A Preview for FFP Friday the 13th!

Next Friday Full Force Pro brings you one of it’s eeriest special events of the year…FFP Friday the 13th! But instead of slashers with hockey masks or scissor hands running around destroying people, it’ll be our superstars inside the squared circle!

We already have quite the card set for FFP Friday the 13th next week, coming to you live from Birmingham, Alabama. We will also have more matches set soon, so stay tuned to ffpwrestling.com!

Anyway, let’s take a look at this card!

First off, the FFP World Championship will be on the line in quite a shocking matchup. Matt Kraven will defend the gold against up and coming superstar and former OWF Champion Deshaun Reed. These two had words on Twitter, and apparently this caught the eye of owner and President of FFP Amanda Kraven.

Speaking of titles…we have two more title matches set in stone…which means there could be more announced soon!

Aiden Conrad will defend the FFP Adrenaline Title against Blaine Edwards. We haven’t seen too much from Blaine after he teamed with Hayden Flowers to take on Simply the Best. But Blaine is a very capable wrestler and will look to pull the upset on Friday the 13th. But Aiden will have Pandora in his corner, and most likely the rest of his group #EgoTrip as well.

Kashimanaki will defend his FFP Network Championship against former OWF trainer, commissioner, etc, Duncan Wright! It has been quite some time since we have seen Duncan Wright in the ring, but next Friday night he makes his return, and could possibly leave the new FFP Network Champion!

And finally, Nathan Caine will battle Trent Wolfe. These two are hard hitters who are both ready to take that next step in their career. We’ll see who walks away victorious!

Like we said earlier, more matches will be announced for this event. But this could be one of the best Friday the 13th shows we have ever had. And it could be history making, with several title matches being held, new champions could walk out of what could be the unluckiest event in Full Force Pro!


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