought it was despicable. Evanston put on the brakes, and opened himself up to a thumb to the eye. Then Kraven violently slammed Evanston into the steel ring post. Morgan Alexander noted that because of Kraven ducking behind Amanda, it opened him up to completely take the advantage.

Kraven now sent Evanston into the ring and pummeled him down with stomps, elbow drops and a knee to the midsection. Kraven pulled the challenger up and hit him with a powerbomb. He hooked the leg. 1…2… and Evanston kicked out, with authority. Kraven seemed a little surprised. But he pulled Evanston up and hit a hard clothesline. The World Champion then climbed to the top rope. But before he could perform a move, Evanston sprinted to the corner and knocked Kraven’s legs out from under him. Kraven fell, crotching the top turnbuckle. Evanston then climbed up top with Kraven, and hit an awesome superplex. Evanston got up and waited as Kraven fought to his feet. Matt Evanston then brought Kraven up and hit him with a falcon arrow. He covered the Champion. Would it be enough? 1…2… and Kraven kicked out. So Evanston stayed on the Champ, pulling him to his feet and hitting a Death Valley Driver. But the challenger wasn’t done. He looked out to the crowd and cut his arms through the air, calling for the end. He climbed to the top rope and hit a devastating flying headbutt. Kraven was rocked. Evanston then pulled Kraven up, lifted two knees into his midsection and drove Kraven to the mat with a Brainbuster. He made the cover, but as he referee slid into position to make the count, Amanda Kraven slid into the ring, carrying the FFP World Championship. But before Amanda could interfere, Zoey Kiehl entered the ring, and hit the owner and President of Full Force Pro with a hard spear. As Zoey hit Amanda with the spear, the World Title flew through the air, nearly falling out of the ring. The referee immediately went toward the fighting women. So did Matt Evanston. Evanston grabbed Zoey, pulling her away from Amanda Kraven. And the referee stepped in front of Amanda. But while this occurred, Matt Kraven grabbed the World Championship. Kraven went to swing it at Evanston, but the challenger ducked the attack. Matt Kraven nearly clobbered Zoey with the title. But he stopped just before hitting her. Kraven then turned to see an oncoming Matt Evanston. So Kraven dodged him. Evanston wound up flooring Zoey with a clothesline. Kiehl hit the mat hard off of the clothesline. Evanston couldn’t believe what he had done. But before he could react, Matt Kraven leveled him with the World Title to the back of the skull. Kraven then quickly school boyed Evanston as Amanda Kraven slid out of the ring. The official turned to see the pin and made his count. 1…2…3! Matt Kraven had successfully retained the World Championship.

Matt Evanston was left groggy in the ring. As Matt and Amanda Kraven put their arms around each other and exited the ringside area, Evanston crawled over to Zoey to tend to her. He was very upset over losing the match, but even more upset that he had inadvertently struck Zoey Kiehl.


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