BREAKING: Matt Evanston and Zoey Kiehl Injured Last Night

Last night during FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling Matt Evanston and Zoey Kiehl were both victims of violent attacks. The attacks weren’t perpetrated by Matt and Amanda Kraven but instead it was a punishment handed out from Matt and Amanda.

Matt Evanston ended up defeating Everett Moses in his match, however was the victim of a powerbomb onto the edge of the apron of the ring. Evanston was stretchered out of be arena as a result of this devastating maneuver.

Zoey Kiehl then found herself in a handicap match with Jaqueline Aulstrike and Tabitha Mullins, two of the biggest females on FFP’s women’s roster. Zoey won the match by disqualification, but was put through a table. Then, spike powerbombed onto the steel ring steps. Another devastating maneuver.

We have received word that Zoey Kiehl suffered a sprain in her back, and could miss anywhere from 2-4 weeks of actions. However Matt Evanston’s prognosis is a little worse. Evanston suffered a ruptured disk. Unfortunately he will be out of action for at least three months.

Matt and Zoey seemed to have “crossed the boss” fighting and arguing with Matt and Amanda Kraven. Matt and Amanda were hell bent and making sure the two paid for what they did. The Kravens do seem a little power hungry, with Matt even proclaiming that you can’t beat them, no matter who you are. Will anyone else step up and try to test the Kravens? And if so, will they experience the same fate?


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